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The Food Challenge Revisited
(A Stepford Story)
By Sasha Steele

The course of doing business can sometimes take us to the most unexpected places. This was no less true for Tom Rent than for anyone else who sometimes must travel in order to make a living, and this was in spite of the fact that Tom had his own enterprise which all said and done was very successful indeed. In acquisitions, he had decided to check out this location himself. Truth be known, with his marriage failing, it was more an excuse to get away from home than a necessity.

As luck would have it the airport rental car had overheated virtually in the middle of nowhere. Had it not been for a downed tree he never would have spotted it from the main highway as a crew was on scene cleaning it up and replanting as if to make sure nobody else would spot it either. Even so he still missed the hidden turn and had to turn back. Not even a sign on the highway indicating that a town was here made Tom think that these townsfolk didn't really welcome outsiders.

No wonder, he thought, driving in. The quaint little town off the beaten track was a picturesque community of maybe ten thousand; maybe they just wanted to keep it that way. Stepford, the sign just outside on the entrance road had said. The people seemed nice enough, Tom thought as he found a garage and asked about a place where he could eat. "Sure, Deilia's bar and grill up on Main street," Gerry the mechanic told him, "best food in the Midwest."

Walking up to Deilia's, Tom noticed something a bit odd. Every woman he saw was attractively done up, and every one of them was overweight, some excessively so. Now Tom was not a man to find overweight women unattractive. In fact, in his younger days he actually preferred fat girls to their skinnier sisters, but had never dated any. His wife would freak right out if she gained even an ounce on her bony frame so it was a thing that had remained buried in his past. What a treat, he thought, to find a town with so many good-looking fat women.

Entering Deilia's, Tom saw that it too was a quaint little bar and grill - not too busy at the moment, so he took a seat. Two other booths were both occupied with single couples, the women hardly able to squeeze themselves into them, and Tom noticed that both of them were eating with abandonment. A young pretty girl weighing well over two hundred pounds took his order and Tom found that Gerry the mechanic hadn't lied when he said the food was good. There was lots of it as well, so Tom ate what he could and left the rest.

The fat waitress told him that he was just ahead of the rush because not only did Deilia's have good food, but the entertainment was good as well. He saw the stage already set up for the band, 'Big Sister' was the name on the bass drum, and he wondered what that was about. "Tonight should be really busy," the cute fat waitress added. "Deilia has an eating challenge on."

"An eating challenge?" Tom puzzled.

"Ya," she told him, as she cleared up the dishes and he paid the bill, "Deilia's never been beaten; she can out eat anyone."

"Deilia's the owner?" Tom asked intrigued by the fact that not only was this little hidden town filled with beautiful fat women but that they actually staged public eating contests. He left, returning to the mechanic to find that his vehicle was waiting on a part and so was not repaired. With no rental agency in town and no real reason to hurry, Tom took a room for the night in the hotel and, after a shave and a shower and fresh change of clothes, decided to head back to Deilia's bar and grill to see what this eating contest was all about.

The place was packed; a crowd of cheering men and fat women surrounded a table in the middle of the room. "Go go go," they chanted. Deilia - or at least he presumed it was her - was squared off against her opponent, a huge bearded man who looked like he might be a truck driver. Deilia herself was huge, perhaps four hundred pounds or more. They were slurping down spaghetti, apparently by the plateful, each side of the table stacked with finished plates. Deilia was ahead, with five plates already finished, and starting into her sixth. The trucker was falling behind. Bets had been laid, and it looked like the local champ was going to pull through.

For all her ponderous size Tom saw that Deilia was in fact quite attractive. "Very attractive," he corrected himself. The way that she was dressed, of course, probably helped that opinion. Deilia had on a skimpy skintight black dress; it looked stretched to the limit across her huge bloated stomach - across her mammoth ass as well, Tom noticed, when she stood up waving her massive arms in the air with her victory. The trucker had quit on the fifth plate before Deilia finished her sixth, but she ate it all, anyway. "That's why she's the champ," Tom figured.

Deilia's massive breasts wouldn't stay contained in her sleeveless dress; the straps and part of her lacy black bra showed as did the sculpted lace tops of her black nylon stockings. Even the seat of the black nylon/Lycra panties stretched across that enormous rounded butt of hers would flash if Deilia wasn't careful how she moved or bent. After the contest, Deilia recuperated with a few victory drinks at the table before taking over behind her bar. Tom watched her stand and steady herself on five-inch black pumps, tugging her dress down on incredibly wide hips and sensuously shake out her long blond curls.

Noticing Tom watching, she smiled and then waddled up beside him at the bar. "Haven't seen your handsome face in here before," Deilia, said offering her hand. "Deilia, I own the place."

Tom took Deilia's soft fat hand in his own, looking into her incredibly beautiful green eyes. "Tom," he said, "interesting competition."

Deilia laughed sensually. "Hope you were rooting for me," she said, and he noticed that, having not let go of her hand, he had the almost overwhelming urge to take her by her round fat arms, pull her into himself and kiss her full succulent lips. The feeling was incredible.

Controlling himself, he let her go, but Deilia wasn't fighting him off as she too found him attractive. "Why don't stay for bit so we can talk?" she asked, adding, "I only work a couple hours behind the bar."

"Yes, I'd like that a lot," Tom said and so hung around, catching bits of conversation with Deilia as she worked and watching the goings on of all the beautiful fat women and the men who found them so attractive. He watched as the Big Sister band members started up on stage and knew now why they called themselves that. Four mini-skirted beauties, not one of them under two hundred pounds. The lead singer, a gorgeous brunette probably pushing three hundred, was by far the heaviest and made no bones about flashing her pink panty-covered fat ass as she bent to adjust her amp volume.

A while later, Deilia and Tom tried to talk in the back corner (which was next to impossible,) so she invited him into her residence in back. Following her back there, even with the quiet they did little talking, instead almost leaping into each other's arms and tearing off each other's clothes. Finding that Tom had no experience having sex with an extremely fat woman, Deilia led the way. He followed her to a brilliant climax for both of them. "I never knew that it could be so wonderful to have sex with a f-," he started.

Deilia laughed. "It's okay, Tom," she said. "In Stepford, telling a woman that she is fat is considered a compliment. I weigh four hundred and fifty pounds, Tom, and the men here find me extremely attractive. Judging by what we just did, you must, too. So tell me the truth, Tom," Deilia said, rolling her smothering weight on top of him again. "Does my big fat sexy body turn you on or not?"

Tom didn't answer, of course - not verbally, anyway, as they had sex again and again through the night.

Tom, of course, couldn't stay in Stepford, and Deilia too was in a relationship. So they kissed goodbye the following day, chocking it up to one more time when two people who are perfect for one another are kept apart by life's circumstances. But that was not the end of it either. A year later, Tom divorced, sold out his company and left for Stepford, hoping that he would once again meet up with Deilia. She had plagued his mind and become the final stimulus to end a loveless marriage.

Things had changed - as Tom would soon find out - for Deilia as well; for one thing she had dropped her boyfriend. After Tom, she had no feelings for anyone else. He entered Deilia's bar and grill in the midst of another heated eating contest. This time Deilia was matched up against an even bigger trucker. They were eating hamburgers, and it looked like he was giving her a good run for her money, both with thirteen plates already finished on either side of the table and a fourteenth burger on the go.

Deilia was up against a larger opponent, that's true, but she herself was a much bigger, looking as though she had gained a lot of weight since Tom had last saw her. "Come on Deilia, come on, you can do it," they shouted. But even with her added size, Deilia look like she was in trouble. Talk in the bar was that this challenge had been a sudden rematch and that Deilia had accepted even though she had just finished eating a large meal not too long before. And Tom had to admit that she looked already stuffed beyond her capacity.

Deilia had taken to lying back in her chair and rubbing her incredibly massive bloated gut while one of the fat waitresses fed her. She looked like she was finished, then signaled for another bite and then another, finishing the burger to a roar from the crowd as another one was placed in front of her. The big guy across from her had already started his fifteenth but was slowing down; it was his last and, glassy-eyed, he had to quit. "Go, go, go," they chanted as she signaled for one bite then another and another, tying it up at fifteen. Time almost up, Deilia opened her mouth; the fat waitress placed the burger there, and she bit down, chewing a moment and swallowing just before the bell.

The place went wild. The champ still reigned supreme; everyone was happy, but Deilia just sat there her eyes closed; she couldn't move.

"Congratulations, Deilia," Tom said. "I was rooting for you. Thought you were done there for a minute, but you came through."

"Tom!" She opened her big beautiful green eyes and struggled to sit up. "Thought I'd never see you again - are you just passing through?" she asked, glad that he was there even though at the moment she could do little about it.

"No Deilia, I'm here to stay, and, if you will have me, I would like it to be with you. I love you Deilia," he added, leaning over her great bulk to kiss her. "By the way," Tom said, breaking off the kiss as he remembered Deilia explaining that in Stepford for a woman to be called fat was considered a compliment. "You look absolutely beautiful. Have you put on weight?"

Deilia smiled. "Yes, I have, thank you. I weigh six hundred and twenty-five pounds now, Tom. Do you think you can handle that?"

"Oh, yes," Tom, said kissing her deep.

"Good, then help me up, please; I think I might have eaten a little too much." They both laughed at that as he helped her into her back apartment. Following behind, Tom saw that weighing over six hundred pounds did not stop Deilia from thinking that she was sexy or from dressing that way. She waddled with her big hulking legs apart on five-inch black high-heeled shoes. The shiny blue mini dress she had on was as short, tight and revealing as the black one he had first seen her in. Those overly large shapely fat legs were clad in black stockings. Tom could see their lace tops and the seat of the huge pair of black panties she had on as her dress rode up.

In the bedroom, he unzipped her dress and threw it down to the floor, steadying her as she stepped out of it. The front panel of Deilia's black panties covered half of her huge protruding gut. She put her thick thumbs into the waistband and drew it underneath. Tom began to caress that mountain of flesh, and she placed his hands on his hissing with pleasure. Then, first leaning over the great impediment in order to kiss before he took off her panties completely, he got undressed himself.

"I'm sorry," Deilia breathed. "I ate so much that I'll need to be on top. I don't want to hurt you - will that be alright?"

"Of course," Tom said, helping his massive lover onto the bed to straddle him and burying him chin to calves under a mountain of beautiful fat. Deilia found his hard throbbing penis and felt it bury deep inside of her as she pumped them to a climax. Lying in bed they talked about the future and what it would bring for them. Both wanted marriage, and both wanted for Deilia to get even fatter than she already was - much fatter, in fact, and they lay there musing what her incredibly beautiful fat body would be like when she weighed nine hundred, a thousand or even more pounds. Both of them found the thought to be breathtaking.