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A Chance Meeting
by Love Handles

It was the peek of the lunch hour and there was only one table left open at Harry's Famous Deli. In fact, it was a booth in a far corner of the restaurant that was somewhat secluded. As I waited for the hostess to return to take me to the booth, a voluptuous redheaded woman walked up to get a table.

The hostess had just returned, and the mystery woman asked if there were any tables available. The hostess said that it would probably be about 45 minutes before something opened up. I turned and said to her: "Excuse me, but I'm here alone and I've got the last open booth. If you don't mind dining with a stranger, it would be my great honor to have you share my table for lunch."

The beautiful redhead said: "We're only strangers until we are introduced. My name is Gina."

"I'm Brad. It's a pleasure to meet you, Gina. Would you like to join me at my table for lunch?"

"The pleasure is all mine, Brad. Thank you. I would love to have lunch with you."

And so with that, the hostess lead us to our booth.

"As I was coming in to the deli, I saw you standing and waiting to be seated. I couldn't take my eyes off of you. I love a man with substance and you've got plenty. I hope I'm not embarrassing you, Brad, but I love BIG men. And you are BIG!"

"I'm not embarrassed at all, Gina. I'm both proud and very comfortable with my size and I too love a well fed body of the opposite sex. May I say how wonderful you look in that black body stocking? I can make out almost every curve of your body, and what a body you have."

"You flatter me, sir. I just wear this when I don't know how much I'll be eating. You see, I LOVE to eat. I also love to be fed and to feed someone. What about you, Brad. Would you like to feed me? Or maybe have me feed you?"

"Why can't we do both? I have no pressing engagements today. How's your schedule for the afternoon, Gina?"

"Wide open. Just like my mouth will be for every morsel you can put in. Where shall we start?"

"I think that some appetizers should start things off on the right foot. What do you like?"

"I've never been here before. You order, I'll eat anything. We'll both eat everything you order. But we should do this slowly as to not over stuff ourselves too quickly."

"I couldn't agree more."

The waitress came and the feast began. I ordered potato skins (with bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream and chives), fried won tons stuffed with crab and lobster, onion rings and 2 martinis. We continued to talk and get to know each other.

The appetizers arrived and we began by toasting our chance meeting. The martinis were perfect with little ice crystals floating around in that wonderful liquid. Gina picked up a potato skin and placed half of it in my mouth. And before I could sit back, she had taken the other half in her mouth and we ate to he middle and kissed. Then I fed her 2 won tons, one right after the other. Dripping with a sticky sweet and sour sauce that dribbled down her chin. She wiped it off with her finger and asked me to clean it off for her by gently placing her finger in my mouth. I thought that sauce never tasted so good.

She then picked up a skin and held it in front of my mouth and said: "Open up wide, here it comes." And with that she shoved the whole skin in my mouth. Sour cream ran everywhere around my mouth. Gina wiped my face clean with her soft, pink tongue. Had I died and gone to heaven? I thought: "Could this be everything I had hoped for in a woman."

We continued to fed each other until the plates were empty and our martinis glasses needed to be refilled. The waitress came by to clear the plates and returned with another round of martinis. She asked if we were ready to order lunch and I told her to bring one of everything on the menu. Not all at once, just keep an eye out and as we were finishing with what was on the table, order more for us and keep 'em coming. I slipped her a $100 bill and said there would be 2 more at the end of the meal if she kept the food coming and our glasses filled.

We ate without abandon. Like there was no tomorrow. Hot pastrami, Ruben's, BBQ'd brisket with tangy sauce, hamburgers, sausages, turkey, chicken and lots of pasta. All prepared differently. Cajun, Italian, spicy. You name it, we had it.

And as we ate, I noticed that Gina's tummy began to grow. Just a little at first. But as the meal went on, it began to press against the table and then poke over and hang under the table. My shirt was showing signs of severe strain as well. When we started, it was slightly loose. But it became tighter and tighter. The gaps between the buttons grew wider as my stomach swelled with all the food we were feeding each other. We ate and fed each other for the next 4 hours as though we were the only people in the restaurant.

We consumed over 30 different meals with fries, onion rings, cole slaw and potato salad. I'd never felt so stuffed and turned on at the same time before. I then noticed that Gina's body stocking showed no signs of strain. It just grew as she did. Hugging and holding her magnificently rounded body all the more closely. Not to the point of constraint, but so she was still able to breathe and move with ease.

I asked her where she had gotten such a wonderful garment.

"Oh, I know a seamstress who can work miracles. She made me this body stocking when I was 40 pounds lighter. I asked her if it would ever get too tight and she said it never would. Some sort of special fabric she invented. All of my BBW friends have clothes made of it from her. It's wonderful to be able to go anywhere, eat and do anything and know that my clothes will still fit no matter what happens or how much bigger I get. And I'm glad I came here today for lunch. I didn't know just how hungry I was until I sat down with you, Brad."

"I think that the feeling is mutual, Gina. Would I be too forward if I were to ask you out to dinner sometime?"

"If you didn't, I would have to ask you. I love those gaps in your shirt as your tummy's getting bigger. I'd like to see them stretch even farther. Maybe even pop!

"Not too much farther, I hope. I've got to be able to walk out of here and if I get to much bigger, I'll not have a thing to wear."

"Wait right here. I'll be right back."

And with that, Gina left. I watched her move gracefully through the crowded restaurant. Her well rounded hips swaying to and fro as she made her way to the front door of the place. She was poetry in motion. I wondered how she would make the same trip if she had another 100 pounds on her already well fed body.

She returned a few minutes later with what looked like a shirt box. She sat down and moved closer to me in the banquet and handed me the box.

"Open it," she said in in a friendly tone.

Inside was a light blue dress shirt and a pair of gray slacks just like the ones I had on. They had no sizes or labels but looked very well tailored

"Go to the men's room and try them on. I know it'll fit like a glove," Gina said.

I managed to get up from the table and went to the men's room without much notice. Inside one of the stalls I removed my overly stressed out shirt and my binding pants. I took the new shirt Gina had given me and put it on. It was as though it had been made for me. The pants were exactly the same. I felt as though I had worn these clothes forever. And the best part was that I felt as though I could still grow in them and they would grow with me. But how did she know how to fit me so well.

I returned to the table and sat down again. "How did you know my new size and where did you get these so quickly?"

"I've kept them in my car, in case I ever meet a gentleman with similar wants to mine. I knew the minute I saw you in the parking lot we'd be having lunch. You see, I've been waiting for days to see you here again. You were here about a week ago and I was in the deli having lunch with a girlfriend. I noticed you the minute you walked in. Your large frame can carry a lot of extra weight and does so beautifully. I wanted to meet you and thought you'd be back so I've been here everyday since waiting in my car watching for you. And today you came. As for the clothes, my seamstress friend made these for you from my description of you to her. I'd say I did pretty well for just seeing you once."

"Very well, indeed. They fit like a glove, just as you said they would."

"How about some dessert, Brad? Let's see if we can fill ourselves out a little further today. What do you say?"

We ordered everything on the dessert menu. We sat in that booth until 10 p.m. that night. Talking and eating and eating and talking.

We started dating and eating and feeding each other. Eating and sex became Olympic events.

One night would be my turn to have Gina over to my home, where I would make dinner and feed it to her for hours on end. Followed by gooey, creamy, fattening desserts and after dinner drinks with cigars.

The next time would be Gina's turn to feed and fatten me. The meals we would prepare for each other were masterpieces in the art of fattening foods. We could not have been any happier. The fatter we got, the more deeply we feel in love with each other. This exchange of feeding days, nights and weekends continued for some time. And after every meal, we would have several hours of love making with snacks included. I would try to find the hidden chocolates with my tongue on Gina's soft, pink body and Gina would play ring toss with glazed donuts and then eat the donuts where ever they landed. She was an excellent shot. Hardly ever missed!

At the first anniversary of our meeting, I had gained 80 pounds and was now tipping the scales at 410! But Gina was a better gainer then either of us could have hoped for. She had somehow managed to gain 125 pounds! She was closing the gap in our weight difference quickly. She was now bending the scale's needle at 350 pounds!

"Only 60 more pounds to go and I'll be as fat as you are!" she announced proudly.

"Well, only if I stopped gaining for awhile. Would you really like to be as fat as me? How much more would you like to gain, my pet? Just how big would you like to be?"

"How big would you like to make me, big man?" How much more of me do you think you can handle?"

"If you can gain it, I can handle it, my darling. But only if you really want to grow fatter. I don't want you to do this if you're not comfortable with it. I won't fatten you up just because I want you fatter."

"Well, I've always wanted to be fatter then my lover by at least 200 pounds. So, I if you stay at 410, I'll have to gain at least 260 pounds. That'll make me 610 pounds and bigger then you by 200. Do you think you could help me get to be at least 610 pounds?"

"Yes, I think I could help you gain all that and more if you're willing to be pampered and fed by me. You know that it will take a couple of years to fatten you up to 610. We'll have to go slowly so you can train your body to accept your add pounds, and you can continue to move fairly easily."

"When do we start? I'm starving!"

And with that we went to the kitchen to get Gina a little something to snack on while I made her a dinner to grow bigger on.

The End?