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Charlotte Blows Up, Part II
by Hagfish

She continued to swell, bigger and bigger as she gorged herself on anything she could get her hands on, people were pointing at the strange blimp that appeared on the horizon. Charlotte hardly noticed the tiny specks below her as she felt her internal pressure rise. She was completely filled up with food. She was getting bigger as she ate, she just knew it! And she was loving every minute of it.

That doesnít make any sense, thought Charlotte when she awoke. If I was full of food, why was I flying? She had to settle for that age-old answer Who really cares? today. Today, though Charlotte, admiring the results of her bingeing in the mirror, is the first day of the rest of my life.

She still had her figure; she was just more curvaceous. A lot more. Her hips now flared out dramatically, her butt stretched her poor panties to the limits, and her breasts now seemed to be in the DD range! Her swollen form no longer fit into any of her usual negligees and she had been forced to sleep in her panties. Iíve got to go out and buy a nightgown. Why donít I have any loose gowns in my wardrobe, anyway? Everything is so form-fitting. Well, that would soon change.

Charlotte turned and surveyed her enlarged butt. Her bottom had become noticeably wider than she liked. The stitches in her panties groaned audibly when she bent over. The sight began to give her some doubts about her plan. When her senses were lost in last nightís fantastic feeding frenzy, purposely gaining weight seemed like a great idea. Now, however, she thought of what Helen would say. She couldnít stand Helen, but her hurtful comments were burned into Charlotteís mind. Getting fat no longer seemed like the perfect revenge.

Well, first things first, thought Charlotte. Obviously, if I want to do anything I have to buy some new clothes. No way am I fitting into any of this old stuff. Maybe things will be clearer after Iím done shopping. That always calms me down.

She quickly rummaged through her closet, searching for something, anything that would fit her newly bloated body. She finally settled on a pair of sweat pants and an old Tee shirt. The pants fit fine ( although there wasnít much string to draw), but the shirt was another story. Her fattened breasts filled the shirt to its capacity as it rode up her massive new belly. Charlotte contemplated her exposed belly button; it was definitely deeper than it should have been! The stitches were groaning even louder than the stitches in her panties had this morning. The bra she had squeezed herself into was way too small. Her cleavage spilt over the straining cups. The snap in back was pulled so tight Charlotte wondered if she would be able to unsnap it.

Great, she thought dismally, and this is the biggest shirt I have, too! I really am blowing up like a balloon! If Iím not careful that dream I had really will come true! Hello, whatís this? An envelope had been slipped through the little slot in her front door. She tore it open and quickly scanned it. My high school reunion? Ah, great, just what I need, a contrived plot twist. Thereís no way I can show up there looking like this. But, man, wouldnít Helen love that? Sheíd have finally won, forcing me out of the picture. Well, thereís no way Iím going to allow that. Iíll just work really hard all... She glanced at the date of the reunion, week, buy some new clothes, and no one will notice. She didnít have much time to contemplate this possibility as she jumped in her car and took off for the mall.

Yup, thatís the place to be. Iíll find plenty of clothes at the mall. And Iím sure I can pick up some diet stuff at the health food store, too! All in all, a great plan! Charlotte beamed at her own cunning.

Charlotteís entire body bounced and wobbled as she waddled through the mall. Her full jugs bounced with every step, threatening to pop free.

Oh,no! Charlotte stared, hypnotized. Before her lay the food court, fast food, Chinese restaurants, all-you-can-eat buffets. She should have realized that the mall would be full of temptations!

Well, she thought, I shouldnít shop on an empty stomach. Iíll just have a quick snack before I go on.

Charlotte immediately went to McDonalds and ordered a super-sized Big Mac meal. As she stuffed the first fries into her mouth, all the familiar feelings she had felt the day before came back. In five minutes, the food was all gone. And Charlotte was still hungry.

Next she went to Pizza Hut..Panda Express...Taco Bell. Charlotte just had to sample each different restaurant. She caught herself just before she walked into the buffet.

My God! What am I doing? How much have I eaten? At least, I wore my sweat pants today. Charlotte sighed in relief. A muffled POP could be heard as the seams on the left side of her shirt began to tear. Charlotteís breathing became shallow as she struggled to stay stuffed into the skin-tight shirt. Her bulging stomach was so incredibly tight she felt as if she might split wide open.

Charlotte walked briskly to the first clothing store she could find, seams splitting all the way.

Hello, smiled the saleswoman, And welcome to ĎLe Maison De Crap.í How may I be of service?

I need some clothes, please, huffed Charlotte. A new shirt and a new bra. The saleswoman was having a difficult time not staring at her enormous boobs and stuffed belly. Her huge belly inflated and deflated with each labored breath.

Iíll say you do, muttered the Saleswoman, We have lots of maternity sizes to choose from. And perhaps a nice girdle would help you a bit. Please follow me.

Charlotte almost opened her mouth to protest that she wasnít pregnant but thought better of it. What difference does it make? she thought. I might as well be pregnant for the size of this stomach.

In the dressing room, Charlotte struggled to undo the clasp of her brassiere. When it finally gave, her tits exploded free, sending the inadequate undergarment flying across the room. Charlotte quickly pulled on the E cup. It fit perfectly. She smiled to herself. Finally, something was going right!

She eyed the girdle suspiciously. Grabbing hold of it, she held it over her head and wriggled into it. The gut stood out, round and firm; the strings dug deep into her protruding tummy. But it closed. Charlotte changed as quickly as she could and went out to pay for her purchases. As she walked out, she bumped into Nestor. Nestor was an awkward, geeky classmate of hers. The two of them hadnít really travelled in the same circles, but they did know each other.

Nestor? Is that you? asked Charlotte.

Nestor squinted at Charlotte. Whoa,: he said, I know you. We went to school together. Charlotte?

Thatís right. Iím surprised you recognized me.

It wasnít easy. I lost my glasses and Iím just about blind.

Well, Iíve put on a little weight since then. Charlotte patted her expansive gut. Shock waves rippled through her soft flesh.

Who hasnít? grinned. He really is blind, thought Charlotte in surprise.

Well, do you know whoís going?

Iíve met a few people. Hedwig, Melvin, Helga, Nora, Howard, Matrushka, Won Suk, Sanjay, Squid-boy-

Sorry, I didnít know them too well. Except Squid-boy. Didnít he smoke out in the third floor lavatory?

Yeah, thatís the one. Okay, do you remember Biff, Trent, Todd, Tiffany, Brittany-

No, not really. Or I wish I didnít.

Gary, Ned, Chad, Laura, Heather, Pam?

Okay, those names sound familiar.

I should hope so! said a familiar voice.

Oh, shit! said Charlotte. Helen sauntered out from behind a clothes rake, stroking her evil angora cat, Falaffel.

Better stop eating now or weíll have to roll you home, round girl!

Iím not eating right now, you anorexic bitch.

Oh, hi, Helen.

Who are you? sneered Helen.


Oh. Yeah, I remember you. What are you doing in a womanís clothing store?

Iím a transvestite.

Oh. Iíll humiliate you later. Right now I have to talk with Charlotte. Why donít we step into that private dressing room over there to talk?

Oh, Iíd like to, said Charlotte, but with this huge gut I donít know if itís possible. Charlotte sucked in her stomach and squeezed between the doors.

Boy, you really are a cow, arenít you? But itís funny how we keep running into each other, isnít it?

Yeah, great. A real mystery. Donít you have a hobby or something?

What, arenít you glad to see your old friend Helen?

Shut up. How stupid do you think I am? You tricked me once. You wonít do it again.

Okay...Iíll just stand here and make snide comments. Whoa, Charlotte, better watch your ass! Look at the size of it! Watch out, itís gonna blow!

Charlotteís rounded rear was putting excessive pressure on the seat of her pants. Although they fit when she stood up, bending over was a different story. Helen giggled to herself, but Charlotte shot her a look so full of anger that she dropped her cat in surprise. She quickly ducked out, vowing to return.

My, what a one-dimensional bitch! said Nestor. Whatís her problem?

I donít know, charlotte said, bravely trying to hide the fact that tears were once again welling up n her eyes. Damn, she thought, I canít believe Helen can still get through to me like that. I donít know if you can see me at all, but Iíve gotten a lot fatter than the last time we met. Iím so sorry; I canít talk right now. This is too much for me! Please excuse me! Charlotte ran off quickly before Nestor could see her cry.

She doesnít look that bad, thought Nestor, Maybe I should have let her know that that transvestite remark was a joke. I wonder if sheís coming to the reunion.

Charlotte moaned loudly. After the incident at the store, Charlotte went home and tried to eat herself out of her misery. Her tight dress finally gave out. Charlotte strained to peer over her ever inflating tummy. The girdle was still tied, but it was hanging on for dear life. She could feel it slowly stretch every time she breathed. She rolled over onto her stomach.

Wiping the remains of a cream puff from her plump lips, she groaned, I am such a pig! Why canít I stop eating? Come here, look at this! she said to her mirror reflection.

Whatís bigger, my gut or my ass? Iím sooooo full and fat! If I eat just one more bite, I swear Iím just going to EXPLODE! Oh, shit, why did I do this? Itís only six days to the reunion! I should be working out and instead Iím gorging myself on junk food! Okay, Iíll start the diet tomorrow. Iíve still got enough time. Then she collapsed and fell asleep.

To be Continued...