Weight Room Title Bar

By simon007

Sam was owner and chef of a top restaurant. His 600lb girlfriend Vicky was restaurant manager. They bought the place one year ago, with money left to them by his mother. Before they took over the restaurant, they decided to go for a well deserved holiday. Their holiday destination was Egypt, as they both wanted to see the sphinx. And Sam also knew he could pick up a weight gaining formula.

When they got back from their holiday Sam decided to give some of the formula to Vicky in a bowl of soup. At that time she weighed in at 110lbs. Sam was told that one heaped teaspoon would add 100lbs to the victim. Five minutes after eating the soup Vicky became very hungry; she went straight to the fridge and made a huge sandwich while eating a big bag of chips and drinking two liters of chocolate milk. Within an hour she had cleared the whole kitchen. After two months she had hit 600lbs, and she loved every inch of her fat new body. So this is where the story really starts.

Vicky knew that there must have been magic involved in her rapid weight gain, so she decided to confront Sam.

"Sam, what did you do to me to make me get so fat?"

"I always thought you would look good with a lot of fat on you, so while we were on holiday I went looking for a shop a friend told me about and bought a magic formula," Sam told her.

"Why didn't you tell me? I would have happily taken it as I always wanted to be big."

Later that night Vicky had a great idea for a theme for there new restaurant.

"We could advertise that we sell wholesome food served by women who love to eat. We could employ three young, beautiful and slim women and fatten them up using your formula."

So the next day they advertised for three women to start work at the restaurant two months before they opened. Time enough to fatten them up. The jobs were live-in as the restaurant was out in the sticks. The women could have rooms in their big mansion.

The first girl turned up for her interview. She was 21, slim, and she had no boyfriend which was good news. They took her on and she moved in the next day. They filled the other jobs the next day.

Their job for the next two months was to help decorate the restaurant and taste the dishes going on the menu. Debbie who was 25 was a loud mouth, so it was decided her target weight would be 1400lbs. Steph, aged 21: target weight 900lb; Karen, 24: target weight 800lb.

The first day of their new job, Vicky invited them all to join her for a drink. Little did they know that their drinks were spiked with the formula. Almost immediately they became very hungry; at that point Sam wheeled out three buffet style carts full of fattening treats.

"Tuck in, girls, there's more where that came from," he said.

For the rest of the day, all you could hear was slurp, crunch and smack. The next day the girls were woken with breakfast in bed. They each had a buffet cart full with bacon, sausages, eggs, muffins, potatoes, cream cakes, chocolate milk and lots more. This went on for the next week.

The next week it was decided that the girls would have a pool party. They all came down to the pool. "Best way to see their weight gain," said Vicky.

Debbie already weighed 270lbs, Steph weighed 230lbs and Karen weighed 200lb. They were all very happy. They loved their new body's, playing with each other's bellies.

After a month it was decided that it was time for Debbie to stay in her bed as she would soon be too big to move. The other girls would help feed Debbie as it was getting hard for her to move her arms as she would get out of breath quickly

When Debbie reached her goal weight she had big rosy cheeks, quadruple chins, hams for upper arms. Her belly covered her massive legs; when she was stood up, her belly laid nicely on the floor. Steph had a triple layered belly, which didn't droop but stay very rounded. Watching her waddle was a joy to watch. Her belly swayed like it had a life of its own. And, as for Karen, she was the ultimate pear. She had a big belly but her butt had a shelf and her legs were just as big as her belly.

It was opening day at the restaurant and it was fully booked. Vicky, Steph and Karen ate just as much food as went out of the kitchen. Sam's friend Paul(who was also a FA) was Debbie's new boyfriend. He stayed at the mansion so that Debbie could be fed nonstop.

On the opening night a couple of slim women ridiculed Vicky. So it was decided that they would have an extra special cup of coffee. A couple of months later the very same two women came back to the restaurant and they both looked like they weighed in over 400lbs. But they both looked happy and ordered more or lees every thing on the menu.

That night three new young women started to work at the restaurant. No prizes for guessing what went in their coffee.

Sam and Vicky were in heaven. Their very own harem of super sized women. They would both take turns making love to the girls. They made videos of their love making and sold the videos on the net. If you are lucky you might be able to find one, if you look in the right places.

I will leave you with a weight update. Vicky still weighs 600lbs. Debbie now weighs 1900lbs and is still slowly gaining. Steph is now 1200lbs and Karen 1000lbs. The other girls all weigh around 500lbs. This is so that the girls can carry on working in the restaurant and help to feed the three immobile ones.