Weight Room Title Bar

The Chow Hound
by Wants U Fatter

(Yes, this story is identical to the Warner Bros. cartoon, except I'm using people instead of animals, and this chow hound wants milkshakes instead of gravy.)

Monica Adams was fat. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. She loved to eat and stuff herself until she felt like she was going to explode. She loved all kinds of food, but what Monica really craved were sweets. She loved to gorge on cakes, pies, cookies, doughnuts, danish, and pastries. And to go along with her sweets, Monica washed it all down with milkshakes. Chocolate milkshakes to be exact. At 600 lbs., Monica didn't like to do anything for herself. She hired a girl named Cassie to take care of her. Cassie waited on Monica hand and foot. She made sure Monica always had a milkshake when she finished eating her sweets. If there wasn't, Monica would scream and shout at Cassie. "What, no milkshake?" she would yell. "How am l supposed to get fatter if you can't remember to bring me a milkshake?" Then, when Monica would get her 32 oz. milkshake, Cassie would breathe a sigh of relief.

After working for Monica for a year, Cassie watched Monica grow from 600 lbs. to 750 lbs. Monica was enormous. Massive rolls of fat hung from her body. She was so fat that Cassie had to help wash her, because she couldn't do it herself. At 120 lbs., Cassie was puny next to the immense Monica. All Monica did anymore was eat. Well, eat and scream at Cassie. Cassie couldn't bring food fast enough for Monica. Especially the milkshakes. Monica wanted desperately to weigh over 1000 lbs. She felt like Cassie was slowing her down.

One day Cassie got a letter saying her great-aunt passed away, leaving Cassie her bakery shop. When Cassie told Monica this, her mouth started watering. "Let's go see it!" she said with much enthusiasm. So Cassie helped the fat woman into the back of the van and off they went. When they got there, the place was closed, but Cassie used the key that came with the letter. When they got inside, Monica thought she had died and gone to heaven. She looked at the counters filled with doughnuts, cakes, pies, pastries, and cookies and she could control herself no longer. The behemoth made her way behind the counter and grabbed a tray of doughnuts. Then an apple pie, then a black forrest cake. Monica Adams was in a feeding frenzy! She ate more pies, cakes, cookies, danish and doughnuts than anyone could imagine. In fact, she ate everything in the shop. When she was finished, she lay on the floor of the bakery, rubbing her mountain of a belly, moaning due to her gluttony. "I ate too much!" she groaned. "Help me." Cassie knelt beside the gargantuan woman, and rubbed Monica's belly. She couldn't believe how tight it was. Monica was breathing heavy. "Please help me, Cassie. l ate too much!" Cassie ran to the phone and dialed 911. When help finally arrived, they had to tear down the wall to get Monica out. Twelve men were needed to lift her into the back of the ambulance. As the ambulance sped off with gluttonous woman inside, Cassie looked around the bakery shop, or what was left of it. Suddenly she was furious at Monica.

"I'll show that fat bitch what it's like to be stuffed." she thought.

Inside the emergency room, Monica lay on three gurneys strapped together. She was still groaning and breathing heavy. Her clothes were so tight they had to be cut off, and because she was so fat, there wasn't a hospital gown to fit her. She lay there nude, like a beached whale, as she overheard her doctor say to a nurse that this was an extreme case of severe overeating. The doctor left the room. The nurse went over to Monica and said "The doctor said your belly is so full that it can't hold anymore. He said once all the food you ate digests, you'll be fine." The nurse left the room. Then the door opened, and Cassie poked her head inside. The coast was clear. She went over to Monica, and patted her belly. "You really stuffed yourself this time." Monica groaned "I know." Cassie got the wrist restraint on the side of the gurney and put it on Monica's wrist. She went to the other side and did the same thing. Monica never noticed. All her attention was focused on the fact that she ate so much her belly hurt. Cassie went into the bag she brought in with her. She took out a funnel and showed it to Monica. "Oh no!" she cried "Please Cassie, please don't." Cassie jammed the funnel into the weight stranded woman's mouth. Monica broke out in a cold sweat. Monica's pleas were muffled by the funnel. Cassie pulled a gallon from the bag. There were 4 more gallons in the bag. Each container was filled with milkshakes Cassie had prepared for Monica. She leaned over and whispered in the helpless fat woman's ear "This time, l didn't forget the milkshakes!" Then she began to pour.