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Her Christmas Present for Him
by Shazaam_73@hotmail.com

Stephine was sick and tired of it. Her Boyfriend was getting bored with her and she knew it. She was 24 years old and weighed in at 300lbs of Sexual delight. They had fabulous Sex all the time but seemed to be it. Finally her Boyfriend Joe told her the problem she was just to small for him now she had to grow larger. Way Larger! Joe wanted her to have more roles of Flesh more chins, a larger ass, a Giant belly and humongous breasts. Steph Complained how she was already big enough she was worried about health problems. But Joe wanted her To be Immobile so he could Feed his Miss Piggy all day and all night.

Steph took some time to think about it she slowly wobbled to the bathroom she took off her tight clothes and got in the shower Joe even built it just for her She loved Joe he was very athletic and had Rock hard abs he was chiseled out of stone. She liked the way his strong muscles felt against her soft creamy white skin. She grabbed her breast and watched them flop on her belly she loved the sound and jiggle it made. After the shower Steph went up to bed naked and Danced in front of Joe for a little bit Joe watched in amazement as he saw her whole body jiggle. But Joe was too tired to fool around. Steph Combed her Long red hair and look at Joe with her pretty eyes. She told Joe that she would do she Would become larger for his Christmas present but he would have to feed her and take care of her and be her lover.

Joe said excitedly SURE!!!

The next morning they went to a doctor that specialized in weight gain he recommended they meet a Doctor that just invented a way to give humans strong hearts from animals. The Couple smiled they went over to the young doctor's office. The sign read "Dr. Shazaam". Well they talked the doctor about it had Steph Take off her clothes for examination and her do some tests which involved running. Joe watched as she tried to run but she hadn't had any physical activity (other than sex) for a long time. Joe sat and watched her Jiggle her breast would wobble like nothing he had ever seen before and her ass was shaking uncontrollably. Soon she gave up she stopped but her body was still shaking and she was sweating and tired after 2minutes of attempting to run. Finally Dr. Shazaam said what kind of heart did they need because the procedure was free if they went through with it. The military was funding the project in order to create a Super Soldier. Well Joe and Steph look at all the Choices they wanted to go as far as they could so they chose the Blue Wale Heart. The Dr. smiled this would be his opportunity to prove himself so he began the surgery at once.

Two weeks later Steph was released she found new abilities with heart she could run FasT even for her size Joe enjoyed watching her run and shake.

But Heart also needed large amounts of FOOD!!. That was no problem for Joe he was rich and could get as much Food as Steph needed. Which was going to be a whale of a time. For Meals Joe would Fix LARge amounts of Weight gain shakes with extremely fattening foods. Sometimes Steph Just ate A few Tubs of Lard fat for a snack.

This Kept up.

Soon Steph weighed in at a whopping 900lbs but she was still able to move. Now you would think that the enormity of her legs and the very large belly that almost touched the ground would Keep her from walking But it didn't she wobbled very slowly. One day on her way to the restroom Joe Came up to her and starting Kissing her. He then stuck his head in between her breast which were almost as large as him. She accidentally lost her Balance and went crashing to the floor but her cushiony body prevented and harm from the fall. When she hit her Whole body was shaking like Jello and it wouldn't stop even her fat cute face was shaking and her five chins were too. She tried to get up using her very Large pillow like arms witch were also jiggling. Her arms were nothing but large cushions of fat with stubby little finger and hands at the end of them. Joe Climbed on top of her and suck his Dick in between one of her Rolls He Couldn't tell the difference between her rolls and her private but he also couldn't reach her private area so he just stuck in-between the huge layers of flesh. Then he grabbed her large boobs and just felt them Kissing all over her large body. 1 hour later with a huge effort and the help of a machine he got Steph up she laughed and smiled she like all of the attention Joe gave her.

Christmas day had Finally arrived with in a Few Months Steph had gained 4 tons of pure fat. Her and Joe lived in a private airport hanger were Steph was fed Constantly she could longer move at all and Fat covered her whole body it was even a Challenge to open her eyelids or Talk for that matter. So Joe stayed Right beside her whenever he was home. One Day Joe was a little late coming home and Steph's Food supply just ran out. She came became Very hungry Joe Was 10 seconds Late She HAdn't eaten in 1 whole minute she tried to yell but she was to fat and her voice couldn't be heard so she thought of a funny joke and started to laugh then she started to Jiggle soon her whole body was jiggling her 30 ft breast were swaying back and forth causing her belly to move up and down in huge waves like the small ocean of fat it was. Her Hands and feat could no longer be seen because they were covered in fat. Steph's arms where shaking making them seem as if they were gigantic cars of Jello shaking. Joe could hear the rumbling his girl was making from a mile a away so hurried up before she got mad at him Joe finally arrived 15 seconds late Steph would be angry but she would forgive him. So then Joe rushed in and started feeding Steph she smiled with her and Very Fat Face and all 20 if her very fat chins. She then said with a Huge effort Merry Christmas Joe. Joe Smiled the reason he was late was so Dr. Shazaam could look at Stephanie The Doctor was amazed so the military gave Joe and Steph full pay for the food Steph needed to eat so they could continue to study. Steph was pleased and made a noise that vibrated her chins to indicate she was happy. Joe decided it was his turn to give Steph her Present and told her he didn't have to work any more and the food would be delivered to their Hangar. So Joe could make love to Steph all the time. Right then on Christmas day he did. After about four hours of love Steph was tired and she went to sleep. Joe combed through her hair and kissed her on her fat forehead. then he climbed down to the bottom of her Breast and rolled right under it. So he was enclosed in a ball of fat nice warm and cozy right on top of the woman he loved. He truly had a Fantastic Christmas present his 4ton blimp of a beautiful woman Steph.

One year later Steph stops growing but remains the same size. Her and Joe are now married and continue to have sex every day. Joe always has literally TONS OF FUN with his Jiggly Fat Woman Steph and she has fun having sex with Joe and eating A lot! Joe still uses Steph as a Bed!