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Cindy's Weekend at the Beach
by Lucky Luke

As Cindy sat in the shade at the park complex by the beach, she huffed and puffed just to say cool. She was sweltering on the hot summer day. Her perspiration was clinging to her purple front-buttoned blouse as well as condensing on her huge bosoms and dripping down her back. Her perm was also suffering. Strands of her blond hair were clingy with sweet to her head. Cindy had foolishly left her air-conditioned domain to be with her boyfriend, Greg.

Greg had his kids this weekend and Cindy wanted to come also. So Greg and Cindy would have to get up early Saturday morning to spend two days and one night at the beach. Getting up early during the week was hard enough for Cindy but on the weekends it was about impossible. As a working girl, Cindy valued her weekends. Greg woke her up at 6 AM. He had already been up for two hours working out and cooking her breakfast. Greg helped her out of bed and to the bathroom. After that, Greg helped Cindy put on her pink silk robe that matched her nightgown. He then helped her to her seat at the dinette table. Greg had prepared a big breakfast for Cindy consisting of donuts, pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, coffee and a glass of orange juice with vodka to help stabilize her alcohol level. She lit a cigarette and began to cough and gasp during her first inhale. Cindy ate the entire breakfast and, after Greg assisted her in getting up from the table, made it back to the bedroom and bathroom to begin to prepare for the beach trip.

Cindy knew that Pam, Greg's ex-wife, would be at Greg's soon with the two girls. Since Cindy was the vixen who had stolen Greg and hence broke up the marriage, Cindy knew that Pam would get off some nasty remarks. Cindy continued to get ready while waiting for Pam and her girls. She knew that both Greg, only when his girls were around, and Pam frowned on Cindy's smoking, drinking as well as her gluttonous eating habits. So while she was putting on her makeup and fixing her hair, so continued to eat chocolate candies and chain smoke. When Cindy heard the doorbell ring, she struggle to get up, take her last draw on her cigarette and pop another chocolate treat in mouth, and then gargled with mouthwash and sprayed her perfume on. She then waddled down the stairs to she Pam and the girls.

Greg was already at the door hugging his girls. Pam was 31, 5'7", physically fit and weighed about 130 pounds. Pam was a real beauty but still bitter about her broken marriage. Cindy too was also beautiful. Cindy, at 25, had long blond hair, a soft beautiful face and 350 pounds on a 5'2" frame. Cindy had large busts, a generous waist and a huge behind. Her legs and arms were flabby from inactivity and gluttony for food and drink. She hated working out and enjoyed her comforts. Cindy loved to be pampered and it showed. Pam gave Cindy a nasty look.

"Well Cindy, I see living with Greg is really been a great benefit to your girth. It looks like you have put on even more fat, if that's possible? How much do you weigh now anyhow, 300 pounds?" Remarked Pam.

Greg said, "Pam, please be polite."

Cindy, still panting a little from the trip down the stairs said, "Well Pam, it's actually 350 pounds and I'm not done yet. (Gasp) I'm happy with my lifestyle and so is Greg."

"Whatever", said Pam, "just behave yourself around the girls, I'm not crazy about you going to the beach with them." Pam then started pointing her finger at Cindy, almost touching Cindy's chest area, and "I really mean it. I will ask the girls about your behavior. If you don't behave, I get the lawyers involved and get an order that you can't be present during visitation weekends."

Cindy was mad now, her chins were quivering with stress and anger. Cindy did not want to be away from Greg. Most visitation weekends she did go visit friends, but that was her choice. Cindy, not wanting to jeopardize the current situation, weakly remarked, "I'll behave."

They had arrived at the beach before check in and went to the park beach till the check in the check in time. The trip had been almost three hours. Cindy had taken some snack cakes with her in her purse and ate them in the front seat while the girls were not looking. She longed for a cigarette but was too concerned with Greg and Pam's regards about smoking in front of the children. She suffered in silence. During the drive Greg had kept on the air conditioning, so when Greg stopped the car and they all got out, the full effects of the hot July midday heat hit Cindy. She got out with a wheeze and sucked in the hot humid air. Cindy began sweating immediately and looked at Greg. Greg was busy with his girls and could not help her. She began to lumber to the park complex. She saw how far the beach was from the complex and didn't think she could make it.

"Greg (Pant) I'm going to stay here, (Gasp) why don't you and the girls go to the beach yourself", said Cindy.

Greg said, "Okay, but you'll miss all the fun."

Cindy found a place to sit and as soon as the girls were out the site, she lit a cigarette and began to smoke. It had been along time since her last puff. Over the next two hours, Cindy would get up about every half-hour and go to the snack bar for a hot dog, chips and sodas. She could not stop perspiring. With no air conditioned facility, she continued to languish in the heat.

Finally, Greg and the girls returned and picked Cindy up. Greg was shocked at how rough Cindy looked. She had sweated through her blouse and pants; her face was puffy and red. Greg told her to stay and he would get the car and pick her up. As she entered the car, the A/C had not yet cooled the car down, and she went through another hot experience.

After Greg checked in, he got back in the car and took everyone to the four-room condo. It was cool and after struggling up the flight of stairs, Cindy collapsed on her and Greg's bed. Greg left her the cooler and a bag of snacks in a grocery bag. Greg then departed for the beach with his girls while Cindy consumed what Greg had left her. She started with beers from the cooler as well as chips and cookies from the grocery bag. She then down a two-quart soda bottle, more beer and a large bag of pretzels. She also puffed on her cigarettes throughout this time. Tired from the day and having to open all the food herself, she passed out on the bed with beer and soda bottles and food wrappers around. Her purple blouse was now unbuttoned but still on.

Greg came in at six PM to see Cindy sprawled out on the bed with all the food wrappings around her. He shook and said, "Get up Cindy, its six, you need to get ready for dinner. Get up."

Cindy, in a haze, staggered up and began to get ready. Within an hour, she had showered, put on her makeup, did her hair and put on a beautiful, red front-buttoned summer dress. She had put on a lot of weight since she bought it a few months ago, but it still just barely fit. She also put on all the jewelry she brought on the trip. This included earrings, multiple gold bracelets, a necklace, an anklet, rings for all her fingers and one on one of her toes. She had put red matching nail polish on her long fingernails and toes. She wore healed sandal shoes also. She looked great.

As she emerged from her room, even the girls were impressed. "Cindy, you look wonderful", the oldest one said.

Greg got the car for the group. Even though the temperature had dropped, Cindy let the car run for ten minutes before she emerged from the condo. She did not want any repeat performances from the morning.

Greg took the group to a nice steak and seafood restaurant. Seated at the table, the girls couldn't help noticing Cindy's ever expanding derriere was hanging over the seat of her chair. They also noticed that Cindy's large breasts actually slightly rested on the table. Her bountiful belly was clearly pressing against the fabric and buttons on her dress. Her sleeveless dress exposed her flabby, soft arms. The girls also noticed how she seemed to be breathing heavily even when seated. When she got up from the table - which she did twice to use the bathroom and sneak a smoke break in the ladies room - the girls saw how red her face turned and how she needed to use her arms to make the effort.

That night though Cindy, between the appetizers, salads, drinks, her large New York strip stake, desserts and coffee, was able to bond a little bit with the girls. She told the girls a bit about herself. How she worked as a sedentary, headset clad computer typing, customer-service representative for a large bank. The girls enjoyed some of her antidotes about work. At the end of the night, to the girls' delight, she convinced Greg to rent a movie and get candy and popcorn for the viewing.

As she got up at the end of the dining experience, Greg noticed how every button on her dress Cindy's strained with from her abundant female assets. Watching her move out of the restaurant to the car really turned him on.

When they got home that night, Greg even relaxed a little bit and told the girls that he would feed Cindy from time to time. The girls thought this was great and wanted to also feed her. While they all watched the rented video, the girls stuffed butter-laden popcorn and chocolates in her mouth. Cindy and Greg both enjoyed having the girls fatten Cindy up. Still wearing her red summer dress, Cindy's body was becoming more and more constrained as the night went on. For the two-hour movie, the girls took turns feeding Cindy as they watched the movie. Finally, the movie ended and Greg put the girls to bed.

Greg returned to their bedroom. Cindy was waiting. One shaded lamp and the smoldering ashes of the cigarette dangling from Cindy's lips lighted the room. She was still decked out in her summer dress but now the top two buttons were undone. "I couldn't contain my bosoms any longer", whispered Cindy from across the room.

While turned on, Greg was also tired. Playing with her he said, "That's great honey, but I'm tired. Let me just sit here at the end of the bed."

Cindy, seated in the bedroom's easy chair, strained to get up, walked over to the end of the bed and Greg, and struggled to get down on her knees. She then asked, "I bet you're hot. How hot are you Greg?"

Greg replied, "Oh Cindy, I'm very hot. Can you cool me down."

"You know I can Greg", responded Cindy. And then she unzipped his pants and pulled out his manliness and began to stroke and suck.

Between licking, Cindy panted, "Don't moan Greg, you might wake the girls."

Shortly thereafter, Greg pulsated to both his and Cindy's ecstasy. Unlike many men, Greg did not remain blissful but began to take over the lead in their sexual indiscretion. He helped get Cindy back up off her knees. He then got her a soda to guzzle down his protein donation and then unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on her dress. As the buttons were undone, Cindy's flab would push out to Greg's delight. Greg then removed Cindy's underwear and placed her on the bed. All she was wearing now was her steel reinforced bra and all her jewelry. As she laid on her back with the pillows propping up her head, Greg licked every portion of her immense body. He then began to eat her already wet pussy. She softly moaned and gashed for air. This went on for over an hour. (Greg had turned down the temperature in the room beforehand to avoid Cindy sweating too much.) Greg then was ready to penetrate Cindy. This lasted over a half-hour and Cindy, while trying to stay quit, was mooning, groaning and panting throughout the entire love session.

When it was over, Cindy, an after lovemaking cigarette dangling from her mouth said, "Baby, I think it was better for me than you. You were great." She then got struggled up, got her nightgown on and went back to bed.

Greg just lay back and slept.

The next morning Greg got up with the girls, cooked breakfast, cleaned up and left for a morning at the beach with the girls. Before he left, he brought her breakfast in bed, which consisted of eggs, bacon, a dozen donuts, and coffee. Cindy ate the breakfast and went back to sleep.

Around ten Greg returned with the girls and got Cindy up and moving. She struggled to get ready to go but when she was done, she again looked great. This morning she was wearing one piece, short length, and sleeveless white dress with a zipper in the back. She wore all her jewelry, white pantyhose and her hair was up. She was also wearing black sunglasses. Greg and the girls quickly packed while Cindy waited inside. When the car was cool enough, Greg brought Cindy down and they all drove back towards home.

On the way, Greg let the girls feed Cindy as he drove. They all enjoyed doing that and the ride seemed to go quicker. Before they got home, they stopped at an all-you-can-eat buffet for brunch. They all got their own first and second courses. When the girls were done eating, Greg had them get Cindy more food. After her fifth plate-full of food, Cindy said her arms were getting tired so the girls began to fork the food past Cindy's chins into her greedy mouth. Finally, even Cindy was too stuffed to continue and they left for home. Cindy was so stuffed that Greg had to help her get up, walk to the car and even stuff her into the front seat.

After arriving home, the girls continued to feed Cindy while Greg put everything from the trip away. When Pam showed up that night, the girls stopped feeding Cindy and hugged their mother. Both said they had a good weekend and enjoyed being with both their Dad and Cindy.

Pam looked suspiciously at Cindy but did not say anything about the weekend. She did get a dig into Cindy though by saying, "Why Cindy that is a lovely dress, I didn't know they made it in your size?"

Cindy, too winded from all the food she had consumed to even get up from the dinette table, said, "Yes, Pam they do and Greg loves me in it."

Greg came down and politely got Pam out of the house before any fights took place.

Greg then helped Cindy out of her chair and up to the bathroom scale. Gasping from the steps, Cindy then got on the scale. 357 pounds! Despite all the exposure to elements, Cindy had actually gained seven pounds that weekend. That called for some more loving making.

Now, ever other weekend when Greg's girls visit, Cindy has two more little feeders to keep her every increasing bountiful body growing.

Stay tuned for more.