Weight Room Title Bar

By Zarbon

Part One

Claire was a very attractive 16-year-old schoolgirl: her shoulder length brown hair bought out her bright blue eyes and she had a figure to die for. She had the goods, upped with a C cup bust and a shapely ass for a 5"5 girl who weighed 117 lbs. Claire had what it took to be in her school's popular crowd, but she didn't want false friends who would turn on her in a second - she wanted real friendship, and she found it in a close circle of friends. In total, there were six members including Claire. But something quite unusual about her friends was their weight; she was by far the thinnest of the group, and her friends ranged from a 160 lb Hanna to a 230 lb Alice. The other three were Kat, who weighed 210; Gemma, who weighed 190; and Lisa, who weighed 175. It was their first day back after the holidays, and all the girls were a little sad to be back at school.

"Hi, girls, ready for another year of school?" asked Gemma quite happily, as she should, having some of the highest grades in the school.

"Not really, Gem; I am also depressed about all this flab,” complained Alice, lifting her paunch up in one hand. "I really need to lose some of this bulk, but my mom keeps me eating all the time."

"You should diet then, Alice. The new gym in town is meant to be really cheap and quite good," said Claire.

"You're right, Claire; I am officially on a diet, but I need to start throwing away my lunches for something more fat-free, but I don't really want all this food to go to waste," moaned Alice. She and her group were all against wasting food, so Claire came up with an idea.

"I will eat it for you if you want, Alice, save it going to waste," offered Claire.

"Sure, sounds great to me; I will give it to you at lunch time. Well, time for class," said Alice as the bell went for first lesson.

When lunchtime arrived, the girls took their usual table in the corner, they were out of notice, which meant they could stay there the whole lunch hour and do any homework for the last lesson.

"Hay, Claire, thanks for doing this, babe - here you go," said Alice, as she stated to hand over food to Claire: sandwiches, chocolate bars, packets of crisps, mini pies and a cola. No wonder she was so big, thought Claire to herself as she started to eat her food. By the time she was done she was truly stuffed and couldn't concentrate for the rest of the school day.

When she got home she went right off to her room to change into some thing more comfortable, before lying on her bed and holding her stomach. Two hours later, it was dinnertime, and she came down stairs to see a meal from mom's work.

She took her seat next to her older brother Mark. He played football for the school and he loved to tease his sister - be it her low grades or fat friends. At the head of the table was her dad; he loved sports and was either watching them on TV or playing them with his son in the garden. Opposite her dad, her mom owned a string of small cafeterias in town, and she was preparing to buy another. This ate up most of her time, so she'd started to bring home food from the café to save herself cooking; she went right into the study with her meal, fried eggs and chips, which was actually very tasty - but also very fattening as it dripped with grease. But Claire liked her meal and had seconds before a large bowl of chocolate ice cream. Claire again retired her room with a full stomach, rubbing it as she watched TV. She had no homework so she could relax.

The next day Claire woke up and found a note from her mother:

Morning honey,
Your breakfast is in the fridge; it just needs heating up first, ok. See you tonight, Love mom.

"Cool," thought Claire as she opened the fridge to see a cold cooked breakfast: sausages, bacon, beans, eggs. "This would be nice," she thought to herself as she put it into the microwave. She also put on some toast to go with it. She saw the time, though, and realized she had to eat it quickly or she would be late. She wolfed down the meal and went to school feeling quite filled up. She met her friends, and Alice was telling them about her gym, which she'd just joined.

"Yeah, it's really great; there is loads of equipment there and it's dirt cheap. I will lose this blubber in no time if I carry on like I did last night, but I am a little sore. Hay, Claire, are you up for eating my lunch again?" asked Alice.

"Yeah, sure," said Claire, "it's the least I could do to help you out to lose weight. You are the one doing all that work. Kind of makes me feel happy I am thin," she said, not saying it in a mean way to her fatter counterparts.

The girls then went off to their lesson and met up again at lunchtime, and again Claire pushed herself to eat all of her and Alice's lunch, doing so to help her grateful friend.

At home that night her mom gave her a similar dinner of sausages and buttery mashed potatoes. Claire loved this meal, and, even though she was still a little full from lunch, she didn't hesitate to have seconds and almost half an apple pie. She left the table to go to her room even fuller then yesterday and spent her night rubbing her bloated stomach as she remembered she had some homework.

On Wednesday morning, she enjoyed a large cooked breakfast, two lunches - one of which was bigger then ever - and then home to pizza called in by her dad as her mom was working. Claire enjoyed almost a whole pizza of heroin, and Mark was a little shocked at all she was packing away and told her. "Hay, better slow down there, Claire - don't want to end up like your friends, do you?" jokingly.

"Don't worry about my weight, you big jerk. I am 117 lbs. So what if I have eaten a lot tonight? Doesn't mean anything," she retorted as she reached over for her pot of Hagen Daaz for dessert, which she took to her room.

Thursday went the same way: she had a big breakfast and another large lunch, but Alice offered to do her homework as she was too busily eating her lunch. This made Claire quite happy to eat the food, and she finished in record time. They planned to see the new Mel Gibson that night and planned to meet at the cinema at 8pm.

Claire went home to another dinner from her mom's work, and it turned out to be chicken and fried potatoes. Claire cleaned up, eating as much as her dad did - which was quite a lot as her old man ate a large dinner since he hadn't eaten any lunch at work.

Claire then went to her room quite full, holding her belly. She decided to get changed and set off for the cinema after a hot shower, as she was sweating from being so full. The hot water felt good on her bloated stomach, and she left the shower with a smaller bloated stomach. She then donned some jeans and a top.

"Jeez, these feel a little snug,” she said out loud as she fastened her jeans. "Must be because I am so full." She grabbed her bag and headed out to meet her friends.

"Hi, Claire, you're a little late. Come on, we have already paid our tickets; hurry, it's about to start. We'll get some food," said Hanna as Claire approached 10 minutes late.

Claire nodded, paid her ticket and picked up a medium popcorn and coke; she then saw Alice had a large buttered popcorn, a Coke and some jelly babies.

"Are you sure you want to eat those, Alice?" she asked her friend.

"Shit, you're right! Force of habit, I suppose, and you don't mind eating these, too, do you, Claire? I really want to drop this weight; I am doing really well so far."

"Yeah, sure give them to me when we are in there, ok? My arms will be a little too full."

Alice nodded and gave her the food when they were inside. Claire started eating right away, and soon she found her jeans a little restricting so she unpadded the button and undid the fly. Her stomach pushed out, and she carried on eating. The movie was a real chick flick and Claire wasn't in control of her eating as she found she had eaten everything as the last scene hit. She looked down and saw her huge bloated stomach. She sucked it in and fastened her button again and pulled up the fly; she then put on her coat and fastened that, to hide any trace of her stomach. After the movie, they went their separate ways, and Claire went right home to have a crappy night's sleep, as she was just too full.

Friday was your average day, and everybody was excited about the weekend. The girls planned to go to the 15-18 disco in the school gym; it sounded quite sad, but it was a real good night. They planned to meet outside at 9pm. Claire again was stuffed from a big lunch, but she found she wasn't as full as she had previously been. Claire went home right away after school and didn't hang out with her friends as she usually did.

She came home and asked for an early dinner, so she could prepare for her night out sooner. Her mom agreed and she had yet another fattening meal and a large desert of seven chocolate muffins. She went up to her room at 4pm and went for an hour shower that really got rid of her tremendously bloated stomach. She then picked out an outfit and spent the next 2 hours doing make-up, hair and all those finishing touches that made her so damn good looking.

When she was done, it was 7pm, so she just went and watched some TV for an hour or so before leaving to the disco. She didn't want to be late again, did she?

Claire sauntered up to her friends, and they all looked a state compared to her beauty. They went in and Hanna and Lisa went off with their boyfriends. They weren't too serious, but they always danced at these affaires. Kat, Gemma and Alice remained around the sides before all of them went for a dance. Claire went to join them but she was cut off by Tim. He was in her brother's year and played on the football team with him; he was very attractive and Claire had a bit of a crush on him.

"Hay, Claire, I saw you from across the room and you look great. I wondered if you wanted to dance?" he enquired, holding out an arm.

Claire, a little nervous, nodded, and they started to dance for the next four hours. Tim didn't notice her slightly bloated belly, as it was quite dark. They both had a great time, and when the disco was over, he walked her back to her house. He still didn't see her belly, but it had mostly gone by then. They planned to go on a date next Saturday, and Claire was really excited about it. When she got in, she rang her friends and told them all about it.

The whole of next week was spent by Claire being very nervous about her date; when she was nervous, she ate and, boy, did she eat! She had a fry every morning, which grew bigger and bigger, and she had more and more toast with it, and on the Friday she had some pancakes to top off her nervousness. Again that week she was eating lunch for two and Alice's lunches were growing by the day, as her mother had noticed her weight loss already. Claire's lunch itself was getting bigger as it contained more food from the café. At home she was still eating rubbish: either fatty food from a café or call-in food from her dad when her mom was working.

As Saturday morning hit, Claire was weighing 131 lbs.! She took the brunt of the weight to her ever-expanding stomach, which wasn't a surprise as it was always full. She did take some to her tits, though, and now her C cup bras were feeling that much more filled. She took a few lbs. all over, and her thighs were defiantly chunkier. The weird thing was, Claire didn't notice a single lb of it. She was in denial about her newly added girth, and wouldn't even consider the fact that she was gaining weight.

Claire woke up feeling really nervous about the night events. Hee mom was still in bed at 9am, as she was exhausted from a hard week's work; she didn't work on the weekends or she might break down in no time. Claire needed something to calm her nerves, and the answer came in five stacks of pancakes with syrup all over. Claire finished them feeling a lot fuller, looked at the clock and saw it was 10am. She was meeting her friends at Alice's gym today, so she went upstairs to get changed; she thought sweats as it was a gym and grabbed a packed of cookies to eat on the bus over there.

She arrived and entered as Alice's guest. The girls all started to use the machinery - all except Claire, of course. She was thin at 117 lbs. so she didn't need to work out. She watched her friends push themselves really hard and felt quite happy she wasn't sweating and red in the face. She decided to leave soon, as she was bored waiting around and got back home at 12 o'clock. The date was at 8pm, so she needed to fill her time and the perfect thing to do that was food. She looked in the cupboards and took an armful of junk food, which she took to her room. She then set about eating it all in a matter of minutes. She was feeling a bit fuller now, but she knew she would need more supplies. At that point her mom called her for lunch. It was just a platter of sandwiches and a family bag of crisps in a bowl. Claire sat in front of the platter, stuffing sandwiches into her mouth; she wanted to eat all she could, so she had to eat quickly. It turned out she ate over half of the food there, and she then topped off her lunch with a pint of ice cream from the freezer.

She was now feeling full and went up stairs to get ready for her date. She picked out her leather trousers and a nice top. She still had hours before the date so she watched a little TV before deciding to head out and get some snacks. She slyly took £10 from her dad's wallet and went up to the shops and came back with two bags of food. She quickly took them to her room and slowly munched on them up until dinnertime. There, she saw that tonight they were having meat loaf and, boy, was there a lot of meat loaf. Claire served herself a huge, steaming plate of the loaf and also some vegetables to go with it. She quickly eat her firsts, then she had a smaller seconds and then an equal sized thirds. She was then after her desert, which was chocolate cake, Claire eat a third of it under her own power before putting her head down on the table, totally stuffed.

It was 6pm when Claire finally managed to get upstairs under her own strength, and she just lay back on her bed moaning. She did this for an hour before starting to get ready for her date. First her leather trousers. She pulled them up to her thighs when they started to meet resistance.

"God, what's up with these?" she wondered. "Must be because I am hot," she rationalized to herself when it was really the new layers of fat on her thighs. She tugged and tugged until they were around her hips and thighs. She then lay back on her bed and sucked it in while she fastened them up. She then did the fly and it was clear how tight they were as her hard stomach spewed over the waistband. "These are only tight as I am full; they will be better later on," she thought to herself, which was right to some degree. Then was her top. She pulled it down to her waistband to cover her stomach, but it popped back up again to expose a few inches. She tried it again and then one more time, but it just popped back up again. She thought it will be better in no time and set about doing her beautiful light brown hair, then her make-up on her flawless white skin.

She was all ready and it was only 7pm, so she started to watch TV, and she once again started to feel nervous, as she hadn't really dated too much, even with her great beauty. As she grew nervous, she once again reached into her bag of junk food and choked down a family bag of crisps and a few chocolate bars before her date arrived. Claire grabbed her bag and also her long coat. She did it up as it was a little chilly outside and then went off with her date, who was looking really good.

They went off to a pizza place before a movie. They talked as they walked, but Claire was struggling as her trousers were so tight. When she got there, Tim ordered for her, which she wasn't really too happy about as he only got her a small pizza.

"I don't know if I can eat a whole pizza to myself, you know, Tim,” she said as her trousers were digging in even more as she sat.

"Oh no, you're not one of those girls who doesn't eat anything are you? I like a girl who eats like a normal person, just have as much of the pizza as you can," he said as it arrived to their table.

She needed and slowly forced down four of the eight pieces. Tim then took her to the movies. Tim hadn't yet seen Claire's midriff as she still had her coat on. She took it off in the dark of the cinema, so he couldn't really see anything. When the lights were about to come on so did the coat, and once again he didn't see a thing. He walked her home after the slightly boring movie, and they planned to have another date next Saturday. Claire went up to her room to change into her pajamas before ringing the girls and telling them about the date. She seemed to miss the fact that she had eaten so much. The date was good, but she did hope it would be better next time.

Sunday bought a day of homework, lounging around in sweats and eating for Claire. She had another huge breakfast, constant snacking, big lunch, more snacking, a huge dinner and then some slight snacking before bed.

Monday morning Claire was dressing in her uniform before breakfast, and noticed it was really tight. "God, mom must have shrunk my uniform when she washed it. Damn, I can hardly move in this thing. Oh well, I will just have it open and put my shirt over the top; that will do until I get a new one this weekend with my allowance - and maybe some stuff to wear on my dates with Tim - maybe something showing a little more flesh. That might improve the date a little." Claire unfastened her skirt then pulled her shirt over the top. "God, she shrunk this, too," she said as she shrugged and went down for her breakfast.

"Hi, girls, so how goes the dieting, Alice?" she asked her friends, who all seemed a little slimmer.

"Great! Thanks, Claire. I now weigh 208 lbs. as of last night and I have more energy then ever. I still need you to have my lunches, is that ok?" she asked.

"Yeah, sure," said Claire, as she was now getting used to having them.

"God, I am jealous now, Alice; I want to lose weight too; you seem a lot happier since you have dropped the weight. But I will need someone to handle my lunches, too. Claire are you up for the job?" asked Kat.

"Yeah, sure why not? But you will have to do my homework while I eat for you like Alice does."

"Sure, that's ok; we have similar lesson, anyway."

So it was settled. Claire was now having three lunches in total to help out her friends in the battle against the bulge. At lunch that day Claire was hard pushed to finish all of the food for her, and she even had to carry on into her last lesson. She came home feeling quite bloated, but she still had room to enjoy another fattening meal of beans and chips. Claire slightly overdid it on the beans though and regretted it the next day as she was farting for Britain, but she was by a window most of the day so it was ok. She again had three lunches, and they were bigger then the day before.

The week went on, and she just ate and ate and ate. By Friday, she was getting used to her lunches and finishing on time for her next lessons. As it turned to Saturday, Claire rose early as she planned to go shopping. She raised her 139 lbs. body out of bed and went for an early breakfast. She had waffles, a fry up, toast and cereal. She lounged around in her pjs a little longer before donning some jogging bottoms and a sweater, and headed out with a full purse. She first went and picked up some new sweats, as they were becoming her new skin. She then went and picked out some revealing outfits for her dates. She bought boob tubes, hot pants, miniskirts and a few tops to show off her midriff.

"God, I shouldn't be shopping in these cheap shops," she said to herself as she left one after getting her new hot pants, "I am size 8, but in these places I am a 10-12; there must be a problem with the sizes, probably American sizes or something. Oh well, I am gonna look great for my date tonight. Oh shit, I need a new uniform; mom shrunk the last one. I will just go back home, pick up some cash from them and get a new one,” she told herself as she started to walk to the bus stop. Next to her stop was a Burger King; Claire couldn't resist and stopped in for two super size meals.

She paid for the food and mindlessly devoured both meals in a matter of minutes. "Hay, I am not full; they couldn't have been super size. I am gonna get the food I paid for," she said as she marched up to the counter, demanding a refill. She complained until the manager came out, who gave her the food to stop her causing any more of a scene. She ate that and felt better, then headed back home.

She put down her bags, got money off her parents and set of for a shop to pick up a uniform. Again this shop's sizes were all messed up, but the uniform was quite cheap, so she stopped in at a local shop and bought a bag of food.

She took her food upstairs and started to eat. She wolfed down the whole bag before she was called down for a late lunch. Claire already had MacDonald's. But, what the hay, she was starting to get a little nervous about her upcoming date, so she decided to eat, and as usual she didn't let herself down. She ate a large bowl of pasta before going back to her room to decide what to wear. She chose a short top and some jeans. They were quite old but she thought they went well with the top.

For the next few hours she rang her friends, as she wanted somebody to talk to, and she was also trying not to eat, as she didn't want to be too full like she was last week. Claire still didn't refuse a dinner of honey-glazed ham. Which she took two people's share of and then some warm apple pie to top it off. She then went upstairs to get changed and waited for her date. It was quite a warm night, so she decided to not bother with a coat.

When Tim finally arrived, she met him at the door, and he was shocked at the size of her stomach. She was still full after dinner and quite bloated. Tim had planned to take her to the disco and show her off to his friends, but now he had a change of heart. He decided to keep her away from the disco, so he took her to an ice cream parlor on the other side of town.

"So, what do you want Claire?" he asked.

"Well, the chocolate bomb sounds nice."

"Are you sure you should have that?" he asked, thinking about her weight.

"Yeah, I thought you liked girls who actually eat real food."

"Well, yeah, I suppose but . . ."

"Yeah, well then," she interrupted.

Tim just smiled and put their orders through. Soon her chocolate bomb arrived; it was a gallon of chocolate ice cream and a thick layer of chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles. All she said was the food arrived was "yum," and she started to dig in.

Tim just watched her as she stuffed the ice cream into her mouth at an alarming rate. Then he started to eat his banana split at a normal pace, but he finished after she did, as she ate so quickly. Claire had chocolate all over her face, and after Tim gestured for her to wipe it off they left.

"So, where are we going now?" she asked.

"Well…" said Tim, thinking of a place in which they could date but keep away from everybody he knew. "What about my place?"

"Yeah, sure," said Claire as they set off. Tim just stared at her stomach as it stuck out even more then before and well over the too-tight waistband. She looked in a bit of pain. "She should slow down," he thought as they walked to his place.

They went onto the couch, and she looked beautiful in the light – well, down to her gut, anyway - but he was into thin girls. They started to make out, Tim keeping well away from her stomach but loving her tits. After they had made out for a while, she asked for something to eat.

"Yeah, like you need it, " he whispered as he took her to the kitchen to pick out something.

She returned into the lounge with a packet of cookies, a few chocolate bars and a few packets of crisps; Tim watched as she put them away in front of the TV. When they kissed a little more and he was walking her home, he noticed her stomach out even further and her jeans even smaller.

As soon as she was in, she changed into her sweats and called her friends telling them about her fantastic date.

"Yeah, this was much better then the last one; we even made out at his place,” she said joyfully.

"Well, it sounds like he likes to see your figure. It didn't go too well when you were covered up, but it went fantastic when your stomach was revealed," said Hanna.

"You're right; he must love my body. I will wear even less on our next date. Well, I am off for a snack then bed - see you later on, Hanna," said Claire, as she hung up and headed for the kitchen.

On Sunday morning Claire woke up early and went and cooked herself the same breakfast as the day before. As she lined up all of the plates on the table, her brother walked in.

"Bloody hell, sis, you got enough food there? Shit, if you carry on like that, you will be fatter then that Alice girl. Damn, you're turning into a right little Piggy there, aren't you, sis?" he joked to his weight gaining sister.

"Shut up, Mark,” she said, "so what if I am a little hungry this morning - it doesn't mean I will get fat, does it? I am only 117 lbs., so I don't know how you can call me a Piggy. Now if you don't mind I am trying to eat here," she said as she started on her oatcakes.

"117 lbs. - yeah, right! Well, I am off for a game in the park; see ya later on ,Piggy,” said Mark as he left the kitchen.

Claire was unfazed by his joking; she still thought she was 117 lbs., but she was a lot more. She soon finished her breakfast and then started to munch her way through the day, not really stopping to do anything other then homework. She really hated doing homework, and she loved the fact that Alice would do it at school.

Claire met her friends at school and Alice and Kat were happy about their weight losses. Alice was now 200 lbs. and Kat was 199lbs. They seemed thinner, but they were nowhere near as thin as Claire was.

"You guys are doing really well. I kind of want to lose weight too now and having two people to do it with will be fun," said Gemma, holding her bulge.

"I could do with dropping a few,” added Lisa.

"Shifting a few couldn't hurt me either,” said Hanna, poking her flabby belly. "But can you eat all of our lunches, Claire?" she asked.

"Well, I would love to help you all out, but eating all that food will take up a lot of time and I won't be able to do much homework."

"Well, we could do your homework for you," suggested Hanna.

"Yeah, that's a plan: you eat all of our lunches while we lose weight, and we will do all of your homework," said Alice.

"Really, you guys would do that, all of my homework and I get to eat all of your delicious lunches? I think I come off better, but, yeah, sure." They all shook on it as they divided up who would do what lessons. It wouldn't be too much work, as they were really only just copying from their own books into Claire but worded differently.

Claire took one of their lunches as she could eat in class without much notice. Before break, she had eaten one of her lunches, then another before dinner; at lunchtime she ate three more and then the final one in her last lesson and on the way home. When she got to her doorstep, she was ready to drop: these girls got a lot of lunch, and she had eaten them all. She had opened her skirt at lunchtime and unbuttoned the bottom few buttons of her shirt for her stomach to poke right out and breathe. She had chocolate on her face from her walk home, and there she met her brother.

"Fucking hell, Claire, what have you eaten? Have you downed one of your fat little friends or something? And, jeez, look at your stomach – it's huge!"

"Oh, I am not in the mood," she said. " I overate a bit at lunch, and I am a little bloated. It's not quite that bad Mark, stop overreacting and go and play your little games," she said as she headed for her room. She changed right into her sweats and moaned for the next two hours until dinnertime. There she chocked down fried chicken and chips and a portion of pecan pie before throwing in the towel. She went to her room, feeling very sluggish, and thought about her next date with Tim and also the deal she had struck up today. "Those suckers are going to do all of my work for me and all I have to do is eat. But it will be better by next week as I will be getting used to it by then." She soon drifted off to sleep really early and woke up really early, too.

She woke up starving and enjoyed her fattest breakfast ever. She then went to school, happy she hadn't done any work and her friends had. They gave her food and her completed work, and she handed in the work during her lessons as she ate the food. Then at the end of the day she gave them her homework before going home to rest after all of that food.

Claire was really being pushed and by Friday her appetite had grown so much she could eat all of the food before the school day was over, and she was given larger amounts of food by the day, as her friends' parents noticed their weight losses.

When Saturday came, she planned to go to the gym with her friends. She wore sweats but didn't intend on doing any work - she was still thin, wasn't she, so why should she? She stayed with them for most of the day, but she left at 4 o'clock feeling ravenous; she decided to stop in at the all-you-can-eat place. She stayed there for three hours before being thrown out for eating 17 plates of food and an entire cake. But now she was really full, and her stomach was visible from under her sweats top. She went home to see her dinner on the table and also her lunch, which she'd missed. She sat there and ate nonstop for another hour before eating all of her food and leaving to get changed upstairs. Her stomach was jutting right out and seeing her feet was a thing of the past. She decided to wear a boob tube and a mini skirt; they were tight on her, but she put it all down to her bloatedness not that fact that she now weighted 148 lbs. (without food.)

She looked at her clock. She didn't have much time to do her hair and make-up; as she did her hair, it felt quite greasy. She thought it was because she hadn't washed it today, but it was due to all of the grease she consumed at breakfast, lunch and dinner. When doing her make-up, she noticed her skin was quite greasy, too, "Well, I haven't really had too much time for skin care," she told herself as she added her make-up to her face.

Tim soon came, but she wasn't quite ready yet. She was having trouble with her mini skirt, so she decided to leave it open and let her bloated stomach hang free until she had a flatter stomach then she could sort it out.

She came wandering down the stairs into the lounge where Mark was talking with Tim; they both were gob smacked when they saw her fully exposed stomach.

"Well, shall we go then?" she asked as she breezed past them and to the door.

"Bloody hell, she is fat," whispered Tim to Mark, who was laughing as his bloated sister.

"So where are we going tonight, babe?" she asked as she rubbed her stomach to soften it up a bit.

"Well, um, I thought um back to my place; we can eat in if you are hungry."

"Straight back to your place, huh? Well, yeah, pizza sounds great to me," she said as Tim rushed her back to his place before anybody saw them.

She took a seat, and her stomach rested on her lap.

"So what do you want to eat?" he asked

"Pizza! I thought a large double cheese, garlic bread and a bottle of coke."

"Sounds good,” he said.

"Well, what are you having?” she asked.

Tim was stunned -all of that was for her? She looked like she was ready to drop as it was even without eating for about three. Tim put himself an order for a small pepperoni and garlic bread, and then sat closer to Claire.

"So, you wanna make out?" she asked.

"Ok, then," said Tim, not sounding too happy about the idea. They kissed, and she tasted of apple pie, which was her desert that night. He liked it and carried on kissing her even though she had greasy hair and face, and, of course, her stomach. They made out for over half an hour when the bell went for the food; Claire shot out of the chair and took the pizza, and she didn't have to pay as it was over half an hour. She opened her box and started eating before she even sat down; after a few slices, she remembered she was so full. It had kind of left her while she was with Tim, but she wanted to eat all of the yummy cheese so she just pulled it off the pizza, leaving only tomato and the base. She ate all of her garlic bread before knocking half of the coke.

Tim was amazed at how much she could pack away. And he had hardly eaten a thing.

"If you're not having that, can I eat your cheese?" she asked

Tim nodded, and she sucked down his cheese before finishing the cola and then topping off the meal with a huge burp. She had cheese all over her hands and face, and Tim kissed it off her.

She found this really sexy, but Tim only did it as he was hungry. He then saw some on her stomach and licked that too. Her stomach was firm, which wasn't too surprising from all she'd eaten.

"Can I use your toilet please?" she asked.

"Yeah, sure, it's upstairs first on your right."

Claire nodded and tried to get herself to her feet. But the couch being quite deep and her stomach being so full she couldn't do it.

"Um, Tim, can you help me up, please?" she asked as her face turned red from embarrassment. Tim lifted her to her feet, and she went off to relieve herself.

She returned a little later and they carried on making out on the couch for a while; they then saw the clock and it was almost 11 o'clock so Tim walked her home. Claire was really feeling it as she walked and regretted eating so much. She soon got home and then the hassling began from Mark. "Bloody hell, sis, look at your stomach; just look at it - can you see your feet?" he asked.

"What do you think?" she said as she looked down, but she actually couldn't. "Oh shut up, Mark! I just had too much pizza at Tim's house.”

"You had pizza after your lunch and dinner together. Bloody hell, Piggy, you are going to be fatter then your friends in no time."

"Mark, I am in too much of a good mood to listen to you," she said as she went upstairs and got out of those tight hot pants and into her sweats.

Sunday Claire eat like usual, like a pig: morning noon and night she didn't stop, but she could eat in her spare time as she didn't have any homework, which made her happy.

On Monday, Claire just automatically didn't fasten her skirt and left the bottom of her shirt open as she did it after a few lunches anyway. She had a yummy breakfast then it was time for school. Her friends told her about their weight losses: Alice was 195, Kat was 193, Gemma was 182, Lisa was 168 and Hanna was now 154 lbs. Claire's gap as the thinnest was no longer as big since she'd started to eat their lunches.

She ate a tremendous amount of lunch that day, probably the biggest ever as there must have been a chocolate cake sale or something because in total, out of the five lunches she ate from her friends, she ate almost two entire cakes, along with sandwiches and other things.

She returned home with her face covered in chocolate along with her hands and stomach, where she had been holding it on the way home. She saw Mark on the way to her room.

"Hay, you been eating chocolate cake again; it's all over your little Piggy face. You should wash up before dinner," he said, smiling at his sister.

She just mumbled something, as she was too full to come back with anything. She went to her room, changed and then washed up. She groaned a little until dinner. There she had battered fish and chips, but she had her usual fat girl portion, and then she found to her dismay the same chocolate cake she had been eating all day. Her mom gave her a third of the cake as she was going off to work, so she didn't have any. Soon after her mom left her dad gave her his third, claiming he wasn't in the mood for it. Mark laughed at all the cake she had to eat.

"I bet you can't eat all of that, Piggy," he challenged.

"What's it worth if I do?" she inquired.

"I won't call you Piggy for a week" proposed Mark.

"Call it two and you have a deal."

"Ok, you just have to get eating, Piggy, all of that cake there. You look pretty full to me at the minute. I don't think you can handle this, but what do I get if I win?" he asked.

"Dunno, what do you want from me?" she asked.

"Well, if you don't, you have to go upstairs and weigh yourself; I wanna see how fat this little Piggy is."

"Fair enough. I can tell you now I am 117 lbs., maybe 120 a the most. You could have chosen something better, but I won't lose anyway."

With that, Claire started eating. The cake was rich and thick and with her level of fullness, it would be a real struggle to down it all. But she tried her hardest, breathing heavily between each fork full of cake.

It took quite a while, but Claire finished her third and moved onto the next. At this point she was at her fullest ever, but she wanted to eat more before giving up. Slowly but surely the cake disappeared; she only had a few forkfuls left and she was about to throw in the towel, but she knew she had to do it to beat her brother. With that in mind, she put her face onto the plate and ate the cake from close up. When she lifted her head there was no cake left, but her face was covered in chocolate.

"Fucking hell, sis, you really do pack it away. Well, a deal is a deal. I won't call you Piggy for two weeks. Well, I am off to play some sports; have the rest of my cake if you want it. See ya later on, Porky," he said as he left the table.

Claire couldn't respond, as she was just too full; she just sat there, moaning and groaning, massaging her stomach. She sat there for hours, feeling sorry she made the bet. But as she grew sleepy, she managed to move herself to bed. And there she slept as she fell.

The next morning she felt really hungry after going to the bathroom. She had a large breakfast and couldn't wait to get to school to have her lunches. She packed herself the rest of Mark's dessert from the night before, and he said she could have it. At school, she found that her friends brought the rest of their cakes – but, this time, bigger portions, Claire set about eating anything put in front of her, and as the day went on her skirt was again really digging into her, so she just pulled it down under her hips to allow her stomach to be free. Then, when she had to go anywhere, she would just pull it up anf cope with the pain until she was sitting again.

On her way home, her stomach was really pushing out. She looked around to see if anybody could see her; there was nobody in sight, so she pulled down her skirt a bit. Her knickers were every visible; they themselves had grown so tight they had become thongs. They used to be so baggy on her, but not anymore. Her belly hung free to expand, she again was stuffed and just wanted to change into something more comfortable.

Luckily, she got to her room before anybody saw her with her skirt down "Why is this thing so tight? Must be because of all the food I ate; I am just bloated, that's all. When I am not full, it fits," she thought to herself as she carried on rubbing her stomach. She did so until dinnertime, and her dad bought KFC. There were two buckets; her dad and brother were having one so she thought the other was for herself and her mom.

"There's your bucket, honey. It's all for you as your mom has already eaten. Oh, and here are your fries, and your free apple pie is in the kitchen - pick it up on your way back upstairs."

When her dad was in charge of dinner, you didn't have to eat at the table. Claire grabbed all of her food and took it to her room; she slowly munched her way through it all and found her lips and chin were all swimming in grease. She just wiped it up her face, not really knowing she had smeared it all over her face. She spent the rest of the night resting and catching up on her soaps.

For the rest of the week Claire ate her multiple course breakfasts, having bigger and bigger lunches. On the way home everyday, she walked with her skirt down and her panties exposed. She was never caught by anybody, as her road was very quiet. At home she would relax, stuff herself at dinnertime, then relax some more as she had no homework.

Saturday, she didn't have a date with Tim as he was away visiting relatives. So she and the girls were having a sleepover party at Alice's house. They weren't going to the gym, so they could hang out with Claire outside of school. But they needed her to eat. Claire was ok with that and headed over to Alice's place at around 2pm; she was wearing her sweats but would change into her pajamas soon enough. Claire's pajamas were a pair of former baggy trousers and a vest top; they had blue stripes and were really comfortable – well, they used to be before her mom shrank them in the wash.

She met up with her friends, and the subject of weight came up pretty soon. Alice was now 189 and feeling fine; Kat was 188; Gemma was now 174 as she worked really hard; Lisa was 160 and Hanna was 149. They were all happy with their weights, and they all wore baggy bed wear – well, everybody other then Claire. She said she was about 120, and the other girls wanted to laugh but didn't as it would be mean to do that, and they were fat, too, so they couldn't really say anything. In reality, she was now 159 lbs. She now had a very handsome belly rolls, a chubby face, CC cupped tits, which were forced into her C cup bra. Her ass grew a lot and jutted out from her back and had started to flow down the back of her thighs, which were tightening everyday. She had a bad case of denial, but that was good for the slimmers as she was a real eating machine - which she would prove in her stay at Alice's house. Within 10 minutes of them all arriving, a tray of brownies WAS sent up. Claire took care of those in time for the bowl of crisps that followed, which she also wolfed down.

"God, I love your mom's snacks," she said as she finished the last of the crisps.

The girls had the stereo on and were doing girly things like trying on clothes, doing hair and make-up - everybody but Claire: she was busily eating to do too much. Her mom was relentlessly sending up donuts, cake, pie, chocolate, muffins, more crisps. Claire was going full pelt just to keep up with the onslaught to her stomach. While she stuffed her face, Hanna did her hair for her.

"This is quite greasy, Claire. Shall I put this stuff in it to sort it out?" she asked, retrieving a small bottle from her make-up bag.

"Uummm…chop, yeah, sure … chop, yumm, this is nice. Yum, yeah, sure go ahead, chomp," muffled Claire under a mouthful of food.

Hanna started to sort Claire's pretty brown hair back to its former glory, while Claire carried on putting more grease into her body with every mouthful of food she eat.

By the time it hit midnight, Claire was stuffed like a Christmas turkey. Around her were piles of empty food packaging, bowls, trays and plates; she had eaten them all dry, and now she was finished. She lay on Alice's bed, her stomach raised up high as it was packed with food. Her pj bottoms were pulled down to expose her knickers, and her top was around her chest. She lay there moaning.

"Bloody hell, Claire, are you ok? You have eaten enough food tonight to feed all six of us quite well. Do you want anything to make you more comfortable?" asked Gemma, a little concerned at her friend's current state.

"No thanks, give me a minute and I will be fine," she claimed as she maneuvered herself to a seated stance, her colossal stomach resting on her blubbery thighs. She stayed seated on the bed, rubbing her full stomach as she and her friends talked about girl's stuff.

They stayed up most of the night and they were woken by a cooked breakfast each. Claire, back to full strength, ate most of all the breakfasts, leaving the toast for them to eat. As the day again progressed, there was even more food sent up to them, and Claire took care of it like a trooper; she stuffed herself so full she could hardly move. At about 7pm, she wanted to go home. She had the others walk her, and when she got in it was time for dinner.

"Oh god, I am not in the mood for this," she said to herself.

"Dad, can I miss dinner? I have already eaten at Alice's house."

"Yeah sure, but if you're hungry, it will be in the oven," he said as she went upstairs.

Claire spent the evening on her back, looking at the ceiling and holding her stomach. She couldn't really sleep, and when she checked her clock next it was 3am. She was feeling better now: her stomach had deflated; in fact, she felt like having her dinner. She crept down stairs in her sweats still, retrieved her dinner from the oven and ate it right there in the kitchen. She also had her dessert before going back to bed again.

She was in for yet another week of school before her date, but she wasn't feeling too good. She still had her multiple breakfasts and went to school feeling like shit. She filled up her empty bag with food and started to eat what wouldn't fit. She ate for the most of her first lesson until she only had food in her bag, but her health was going bad. She didn't feel very hot and at break time went to the medical office with a fever and a pale face. Her dad collected her and took her home; he couldn't stay with her, but he did set her up before going. A hot water bottle blanket on the couch and the TV on. Claire went up to change into her pajamas and came down to everything set out for her. She slid under the warm blanket and had the water bottle on her stomach. Her dad said goodbye and left.

Claire grabbed her bag to see if she could eat. She started to munch her way through the bag, and it didn't really do any damage. With that, she carried on eating, but she still felt like shit. She finished the food in record time, as she didn't have to slow down during lessons, and soon she was in the kitchen getting some snacks and a pain killer. She came back with her arms full of different food, which she set about eating. She downed the lot over her six lunches, and before she knew what was happening she saw her brother would be back soon. She cleaned up all of her plates and put her rubbish into her bag.

She watched TV when he walked in.

"You wagging school then, Porky?" he asked as she entered.

"Nah, I felt like shit as it goes; the nurse even said I was ill."

"Well, you don't look too hot, but what's new? I don't want to catch anything from you, so I am going outside," he said, walking out.

Later on, Claire mom came home from another day at work. She was going be working at this for a few more months, so she couldn't really have too much time off. She decided to take her daughter to the doctor when she saw how bad she looked.

Her mom rang him up, and he came half an hour later. He asked for her mom to leave the room while he checked her out. He asked to feel her stomach, so she lifted her tight top.

"So have we been eating a few too many snacks while off school?" he asked in a patronizing way.

"I may have overeaten a little more then usual,” she said, thinking of all the food she got from the kitchen.

"Well, you need to cut back on that; it's never good to overeat. It slows down your metabolism and makes you fatter," he said.

"Fatter," she thought. "That would mean I would be fat in the first place. Must have been a slip of the tongue."

The doctor listened to her heart, took her temperature, looked in her ears, under her eyes and then in her throat.

"Well, I think it's just a bug. I would just ride it out if I were you; it won't last more then a week, so back to school on Monday."

"I have a date on Saturday - can I make it?" she desperately asked.

"Yes, I should think so. Well, call me if you take a turn for the worse; I will see myself out after talking to your mother," he said as he went to talk to Claire's mother, then a few moments later he left.

Claire's mother then came in and asked if she wanted dinner, Claire happily accepted and was served to the couch her trey bulging with food, more then usual, actually.

"You need your energy to fight this thing,” her mom said, "so I want you to eat all you can to keep your energy up. I will go to the store in a bit and fill up on all your favorite snacks."

This made Claire happy. Then the phone rang; it was for her. It was Lisa asking if she was ok.

"Yeah, I am fine; I get to have the week off,” said Claire to her friend.

"Well, what's going to happen with our lunches? We need you to eat them!~"

"You can leave them at my place in the morning. Just leave a little earlier that's all. Drop them all around the back by the door; I will take them inside after everybody leaves, ok? I won't let you down because of a little virus."

They carried on talking for a while before hanging up; Lisa would pass on the news about the lunch situation. She stayed there until she decided it was time for bed, and she just wandered up and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning her mom woke her up with two trays of breakfast, each stacked with many plates of food. "Remember keep up your strength,” she said as she left for work. With that, Claire started to eat her meal, loving the special treatment; this would be a good week. After her breakfast, she headed down with all of her empty plates and saw the house was empty. She put the plates in the dishwasher and opened the back door to see all the food in five different plastic bags. She took it to the lounge, turned on the TV and started eating. She felt better today and sat up properly to eat; she ate for the next two hours; she ate nonstop. She felt really bad after that, due to her intense ingestion. She took a pill and went to see what was in the kitchen; she opened the fridge and saw it was groaning with fatty food. Claire was amazed as she pulled out a cream pie and a sponge cake. She took them back to her couch and carried on eating. She was still in her pajamas, which were suffering at the hands of her binge.

Her top was riding high, and her bottoms were starting to dig in - even though they were elastic. She thought, “Hay, why not?” and took them off. She sat there naked, thinking that was more comfortable. She continued to eat to keep her energy up. Her mom rang at a little past midday, and she told her she was eating like she said. This made her mom happy. After the call, she went back to eating, taking out ice cream, biscuits, chocolate and a lot more. Claire ate and ate and ate - only moving for more food.

When she looked at the clock, she saw it was quarter past three. She decided to clear up and go for a shower. She was covered in the wreckage of all the food she'd eaten. She went and showered for a while and then returned to her couch and put her pajamas back on. They were really tight on her fat stomach, but now she was kind of used to being stuffed. She saw her stomach was exposed, so she hid it with her blanket. "It's only because I overate a bit today - but I have to stay strong."

Her family soon returned and mostly left her alone all doing different things. Her mom was in the study, working and only stopping to feed her daughter some more. Her dad and brother were playing in the garden, so she could just relax and stuff herself. Claire's stomach was at a fever pitch, as she stuffed herself to new limits, just in the hope of 'keeping up her strength.' The opposite thing was happening, as she grew weaker under all her food, but her health was ok, so she just carried on eating.

Again, Claire was woken to a huge breakfast, this being bigger then the day before. After she had finished eating, she came downstairs in her ever-tightening pajamas to pick up her lunches. She then went to the couch, stripped off her clothes and sat there and started eating. In fact, she finished all the lunches by lunchtime, then she went into the kitchen to gorge herself on pastries, cakes, pies and chocolate. She didn't really have patience for using a folk; she just picked up a pie and ate it by hand. This meant crumbs went everywhere, including all over herself, but she didn't really mind as she could clean it off later on. The hours passed by, and the food disappeared. As she packed more away, her stomach expanded, and she grew more sluggish. She soon couldn't be asked to go and get more food, so she just lay there for a while until she could be bothered. But on that trip, she took as much food as she could carry. She then set about eating all of that too, but now a lot slower as she was really stuffed.

When it hit 3pm, she decided to put her pajamas back on. The top only went a little past her tits, and even then it was tight. Her bottoms only went up to the top of her thighs, as getting them around her hips would mean going near her tender stomach. She just put her blanket over her stomach and carried on eating.

Mark wasn't coming home until late, so he wouldn't hassle her. Her dad would be in the other room watching TV and her mom working, and, of course, bringing her daughter more and more food. She wasn't really up to eating anymore for the whole night, but she had to fight the bug. And bring her food is what her mom did. It was tray after tray; she was relentless, and she seemed unaware at the amount of food Claire had eaten that day.

“Mom, I don't think I can eat anymore,” complained Claire, tossing her head about on her pillow and holding her stomach.

“Well, sorry honey, but you need more food to keep you strong, so you can beat the bug. Once you have started eating a lot, you have felt better, right?”

“Well, yeah, I suppose.”

“Well, then, you have to keep eating. Now I know you like toffee cake; here you go – here's one I got for you. All you have to do is this cake. Then you don't have to eat anymore.”

Claire took the huge cake and nodded as she started to tear out huge pieces and force them into her mouth. It took two hours, but she finally finished the whole cake. Now her stomach was the tightest ever, and she felt like she was going to throw up. She just moaned and groaned until she fell asleep on the couch. Her mom didn't want to move her, but little known to her she probably couldn't have gotten her off the couch, anyway.

Claire woke up to another breakfast in bed - well, the couch. She thoroughly enjoyed it, as she seemed extra hungry today. She waited until everybody was gone before going to pick up her lunches, which also seemed extra big today. That suited her down to the ground as she could top off her hunger easier.

She flew through her lunches and finished them in record time. She then went to the kitchen; she took several huge loads of food into the lounge, enough and some more to last her the rest of the day until her mom came home. She then stripped out of the now very tight and quite smelly pajamas and set about stuffing herself, thinking what her mom told her to do: eat and she would feel better. And, boy, did she eat to improve her health.

She was eating at a faster rate then the day before, so she managed to squeeze down all of the food before anybody got back. She didn't have the power to get dressed, so she just covered herself with her blanket. She waited for her mom to give her more food, as she couldn't get her own under her own strength. As soon as her mom walked in through the door she gave her daughter four buckets of KFC for her dinner, each coming with fries and an apple pie. Claire took a breath and dug in again. She was relentless, taking out chicken after chicken, and then moving onto the fries, before having her large desert of four apple pies. After that she was out for the count. Her face was covered in food remains. And so was her blanket.

Her mom came in and gave her a family bag of crisps and a 2-liter bottle of coke. Claire was actually quite thirsty, and she gulped down half the bottle. She then moaned as she slowly devoured the crisps, then the rest of the drink before a big burp. She watched TV for the rest of the evening, snacking a little but not gorging herself, as she just couldn't fit it all in. She again slept on the couch, not being able to move. And Friday brought another day of bingeing in the hope to beat the bug that was pretty much out of her system. She was still naked under her blanket, but her food-covered blanket covered her up nicely. Mark left her alone, as he didn't want to catch anything from her. She didn't mind; she liked being on her own, but she was a little nervous about her upcoming date, and nerves meant she ate a record amount of food.

On Saturday she woke up to breakfast, and she happily ate it and asked for more. Her mom complied and came back with the same food again. Claire stayed on her couch for the whole morning and afternoon doing nothing but eat. As it started to get dark, she decided to prepare for her date. She knew people would see her, so she couldn't go naked to her room. She didn't want to try the pajamas, as they would be too tight, so she wrapped herself in her blanket and went up to shower. There, loads of food crumbs from around her body were washed off as was the layers of dried food and grease off her face. She then went to pick out an outfit; she chose some hot pants and bra top. She wanted Tim to see some flesh to improve the date, so she wore her most revealing outfit for their first date in two weeks.

First she tried the top. It seemed a lot tighter then she remembered.

“God, I can hardly fasten it,” she thought to herself. “Oh well, a bigger chest isn't something to really moan about is it; I am just blossoming into a woman,” she thought, but this was only true due to her dramatically increased fat intake.

Once she pulled tight enough to close it she went for the hot pants. She decided to miss out on underwear, as she didn't want any VPL. She pulled them around her ankles then up to her knees. Then up her thighs, finding more resistance as she went. She got to mid-thigh and was kind of stuck.

“What's up with these? Don't say I picked the wrong size from the store! I haven't worn these yet - god, oh well, I will just suck it in, I suppose,” she said out loud as she started to tug the small, white hot pants up her waddling thighs. She tugged and tugged and found they were tighter and tighter before she finally managed to get them to her hips. They were already tight without them done up. She put this down to her fullness, but it was really her flabby stomach. She lay on her bed and sucked it in as much as she could, while pulling the button together. More and more she pulled, but it was no good. She was miles away from getting them done up. She just gave up and left them open. She was in enough pain from them already without making it worse. She then did her hair and found it really greasy again.

“I should wash this more often,” she thought, which was true, as she'd only showered twice for her last school week, but it was all the fat she'd eaten that did it. She went to do her face but saw she had a few spots and a very greasy face. She added a layer of make-up over the top, but the grease and spots were still visible. She got up and could really feel how tight her hot pants were. She looked and saw the stitching at the seams was coming loose. “It doesn't matter; they will shrink as I digest the food,” she told herself. The 168 lb.-er was quite wrong, though; she hadn't eaten much, and she was about to have a big dinner to last her through the date. Her mom bought it to her room, while she was in the toilet, going over her hair in a bigger mirror then the one in her room. When she returned, she saw her bed covered in plates; there was chicken, chips, eggs, meatloaf, cake, pie and many other things that would feed a family of ten. She looked at her bedside clock; she had two-and-a-half hours to go before the date, and she was getting nervous - and she wanted to be full to keep up her strength.

She sat on the corner of her bed and shuffled up as the plates emptied. She was a machine; as she ate, her stomach swelled, and her hot pants were on the brink of bursting open. She was really getting full, but had saved the best for last: an entire chocolate cake. She looked at the clock and saw he would arrive, so she started eating as quickly as possible, dropping chocolate all over her cleavage and her swelled stomach, along with her face.

She heard the doorbell rang and still had half to go. She wanted to finish, so she made him wait while she downed the rest as quickly as possible. When she was done, she could hardly move, but she had to as she had a date. She rolled off the bed and to her feet, and then she made her way down stairs. She licked her fingers clean, not remembering about her face, handsome chests or fat stomach. When Tim saw her, he almost fainted. Her stomach hung well over her hot pants and her crotch - and swelled out almost a foot in front of her. Her stomach was covered in stretch marks from growing so huge in such a short space of time, and her navel wasn't visible under all of the chocolate on it. Her now D cup breasts weren't in a bra, as they didn't fit anymore; she just packed them into the tight, chocolate covered top, which made them look quite perky for their size.

Her chubby face was smeared with chocolate, and her spots were clearer then before as she'd sweated off her make-up while stuffing herself to this extreme level. Her thundering thighs wobbled with each movement she made and spewed out from under the hot pants. As did her stomach over the top, but to a larger extent.

“So Tim, by that look I guess you are impressed,” she said, seeing his gob smacked face.

“Well um, god, um something like that,” he said, not wanting so shout out, “you fat cow!!” to her face.

Claire made her way past him, and he saw just how tight her hot pants were, as he could see her white, pasty flesh through the loose stitching.

“So where are we going tonight?” she asked. “ I want to go out somewhere - maybe for a meal then to the disco maybe?” she suggested.

“Well, I was going to take you back to my place,” he said.

“We did that last time. I want to see my friends; I want to make them jealous as I dance with you in the middle of the dance floor.”

This is exactly what Tim didn't want; she seemed to have her heart set on it, though.

“Well,” he said, thinking of something for them to do before they had to go. “Shall we get a bite to eat?” he asked, knowing she wouldn't say no.

Claire nodded quite happily, and they slowly walked to Burger King, taking as many back roads as possible.

“Why are we going this way?” she asked.

“It's, umm, more romantic then the high street,” he said, thinking on his feet. Claire smiled at that and they carried on. They soon arrived, and they took a booth in the far corner to keep them out of sight. Tim went to get her order.

“I will have two, no, three large, bacon, double cheese burgers, fries and cokes. Please.”

Tim complied and gave the order; he paid when it came through, and when he gave her the food she just started to wolf it down. He munched on his burger while she put away her meal - which was three times bigger - three times quicker, so they were both done at the same time. As they were leaving he told her she still had some chocolate on her face. She was a little embarrassed and wanted to wipe it off but just smeared it in.

“Is it off?”

“Yeah, sure,” he said as they slowly walked to the disco. Tim didn't want to go, as he knew he would be laughed at for dating a fat girl like her. The school had been talking about her for a few weeks now behind her back. They all said she was really taking after her friends, but she was gaining while they lost weight.

They were about to arrive when they first saw people. They started to laugh as Tim, the high school hunk, walked along with a hugely fat Claire, an ex-beauty. The laughing became more obvious as they went closer and closer, and as they entered, all eyes were on them. Claire thought it was because she was so beautiful in her revealing outfit; Tim just wanted the ground to swallow him up. They started to dance, and most people laughed a bit and then carried on with their own dates, all talking about how fat she was. It was like Claire couldn't hear, as people shouted she was fat across the room.

They danced for a while, talking to each other. Claire was really happy, but Tim was having a nightmare date. They soon went to get refreshments as Claire was getting tired. She went for her cup but accidentally dropped it; she bent over to pick it up and – RRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPPP - her hot pants gave up and exploded off her to the floor. Her stomach footed forward, and her thighs and hips splurged out. At first she didn't realize what had happened and stood back up to see why she could finally move. She then saw all eyes were on her, looked down and saw her hot pants on the floor in scraps. She turned bright red and burst into tears. She the, went running off, her ass and thighs shaking with each thundering step. The whole school laughed as they got to see Claire's box and bare ass - the funniest thing of the year.

Her friends followed her home, where she ran up to her room and donned her tight sweats. And cried into her pillow. Her friends tried to comfort her about the incident, but she wouldn't do anything other then cry. They stayed with her until she cried herself to sleep sometime later. They told her mom what had happened, and she seemed sympathetic, but didn't want to go up, as her daughter was asleep. Claire slept for a few hours but woke up thirsty from all her crying. She went downstairs and looked in the fridge. She wanted to eat something, so she sat in front of the fridge, eating by its light. She sat on the floor and stuffed down pies, cakes, pastries, biscuits, chocolate and other foods. She stuffed herself until she couldn't move, then she fell asleep on the floor, leaning against the cupboards, holding her full stomach.

In the morning her mom found her and took her back to her bed.

“Claire, I heard about what had happened. Do you want anything to make you feel better?” she asked.

“I just want some food, mom; you know comfort food,” she said.

She just nodded, left the room, and then returned with as much food as she could carry. She came up every few minutes, restocking for Claire, faster then she could eat. Slowly, more and more food built up as Claire, eating at full pelt, couldn't keep up with her mom's onslaught. Her mom gave her daughter her last course at 10pm, and Claire's stomach was almost to her knees as it was so huge. She could barely move as she regretted eating too much comfort food.

She woke up early next morning, then set about eating all of the cold food on her floor, before going down for her breakfast at her usual time. She was already bloated, and even after her large breakfast, she wasn't too stuffed. She then went upstairs to get changed. She tried her shirt, but it was tight on her chest a little and really so on her stomach. She couldn't pull down a lot further then her chest. So she started opening buttons. She only left the upper ones around her tits, which were unsupported by a bra to be hidden behind the shirt. As for her skirt, that was a different matter. She couldn't fasten it up after a few attempts, so she went into her mother's room to see if she had anything. She tried one of her skirts, but it was tighter.

“This is no good,” she thought. “I will just have to let my old one out a bit,” she told herself. She grabbed some scissors from downstairs and set about taking off the waistband. She then made slits into the skirt to make it bigger. She tried it on, and it fitted - a little tight, but it fitted. She then left for school, waiting for her lunches.

When she got there, lots of people were whispering and pointing at her. She tried to ignore them but she really wanted to run away.

“Hay, girls, how's it doing on your diets?” she asked, wanting to keep away from the subject of the night before. They proceeded to tell her their weights: Alice was the highest at 182 lbs.; Kat was a square 180 after a hard week's dieting; Gemma was Claire's weight on Saturday, 168, but now Claire was heavier then her, too; Lisa was 155 and finally Hanna was now the smallest at 145 lbs. Claire still thought she was the thinnest at her estimated weight of 120 lbs.; she was only 50 lbs. off, but her denial was to blame for that.

They then handed over their lunches to Claire. She pulled out two carrier bags and filled them with all of the food. She just managed to fit it all in. She couldn't put anything in her bag, as that was full of her own lunch. She then took all her bags to her first lesson and took a seat in the back corner to keep out of people's sight. She ate through her lessons, not really caring about her work; she carried on eating until she ran out of food - this happened in the middle of lunch. She then went and bought about £10 worth of chocolate bars and tipped them into her bag, and even some into a plastic one, which would fit into her school bag. She again took her seat; this time, as she walked across the café hall, her stomach jutted out more and was fully visible through her shirt as it was swept to the sides. Her skirt looked tighter too, but that had a lot more time to it. Once back in her chair, she carried on eating while chatting to her friends as they did some of her work for her.

She carried on eating through her lunchtime, last lesson and the walk home. She left the remaining chocolate in her bag for tomorrow. She then went and changed into her ever-tightening sweats. They now were very figure hugging, to say the least. Her stomach forced a divide, between the top and her bottoms, and they were also less comfortable - which was the exact opposite thing she wanted from them. She went to the kitchen and ate until her mom came home.

“Hay, why don't we go and get you some new clothes?” she said, seeing her daughter in the skintight sweats and also thinking about her hot pants incident.

Claire cheered up as she heard this nodded and pulled herself up to her feet before heading uptairs to get her shoes on. She couldn't be asked to change, as she couldn't fit into anything else. She got into the car with her mom and they talked on the way.

“Thanks for doing this, mom, I know you should be working, but I do need some new clothes,” said Claire.

“Well, it's only a few hours off, and I thought it would be nice for us to spend some time together.”


“So when your friends were over the other night, I saw they had lost a lot of weight?”

“Yeah, they sure have. They have been doing well to stay on their diets, thank god, I don't have to.”

“Right, well anyway, I suppose they have a lot of old clothes that are too big for them?”

“I would think so.”

“I might ring their moms and take all of the clothes to the charity store”

With that and more chat they arrived at the mall. They then went into stores. Claire picked out stuff she wanted, and her mom picked them off the rack in her guessed size, an 16-18, and then took them all to the counter to be paid for. Her mom was quite rich for all the work she did, so paying wasn't a problem. They visited more stores, and Claire bought many different outfits and underwear, which she hadn't worn for a while now she bought D cups which pleased her a lot, but she didn't check the size of her knickers. They bought many things, but both of them forgot to get her a new uniform. Her mom didn't really know it was that bad for her, as she didn't see her in it, anyway, and Claire was too swept up in all of her new clothes. Her mom dropped her off at home before heading back out again; on the way home they picked up some pizzas. Claire was hungry, though, and didn't want to share them with the others so she sat on her wall outside the house and ate them all herself; she then came in saying they had to sort out their own dinners.

The next day Claire bought another £10 with her from her dad's wallet and again, after her lunches, spent it all on chocolate. She ate a lot quicker today, as she wanted to eat all of today and yesterday's chocolate; when she got home, she was stuffed from the rich chocolate. As usual, she had it all on her face and some on her vast stomach that was pushing out ever further - not just jutting outwards, but now it had started to hang down a bit more from all of its girth.

The upcoming weeks turned into months, and Claire put on lots more weight. She stuffed herself at school, with all the lunches and chocolate; she then ate a lot at home. Her dates with Tim carried on happening, although he was getting more and more stuck from being with the ever-fattening Claire. The whole school was talking about their former beauty among her fat friends; now the role were reversed. Her friends had all slimed down to under 140 lbs.: Hanna being the smallest at 109 lbs. Their weight losses had slowed as more and more blubber disappeared, but they were all quite slim - and almost anorexic standing next to Claire. She had gorged herself all through the Christmas holiday, and after Christmas dinner she was ready to drop, after eating a whole 10lb turkey to herself along with veg and dessert.

She carried on eating and expanding - and also outgrowing her clothes at a very fast rate. Her mom combated this by taking her friends old clothes, saying they were for charity; she then slowly added them to Claire's wardrobe, a bit at a time, removing the tags, to stop her seeing how big she was. Claire was happy enough, and her mom didn't want her to be upset by her weight. Claire loved the clothes she got as gifts from her mom, and she went through them all until she had them at bursting point, weighing 260 lbs. and wearing Alice's 230 lbs. cloths.

Her vast stomach rolls cascaded onto her lap. When she stood, her paunch hung to a mid-thigh level. Her hips wide hips held her stomach along with her huge ass that was almost a foot behind her and inches hanging down her thighs. They were now so thick, she had a big waddle, and the cellulite rubbed and jiggled with each movement. Her tits had lost their perkiness, but had grown to an E cup; they were pushed apart by her stomach that hung forward as her most prominent part of her weight gain. She had a big double chin and a wide chubby face. She now had lots of spots from not taking care of her greasy body, and her hair had grown out and lost its body with all of its own grease.

Mark was being relentless with his teasing, but she was still in denial about her weight, maybe more so, saying she was only 125 lbs.

“Well, prove it, then,” said Mark at the dinner table, after they had all eaten – well, except Claire, who was enjoying another pie.

“Fine, I will, if it will get you off my back,” she said, struggling to get to her feet. She then waddled off upstairs to the bathroom and arrived at the scale tired from the stairs. She stood on, and her body vibrated. The needle flew up to the scale's max of 240 lbs.

“Very funny Mark! If you're going to mess with the scale at least make it realistic, like 130 lbs. at a maximum; it's impossible that I am over 240. Well, I am off to finish that pie; excuse me,” she said, waddling past him. Mark was a little surprised she could shrug it off like that and even more surprised at her actual weight.

Part Two