Weight Room Title Bar

By Zarbon

Part Two

It was turning into spring and getting a bit warmer. The girls had planned to go swimming the next day and Claire was invited. The girls were still her friends as she had been theirs when they were fat. She was still nice enough; she just ate for a lot of the time. She hadn't swum for a while, so she was kind of looking forward to it. She wanted to invite Tim, but he made up an excuse, as he didn't want to be seen with her in a swimming suit. She still didn't know he didn't like her fat, but he was too nice to dump her, and they had a goodish time when she wasn't eating. But her girth was getting too much for Tim to deal with - sometimes leaning on her stomach and seeing his hand disappear into her fat.

She carried on eating while watching TV. She ate for ages and found herself full, then went to sleep holding her stomach feeling full and satisfied. She woke up early and went for a big breakfast, since she couldn't eat for a while before going to the swimming baths, as she would get cramps. She cleaned out all the breakfast supplies and left the table at 10 am after a four-hour binge. She went upstairs to get her swimsuit. It was then that she realized she didn't have one – well, one that would fit. She went downstairs and saw her mom looking through the cupboards for some breakfast.

“Mom, I am going swimming today. Can I have some money for a new suit?”

“Well, I can get one for you, honey,” she offered, still not wanting her daughter to get depressed by finding out about her weight.

“Thanks, Mom, it will save me the effort,” said the lazy girl.

“So what do you want, a one-piece?” she suggested.

“Nah, a two-piece is more like it, Mom. I have too good a figure to hide in a one-piece. I won't bother with a thong. Thanks, Mom, and you might want to get some more food, as we are running low,”

Her mom nodded, went upstairs, dressed and left to pick up some food and a swimsuit for her daughter. She was a little unsure of her size as she had taken to cutting out the labels without reading them. She guessed and picked up a black number, then drove home and gave it to Claire to try on.

Claire waddled upstairs and first tried on the top. She over-filled it, and her large chest was spilling out over top of the bra. She then tried the bottoms; they were quite snug as she pulled them up her blubbery thighs, which didn't stop wobbling with each movement. She struggled to get them over her hips, and they dug deep into her flabby stomach, love handles and back flab. Her stomach hung over the top of the bottom piece, so it was barely visible, especially as it turned into a thong and went right up her ass crack. She thought, “I asked Mom not to get me a thong; oh well, off to the pool before I am late.” She grabbed a towel, shampoo for after her swim and money. She put her largest sweat suit over her bikini to save changing time then left.

She arrived a little late, but so was Kat so they didn't make a big deal of it. They paid and went through to the changing rooms. Claire found hers very small and could barely move around to get out of her sweat suit. When she did, she met up with her friends who were a little shocked to se her in all of her glory in her thong bikini. They all wore two-pieces to show off their new bodies, but they thought Claire would be in a one. They went into the pool, and Claire was stared at as she walked over to the water. They all jumped in and made a splash. When Claire followed, it seemed that the pool half emptied with all the water that flew into the air with her belly flop. This just bought more attention to her and for the next hour the girls swam about, talked in the water and generally had a good time. They then saw the water slides were open; they went and queued up in the ten-minute line. The girls were shivering as it was quite cold for their skinny bodies - all but Claire: her blubber kept her warm in the same way a seal stores fat to keep warm.

Finally, when the line was over they all went down. The others went first and flew down the chute then Claire went. There was a limited amount of water going down the chute, as it was enough for a normal person. But Claire wasn't normal; her ass made the journey very slow as she gradually made her way down. It took twice as long for her to get all the way down, but her splash was twice as big. She had a sore ass afterwards, but she soon went back into the main body of water with her friends to splash about before leaving. Claire attempted the ladder, but her stomach and thighs made it too much effort, so she just waddled to the shallow end where it was easier. She put this down to being tired from all the swimming and also the fact that she was so hungry: she hadn't eaten for a few hours and her stomach had be growling for ages.

It took her ages to get changed as her bulk made it hard to move about to get changed. Her towel didn't make it all about her body. After she was changed she asked the girls:

“Do you want to go and get something to get?”

“Well, I am hungry,” said Alice.

“Yeah. come on. Break the diet and binge; I know you want to after all these months,” coaxed Claire.

“Well, we could break the diet for a night,” said Gemma.

The others agreed, and Claire led the way to a nearby all-you-can-eat place. She knew most of them in town. They all piled into a booth, and all ordered the all-you-can-eat meal. For a little more, they had a waiter who would bring them food from the buffet to save them the effort. They went full pelt on the first few courses, all of them planning to go for broke. But they all started to slow after a certain amount of food - all but Claire: she was still eating at her optimum speed.

As more time went on, the slimmer girls reached their breaking point. But Claire was still going strong, having the waiter carry over several plates of food so he could have a little rest before she asked for more. Kat and Alice were in competition with each other to eat the most and were at their limits after 13 plates of food whereas the others were done and holding their little bloated stomachs. Claire was still loving her food.

When Kat and Alice were truly done, they drew at 14 plates. The others were starting to recover and chat between themselves, but Claire had slowed slightly and was now eating at a steady pace. At this time the manager came over to Claire.

“Excuse me, Miss, I think you have had enough.”

“…Munch…what do you mean…chew…it's all you can eat, and I ain't done yet…munch…”

“Well, I think you have, Miss, now can you please either re-order the all-you-can-eat and carry on eating or leave.”

“Well, what if she finishes off our all-you-can-eat meals?” suggested Hanna. “We all haven't eaten up to our so called limits so she can finish off all of our meals for us. That should be ok, shouldn't it?

“Well, as long as you lot order for her,” said the manager, attempting to find a small victory.

Claire smiled appreciatively at Hanna and her other friends for letting her eat, and she carried on munching. She didn't even think it odd she had eaten too much for an all-you-can-eat restaurant; she just carried on eating.

Several hours later Claire was still eating, but much slower. Her face, chubby fingers and heaving chest were covered in the remains of her meal; the other girls had all but recovered, but Claire was now the stuffed one. She was still stuffing the especially greasy food into her mouth, but now Claire didn't have the strength to chew. But she still carried on stuffing food into her mouth, even though she was painfully full. She wasn't sure why she was still eating apart that she liked food. After finishing an entire cheesecake to herself the manager came over. They all knew Claire had pushed her luck a bit too far and they decided to head off.

Gemma and Kat helped her to her feet, which wasn't too easy, when she arose as cascade of food fell from her person. But she didn't care; she just wanted to get home. Hanna joined Gemma under her left arm, Alice joined Kat under her right arm and Lisa led the way, opening doors and making room for Claire. They took her to her bus then walked her right up to her bedroom and laid her on her bed. It bent to support her weight but didn't break. She lay there moaning and groaning, and they stayed with her until she drifted off to sleep, which wasn't too long.

Claire woke up a little late and she found last night's dinner, which she'd missed, and her breakfast waiting for her; she sat down right away to start eating. She first heated up her dinner in the microwave, adding another course while she ate a heated one. She then ate her breakfast. But as she started, her lunch was ready for her. She carried on eating at the table for the next few hours, downing her breakfast then lunch then snacks that her mom gave her before dinner. She spent ten minutes not eating before dinner was ready and she just carried on eating. Pushing herself more and more to clean all of plates - which included a plate piled high with pastries. After dinner, Claire thought about her next school week and remembered that she needed a new uniform.

“…Uummm…Mom, I need a new school uniform for school; you shrunk my old one and it's very tight; I also need some more normal clothes, for out of school,” said Claire at 8 pm on a Sunday night.

“Well, if you need new cloths then you will get them. Come on, let's go and get them,” said her mom.

“Oh, Mom, I don't know if I can be bothered to go all the way to the mall, traipse around and get the clothes then go all the way home again.”

“Come on, Claire, we don't really spend time together anymore, do we? I just want to take you shopping, that's all,” said her mom laying on the guilt trip.

“Ok, then, help me up then we will go,” said Claire.

Her mom helped her daughter to her feet and then they went off into the car and to the mall. It would be open for a while yet so she was ok. They went into a few shops, but Claire decided didn't like anything (it was her subconscious telling her she wouldn't fit into any of these things).

“Mom, we have been into three shops. Can we stop and rest?” moaned Claire, as she was breathing quite heavily.

“Ok, you rest there by that hotdog vender and here is £10 to get some if you want to; I will go off and look for some stuff for you.” Claire nodded at this as she took the money off her mom and went to get some dogs. Meanwhile, her mom went into a nearby big girl's shop to get her daughters cloths.

“Hi, miss can you help me?” she asked the plump teenage assistant.

“Yeah, sure what is it you're after?”

“Well, I need some clothes for my daughter, uniform and some casual stuff, but I don't know her size. She is just out there in the really tight sweat suit, right there with the ten hot dogs.”

“Oh right, I see her; yeah, I think I can guess at her size.” With that, the assistant led Claire's mom around the shop, taking things off the rack that Claire might like: skirts and shirts for school, and other clothes for her when she was out of school - mainly sweats, but also some more revealing outfits that her mom had seen her in before. She paid and carried out all of the bags to her daughter who was feeling a little off after eating all of those dogs so quickly. Claire was relieved that she didn't have to shop and helped her mom with a few bags back to the car and off home.

Claire donned her new uniform after her big breakfast and headed off to school with her bag packed tightly with food. She then collected the lunches off her friends and made her way to class where she started her eating. By the time it was lunch, she had eaten most of her food but was then met by a large group of girls.

“Hey you guys,” said one of the girls, all of whom were slightly chunky and some downright fat. “We were all inspired by you guys' weight losses, and we have decided to do the same. So we can't really eat these fattening lunches our moms gave us. We don't really want to put it all to waste, so we thought you might like it, Claire.”

Claire thought about the proposition: free food, but how much would she have to eat? She looked up; there must have been twenty girls, all with junk food for lunch. She thought, what the hay – I'll just eat all I can for them, then nodded and the table started to fill up. They emptied their bags onto the table and slowly a mountain of junk food was made. Claire's eyes lit up as she started to dig in, stuffing her face as fast as she could in hope to taking down the mountain before the lunch bell rang. She fought as well as she could in front of a large crowd; they were all amazed at her eating pace and also at the fact she didn't slow down for the whole lunch hour. Claire didn't manage to get close to eating it all so with her friends' help she bagged it all up and carried all of the food to her next lesson. She was really quite stuffed, but she knew she couldn't let the food go to waste, as it would destroy the point of giving it to her. She ate solidly through her last lesson and all the way home. Her loose skirt at the start of the day now felt snug, so she took her food to her room, donned a sweat suit and carried on stuffing herself until it was all gone. She came down late for her dinner and pushed herself really hard to finish it all; she felt very sick when her dessert was bought out, but she found she couldn't finish it so she took the chocolate cake to her room and pecked at it all evening until it was eventually gone.

The next day was the same and so was the rest of the week: she had to eat at full pelt for most of the day to keep up with all of the food given to her, but she would never turn any food down - she just loved it too much. However, when Saturday came, Claire was at 273 lbs., a gain of thirteen lbs. in a week as she had been pushing herself to another level. She decided to put on some hot pants and a boob tube and head over to Tim's place. She caught a cab, since she didn't want to walk, as it was too much effort. She was eager to get there as Tim said he had a surprise for her. “Hopefully not food,” she thought to herself as her stomach was already bloated from a full day's worth of binging. She was pretty full and slothful but not too slothful for a date with Tim.

Time was a little shocked to she how big her stomach was -, not only how far it hung down but also how far it jutted out. He invited her in and showed her to her surprise. Tim had discovered that when Claire was stuffed to oblivion she wasn't too interested into doing much, which suited him as he could talk with her. So he decided to feed her up until she couldn't move; that would make the dates a lot nicer on his behalf. The surprise was Tim taking advantage of a buy one/get one free cake deal at the local supermarket. He had bought a total of 30 chocolate cakes, and they were all pilled up around the couch.

Claire didn't quite expect this, but as she did love chocolate cake the most of all cakes, she didn't say no. She sat down in the middle of the couch, picked up a cake and started eating. Tim sat next to her, kissing her and passing her another cake as she finished the last. She ate for a few hours and had eaten 20 of the cakes, but she was really stuffed and covered in chocolate.

“Tim, can I stop eating now? I am full form all I eat today, and these hot pants are really tight,” she complained, slightly squirming from their tightness.

“How about I take them off for you?” he offered to make her stomach feel better so she could eat more.

Claire nodded, and Tim lifted her heavy stomach to unfasten the hot pants the tug with all his might to get them off her. Her belly flowed further down her lap.

“And that top looks a little tight - shall I take it off?” he offered, not wanting to miss out on her tits. Even if she was fat she had a great pair, which he thought was the only reason he was still with her.

Claire again nodded, and he unfastened her top from the back, and threw it n the floor. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her tits flopped down to the sides of her large stomach. Claire smiled as Tim offered her another cake as she had a little more room. She ate five more cakes under her own power before giving up. Now her naked body was covered in chocolate as well as her clothes.

“No, don't stop; I know you want to finish off these last five cakes, babe. Come on, I will help you if you want to?” he offered, wanting to put her into a state in which she couldn't talk let alone not want to make out.

She knew she couldn't turn the cakes down and nodded. Tim picked up a fork and pushed some cake into her moth. Then more and then more. She only had to swallow and she was just managing to do that. It took many hours but deep into the night Tim had squeezed the last of the 30th cake into her mouth. He felt her stomach and found it was very large and firm; she looked about 12 months pregnant and ready to burst at any minute.

She fell asleep as soon as she was done and Tim went up to bed, not wanting to pop her by sleeping on her stomach. He woke up before she did, and he decided to make her breakfast. He went to the shops and came back with about twice as much as she usually had for breakfast. He started cooking, brought in a few plates and woke her up.

“Here you are, Claire, breakfast is served.”

“What, oh, ok,” is all she said before she started eating again. Tim went back and forth, bringing in more and more food for Claire until he had served her all he had bought. Claire finished and was again really stuffed, as she had not finished digesting her cakes. Tim washed her clothes as she recovered. When they were done, he helped her dress. The hot pants wouldn't fit unless they were left open, and even then they were tight. Her boob tube went on easier but was still restricting. Claire was still full when Tim dropped her off home and she found her breakfast and lunch being served. Claire rolled her eyes and just carried on eating. That Sunday was especially hard on her stomach as she ate three breakfasts after still not digesting her huge meal the night before, a big lunch and a big dinner. She slept with a very full stomach that night.

The week was the same: a truly huge lunch which was bigger then the weeks before as some of the parents had noticed their girls' slight weight loss already. At the weekend, Claire was stuffed with doughnuts, and then the same Sunday breakfast at Tim's then the three main meals of the day at home. Her parents didn't mind her being at Tim's overnight as they didn't think Tim would be giving her one with her weight problems. She started the new week at 293 lbs. and her uniform was back to the stage of her skirt being left open and the bottom buttons of her shirt being left open to let her stomach hang free and expand throughout the day with ease. She was still in denial though as she quickly approached 300 lbs. Mark was still teasing her, especially on the Sundays when she came back full and then sat at the dinner table all day, eating without rest. Claire's mom stopped him every now and again, but Claire was too engrossed in her food to be bothered to listen.

The next months brought Claire up to a whopping 442 lbs.!!! She was by far the fattest in the school and the surrounding area. Her stomach hung to her knees and jutted out almost two feet in front of her. On top of her gut rested her chest; it hadn't taken too much of her new weight, but they rested nicely on her stomach and sagged a little to the side. With the hundreds of lbs. Gained, she had lost all of her youthful pertness. Her arms had huge sacks of wobbling fat hanging of them; she had a tremendous triple chin that now sagged onto her chest. Her plumper face meant her eyes sank deeper into her facial fat, and her nose wasn't as prominent on her profile. Her ass was her stomach's counter-balance; it jutted out over two feet behind her but didn't sag down quite as far. Her blubbery thunder thighs were so wide her waddle was twice as wide and her pace almost twice as slow. Her thighs were so big they sagged over her struggling knees and even her calves' fat was sagging onto her feet.

Claire was still being fed by Tim, but now it took more food - which she was given at every meal, be it breakfast and especially lunch as all of the girls who gave her food had lost a lot of weight and their parents had given them more food to fatten them up a little. And then there was dinner, which was a hell of a lot bigger. Claire was genuinely fat and being fattened on a daily basis, and still nobody wanted to upset her about her weight, so she was still in denial about gaining over 300 lbs.

But now it was time for revision leave as their exams were coming up, Claire went to one of the girls' houses everyday to revise with them. She was a little worried as she'd done no work that year; she crammed in more then one way, as she ate all of the food that was bought up by a fussy mother at one of the girl's houses. But with their help she was also revising. She got fantastic marks for coursework, which accounted for about 25% in her exam grades, and she only needed about another 25% to get passes in the actual exams themselves. She was quite bright, but she needed to revise a bit to get her marks. She sat on a bed and ate all the food that was bought up to them, while the others talked loudly, making sure she was listening to what was going on.

Claire wasn't pushed to her normal eating standards while she was out for the majority of the day, but she always came home to the meals she missed out on, and atr all of them before sleeping. Claire was taking it in, but she had missed out on so much the girls just gave her the basic outlines of what they had been learning that year so she could get her 25%.

The weeks rolled by, and Claire gained a slight understanding of the year's curriculum. She was pretty confident about passing most of her tests; she entered the room for her first exam weighing 456lbs and wearing a very tight uniform - so tight that she left it all open and let her stomach hang free. She had spent the previous night practicing writing again, as she hadn't freely done any all year. It felt a little weird, but she was ok in time for her test. She took her seat and it groaned under her weight. She could barely sit on it, her ass hanging over the edges all the way around. A teacher saw her situation and fetched her another 2 chairs to put at either side so her ass wasn't hanging over. Claire felt a lot more comfortable with it and thought nothing of needing three chairs to sit comfortably. She pulled herself as close to the table as her stomach would allow, but she had to stretch her fat arms to reach her paper. The test soon began. Claire was unsure of a lot on the paper, but she guessed at every question, which would probably give her marks.

Mid-test Claire's stomach started rumbling; she wasn't used to not eating for this amount of time. She found it a little embarrassing, but she carried on with her paper as she heard some sniggers from people behind her. As the test went on the grumbles grew louder and Claire was really feeling hungry. She finished her paper, but she had to wait for another 20 minutes, hungry.

As soon as the test was over she waddled over to her bags, which were at the back of the hall. She sat in front of one of them, and started eating right there - eating as fast as she could. Passing people thought she was a right pig, but she wasn't bothered: she needed a sugar hit. She eat through the whole of the 15 minute break and right up to when a teacher had to take her to her seat. Claire was still starving, and within 10 minutes of the next paper starting she was growling again. This made people laugh again, but she just wanted to eat. She found it hard to concentrate over her test, but she felt a lot better about this one as she guessed on fewer answers. She finished quicker, too, which meant she could spend more time pining for food.

After that test she went to lunch and eat nonstop at top speed until her last test of the day. She was again hungry through it, but afterwards she took all her leftover lunches to the park. There, she started eating; she had herself a picnic in which she made a real pig of herself. She ate at breakneck speed and went home feeling better. And when she got home she was met by her dinner. She ate it all in record time and had extra courses and extra dessert. She then went to her room to get out of her tight uniform and to also do a little revision for tomorrow's tests. She also had a very early night as she planned to get up extra early for breakfast, so she could stuff herself so she wouldn't be so hungry during her tests.

The plan worked for the first test, but she grew hungry in her second and third. She carried on, though, and fared ok in them, managing to get her 25% needed for her tests. She would have to see what her final results were in the holidays when she returned to school. Once she had finished her last exam she was to an end-of-school party. She was really excited, and she had asked Tim to go with her, as he hadn't mentioned anything about it with her, Tim accepted and offered to pick her up at 8 pm. After her test had finished she went right home; she wanted to eat and then pick an outfit out for the party. She waddled right home and started eating as soon as she got to the kitchen. She planned to eat for the next three-and-a-half hours and then spend the rest of the time preparing for the party.

Her binge was epic as she ploughed through the cupboards, fridge and freezer. She also devoured an especially large dinner before she looked at the clock and it read 7 pm. She heaved herself up, feeling her meal; she slowly made her way upstairs, holding what she could of her stomach, looking for something to wear.

She looked through her wardrobe and she saw she needed some new stuff as she hadn't been shopping for a while and it all looked tight. Then she saw a little black number she'd got ages ago for such an occasion. She put it on her bed and headed for the shower. She washed herself off and then headed back to her room. She did her hair and make-up, finding more grease then usual. She didn't really care, though, and just put on her make-up. She then donned her tight black thong (knickers which had formed a thong on her fat ass) and a bra to support her tremendous cleavage. That was tight, too, but she was just thinking about her dress. She stepped into it and pulled it up. She found resistance at her hips. She decided to just pull past the restriction, as she really wanted to wear it.

She found more problems around her stomach, so she called her mom in for some help.

“What is it, honey?”

“Can you help me with this dress, I must have picked the wrong size.”

“Yeah, sure, honey, just suck it up and I will pull it up.”

They slowly slid the dress up her body, but it was very tight on her. When it was past her stomach, they had her chest to think of. They tried, but it wouldn't go, so they called in Mark.

“Mark, come and help me and your sister with her dress.”

“What, ha ha ha, God, you fat cow – me, Mom and you just to put on a dress.”

“Mark! Don't be so mean to your sister and help me pull it up to her shoulders.”


Mark assisted his mom in pulling up the dress while Claire held in her chest as much as possible. It took a lot out of them, but they soon had it sorted and then zipped up. She got up off the bed with her brother's help and found she could barely move. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her cleavage was spilling out all over the place; the seams on the dress were holding on by sheer will. If the dress were her size, then it would be lower thigh, but as it was so tight and her stomach pushed it out so far forward and her ass out backward, it was lifted up her thundering thighs. It was so high up her restricted stomach was slightly hanging out of the bottom. She didn't see this, though; she saw her old self in a beautiful black dress. Mark was sniggering as the doorbell rang; it was Tim. She made her way down stairs, slowly as she couldn't move any faster. Tim was amazed at her appearance and also how the dress was clinging onto her. She went and hugged him and led him to the taxi; they headed off to a schoolmate's house for the party.

She saw everybody as they pulled up, and they all stared at her as she waddled inside. She thought it was because she was such a knockout, but it was really due to her weight and that dress. She headed right to the buffet table, pulled up a chair, as she couldn't eat standing and started to munch. Her friends joined her while their dates, if they had any, were all off talking about what they would do now that school was done. Claire mindlessly ate her way through the table as she heard what people would be doing after school. She wasn't yet sure yet herself, but she wanted to get a job.

For hours she ate, the table slowly disappearing, she herself not noticing that she was even eating, let alone so much food. All she had in her mind was the tightness of her dress and it wasn't getting better. She soon realized all the food had gone, but put it down to the rest of the party eating it all. She stood up, and her dress was at it absolute limits; she waddled over to Tim who was standing with his friends. The DJ said it was time for a slow dance and Claire wanted to dance with her man; Tim reluctantly went over to her and tried to get his arms around her but to no avail.

He kissed her hair, which was quite greasy; Claire was in heaven but grew tired of being on her feet halfway through the song. Tim was only too happy to take her to a nearby couch.

“Hey, Tim, isn't this romantic? But I was wondering if you could grab me a plate or two of food - please, I am a little hungry,” said Claire, after seeing a slightly refilled buffet.

Tim obliged and came back with two huge bowls; one was filled with chocolate M&Ms and the other with popcorn. Claire seemed happy with the food and started to pour chubby handfuls into her mouth. She ate the bowl of popcorn first, and without stopping she went onto the M&Ms. Tim watched as she eat the M&Ms ravenously, like she hadn't eaten all day. Tim watched her as she ate and also the opening seams on her dress. Claire saw there weren't too many M&Ms left so she just poured them from the bowl to her mouth, lots of them falling into her cleavage.

She was feeling a little fuller now, but her dress was really tight, and she could hardly breathe. She saw that there were faster tracks playing, and she wasn't up to dancing to those, so she asked for more food.

“Are you sure, babe? That dress is a little tight on you and you might…”

“Yeah, I want something chocolaty, oh, and something to drink please, babe,” interrupted Claire, not listening to a word he just said. Tim got up and bought her back three quarters of a chocolate cake and a six-pack of beer. Claire had been drinking a lot of beer at Tim's house, so she took a beer and downed a can in one. She then started on the cake. She found it really tasty, eating it faster and faster, neglecting the beer for now. All that was heard was, “Uumm…this is ssooooooo good,” as she flew through the cake, devouring it in minutes and getting covered in all that fell from her mouth. She carried on with her beer, drinking it slower now but still like a pro. She was spotted by a rugby player over by the keg.

“Hey, look at Claire!” he shouted, “that girl can drink – hey, chug her!” he shouted. The party seemed to agree as they moved the keg over to her couch. Claire didn't know what was going on, but she soon understood as she was given the funnel. She put it in her mouth and started to chug it back. More and more she carried on to the shock of her peers. They loved it, though, as she drank for what seemed like an eternity before coughing out the funnel. It was weird as she drank, though. She seemed to be inflated as she drank more, her stomach bulging out even more. Claire's dress was actually starting to pry open, but she didn't notice as she was buzzing off the beer. Claire saw her friends across the room, and she wanted to go and see them. She tried to get up, but she couldn't move. Tim saw what she was trying to do and her lifted her by her fat arms.

She slowly rose out of the couch and to her feet. Her dress seemed to loosen slightly as she was standing; she started to waddle over to her friends when she saw the buffet table. She decided to stop off for a little snack; she would eat what she could - whatever it was. But she had soon downed the whole table and decided to head for the kitchen. She was waddling and also stumbling a little from the beer. She found the counters loaded with food, almost a second buffet. She started to work her way around, eating all in front of her then moving on.

Claire felt her dress getting tighter and herself getting more tired as she had been standing for ages now. She managed to get halfway around before she had to rest. She could feel her dress was at the same point it had reached when she was sitting with Tim, but she had to rest. She made her way to the same couch again, her face and chest covered in food. She bent to sit down, and then came inevitable RRRRRIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPP!!! Just her luck: everything was silent at that point, so the rip echoed throughout the house. The dress burst open and as she finally hit the couch it ripped all the way up and off her. Tim was embarrassed and ran out of the party. Claire on the other hand wasn't as she was quite drunk, after drinking some more in the kitchen.

“Argh, that's better,” she said as she pulled the remains of her dress away. People were shocked but weren't helping; neither were her friends who had gone home or were passed out somewhere drunk. She sat there and then she shouted, “Hey, where is that keg?” Once again it was bought to her, people eager to see just how much she could take, and also they liked seeing people doing embarrassing things when they were drunk. They fed the funnel to her and once again she started drinking. Chug, chug, chug, chug - she was a demon. It was mainly due to the vast amounts she could get into her stomach. She chugged for longer this time, as her stomach was freer. But she had her limits and spat it out soon enough. She did the most at the party, but that was expected.

After that, she was helped back to the kitchen food, which she finished under her own power. Then she passed out in the kitchen, her body covered in food and beer and holding a half eaten can of frosting.

A schoolmate woke her up the next morning. She heaved herself to a sitting position against a wall, looked down and saw her dress was gone and she was just in her underwear and covered in food. She couldn't get up, though, and just sat there for a while getting her bearings, before being helped up by two blokes. She stood there, still leaning against the wall, and decided to check her knickers. She lifted her left love handle, but she couldn't find the waistband. She rummaged under the rolls some more before checking her ass. She still couldn't find her knickers; she then looked around the floor, but couldn't find them. She knew she had to cover herself up before heading home, so she looked for something that would fit while attempting to hide herself from all of the half-awake people in the house. She went into the bedrooms, but they had nothing her size. She finally found a sarong. She donned that, as it wasn't too small, and decided to find something for her top, as she couldn't go through the street without a top. She rummaged some more before giving up. She didn't have any money for a cab and didn't think of paying when she got home, as she was still hung over so she headed outside and off home. It was a 20-minute walk, but for her an hour waddle.

On the way, she was getting stared and pointed at. She was a mess with her hair and make-up all over the place, as well as her clothes. When she finally got home, after a few rest stops she went right to bed, and slept for most of the day. She woke up to all of her meals ready for her. She didn't really want to eat, but her mom said, “You have to eat, honey, you are a growing young woman and need to eat three steady meals a day.” Claire was fed a few more similar lines to these before she started eating her re-cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner. Afterwards she thought she was going to be sick, but found that she didn't, even after extra ice cream.

The next few weeks were spent either at Tim's place, eating until she couldn't move. Or out with the girls, eating for all six of them. Or at home, and eating her three steady meals a day, which were growing daily. Either way you looked at it, Claire was being fattened up by all of these people and she was the only one out of the loop. Claire was loving all of the food, though, even if she was fed too much sometimes, mainly by Tim. She wasn't being hassled to get a job or anything; she was in hog's heaven.

At the end of six weeks away from school, Claire now weighed 516 lbs. This added weight meant getting up was very hard for her on an empty stomach. When she had been eating, then, she needed at least one strong bloke to get up. Her lower half took the weight again, her hips taking the most of the battering this time. She grew tired easily and moved very slowly once standing, but boy, could this girl eat - but she could eat for Britain. Only being 5”5 and weighing over 500 lbs., she was really struggling; she was finding it harder to get close enough to the table to eat so she was now having her meals in her room as the stair well was very narrow for her wide hips and waddle. Also, getting back upstairs, especially on a full stomach, was a hard job. She was in her room most of the time when she was at home as she couldn't get around too easily. When at Tim's, she was on the couch, being stuffed with fatty food, as she would only eat that in large quantities - or at her friends, which was becoming rarer as all the moving about was too hard. She went swimming more, though, as she could move freely in the water, but now she had to get changed in the disabled changing room, as she couldn't fit into the others, and she was always taken by someone to help her out if she got into trouble - be it on the bus, getting changed or whatever.

Claire's increasing lack of mobility meant she was coming more and more to terms with being so fat. It was becoming impossible to deny, even for her.

“So, who wants the last of this pie?” asked Claire's mom at dinner one evening. This evening Claire was downstairs as she had just came home from Tim's on a full stomach and couldn't handle the stairs yet. She was balanced on four chairs, but they were very shallow for her ass.

“Me,” murmured Claire through a mouthful of pie.

“Ok, well, I was thinking we all go to the lake this weekend. The weather is supposed to be great this weekend, and, Claire, I know you haven't been going swimming for a while now, and I thought you might like the lake,” suggested her mom, passing her the last slice of pie.

“Um, nah, Mom, I don't want to,” said Claire, grabbing the slice of pie.

“Come on, Claire, you loved the lake last year, and you haven't been getting too much sunlight lately, and you really need it. You can wear that new bikini I got you the other day, too; I don't want it going to waste before you're too…I shrank it in the wash,” said her mom, seeing that Mark wanted to go.

“No, Mom, I don't want to go to the lake.”

“Come on, honey, we don't spend time together anymore; you just suit up in your room eating…I want to spend time with you,” she said, changing the subject again.

“Nah, Mom, I am not in the mood, but I am for some more of that pie,” said Claire, still hungry for more.

“Claire, I know you're a young woman now, but I may have to put my foot down. I really want you to come. And what will you do here all on your own, without me bringing your meals?” said her mom, slightly changing her tone.

“I know, Mom but I don't want to go to the lake; it will be packed with loads of people,” said Claire, her tone changing, too, to a slightly more worried one.

“Why don't you want to go, honey?”

“I just don't.”

“That's not a reason, love, just tell me!” Claire's mom said more stubbornly.

“I just don't!” replied Claire, equally hardly.

“Tell me or no more dessert.”

“It's because I…”

“Because you what!”

“It's because I am fat! Ok, are you happy now? Look at me I am so fucking fat, I can barely stand up on my own. And when I have been stuffing food into my mouth, I need at least Mark to get me up. I can't get up the stairs on my own, and I haven't seen my feet for months!” shouted Claire, finally breaking down into admitting her problem.

“Oh, honey you're not fat, you have just gained a little weight this year, that's all.”

“Are you kidding? Look at me, Mom. I am the fattest person I have ever seen. I have just been kidding myself all this time that I was thin when I've been gaining all this weight. I just eat so much.”

“You just have three meals a day honey - isn't that all I give you?”

“Oh and the rest: I bet you didn't know I have been getting up early to eat more for breakfast the you give me. For God's sake, I ate like 25 school lunches, Mom, 25! And I sneak food when you're not looking,” said Claire, tears rolling down her fat cheeks.

“Oh, honey, I never knew.”

“You should see what Tim feeds me; it's unreal. I eat until I can't move, Mom, and you should know that's a lot, then he hand feeds me so I can't move for ages, and you know why he does it? So I don't want to make out with him because I am so fat and ugly.”

“I am sure that's not true.”

“It is, though, Mom. I am so fat; I am so fat,” she repeated, holding her head down, making her second giant chin overlap her original chin. Claire's mom came over to hug her. “No, don't touch me; I am disgusting. It's your fault, too, Mom, feeding me all this food. It's your fault, Mom. I hate you for doing this to me!” she screamed, attempting to get up, but she couldn't. She just ended up falling off her chairs and onto the floor with a loud thud.

“Claire, let me help you.”

“No, you have done enough for me already, Mom.” She then attempted to get up but to no avail. Finally, she let out her arm to her mom and brother; they helped her to her feet and to her room. She felt really embarrassed, but she slammed her door.

“I am so fat, so fat,” she said to herself, she then saw her mirror. She tore off her cloths and stood in front of it. Her stomach hung well past her knees; her tits were huge and hung to its side. Her face was fat and her arms wider then she ever believed. She couldn't see her hips, as they were too wide for the mirror. She turned and looked at her ass and felt even worse seeing her thighs, too. She cried even more and jumped onto her bed. CRACK the frame snapped in half. She screamed out, “I'm so fat!” and sobbed into her pillow. She soon fell asleep with tears rolling down her face.

The next morning, her mother knocked on the door.

“Claire, can I come in?”


“I have some breakfast for you.”

“No, I don't want it. You have made me fat enough, and I don't want to get fatter.”

“I will leave it here on the side then,” offered her mom, bringing in the plates from the kitchen.

Claire tried to resist, but she couldn't. She had to eat, so she made her way over and started eating. Still naked.

After breakfast Claire dressed and came downstairs with her brother's help.

“So do you want to come to the lake, then, Claire?”

“No, I am too fat; people will stare like always, Mom. I hate being so fat.”

“I know, honey, but if you don't want to be fat, then you will have to exercise to lose the weight and you have to do that outside.”

“No, I don't; I can do it in here.”

“Claire, don't take it the wrong way, but you are too big to do anything in here; you need to jog and that has to be done outside,” Claire looked hurt.

“Well, I could swim, too, I suppose.”

“Yeah, that's the spirit! So you are coming to the lake?”

“Yeah,” replied Claire reluctantly. Claire's mom went and got her bikini and stuff and headed for the car; Claire hadn't been in her mom's little car for ages. It wasn't exactly little, but to her it was.

“Mark, put the seats down, so Claire can lie down in the back.” Mark nodded, not really laughing, as he knew she was in a fragile state. He slid down the seats so it was all flat in the back. He helped Claire in, and they headed off for the lake. It was a man-made lake and very clean. Not surprisingly, it was very crowded and Claire felt scared being in front of all these strangers. But she got out of the car and waddled to the beach with her family, including Dad who'd met them there. They picked out a spot in a corner to hide Claire as best they could; by the time they got there, Claire was already tired. Mark took off his top and trousers and was in his swimming shorts already. He went off to his mates who were on the other side of the lake. Claire's dad also had his swimming stuff on underneath, but Claire and her mother needed somewhere to change. They looked but found nothing; they asked the lifeguard, but there was nothing apart from toilets.

So they headed off for them. The booths were tiny: Claire's mom, a slimmish woman, had trouble getting hanged, but Claire couldn't even get in them. So she changed in the main bit outside of the booths; they locked the door and Claire's mom helped her into her bikini. It wasn't too glamorous, but it had to be done. Claire felt a little shy about wearing it, but her mom made her come out as she needed to get out of there. As soon as Claire stepped out, eyes were fixed on her. She started to waddle toward the water to hide herself, but she happened to pass a group of almost supermodel type thinness. She weighed more then five of them, which was a little weird to see in a bikini.

Once in the water she felt a lot better and just floated around, her fat giving her buoyancy aid. She wasn't doing lengths or anything but she was moving - not for too long, though, as her hunger took over. She needed food and her dad had it; that's why he'd come on his own as he had to fill his car with food while her mom filled her car with Claire. She waddled onto her beach towels and started eating, not looking at her mom who might say something about her calorie intake. She sat there, leaning against a nearby boulder; she couldn't just sit without leaning against something as her stomach pushed her back. She just sat, eating in the warm sun for an hour or two before waiting half an hour before getting back into the water. She sat there, head down, knowing the beach was staring at her. She was so fat - why didn't she stop herself?

Claire was getting really hot, her blubber and the hot sun was making her sweat buckets. She decided she had waited long enough and got into the lake. It was cool and she felt a lot better she carried on floating around, going into a deeper area to keep away from people, even though she could hear them talking about her. She stayed in there for ages, not wanting to get out because people would talk, but again she soon grew hungry and had to get out. She waddled past families with little kids pointing and laughing and their parents trying to shut them up while staring at her themselves.

She once again took her place and started eating, she was tired of the water and just wanted to eat before they went home. She set about eating all of their stacks of food, with a small audience of onlookers a little curious of her eating abilities. She stayed there until all of the food was gone, which took less time then the onlookers' estimates.

After all the food was done, they packed up to leave. Claire was helped up by her mom and dad and then her parents carried all of her rubbish to the bins, while she headed for the car; they still got there before her and helped her into the back. She was still in her bikini, as changing in those toilets wasn't something she wanted to do again.

On the way home, they encountered a lot of traffic and spent hours in mile long queues. Claire couldn't wait that long without eating, and her stomach started rumbling.

“Oh dear, Claire, hold on! I will try and find somewhere for you to eat,” said Claire's mom, slightly concerned about her daughter going without food.

“Don't worry, Mom, it might help me lose a few lbs. I need it.”

“No, I don't want you going without food, you hear me? I know you want to lose weight, but you have to eat ok, I don't want to hear your stomach growling at all. It's not healthy; now you're hungry, so you are going to eat, simple as that.”

“But, Mom, I won't be able to lose weight if I eat all the time,” Claire moaned from the back, holding what she could of her empty stomach.

“Your health comes first, honey; you need to eat and that's final.”

“All this fat isn't healthy; you can't make me eat, anyway. I just won't until I am thin again.”

“Yeah, right, honey, no offence, but I don't think you could go a day without eating, and I will just keep on cooking for you and placing it all around you so you can't resist. I don't want to, honey, but you have to eat.”

Claire knew her mom was right and was quiet for the rest of the journey – well, apart from her stomach.

When she was helped to her room and changed, she collapsed onto her broken bed. She didn't ask for the food, but it was brought to her. She tried to leave it, but that lasted about five minutes. She sat there and ate the whole meal; she regretted it but felt better and also eat all the snacks bought to her, as she felt peckish.

The next day she wanted to go to Tim's and tell him that she had finally come to terms with her weight. She was helped over there as she was driven in Tim's car. She was finally on the couch and saw several crates of chocolate sauce pilled high in the corner.

“Tim, I know I am fat, and I know that's why you feed me until I can move, so I don't want to make out with you. I am so fat that I disgust you, and I just want to say I know I am fat and ok with it, but I want to lose the weight to look good for you. Imagine what we could do together, Tim,” she said seductively.

Tim started to imagine what he could do with her and fell quite sick, Claire also thought about what she could do and she was dying for some kind of action not even making out with her man for months; she used to love it so much and she really missed it.

“Hey, Tim,” she said in a sexy voice. “How about I give you a taste of what I can give you when I lose a little weight?” she said, reaching over to kiss him. Tim backed off.

“Umm, did you hear that noise?”

“What noise, honey? It doesn't matter come here and kiss me.”

“Nah, it was a growling. I thought it was your stomach. Here, just have a bottle of the chocolate sauce or two to top off your hunger,” said Tim, thinking on his feet.

“Well, ok, I am a little peckish, but only if you promise we will make out.”

“Yeah, yeah, just have a few bottles first,” said Tim, handing her one she started to pour it down her throat, really liking the taste. He handed her another and another, Claire slowly getting swept away in the chocolaty goodness. Tim got happier as she seemed to have forgotten about making out and was just eating.

A few hours later, Claire had cleaned off most of the supplies and was awash in chocolate. She was still drinking, but Tim was just pouring it down her throat. She loved it and so did Tim, as she didn't have to touch her. He carried on pouring them down her throat until he had used up all of the sauce. He looked down at Claire, her whole body swimming in chocolate sauce. She looked up at him and murmured

“So do you want to make out, then, Timmy boy?”

“Well, um, actually I, um, have to nip to the shops first. Do you want anything?”

“Well, um, I could have some toffee I suppose, but I am supposed to be on a diet,” she said reluctantly.

“Come on, toffee is a good source of, um, carbohydrates; you need them for a balanced diet.”

“Yeah, you're right, I suppose. Hurry up, though, Timmy. You don't want me getting cold, do you?”

With that Tim ran out of the door and sped to a sweet shop he knew would be open; he purchased 20 lbs. of toffee and went right back home. He found Claire still in the same spot.

“Oh, Tim, I missed you…” She was cut off by Tim feeding her toffee.

She didn't try to talk but ate, shoveling more into her mouth. She ate the first 10 lbs. easily enough but was really struggling to reach 15; Tim squeezed down the next three and then, against her will, the last two. She lay there, rubbing her chocolate covered stomach, and Tim washed up and went to bed.

He woke up and cooked for her very early, feeding her on the couch she hadn't moved from since she got there. She eat the food easily enough as he didn't have enough time and money to give her a full filling breakfast, so he just satisfied her and sent her off home with a kiss. She felt happy to get home and also happy to see a new bed, this one with a steel frame. It was comfier, and she enjoyed her first breakfast in it.

The months again rolled by for Claire, her desire to lose the weight slowly fading away with acceptance, and getting back to eating all she could at every opportunity. As it again hit the Christmas season she topped in at 651 lbs.! She was immobile at only 17 years old. Her stomach was down her shins and her legs so thick they were constantly open, which meant she couldn't walk. Her ass was huge, sagging down her legs to her knees and out a few feet if she could stand. Her tits were the same, huge, but a lot saggier now as she was basically a ball of fat. Her chin forced her head back and her cheeks narrowed her vision badly. She hadn't moved for ages and was starting to suffer from bedsores; she didn't moan, though, as she was too busily eating. Tim came to see her regularly, bringing his feasts with him and pumping her as far as she could go, which meant eating deep into the night at full pelt. Claire, a tub of lard, was coping with her weight very well, having no real breathing problems, just getting tired very easily.

She wasn't wearing clothes as finding them her size was extremely hard and getting them on her, even harder. She was just covered in a sheet, which kept her cool enough. Her days were spent eating and eating only, with some chat in between. She was looking forward to Christmas and wondered what she would be getting. On the big day itself she weighed 674 lbs and was even fatter the before.

“So, Mom, what is my present?”

“Well, honey, we have all been worried about you; you haven't been able to walk for months now and we think you need help. That's why we hired a personal trainer; he will also give you a diet to keep to. We just want you to walk again, honey.”

“But, Mom, I am fat. I won't be able to lose all of this, will I? I am too far gone now. I just can't stop eating. I am hungry now as I am not eating.”

“Well, give him a go.” She then led him in. A very fit looking man, he told Claire what she would be eating, and she laughed, sending her fat body wobbling.

“Are you kidding? I eat more then that in an hour and you think that will last me all day?”

“Yes, and it will - you don't have a choice about it, honey.”

Claire was shocked as she was given her breakfast. She quickly devoured it and just waited for her next meal. She spent the morning hungry and devoured her lunch but felt no better. She was then forced to exercise, which was just lifting her arms and legs; she grew tired easily, but was forced to go up to her limit. She was rewarded with some water and rested until her next work out. She was absolutely starving but wasn't being fed, and she couldn't go and get the food so had to put up with it. Her dinner was eaten with great speed.

Claire was now put into weeks of weight loss by her trainer. She was constantly starving and felt she would pass out if she didn't eat. She was worked to her limits regularly and really hated it all. She had loads of visitors and they thought it was great, but they could all see she was suffering and after she got down to 600 lbs., she was really depressed. She was now being made to waddle around for her exercise, and now that she could move with help getting up, she tried to go and get food. But she could barely fit into the stairwell, let alone get down the stairs, as she couldn't see her footing.

“I am so hungry, Tim I just want to eat,” she moaned to him when they were alone one evening.

“I know, honey, but you also want to be thin again.”

“But I just want to be happy, and food makes me happy. I would rather eat and be fat then suffer like this for years and be thinner.”

“Do you really mean that, Claire?” he asked not liking to see her fat as he was really fond of her now like a sister though as he still hated the fat.

“Yeah, I do; I would kill for a few dozen chocolate cakes.”

“Well, how would you feel if I made him go away?”

“I would love it, but how?”

“Leave that to me, babe.”

Tim then kissed her cheek and left; he waited out in his car and waited for the trainer to drive home, Tim followed him all the way to his house, then he ran out and grabbed the trainer. He was wearing a cap covering his face, and it was dark so he couldn't tell it was him.

“I want you to leave Claire alone,” he said in a deep voice. “She just wants to be happy, and if eating does that for her then let her do it, ok!”

“But it's my job, man.”

“Well quit, ok, or something bad will happen and I know where you live.”

“Ok, man, I will quit.”

“Good,” said Tim, and he ran off.

The next day Claire overheard her mom on the phone.

“What do you mean. you quit? We can't afford anybody else…what do you mean something bad will happen if you don't…don't hang up on me!”

“Claire, I have some bad news,” said her mom, entering her room. “Your trainer has quit and we can't afford anybody else. I'm sorry, honey, but you can't have a trainer.”

“Ok, can I have something to eat? I am starving!”

“Well, ok, but don't get used to it.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Her mom went and cooked an extra large breakfast; she bought it up and then started on her lunch. Claire was happy again, eating. She carried on her recovery binge through brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, another dinner and three more desserts before she was done. She lay back, holding her full stomach, happy again.

“Ok, honey, we are still going to keep you working out. If you keep on eating like that, you will be too fat for this room. So I thought tomorrow we would go out to the mall and try and get you something to wear?”

“Mom, I can't go to the mall. I am too slow; I can barely move and people will stare. They won't even have clothes for me and I don't have anything to wear. I do want to exercise but not outside.”

“Sorry, Claire, but you are going outside with me and to the mall for new clothes, as you will have to get used to walking again when you move out.” “Move out, are you kicking me out?”

“No, honey, but you could at least get a job.”

“As what? I am too fat to do anything.”

“Don't say that. We will find something, honey. You are a clever girl; look at your results - you passed most of your GCSE's.”

“Yeah, but getting a job when you're as fat as me isn't easy.”

“Oh, hush now, and save your strength; you have a big day tomorrow.” With that, she closed the door and left Claire to sleep.

Claire was woken early, and before her breakfast her mom and brother helped her out of bed. They dressed her in a very fat lady dress that had been let out. Claire hated it, as it was an old lady dress, but it was the only thing that fit. They made their way to the car. The stairs took ages, and getting into the back of the car almost as long. Claire was taken to the high street and helped out by just her mom; she then made her way past the shops, trying to find a 'wanted' sign in a window.

The waddle was hard for her, and she had to rest at every opportunity. They went up one side and found a few jobs. But she knew if she even got the job, she either couldn't reach the till or was just too fat. They crossed the street and found the same thing on the way back down - until they saw a sign in a baker's window: 'food taster wanted to taste and review.' Claire knew this was something she could do and went in with her mom's help through the door. There were five other girls there, mostly rail thin - Claire probably outweighing them all combined. They went into the back and were given several cakes to taste and review, whoever gave the best review got the job. Claire gave impressive reviews, but so did two other girls who had been to Food College so they knew what they were talking about. So they went into the next round. They were all level through another round and then another. Claire was still starving and giving great reviews, while the others couldn't eat another bite.

“Well, Claire, it seams you need to be able to eat as well as review for the job; it's yours. We will need you to try several dozen pastries everyday and review them, writing at a table might be hard due to your…size, so you can use a tape recorder. We'll see you on Monday.”

“Really, cool, thanks a lot. I will be here,” she said happily as she was helped up. She was taken home and fed and was really excited about her job. She told everybody about it and they were pleased for her. On Monday, she was taken to work by her mom as she went off to work. Recently, she had left things to her business partner and things were falling apart, so she had to sort it out. Claire having a job meant she had eight hours a day to do so and have extra cash in the house, too.

Claire took her seats and began eating; she ate through the courses in record time and found she had finished her whole day's work in only half an hour. She was told she could go as she had worked and couldn't really help on the tills or on the books, as she couldn't reach either.

“Well, that was easy. I am making a minimum wage for eight hours a day, and I only did half an hour's work. I have an idea to get more money,” she said to herself as she headed off to another bakery around the corner; she went through a similar interview as her first and got the second job. She started that day and did her work in shorter time, doing the reviews on tape meant she only had to eat and talk, which was all about she could handle, but she was getting great job satisfaction.

She thought about getting another or more, but walking was too hard, so she caught an around town bus. When she saw a place she got off and tried for a job. She was turned down a few times, but by the end of the day she had eight jobs. They were all in bakeries and supermarkets; the supermarket jobs meant a lot more eating and eating of a greater range, but more money, so she figured out that she was earning a lot from doing work she loved. When she got home by a cab, she told her mom all about it and she was pleased, pleased that Claire was happy, working a full days work, getting out the house, getting a lot of money, and also happy she was eating, which meant she didn't have to feed her as much.

Claire asked for a town map from her mom and she rested it on her stomach and found all the places she worked. She found they were in an almost circle shape, so she made a deal with her bosses that she could come in at anytime she wanted as long as the job was done - and done to her excellent veteran food tasting skills. She saw she only had to get a lift by her mom to the first, waddle to the next one after then the one after, all the way up to her last job. Then she would get a taxi as getting onto the buses was hard (so was squeezing into a cab but she preferred it).

When she got her first paychecks, she spent the money on clothes from the very fat lady shop. They weren't what she would have liked, but some of the outfits were all right. She also bought food and gave the rest to her mom. She felt good about contributing, even if it wasn't anywhere as close to what her food bills were, but now they were a lot less and she was putting money to them.

Over the course of the next six months, Claire's weight went to 620 lbs. She tried to keep the weight off so she could get from job to job, but some gaining was to be expected. Her work had brought a lot more business to each of the places she worked at, and this meant she was being given a lot more food to taste as they were all thinking about expanding their selections and giving her a pay raise. Claire had taken on another job to get some more spends and was really loving her more independent life, but she wanted total independence - she wanted to move out. She had been saving her money as much as possible and from her nine jobs, each paying £4 an hour, she was getting £288 a day. She was working just 4 days a week so that made £1,152 a week, £4,608 a month, £55,296 a year! She was making loads of money, enough money to move out. She didn't want to live alone, and she knew who she wanted to live with: Tim. They had been spending loads of time together over the last few months; Tim was even taking her out to places. The places she could fit into restricted their choice, but a picnic at the park was a good bet. One evening, Claire was talking to Tim in her room.

“Tim, I have decided to move out. I am making loads of money, and I can easily afford to live alone, but I don't want to live alone. I want to live with you. I know you are struggling to make rent at your place, so with me living with you, we will have loads of money. Well, that's assuming I can live with you?”

“Claire, you really want to move in with me? There isn't anything I want more then to live with you. I know we are deeply in love and living together will make us closer.”

“So I can move in; that's great, honey, I can't wait for it.”

“With both of our paychecks we can keep you fed easily, so don't worry about holding back, honey. I know you have being trying to keep the weight off and not enjoying food like you used to. I know you are worried about being immobile again and also worried that I won't like you because you are fat. Well, you couldn't be more wrong. I would love you if you doubled your weight or halved it. I love you and your weight doesn't matter, ok. So don't feel like you have to hold back on your eating. Money isn't an issue with both of our wages, so just have fun, ok.”

“Really. You wouldn't mind if I got fatter? Well I won't hold back, but I want to stay mobile, it's hard enough to get to each of my jobs as it is, but I will get around that problem when it arises. Well, I can't wait to move in.”

They kissed and made out a little for the evening, but Tim went back to his place, as he had to get to work early the next day.

Over the next week, Claire moved into Tim's place. She didn't have too much to bring except money, which she had been saving. With it, she expanded her wardrobe and bought a new, huge, steel-framed bed for her and Tim to sleep in. She put the remaining money into two accounts, food account and savings. On her first night they went out to an all-you-can-eat place – well, five different places as she ate in each place until she was thrown out. Tim couldn't move her under his own strength after the second place, so some staff had to help her to her feet for the last three places. When they got home Tim and Claire were both tired, Claire from all the moving about and Tim from helping her move around. Claire had eaten a lot but not her limit, and she hungered for more food so Tim went out for a while and returned with several armfuls of fast food for her. He raided a local burger place, and Claire started to eat her feast. Tim was happy to see her with a smile on her fat face as she stuffed herself with as many burgers as she could possibly eat. Bag after bag went into her stomach, and she got happier and happier as she got closer to her limits.

Tim went into the kitchen as she ate and started to empty some of the cupboards with food he'd bought for Claire; it was mainly candy, and Claire seemed happy with his choice as she carried on her binge. Tim passed her the food, and she just pushed it into her mouth. Her stomach inflated more and more, her legs slowly disappearing.

“More chocolate,” was all she muttered, as she really loved the meal she was squeezing into her stomach. A few hours later, a pile of candy wrappers around her, she was covered in food remains and stuffed like a Christmas turkey. Her stomach had reached her shins and was much wider then her hips. Claire was at her limit, and she felt great - except for the agonizing pain from her drum tight stomach.

She lay there moaning and groaning, and Tim started to clean up the mess, filling up an entire rubbish bag. He then cleaned her off with a cloth, wiping her cheeks, chins, tits, and gut. He then lay next to his live-in girl friend, with his arm across what he could reach of her belly.

The next morning, Claire was still full, but she had to go to work. Tim managed to get her up and dressed, and he took her downstairs and into a cab to take her to her first place of work. While she was at work, Tim was at home as he was watching the builders; they had came to widen the doorways for Claire, and to also install some chain pullies to lift her out of bed. All she had to do was hold on, which wasn't too easy for her girth, but Tim would be helping; it was basically there to help Tim.

They also had a plumber in; they had a huge hot tub installed, so Claire could bathe with ease. And also a carpenter to install more storage for food for Claire; this was turning into a fat girl's palace, and with everything so close to hand she would no doubt get much fatter.

When Claire came back from a hard day's eating and waddling, she was shown the new place then taken to bed. She started out eating the meal Tim had spent the day cooking for her; she ate for hours on end, eating as much as she possibly could on her own, then Tim stuffed her until she started to cry. Then she ate a little more - he knew she loved it, and she did. She was forced to eat some more before she passed out. Tim cleaned up a little, filling the dishwasher and the washing up bowl; he then climbed into bed and onto his live-in girlfriend's stomach.

Claire carried on eating like this, and she soon flew back up to her maximum weight. She could barely move, and it took all of her effort, the pullies and Tim's help to get her up. She leaned on the walls as she waddled and rested against doorframes and walls every few steps. She was constantly exhausted, and even eating was becoming a chore. She couldn't fill herself up under her own power, anymore, and she needed to rest too often and she would just digest already eaten food. Tim was hand feeding her more and more, and it was getting really hard for him to cook and feed her, and it was hard for her to get to all of her jobs. One morning after a very large breakfast:

“Oh, Tim, I can't be bothered to go to work today. Can I stay home?”

“I dunno, we need the money to keep you full,” he joked.

“Can't they bring the food to me and I do it from here? I can't be asked to move today, honey. You know how hard it is and none of my cloths fit.” This was true; she had outgrown her last outfits 20 lbs ago, and she couldn't be asked to get some more. She hated it in the street between jobs: moving and people staring at her and her exposed stomach from her too tight clothes.

“Well, I can ring them up maybe and see,” he said

“Please, honey,” said Claire. Tim went off to her purse and set about ringing up the places she worked. The managers were ok with that, but she had to pay to get the food delivered to her and the tapes back to them.

“Well, how about you dock the money from her wages?” suggested Tim.

“Yeah, sure, it will be about 15% of what she earns.”

“Ok, it will save her the effort of going all the way to work. Thanks for this,” is how his calls went, and he came back into their bedroom and told her the good news.

“You will only be earning £47,002 a year now, but that's enough to keep you fed.”

“Yeah, I think so. But with me here all day I will be getting really fat really quickly.”

“It doesn't bother me, babe. I kind of want you to get fatter because I know it makes you happy and I am happy when you are happy.”

“But I will be immobile again in a few weeks.”

“It's ok. I will get to spend more time with you.”

“That's great you feel like that baby, but I know it's hard on you. I can barely feed myself now, and I know you hand feeding me and cooking isn't gonna work long term.”

“I know. I have been thinking about that, too. I thought we hire a cook? What do you think?”

“Well, that's what I was thinking. He can just cook all day and bring it to me. I know you won't be here for the day, but in the evenings you can feed me.”

“Yeah, but when I am at work you will go hungry, and I don't want that, babe. I was looking on the Internet last night babe and I was reading this weight gain story. And in it there was this feeding machine. It was a huge tank and you put the food in, then it mixed it all up into a mush. You have to put in like a liquid like chocolate milk or something. Then there is a tube on the end, and it pumps down the tube into your mouth. What do you think - something for you to eat with while I am at work?”

“Hell, yeah, I don't have to do anything but have the food pumped into my mouth; that's perfect for me babe. When can we have one built?”

“Well, we will have to get it out of our savings. But we should be able to afford it.”


“Well, we will be earning like £67,000 a year anyway. We have a bit in the bank for home improvements and a food account; we will be able to pay some chef minimum wage and get the food in with a lot to spare. We don't really go out too much, do we?”

“Sorry about that; it's kind of hard for me to get around, let alone fit through other people's doors.”

“It's ok, honey. I was only joking.”

“I know, but I am sorry we don't go out.”

“It's alright, babe, stop worrying about it. I will go and place an advert out for a chef for us and you just munch on those crisps,” said Tim, pointing to a mountain of crisps next to her. She nodded making her double chin huger then normal.

Monday next week they had a full time chef who cooked all day for Claire and then added the food into her feeding machine with a few liters of chocolate milk to let it go down easier. Claire loved it, a mixture of tastes, as she ate all day while watching TV; she didn't move and was simply in hog's heaven. The chef, a man called Dave, was a little unsure when he first arrived, but they had all become good friends and he had good job satisfaction, joking around with Claire, saying no more food every now and again. Throughout the day she did her job and made her recordings onto tape, then Dave would send the tapes back to the different places for her, as she really couldn't be asked to go to the post box.

When Tim got home, he would hand feed her and spend a loving evening with her while she ate, mostly out of the machine. When Tim was there she turned it to a faster pump so she actually filled up; in the day she just had enough to keep pleasantly full, but in the evening she ate like she used to back when she was having school lunches - to the max. She had Tim rubbing her stomach and being a general sweetie while being fed by Dave, the two most important men in her life. As the evening went on, her stomach slowly inflated, until it was crushing her legs and blocking her view of the TV and most of the wall. It was higher then her head and wider then her hips. It was truly full every evening, making her look like she was about three years pregnant. Her stomach was truly huge after a binge, a binge that Tim made sure she pushed herself at, as she really did love being too full to complain about it. She wasn't wearing clothes, just a sheet over her tits that rested on her arms as her stomach pushed them right away.

Eating like this all day meant Claire's weight skyrocketed; she flew past her old 651 and reached 730 by her 18th birthday. Her stomach was much bigger, and her legs were slowly disappearing, as they weren't being used, while her ass was inflating to keep her comfy. As it was her 18th she had a party. She was truly immobile and couldn't go out, so people came over: her friends, parents, Dave and Tim - along with other people she was friends with at work. There was food for 112 people there, most people eat a normal amount apart from Claire, and she had her feeding machine on full all evening, eating all of the food she had prepared for her. There was also a keg since it was her 18th, and Claire used a pipe to drink that, too. She out-drank almost everybody combined and well out-ate them almost nine fold.

She was feeling quite bloated when the cake was brought out - and what a cake it was: 18 stories of triple layer chocolate cake, with a two-inch layer of chocolate icing. One layer was put out for the guests and the other 17 went into the machine. They all sat about watching as it was mixed with beer, and she started eating. They cheered as she started and as she went on they cheered her more and more, shouting, “Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!” She drank the beer/chocolate cake quicker as she was easily crashing through her pain barrier; Tim was rubbing her vast stomach telling her not to give up. She nodded, and carried on going: more and more she had and she wasn't going to say no. Her stomach's skin stretched tighter and tighter; her stretch marks were made a lot larger, and her stomach went tighter and tighter.

“Don't give up now, Claire! Not too much left - the timer says 10 minutes,” said Alice. She had gained a lot of her weight back and was 168 lbs - but was a waif next to Claire.

“Ten minutes,” she though, “God, I can't last another second! But they all want me to do it; I haven't don't too much with my life I may as well give this a go, but shit I am full,” she thought to herself as tears rolled down her red face. She screamed as she ate. Bawling and flapping her arms, the pain was bad, but she didn't have too much to go.

“Hey, I think we should stop; she doesn't look too good,” said her mom.

“Yeah, she looks in trouble,” said Tim, approaching her face to take out the tube. Claire shook her head and shouted through a mouth full of chocolate, “No, I want to do this; I have to eat it all!”

They all heard her, and, hearing her determination, they let her carry on. The seconds seemed like an eternity for her and she was in true agony; she felt like she could vomit at any second, but she kept it down by putting more food on top. Her stomach still grew, and the room was silent, all watching her stomach's skin so tight that it looked at if she would pop. She was screaming all she could, kicking her crushed legs and flapping her arms. Tears were still rolling down her face, which was starting to get more chocolate on it as she was struggling to keep up.

“Five minutes, Claire, you can do it,” said Gemma. She too had gained weight again and was 145 lbs. Lisa was 112, Hanna 116 and Kat had gained the most and was now 190 lbs; she had been visiting Claire's house a little too much and female weight gain was inevitable here.

“Five minutes, shit! I can't do it. I am going pop or be sick!”

They all watched as Gemma gave 30 second reminders on the machine's clock. She grew fuller until the point where light was shining off it.

“2 minutes.”

“Oh. God, I can't do it, no!”

“One minute, 30.”

“Shit, I am gonna pass out.”

“One minute, Claire, you can do it.”

“No, I can't! Fuck!!!”

“Thirty seconds.”

“Oh, God, I can't hold it any more!!!!”

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5. . .”


“4, 3, 2, 1, 0! That's it, Claire, you are done!” said Gemma they all cheered as the empty light flashed

“I am gonna spew,” she thought, spitting out the tube and still bawling from the intense pain.

“Well done, Claire. I think we should leave you now, though. I think you have hard a hard enough day,” said her mom. The others agreed and left; she was left with Tim.

“Well done, babe, you can really put it away.” Claire just cried, as she couldn't talk. Tim cleaned up. leaving his girl alone as touching her wouldn't do her any good. Claire screamed as Tim left the room with some plates and passed out from the agony.

She woke up midday, still stuffed. That night was a milestone in her life, when she had found a new limit to reach, and she in a sick and twisted way loved it; she loved being in so much pain from eating so much good food. She told Tim the next day she wanted to eat like that again, all Tim said was:

“Whatever makes you happy, baby.”

From then on, the food bills more then doubled, and Dave was given an assistant to help feed Claire; she was given a pay raise and so had Tim recently so Dave was paid more and they could afford the extra food. Claire loved it, eating until her skin was almost tearing down the middle. This, of course, meant an imminent weight gain and by Christmas she was a huge 876 lbs!!! Her limbs were of no use anymore, her legs buried under her stomach and her arms too fat to even bend let alone reach her mouth. Her double chin was so big it was flopping back over her normal one. Her cheeks were much more chubby, and she could now barely see.

All she cared about was her tube, which she had in her mouth all of the time. Her tits rested on her arms and the bed and her ass had inflated, too, to keep her in a nice position. Her stomach took the weight again, though, only her feet could be seen. Her gut was as wide as a king sized bed, and when she had been eating poked three feet upwards. It crushed her legs when full, but they had their fair share of padding themselves. She was just an eating machine, but a happy one, which is all she wanted.

Her 19th birthday bought her to 1139 lbs!!! She was pure fat now, wider and her fat rose up higher. She had her feeding machine on full whenever she was awake, and she was now finding it harder to reach her limits as they grew and there weren't enough hours in the day. But she did eat large amounts of fat everyday, and her weight didn't seem to want to stop rising. For her birthday, she was given another cake like the year before, only this one didn't have the expected 19 layers - it had 30!!! And she eat them all and still had room for dessert of a few dozen boxes of doughnuts, a few crates of chocolate bars, a few crates of pastries and several gallons of chocolate milk before going to sleep. Their food bills were getting very high, and Tim found himself going to Claire's parents for a little food money; they were only too happy to accept, as it was money for food for their own daughter.

Even at 1139 lbs, she was still breathing, but only just: she had an oxygen machine on all day so she could breathe, but she didn't want to lose weight. She was addicted and just ate. She very rarely talked, anymore; she just ate and ate. Tim was a little worried, but he let her carry on, as she was too far gone to stop now. Her 20th birthday, she weighed 1683 lbs!!!!!!!!! She had been eating all year and was huge. She was hanging off the sides of the bed onto the floor and her stomach was almost on the floor at the end of the bed. When it was full it was almost 5-½ feet high, and it crushed her legs almost to the point of breaking them. But she hadn't complained; she was too busy eating.

She was now barely able to breathe. Barely able to move a muscle, barely able to see, she was just a blob of lard, doing nothing but eating. She couldn't go back so she went forward and ate herself past 2000 lbs, but she was still there; past 3000 and she was still alive! She had almost outgrown the room, so all of their savings and some money from the council and both of their parents paid to have the room above their bedroom. They also knocked down another wall so the room was much bigger for Claire to grow; she was just a stomach with a little peanut head at one end and two hands at the sides. She had a new feeding machine, which fed her at twice the rate of the old one, and the council paid for another chef for them and for some of their food bills - like a fat person's allowance.

Claire could barely breathe, but she wouldn't die. The last I know she'd passed 5000 lbs, and Tim was planning to knock down some more walls for his growing, fat, happy wife.