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Don't Cry over Spilt Coffee
By Stuffa

She had just turned the corner into the office lobby when she slammed into someone, dumping her iced mocha down their front. She stood stunned for a moment, watching coffee soak slowly into an very large expanse of white shirt and silk tie.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry, I am so sorry, she sputtered, looking up at the gentleman who had just inadvertently absorbed her noon caffeine rush. He mopped ineffectively at the stains with his handkerchief and then threw his hand up into the air.

"Well, my day can't get much worse. At least it was cold coffee."

She nodded. "It was mocha. Coffee and chocolate. Oh heck, that doesn't matter - please, let me pay for your cleaning, or buy you a new shirt. My name is Kitty, and I work in the building. You could use our washroom, to try to clean up..." Her voice trailed off as he looked at his watch and sighed. "Are you going to be late to something?" she asked.

Holding the clammy shirt slightly away from himself, he nodded. "I had a project meeting with a company here, but I guess I need to call them and cancel. I can't go in like this."

"Oh Lord, I'm so sorry" Kitty wailed. "Please, come to my office and you can make your phone call from there, and mop up a bit. Please, it's the least I can do."

"I'd agree to that, winced the gentleman.

Kitty chattered away nervously as she led the man to the elevators, making small talk about how clumsy she was. "Normally I spill on myself. I'm just so sorry that I messed up your outfit before a meeting. Next time I promise to wait until after your meeting. Was it very important? What was it for?"

The entered the lift and faced each other slightly. "Yes, it was important, he said. "It was to provide a managed network service to a new marketing client. They're supposed to be small, only two people, but very up and coming and would have been the sort of client I wanted to work with, being hopefully up and coming myself. But I've probably blown it now, as I'm already late to see them. Still, there's always hope. Don't worry, really. It was an accident."

Kitty blushed. "A marketing company? What is the name of the company?"

"Kat Marketing" said the man. "Have you heard of them?"

As if in the way of an answer, the elevator doors slid open to reveal a wood and glass door opposite, with a black cat drawn stylistically on the glass. Kitty crossed to it and held it open, and looked back at the confusion on the gentleman's face. "Please, come in, she said. "You must be Rob, and I really am sorry - I'm Kitty Vance, of Kat Marketing. And I think that we can definitely overlook your being late." She grinned wanly as he crossed the hall and walked through the door.

Rob stood in the lobby of Kat Marketing with mixed emotions. There was a very good chance that he could save the deal, but he would always remember that his customer's first impression was of him in a sodden shirt. Still, as she had caused the spill he might be able to leverage it in his favor. Rob turned again, looking for the promised washroom which Kitty gestured down the hallway to.

"Please, the bathrooms are right down the hall - take your time, use the hairdryer as well so you're not sitting in wet clothes. I've got a few things that will keep me busy until you're ready. You can leave your briefcase here if you want."

Kitty watched Rob move off down the corridor, studying him closely from behind. He moved slowly, waddling with his belly bouncing and thighs brushing together... Finally she allowed herself to let out a long sigh and slapped herself in the forehead. Not only was Rob the guy she had been trying to meet with for weeks, but he was incredibly attractive. She tried to remember the brief moment of contact between them when she had spilled her coffee, but all she could remember was an impression of incredible softness. She pictured his dark eyes and neatly styled hair, his immaculate dress on a very large body, the way the shirt clung to his chest and belly when wet... She slapped herself in the forehead again, realizing that this was the worst luck she had ever had. Incredibly gorgeous man, and she spills coffee on him. Shaking her head, she turned to her assistant Linda, who was now standing behind the desk in the lobby.

"Is that your appointment?" said the blond, leaning on the desk. "You did it again, didn't you? Honey, I keep telling you to watch where you're going!"

Kitty smiled wryly at her friend and self-confessed right hand woman. "I see you recognize my work." Kitty stood for a moment before she came up with another one of her "brilliant" ideas. "Linda, save my life?"

"Every day, said Linda, grinning.

Kitty waved a hand at her. "Yes, I know, but save it again, now? I'll give you the rest of the day off if you'll just do one thing for me."

"Your wish is my command!" said Linda with a flourish of her hands.

Kitty dug into her pocket, coming out with a roll of bills. "Take this $50, no, take this $100, and go down to that Casual Male downstairs to the right. I want you to buy a shirt for him, um, white, no, dark blue, polo or something so we don't have to get the size quite right. But get him a say, 5X? No, 6X. Better too big than too small."

Linda leaned over and grabbed the bills from Kitty and made them disappear into her pocket. "I will just grab my purse and be right out of your way!" she chortled. "A half day off, and I'm keeping the change."

"Oh no you're not!" said Kitty, waving her fist after Linda, who had disappeared to grab her purse.

"Oh yes I am!" retorted Linda, emerging. "Or I'll get him something awful and say that you suggested it."

Kitty looked at her in mock horror. "You would, wouldn't you? You are such a wench sometimes!"

Linda preened. "Takes one to know one! Now, I'll be right back with the goods, and then I'll see you tomorrow." She dashed out of the door to jump into the elevator. Kitty was just able to identify the tune she was humming as "We're in the money."

Kitty shook her head after her departing friend. She knew she'd pick well no matter what, but she was such a panic sometimes.

Kitty wandered to the top of the corridor where the gents was located. She could hear water running, so she supposed that he was still trying to get the coffee out of his shirt. Still, more time for Linda to get back. She decided to check her own appearance, make sure that she wasn't wearing too much coffee herself, and stood in front of the mirror in reception. While touching up her hair, she heard the hand dryer go on in the men's room. She hoped that it would take him a few minutes to make a dent in drying the wet shirt so that Linda could get back in time. Quickly, Kitty nipped behind the reception desk and looked in the top desk drawer. If she was lucky... Yes, Linda had left a lipstick in the drawer, and it was a good color. Kitty dashed back in front of the mirror and started to apply the lipstick, carefully. "The problem with the natural look is that you don't know what to do when you do want to put on some war paint," she decided.

Kitty crossed back to the desk and slipped the lipstick back into the drawer. Perhaps she could take a few moments to brew up a fresh pot of coffee, just in case he wasn't entirely soured on the concept. She was acutely aware that she hadn't had her fix yet and needed a cup. Luckily the kitchen was in the same hallway as the bathrooms, so she would know if he came out. In the mean time, she could busy herself with the coffee ritual.

She heard the lobby door open and close, and flicked on the coffee pot. "Linda, is that you? Did you get it?"

Linda came around the corner triumphantly waving a Casual Male bag. "Walked in the door, grabbed the first blue polo I saw, it was the right size, paid, and got out. It's my lucky day!"

Kitty grabbed the bag from her and looked inside. Linda had done well, it was a nice shirt, and she just needed to give it to him. Suddenly, Linda grabbed her chin and tilted her face up. "Lipstick? Oh? It's like that, is it? Trying to impress the vendor?"

Kitty smiled at Linda. "Well, after all he's been through, I might as well make myself look presentable."

"Oh yeah?" said Linda. "That's never made you wear lipstick before, but while you're at it, get it off your teeth, would you? You look like Dracula." Linda flipped open a compact and showed Kitty the damage, which she quickly scrubbed off of her teeth.

"There, how do I look?" asked Kitty.

"Like normal, like a million bucks, said Linda. "Now, go give the man this shirt I got for him - he's got to be sweltering in there from the hand dryer."

Kitty accepted the shirt gratefully from Linda, and waved her off. "You go home now, and thanks, thanks again. I'll see you tomorrow and let you know how it went." Linda waved as she disappeared down the hall.

Straightening her shoulders, Kitty reached into the bag and checked the shirt quickly for a price. Finding that the tag had already been ripped off she walked down the hallway in time to hear the hand dryer stop and the water turn on again.

She leaned closely to the bathroom door. "How's it going in there? Is the stain coming out?"

The door opened and he stepped forward, filling it. "No, I thought it was, but it's not really. If you want to get the meeting going that's okay, I appreciate that you let me try to clean up."

Kitty forestalled him by waving the bag. "Actually, this isn't the first time I've seen coffee on a nice white shirt before, and I thought you might have had a problem. I took the liberty of getting a shirt for you, so that you could wear something clean home. I know it's really forward of me, but will you try it on?"

Rob eyed the shirt cautiously. He doubted that the woman in front of him could have guessed his size correctly, but he figured it was worth a shot. He took the shirt from her proffered hand, and nodded. "I'll certainly try it on, that's for sure. It would save us a lot of time." He backed into the men's room with the shirt and let the door close.

Kitty went back to the kitchen, hoping that the shirt would fit, that he wouldn't be offended that she had purchased it for him. The coffee was ready, and she poured it into a serving flask and put it on the tray. Then she filled the small jug with cream and grabbed the sugar bowl, teaspoons and mugs, and put them all on the tray. Grabbing the load of coffee supplies, she started to walk into the hallway and then held back just long enough to poke her head out.

Neither Kitty nor Rob could keep from laughing when her questing eyes met his panicked ones as he stood just outside the kitchen door. She had almost dumped the entire tray down his front, as he was about to walk past the open door.

Rob reached for the tray just as Kitty dissolved in a fit of giggles. He smiled at her as he took it and said, "I think I'll just carry this, if you don't mind? I'd like to keep this shirt clean."

Kitty looked at the new shirt Rob was wearing and grinned. "I'm glad it fit - looks good. And I'm even happier I didn't just spill coffee down you again. C'mon, let's get to my office."

Kitty led the way down another hallway, while Rob walked behind her. He was still in two minds about this meeting. On one hand, he really wanted the account, and on the other, he didn't like feeling like a fool. But she had taken the trouble to buy him a shirt to make him comfortable, and for a client, Kitty was incredibly cute. Normally, Rob had to deal with either stereotypical male geeks, or power-hungry managers. Almost never did he get to meet with pretty brunettes with blue eyes and a nice bottom. Rob realized that he was staring at Kitty's behind and hips, and shook his head. He wasn't the only nicely rounded thing in this office. Still, it was a shame, because Kitty wasn't the sort of girl that usually wanted to go out with a guy like him. How many cute, professional women wanted to go out with a fat guy, even if he did pull down over a hundred thousand a year?

Kitty opened the door to her office, and indicated the side table. "Go ahead, put the coffee stuff down there and pour yourself one. I'll go get your briefcase." She trotted off down the hallway, leaving Rob to sit down at the table.

"Strike that, thought Rob, as he tried to wedge himself into the chair. The arms were pinching uncomfortably into his sides and thighs, but it was the only seating in the office apart from a wide sofa on the other wall. He resigned himself to the discomfort and reached for the coffee.

Kitty walked into the office with Rob's briefcase, and took in the scene in a glance. The chair was obviously too small for Rob, but it appeared that he was trying to endure it valiantly.

She had other ideas. "Um, if you don't mind terribly, I would really prefer it if we could sit on the sofa. The lighting is a bit better there and I've go to admit - I haven't had any coffee yet today, so I've got a bit of a headache. Is that okay?"

The relief on Rob's face was obvious. He struggled out of the chair quickly, and reached out for his briefcase. "Let me take that, he said, walking towards the sofa. Kitty handed it over and went to the table as Rob sat down.

"Now, I'd love to make you a coffee, she said. "That is, if you trust me to carry it to you."

Rob smiled up from the sofa. "Tell you what, if you spill it, you can buy me another shirt. You did really well with this one. Thank you."

"You're quite welcome, said Kitty. Deftly she poured a cup of coffee. "How do you take it?"

"White, two sugars please."

Kitty spooned sugar into the coffee, and then poured a large amount of cream into the cup, stirring it in. She made the same for herself, and then very cautiously walked over to Rob. He watched her, posing as if he were ready to jump up and run out of harm's way.

She grinned down at him. "Lightening rarely strikes twice." Then she sat next to him on the sofa and patted his briefcase. "Shall we begin?"

Kitty realized a half hour into Rob's presentation that she had stopped listening to him. While she knew she must look as if she were listening, in reality she had been watching his mouth for the last ten minutes. She couldn't help imagining how his lips would feel, looking at the soft mound of his cheeks, watching his chin wobble as he spoke. As she watched, he ran his hand over his lips and chin and then looked at her intently.

"I'm sorry, do I have something on my face?" Rob sounded concerned, and Kitty snapped her eyes from his mouth to his eyes. "I mean, I haven't eaten spinach today or anything, so I don't know what it could be, but if there's something there let me know, okay?" With that, Rob's stomach growled loudly and he scowled downwards at his bulging stomach, obviously willing it to be quiet.

Kitty shook her head. "Oh no, you don't have anything on your mouth or anything. It's just... well, I don't want to go into it. Sorry, I shouldn't have drifted off like that."

Rob looked more concerned. "No really, I'd rather you say what you were staring at, it must have been something. Please, or I'll be totally paranoid."

Kitty blushed. "Oh, it's nothing, absolutely nothing to be paranoid about."

Rob leaned forward. "Then you shouldn't mind telling me. Please. I insist."

Kitty felt dizzy, as if she weren't getting enough air. "It's just that, just that..."

"Yes?" Rob pressed her for an answer.

She felt as if she were floating. "It's just that you have a really nice mouth, and I was wondering how it would, you know, how well you would... If you'd be as good a kisser as you look."

Rob sat, stunned. This attractive woman had been sitting there, thinking about kissing him. It boggled the mind. He figured that she must be joking and picked up his coffee to hide his embarrassment.

She looked at him intently, and he could see that she was blushing furiously. Then she placed one hand on his and looked at him.

He put his coffee down and looked back at her. "Yes?" he inquired.

She leaned forward. "Yes is good enough for me, she murmured, as she stretched to place her lips on his.

Rob sat back in the sofa, confused and aroused by Kitty's kiss. It had been entirely unexpected, but incredibly nice. And now she had jumped up to fix herself another coffee even though hers wasn't finished. He had seen an incredibly bright blush on her face as she had launched herself from the sofa.

Rob struggled to stand up and moved behind Kitty. "Please, don't spill that coffee you're making on me. I'm right behind you."

Kitty whirled to face Rob, tears beginning to form in her eyes. "I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me. I didn't mean to kiss you, I mean, I meant to, but I didn't mean for you to know that I, but you do, and I'm so sorry!" Kitty wailed, her speech making less and less sense as she sobbed.

She looked so pitiful that Rob grabbed her face so that he could wipe the tears off. "Please, please don't be sorry, he said. "It was one of the nicest kisses I've had in, well, a very long time. I certainly wouldn't mind if you did it again." He coaxed her chin up a little further so that she would look at him. Her eyes were still leaking tears as she reached up and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

A suitably long period of time later Rob gently relaxed his grip on Kitty, who was by now sitting where the coffee had been on the table. She had wrapped her legs as far around his belly and hips as she could. Rob was bemused to feel that she had untucked his shirt and slid her hands under the material to caress his sides, his chest, but especially his belly. In fact, he was fairly certain that her kisses had become incredibly wild the moment both of her hands slipped between the two large rolls of fat that made up his waistline. She had definitely been playing with the juncture of lower and upper belly and kneading the sensitive mounds of flesh that were his stomach. "Interestinger and interestinger," he thought.

At that moment, Rob's stomach growled again, alarmingly. Kitty looked at him with a start. "You're hungry, and you didn't tell me!" she said, accusingly.

Rob grinned at her. "Well, kissing that well takes a lot of energy. I need to keep my strength up you know. I'm a growing boy." Rob wondered if he was taking a risk by saying he was a growing boy, but he figured that if she did like him and date him, she'd figure it out soon enough. Right about the time she saw him burst out of a shirt or pair of pants, he reckoned.

Kitty was making slow circling movements over Rob's belly, pressing her fingertips into his soft flab. She smiled up at him again, and agreed with him. "Yes, you are a growing boy, aren't you? A big handsome man. We should get you some lunch pronto. Can I order for you? There is a great pasta place downstairs. I'll get it sent up." Kitty stepped out of the room, explaining that the menu was at the reception desk and that she'd call down right away.

As she left, Rob mused about her calling him a "big handsome man." Did she know that BHM was a common acronym to describe fat guys like himself? Was it just coincidence? Was it a good sign? Could she be an FA, or even better an encourager? He shook his head to clear it of wishful thinking. He thought he was obviously being stupid to even dream she could be an encourager, the sort of girl who liked fat guys, or making them even fatter. Those girls didn't really exist, did they? Rob wandered over and sat down on the sofa, thinking.

Kitty came back into the room and interrupted his musings. She smiled shyly at him. "I've ordered quite a bit, so I hope you're hungry. It's just that they have such nice things I like to have a bit of each. Plus, it makes sure that I will have found something you liked." Kitty dropped back onto the sofa, her body up against his.

Rob reached out one hand and gently stroked her cheek. "I think I've already found something that I like."

The restaurant delivery boy had to knock several times on the door in reception to get Kitty and Rob to hear him. Kitty had managed to get her hand under Rob's shirt again and was kissing him fiercely while fondling his rolls of fat, and Rob was enjoying the feeling of having his rounded belly handled while being kissed too much to pay attention to small things like doors.

Shocked by the pounding, Kitty jumped off of the sofa to run to the door. A minute later she appeared with a large bag that seemed to have multiple containers in it. She started setting them out on the low table in front of the sofa.

"This one is cheese ravioli, this one is cannelloni, it should be cheese too. Then meatballs, buttered bread with cheese (hold the garlic,) and desert - tiramasu and panna cotta, or 'cooked cream' if you're not familiar with it." Kitty eyed the spread, and then grabbed the ravioli container and a fork. She shook the bag out again, but it appeared that there was only the single eating implement. She smiled at Rob. "Looks like either you're missing out, or you'll have to let me feed you."

Rob saw the devilish gleam in her eye and decided to go for it. "Tell you what, you feed me, because I'm really hungry. Make sure you leave me enough, okay?"

"As if, Kitty snorted, stabbing the fork into the ravioli. "Let's make absolutely certain you get enough."

Kitty directed the fork to Rob's mouth, demanding that he open it which he dutifully did. She later said that it was the sight of him licking the sauce off of his lips that entirely undid her, but forty five minutes later she was tenderly placing the last meatball into his mouth and exhorting him to chew. She had ensured that he had eaten the lot, and she ran her hands down his swollen stomach. She knew that watching him consume the meal was one of the most erotic things she had ever done, knowing that she was helping this already fat man to gain weight and grow even fatter. Still, she hoped that she hadn't been too obvious. After all, Rob's eyes were now closed and he was sighing with what she hoped was pleasure.

Rob sat leaned back into the sofa, feeling both incredibly full and incredibly aroused. He was enjoying Kitty's belly stroking, but knew that after a meal like that a firmer massage might be necessary. With his eyes still closed, he captured her hands and pressed them firmly into the soft flab of his belly. "It feels even better if you dig your fingers in a bit." Her hand movements changed, rubbing his belly smoothly but firmly. He could feel her fingers making ripples move across his stomach. "That feels so good."

Kitty stroked harder. "I love doing this, she said.

Rob opened his eyes slightly. "Well, you certainly do seem to know how to take care of a man."

Kitty continued the belly rubbing. "Well, a certain type of man, perhaps. I really enjoy taking care of a certain type of man."

Kitty and Rob made eye contact. It was obvious to both of them that Rob was that type of man. Kitty reached for the tiramasu and asked Rob if he was ready for dessert.

"I think I could eat a little, said Rob.

Kitty shook her head at him. "A little? Oh please!"

Two months later Kat Marketing had accepted Rob's plan for the network services. Rob had also accepted Kitty's self-professed goal of fattening him up to a "decent" size. In fact, he was helping her all that he could by employing an up-and-coming networking guru, and spending most of his time at home where he could eat while he worked. As a consequence of this, he had gained almost twenty five pounds quickly, and his capacity to eat was growing fast enough to forecast further large gains. Kitty was happy with this, as she wanted to ensure that by the time they were married in six months he would be too large for anything other than a custom made tuxedo. Rob's own goal was to get fitted for the tuxedo and then gain enough weight to make it too tight. He planned to take his bride to the bridal suite on the first night of their marriage and let her stuff him until he pulled seams on the outfit or popped a button or two. After all, what could be better for a blushing bride than a bulging bridegroom?

The wedding was one of the big social events for young professionals in their city. Kitty had invited large numbers of her friends and family, and Rob had almost as many there as well.

True to form, Rob had worked very hard with Kitty to ensure he was in good shape for the wedding. Snacking throughout the day while he worked combined with long food and lovemaking sessions at night rewarded the couple with new inches and pounds on his already massive body. Indeed, by a month before the wedding Rob had outgrown store sizes and had to have his tuxedo made by a tailor.

Of course, in keeping with Rob's own private plan, he told the tailor that he had been losing weight, and to make the tuxedo fit him well to slightly snugly then, which the tailor did. When it came time to pick up the suit two days before the wedding, the tailor was aghast to see Rob's belly straining the seams of the shirt, the jacket, and swelling to fill the trousers. Additionally, his thighs were putting significant strain on the side seams of the pants. When the tailor admitted that there wasn't spare to let out in the garments, Rob just smiled and told him not to worry, and that he'd be careful in the garments. After all, there was nothing else to be done.

On their big day, Kitty looked beautiful, but all eyes were on Rob. Immensely fat, belly mounding from his chest to his mid thighs, he seemed almost round for most angles. Several of his friends came up to let him in on the bet as to whether or not the cloth of his suit would last through dinner. He made sure that he bet on it not doing so, and winked at Kitty. She knew that he'd try to lose that bet, so that they'd be in private when his clothes finally did come off.

Finally the ceremony and reception were done. Kitty had made sure she crammed a huge slice of cake into his mouth after they cut it, and whispered that it was only a taste of what was to come. When the couple said good night and went upstairs, only they knew that selections from what was left of the buffet were awaiting them in their room.

One hour into their time in the room, Rob's shirt gaped around every button, showing a soft pink stomach. Twenty minutes later, his trousers' zipper finally gave way and allowed his belly to spill jiggling onto his thighs.

Needless to say, they had a wonderful honeymoon.