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Comfort's World
By Forever Hungry

Part One

One moment he was a faceless stranger; the next he was opening the passenger door and sliding into her rented yellow Chevrolet.

Comfort's hands clenched on the steering wheel, and she wondered what had possessed her to offer a ride to Bill. As large as she was, she could feel every brush of his body against hers as he settled himself into the vinyl seat. As he shifted again, his hair roughened thigh brushed against her soft flowing tummy. With every pore of her skin she was maddeningly conscious of his body next to hers - and of her own vulnerability.

He shifted again and comfort gritted her teeth, feeling as though hundreds of centipedes with fiery hot feet were swarming all over her 350 lb. body from a central spot. It was just no use; he was getting to her. She could not forget how the light had played across the lines of his body as he asked her for a lift to work. She licked her dry lips and remembered how the sun had emphasized the muscle that rippled along that tan satiny skin, the dark hair that formed a wedge across his chest to trail past his navel and disappear into his shorts. Comfort swallowed. She must be going out of her mind: food and sex dominated her thoughts lately.

Bill gave Comfort a sideways glance and wondered how much longer he would have to be patient. He was a feeder, and Comfort was the most dazzling piece of enormous femininity that set his blood on fire. Every time he watched her large rounded body sway as she walked to her apartment, he felt his penis swell to mammoth proportions. He fantasized about feeding her cakes, pies and pastries to fill her large bulging stomach until her clothes stretched tightly across it. He was losing his mind; he constantly thought of how to approach her. She was so shy and scurried from place to place, hiding her glorious body in dark corners.

He found himself planning her liberation from her own self-consciousness; he longed to see her seductive, erotic, seducing him with her fatness. He needed to be gentle; he needed to show her that he desired her, adored her huge billowing body; he wanted her to appreciate herself as he did.

Comfort cleared her throat, "Would you like for me to pick you up tomorrow morning, to take you to work, I mean?" she stammered to a stop, turning pink and returning her gaze to the road.

Bill adjusted himself once again, loving the feel of her hot full bulges next to him, "That would be great - how about I take you out for a nice meal?" Seeing her hands tighten on the steering wheel, he quickly inserted, "As a way of thanking you for being so very nice, and I won't take no for an answer."

She gave a nervous little laugh, ran her pudgy fingers through her short feathery blonde hair in a show of nervousness. "Okay, but could we just get take out - I mean I am not going to be exactly dressed for going out - after work?"

After she dropped Bill off at his place of business, she wondered what had possessed her to accept his invitation. God, she needed something to eat! Six stops later, Comfort parked her car in the roadside park to gorge herself on all of her bounty. She smelled the salty luscious aromas coming from the paper bags beside her. Her mouth watered in anticipation; her stomach cried for food; greedily, she dove into the first sack. Then the next sack, eating tacos that were swimming in sour cream, licking the creamy goodness from each one of her fingers.

She devoured fish sandwiches and chicken legs with a ravenous greed, not stopping until the last crumbs were consumed from the bottom of the bag. UMMM, that felt so much better - she loved the way she felt after eating, so warm, full, and sexual. She gazed down at her small breasts and realized they were dwarfed by her huge protruding belly. She liked the way her stomach looked: so enormous compared to the rest of her body. She adjusted the rear-view mirror and gazed at her face, blonde short hair framed an alabaster oval face, thick-fringed brown eyes filled her face; her gaze lowered to her small nose and her sensual lips.

Most people said she was a rare and exotic beauty, but it was such a shame she was so fat. Her eyes followed the movement of her arms and realized her upper arms were bigger than Bill's waist; they were overflowing into her dimpled elbows. Her thighs were large and soft with rolls of white flesh that draped in gentle folds to her rounded knees. She shifted her large bottom and felt heat emanating from her thighs as the thought of Bill filled her with lasciviousness sexual desire.

As always after a meal, Comfort laid her head back to fantasize. In her fantasies, she was a belly goddess, sitting on a huge chaise lounge, surrounded by her subjects, all who were worshipping her huge flowing stomach. Her stomach would be adorned with golden chains; her navel was filled with a rare jewel that twinkled and shone with every movement of her curves. She would have her slaves brought to her; of course, they were always dark-haired men, who looked remarkably like Bill. As they were made to kneel to her, she would raise her amble protruding roundness from the lounge and move to the center of the large room. She'd clap her hands and the exotic music would begin, slowly she'd begin to move her hips and stomach to the rhythm of the music; her belly would rise and fall, and with every thrust of her hip her folds would grow and flatten to the music. Everyone's eyes would be upon her flowing tummy, the jewel winking seductively to the beat, the belly chains shifting with each sway of her bulges.

Crazed with lust, Bill would take her hand and lead her to her chaise lounge, she would then have the diaphanous drapes pulled to enclose them away from curious eyes. She would beckon him closer, with the seductive smile of a true belly goddess. She'd hold him close and tell him of her needs, of her hottest desires. She'd tell him how she longed for him to ride her great white tummy to climax. How she longed for her vast belly to be caressed and worshipped by only he.

As she daydreamed, Comfort lowered her hand and slowly caressed her enormity, lowering her fingers to her thighs; squeezing her thighs together, she felt passion building as she touched her hugeness. She began to shudder as she ran her finger around her navel and felt her climax wash over her in hot wet waves. She rested her head back against the seat and felt tears come to her eyes. Why wasn't there a man out there somewhere who would appreciate her and her hidden fantasy world? If only Bill could or would appreciate the real Comfort. She sighed and started the car; she was late for work.