Weight Room Title Bar

Coming Out Party
By Blubrluvr

"OK, see you at six."

Pete Thompsen hung up the phone and shook his head in disbelief. Nearly 10 years had passed since he found that angry note from Lynn in his mailbox at the student union. Now she was inviting him over for drinks and asking him to accompany her to a social event sponsored by what Lynn called, "A Political Organization that she supported." He could not understand why she was being so nice to him after what happened all those years ago.

Lynn and Pete had been close friends through most of their 4 years together in college, but a nasty schism had developed after a booze-induced sexual encounter during their senior year. At that time Lynn stood 5' 10" tall and weighed about 180 pounds. Playful, outgoing and athletic, Lynn had always noticed how Pete often stared at her large DD-cup sized breasts. He often cheered her on at girls' field hockey and soccer games. She was very attractive. So much so that most of the other guys at school often commented to each other that they'd all love to nail here if she dropped 50 pounds or so. Her size never really bothered Pete. The two flirted incessantly until two months before graduation when during a fraternity party Lynn challenged Pete to a game of "Quarters, a drinking game that was popular among males in the fraternities.

The game went on for hours. Neither of them ever knew who had won. All Pete knew was that they woke up together in her bed the next morning feeling rather embarrassed. After apologizing profusely to each other, they parted, and Pete returned to his dorm. There he was greeted with catcalls and jeers from his dorm mates:

"Nailed the fatty, eh?"

"You know what they say, the bigger the cushion..."

The comments hurt, but Pete was able to recover by blaming the entire incident on the beer. After all, the guys had admitted Lynn was a looker even though she was a bit heavier than the accepted norm. After that, he found it difficult to even look her in the eyes when they passed each other walking to and from classes. The tension in the air during the "Data Structures" class they both attended was almost unbearable. Finally, one day Pete found a note in his mailbox:


I realize that our encounter was a little embarrassing, but I honestly believed that we both had a great time and might even have had a future together. I've got to tell you that I'm really upset with how things have worked out. I realize the I'm not your "physical ideal," but I really thought you were mature enough to look beyond the physical and accept me as a person. Maybe someday you'll understand.


Pete never responded to the note, but through the years, the guilt he felt was staggering. He knew he had done wrong and had almost forgiven himself when he learned that his company was partnering with a large consulting organization on a big project in DC. He was shocked to learn that his counterpart on the job was none other than Lynn.

Their phone conversations remained on a purely professional level until Pete had to take that first trip to Washington. When Lynn learned he would be arriving, she happily suggested that Pete come by her house for a drink and, if it was no trouble, to accompany her to a fundraising dinner at a hotel downtown. Pete agreed immediately. He felt even better about it when Lynn commented that she was dying to see him and that he'd might not recognize her because she had a "new figure."

Pete could not help but think of the guys' comments about Lynn being a knockout if she only lost that 50 pounds. "Gee," he thought, "maybe she joined a club or something." His mind began to wander as he imagined entering the hotel ballroom with Lynn on his arm, looking like Catherine Zeta Jones, turning the heads of those Washington power brokers and captains of industry. The prestige he was sensing was intoxicating!

The evening finally arrived, and Pete pulled into Lynn's driveway, walked to the door and rang the doorbell.

"If that's you Pete, just let yourself in. I'm about to take a shower!" came the reply through the screen door.


The Washington heat that evening was stifling, and Pete stepped in and looked around at the eclectically furnished living room.

"Why don't you go in the playroom, turn on the TV and make yourself a drink?" Lynn called from the hallway.

"Sounds good," he replied.

The playroom had a big-screen TV, bar and a myriad of exercise equipment. A treadmill, stationary bike and others he could not even recognize. A crate in the back of the room was obviously an addition to the already huge collection.

He made himself a gin and tonic and strolled around the room examining the machinery. His attention was caught by a small lacy object draped over the handlebars of the stationary bike. He picked it up. It was a bra. In his curiosity he examined the label: Size 34 B. Wow! Lynn certainly had changed! His excitement was tempered by a small sense of regret. One of the things he had always admired about Lynn was her bustline. There was a downside to being a "conventional beauty."

Having settled into a large armchair with his drink, Pete noticed that the water had stopped running in the bathroom on the other side of the house. A few minutes later, he heard Lynn call out:

"I want you to close your eyes and not open them till I say so."

She certainly knew how to make an entrance. Pete dutifully closed his peepers and waited for Lynn's signal. He could hear her breathing as she entered the dead silent room. His heart raced a little before she said:

"OK, now!"

The sight that greeted him was totally unexpected. The figure standing before him was dressed in a blue terry-cloth bathrobe made of what must have been an entire bolt of fabric! The lapels of the robe framed what must have been a least a foot of cleavage. Below the massive breasts a knot was tied in the strip of terry that served as the belt. Below that, a belly apron that hung down another two feet and peeked out from beneath the hem of the robe and extended halfway to her knees! Almost a minute passed before his eyes finally met hers. It was Lynn all right! Those beautiful brown eyes were unmistakable! Her formerly slim face now sported a double chin that jiggled as she spoke:

"I guess you like what you see."

That was an understatement!

"Don't just sit there, stand up and give me a hug, dummy!"

She hadn't even finished the sentence before he was on his feet and wrapping his arms around her. His fingertips could not even touch each other behind her back! He buried his face in her damp brown hair and drank in her unimaginable femininity. Another minute must have passed before he noticed his raging hard-on was poking her in what could only have been her navel. Embarrassed, he broke the embrace and looked nervously into her eyes.

"Gee, you really must enjoy what you see!" she exclaimed as she glanced knowingly at his crotch. He finally said his first words, "Uh, yeah, how have you been, Lynn?" His voice wavered a little and the dryness in his mouth was too much to handle.

"You need another drink."

She took his glass and headed for the bar. As she turned away, he got a glimpse of her massive ass. The shelf formed by the belt tied around her waist was big enough to set a pitcher of beer on! He regained his composure enough to finally address the point Lynn was making.

"So that's your new figure? Gee, I would have never thought!"

"Oh nonsense! I finally grew up and accepted myself for who I am and learned that there are plenty of men out there who are just as accepting. I just didn't understand that in college. Do you forgive me?"

"Huh?" he replied. "What do you mean?"

"Oh, come on! You don't remember that night? There I was fucking away in bed with you apologizing about how fat I was, and you just kept laughing at me and saying how you wished I weighed 1000 pounds!"

Her eyes sparkled as she spoke.

"Frankly, it's taken nearly 10 years to figure it all out!"

"I still don't know what you're talking about," he said.

"It's like this, I finally figured out that some of us are destined to be big folks and there are plenty of men out there who are OK with that."

She looked out the window and continued:

"I always hated exercising and playing sports to keep my weight in check. No matter how hard I tried I could never lose those last 50 pounds. All the equipment in here belongs to my housemate Katy. We really get along great! There's guys out there who just love the little hardbodies, but I know now that there's armies of FAs out there like you as well"

Pete was dumbfounded. She had always known his true feelings. Then he spoke up:

"I'm the one who should apologize. I've been lying to myself all these years, and all I managed to do was hurt you!"

"Now, what do YOU mean?" she exclaimed.

"Well, the reason I backed off after that night was not because you weren't fat enough; it was because all the guys were ribbing me because you were so plump."

"You're kidding!" she laughed! "So in a way I was right about you when I wrote that note. I guess we were both kind of immature."

They looked lovingly in each other's eyes for a minute or two before Lynn changed the subject:

"Could you do me a favor? That crate in the corner arrived this week and I need you to open it for me."

Puzzled, Pete replied, "Sure, do you have a hammer or a crowbar or something?"

Lynn produced a crowbar and sat on the couch while Pete busied himself. His heart stopped when he realized what it contained: An industrial grade triple beam scale with a capacity of 1000 pounds.

He looked over at Lynn who had been watching the whole time.

"Aren't you curious?" she purred as she took a sip from her glass.

"Hell, yeah!" he replied.

Frantically, he tore the remaining pieces of the crate apart and pulled the scale out. Lynn strolled over and looked him in the eyes. She then moved the five-pound graduated weight to 0, the ten as well, but confidently placed the largest on the 450-pound mark. She then stepped on the platform. The beam slammed into the upper bumper with a resounding "Clank." She looked a little surprised.

"Well, it's definitely more than last time. Do you wanna do the honors?" she asked.

His heart raced as he moved the middle weight: 460..470...480...490 oops! Too much. He moved the smaller weight till the beam balanced at the 487 pound mark. At that moment, Lynn spoke up:

"Let's not overstate things." she grinned and peeled off her damp bathrobe to expose the expanse of her creamy white flesh. Her breasts and belly jiggled for a few seconds before becoming quiescent. Pete's jaw dropped.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked.

Pete adjusted the weight to balance at 483 pounds. The loss of 4 pounds hardly bothered him.

"Finish your drink and come help me get dressed, she said stepping off the scale.

Pete downed the last of the gin and followed her like a puppy to her bedroom. Her underclothes and a beautiful green dress were laid out on the bed.

"Hold this, she said handing him a huge bra. She then proceeded to put on a pair of huge panties. Pete could not resist the urge peek at the tag having already examined Katy's tiny lace number. The 5 hooks and expanse of cloth bore witness to the markings: 56JJ! She grabbed the bra from his hands and smiled.

"Just do the hooks, will ya?" she sneered at him jokingly. He willingly obliged.

Later he zipped up the dress after Lynn had stepped into it. They decided to drive her large SUV to the event rather than try to make Lynn squeeze into the tiny Toyota compact he had rented.

As they drove, they continued their conversation:

"Just what is this organization called?" he asked.

"It's called NAAFA; you must have heard of them," she declared.

"Sure have, what's the occasion?"

"We just hit the million member mark. We just hired some lobbyists. This year we'll finally break into the political mainstream," she exclaimed. "We're looking to have a bill introduced making seatbelt extenders universal as well as eliminate the extra seat charge the airlines have imposed for us supersize folk. As an FA, you really should become a member. There's a special working group for the FA community. You'll learn more once we get there."

They arrived at the hotel and noticed the entire lobby was full of large sized people. Pete was curious about all the "men in black" with sunglasses and earpieces mingling with the rest of the folk.

"Looks like the Secret Service," he quipped.

"Actually,that's exactly who they are. We have a special VIP speaker tonight."

"Who's that?" he asked.

"You'll see. Let's head for the ballroom, I'm starved."

The ballroom was filled with a bevy of plump, midsize and supersized women and women. All the male heads in the room turned and focused on Lynn as she and Pete walked through the door. Lynn was by no means the largest woman there, but she was undoubtedly the most beautiful. The smartly dressed crowd had an incredible air of elegance about them. In a way, Pete's fantasy was coming true, except for the fact he had a woman who weighed nearly 500 pounds on his arm rather than a thin fashion model type. He thought actually made him somewhat giddy. Here he was, surrounded by congressmen, senators, businessmen (some multimillionaires,) and it was obvious they were jealous of him. The boost to his ego was wonderful. Lynn introduced him 'round as a close friend and business associate. She obviously had considerable influence here! During her short discussions with the attendees, he overheard her talking about having personal meetings with most of the DC power broker crowd. Lynn was quite a mover and shaker! He admired her as she moved gracefully through the crowd. At that moment his love for her became overwhelming. He obviously needed to do her right from now on. How could he do otherwise, given how wonderfully she had treated him in the past few weeks?

It was obvious that there was a bit of a feeder contingent attending the event because some tables appeared to have special catering. Lynn noticed Pete eyeing a table with a number of supersized women devouring their third appetizer course.

"Don't tell me you're one of those! I don't really mind, but if I get much bigger you might have to push me around in a wheelchair!"

The thought was intriguing, but the idea of Lynn losing her independence bothered him. A few of the folks in the ballroom were obviously immobile. While he respected their lifestyle choice, immobility still caused him some concern no matter how erotic it was!

After dinner, the chairman introduced tonight's special guest speaker:

"Ladies and gentlemen, William Jefferson Clinton."

WOW! Pete thought, Clinton? Why him? Lynn must have been reading his mind because she whispered in his ear:

"Well, look at who he brought with him."

There beside him on the stage was none other than Monica Lewinsky, although it took him a few moments before he recognized her because she must have weighed nearly 350 pounds! After he left office, the divorce from Hillary became finalized. The press strangely had kept him out of the spotlight. Now he knew why. The speech went by like a whirlwind. Clinton was never Pete's favorite president, but this speech held him spellbound. It was like a confession. In a way Clinton's words could have been his own. A closet FA for nearly all his life, he spoke of his secret desires and his denial of his longings throughout his career. Especially riveting was his account of how an FA classmate had been cruelly taunted and excluded from some of the influential social organizations during Clinton's years at Harvard and Cambridge.

"As head of the lobbying organization representing NAAFA, I intend to make this group the most respected in Washington. The discrimination against Fat Admirers is as insidious as the discrimination against fat people themselves and I'm committed to stopping it!"

The applause was thunderous! Pete nearly had tears in his eyes. This was a new beginning. He was home! He looked at Lynn whose eyes met his as they gazed lovingly at each other for what felt like eons! The evening ended shortly thereafter. He spent the night with her, making passionate love well into the early morning hours. They awoke in an embrace early in the afternoon. The rest of the weekend was spent taking romantic walks and sharing meals in picturesque Georgetown.

Lynn quit her job with the computer consulting company to avoid any appearance of impropriety. Pete moved to DC and the two were married within two months. She took a full time job with Clinton's lobbying group. She and Monica became close friends. Monica herself was fast approaching the 400-pound mark. Although she never came close to exceeding the capacity of that infamous scale, Lynn did briefly crest the 600-pound mark. This was shortly after the birth of their second child. She kept saying her knees hurt too much and just could not take the strain. After a few months of breastfeeding, she reduced to the 530 pounds and remained there. Two people have never been so happy.