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Coming to Terms
By Mink

Part Two

After Tom and Debbie met, she continued to lavish love and affection on him. The only problem was he was losing weight, not gaining it! He started to feel more self-confident as his weight plummeted and go out more. And although Debbie loved him, their sex life slowly waned and disappeared altogether.

One night almost a year after they had met, Tom sauntered into their master bedroom and took of his clothes. Debbie could see he had just worked out, and his muscles gleamed with sweat. Crawling into bed with her, Tom tried to engage her interest, kissing and cuddling her close, but she avoided every overture. Finally he sat up in bed, his penis hot and throbbing with his need for her.

“God, Debbie! Am I so disgusting that you can't even bring yourself to have sex once a month?” His face was flushed with embarrassment.

“It isn't that, Tom,” she said tiredly, looking at him.

“Then what is it? I've lost 50lbs! I've gotten fit again for you! What did I do to deserve this?” His member was quickly deflating with his embarrassment and anger.

“Did it ever occur to you that I LIKED you big? That I was ATTRACTED to you big? That I fell in love with a BIGGER Tom?” she spat, unthinking. She then twisted around and faced away from him, mortified that she had given herself away so obviously.

Tom snorted with disbelief and opened his mouth to retort, then realized his member was flaming hot and hard as steel. He covered himself discreetly and cleared his throat. “Now Debbie, everyone knows fat is disgusting and you should be fit-” He cut off as unbidden, thoughts came to him of their first meeting…Her patting him and poking his fat.

Debbie just grumbled something and snuggled deeper into the blankets. Tom sighed and slipped out of bed, padding down to the kitchen. He looked in the fridge, and suddenly saw the connection. All the foods he had been trying so hard not to eat were all here - pudding, cookies, ice cream - and know he knew why. His long time g/f WANTED him bigger, wanted him fat. He thought. Maybe. Well, there was only one way to find out.

Pulling out all his favourite foods he began to munch, enjoying every flavour as if for the first time. Half an hour later he waddled into their room, belly swollen into a large ball. Debbie glanced up from reading her book and did a double take. “What happened?” she asked, jumping up to see if he was all right.

Tom just took her into his arms and felt her immediate and unfeigned response to his bloated middle. His own dick, hard beyond belief, hardened further as she shyly tickled his newly bulging waist.

Lowering themselves onto the bed, Tom grunted a little and grinned. “You like this?”

“I love it!” she replied, aroused beyond belief. “But it is VERY tiny...”

Tom flushed and grinned. “I'm sure you'll remedy that, soon enough!” To his delight, she pounced on him.

Needless to say, it was the best they had had in a long, long time.


Tom finished his huge breakfast and belched, massaging his tightly packed paunch. “Oh babe, you outdid yourself!” He struggled to his feet and waddled to the counter to steal a kiss - and some pie.

“Hey you, keep your hands out of that!” Debbie exclaimed as she shooed him away, smiling indulgently at her husband's rolling walk.

“Mommy, Mommy!” She heard and felt the tugs at her pants.

“We're HUNGRY!” her fat children exclaimed. One was already at the table and picking off the remains of his father's feast, another was waddling to the fridge, and her youngest son, nearly bursting out of his P.Js, was shoving the last of the pie into his mouth. Little James grinned up at his mother unrepentantly.

“What?” He laughed as his mother leaned down and tickled him, and couldn't suck it in anymore. With a sound like a waterbed, his middle gushed outwards into her hands and jiggled madly. His huge belly roll was smooth and incredibly soft, jiggling even when he was perfectly still. Debbie pinched it all over gently affectionately, and he lifted his belly up in both arms and carried it to the table, dropping it onto his fat thighs as he sat. She smiled, seeing his body ripple with little waves of baby fat. He was his father's son alright.

Debbie laughed. “Who's hungry?” She asked and was greeted by a chorus of “Me!”s, including her husband. “You just ate, fatty!” she scolded.

Tom was sprawled on the couch, fat shaking madly just by breathing. He struggled to sit up and finally managed it, belly bunching and rolling out to the sides. Face red wit his exertions, he heaved himself up. “Well, I have to eat with my kids, don't I?” he challenged. Debbie just laughed and started making breakfast for all.