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Common Ground
By Binkybug

It had been a month since he started this relationship with Nadia. A month, three weeks, two days, and almost twenty-four hours to be exact… but who was counting? Funny how these things go, one minute you are hitting the bars, trying to absorb the local night life, the next thing you know you are falling for a woman with extraordinary abilities. Like losing track of time when it is extremely important not to… but he was addicted to her. She had the uncanny ability to make him laugh… to want things… things that were supposed to be dead and gone. Nadia was a sorceress.

Her powers were mystical. They met at a bar one late October night, Halloween to be exact. She was not his type, he went for the easy pray: tall, blonde, naïve, supermodel's physic… but then Nadia walked by. Lync found that he could not take his eyes off of her, she was so Rubenesque. She looked all of 300 pounds and was stunning. Like losing track of time when it is extremely important not to… but he felt he could become addicted to her. She had the uncanny ability to make him laugh… to want things… things that were supposed to be dead and gone. Nadia was a sorceress. Black, short, full bodied hair that framed her face, soft green eyes (the color of jade), small button nose, full pink lips (the kind that beg to be kissed without saying a word), stubborn chin (with one lovelier one showing underneath, soft and supple). Nadia had a graceful neck, not slender, but held that beautiful face perfectly on those gorgeous broad shoulders of hers. She was dressed as a vampiress and Lync could not help but think the costume suited her. The dress was black spaghetti strapped dress that clung to her in just the right places. Showed off her voluptuous breast then slinked down her sides to her abundant stomach. She had large shapely thighs; in fact, her legs themselves were fantastic and were set off by the fact that the dress was slit up to the middle of her thigh, but the dress ended at her knees, and she was wearing a pair of sexy black heels.

All Lync could do was stare at her. As he had noted before she was far from his usual type, but something about her made him hunger. He wanted Nadia, something inside him screamed it; he had to get closer. She sat down at the bar, two stools away from him. She turned as the bartender asked what her poison, and when she smiled, Lync noticed she was wearing a pair of fake fangs, they looked almost real. It brought a smile to his face. She ordered a drink called a strawberry shortcake, easy on the ice. The bartender seemed unfamiliar with her drink, so she took a pen from the bartender and wrote it down on a napkin, Lync noticed that she had nicely manicured nails, not too long, not to short, and, ooh, a sexy red. No other jewelry except for a beautiful silver bracelet on her left wrist, which in turn set off her beautiful silver hooped earrings.

She could sense him looking at her, so she turned, smiled, and a rose color lightly tinted her cheeks. She extended her hand and said hello and introduced herself as Nadia… that was all it took. She and Lync talked the night away until the bar closed. Their conversation was about absolutely nothing and everything. She told him she loved his long soft brunette hair, the way his blue eyes seemed so clear like a lake, but then got all turbulent like a mad ocean storm when he disliked something. How even with his athletic frame he seemed to make the gothic appearance sexy, rather then put together and unkempt as many do nowadays. She then remarked about how strong his jaw looked and how hypnotic his mouth looked… and before he knew it they were kissing and he began to feel his blood heat up.

He hungered for things he knew better then to expect so soon, but felt that even if he wanted them… she would not fight. Her lips were saying everything his hands wanted to know. The way her hair felt, the way her lips felt on his skin, the way her skin felt on his lips… his tongue, his fingertips. And, in fact, they explored these questions on the second date… and the third… and so on. Now one month later he was walking up to her doorstep in her brownstone apartment building, and was about to tell her the most important thing about himself he could. He climbed the stone stairway to the front entrance and buzzed her apartment. He smiled as he heard her on the other end.


“Nadia, it's me. Buzz me in,” he smiled.

“Is me who? I don't know a me,” she giggled.

He leaned forward and whispered into the voice box, “Nadia, my sun, it is me; I am here to shower kisses of fire all over your beautiful face… Please, let me in…”

All he heard was her giggle and the door buzz. He walked up the stairs to the top floor and turned right, and there was her door… and it was open.

He pushed it open and there she was, on the living room couch, nothing but an emerald green throw covering her… she was enchanting. He took off his black leather trench coat and threw it over the back of one on her lazy boy recliners… then sat on the coffee table across from her. She smiled as she placed a foot on either side of him and he began to caress her bare calves.

“You can't stay long, my boyfriend will be here soon,” Nadia coaxed.

“Does he suffer from the little green monster?” Lync played back… he loved her games.

She moaned softly as he caressed higher up to her thighs, “Ooh, he suffers from jealousy, I am sure. But I wouldn't want to risk it,” she placed her feet on the floor and leaned forward, her stomach made her push forward with her hands as she lightly grazed his lips with hers, “I like him way too much.”

Lync kissed her then, letting his tongue toy softly with hers. He loved to hear the sigh and soft purrs that escaped her as they touched and kissed. His hands roamed higher up her leg, sliding along the lips of her pussy, one finger sliding in between the folds to feel the moisture forming there. He sucked on her tongue and flicked her clit slowly, feeling her shiver a little, knowing she was hungry for him, feeling himself becoming hungry for her. But he had to do this, had to tell her now. He heard her moan in small protest, he moved his hand and let her sink back against the couch, but it was the time.

“Nadia, we need to talk… it is important; there is much I need to tell you,” he said as he began to rub her knees.

She looked at him with a little stare of bewilderment, “What is wrong?”

He caressed her cheek, letting a finger run slowly along her bottom lip, and smiled, “Ah, Nadia, since I met you nothing has been more right. But if we are to go further… I think I need to tell you all, everything about me, possibly some things you might not like.”

She reached out and took his hand, they seemed so cold in hers, “Then tell me. I can take it; I am a big girl.”

Lync laughed, “Yes, you are, baby. Umm, you know how you tell me you have been having this weird hunger for rare meat, wild dreams and that is only when you do sleep… and how you feel weak sometimes after we are together?”

Nadia blushed and smiled at him, “Well, I have an explanation for the last one.”

He laughed, “Look, I don't know how to tell you. Nadia, I love you. I have such deep affection for you,” he rose from the coffee table and began to pace the room. He spoke, rubbing his neck with one hand and the other on his hip, “I want to tell you about me, tell you I know more about this world then you can ever know. That, surprisingly to me, you opened my eyes to something I have never known.”

She smiled sweetly, “I love you, too.”

He came back to the coffee table and took her hands, his speed almost making her jump off the couch, “It is not just the love, Nadia. There are other things,” he began pulling the blanket away from her, “When you eat, I love watching you eat… especially if I am feeding you. Do you know how hypnotizing it is?” His hands slide up her thighs; they were so soft, so supple. Then higher, over her stomach, soft and gentle in their caress, “To know all that I place at those lovely lips ends up somewhere on your enticing body…Nadia, it is enough to make a man insane. But we are creatures of similar habit, you and I.”

Nadia looked at him then, something in his tone, and the chill that formed suddenly in his hands, made her sit up on the couch and reach for the blanket. He sensed her uneasiness and did not fight her when she covered herself. He knew his metaphor was one that would bring them to their senses… now he must tell her, there was no way out.

“What do you mean? And I don't know if I like being referred to as a creature,” she stated nervously, pulling the blanket around her body, huddling in it.

He stood up again, began to pace, “What I am going to tell you is going to be hard to believe… you will think me mad. But I promise you, Nadia, I am very much sane, very much within my senses… I need you to listen with an open mind.”

“I will try,” for some reason she didn't expect such heavy talk after a month, but she wasn't going to stop him.

He stared off into a void then began to speak, “My name is Lync, no last name, I make a new one up every 50 years or so, keeps the social security and IRS off my back. It has worked successfully for the past 400 years I have been here. And from the governments the past 2000 years in Europe,” he looked at her, she was just staring at him, not knowing what to say or do, he couldn't blame her, “When I came here, I lived quietly, did not draw attention. I made my fortune on many different investments, especially art. You would not believe how fortunate I have been to be in the company of many struggling artists that are worth a fortune now that they are gone. I spent the next hundreds of years moving with expansion, and feeding when I could.

“I have seen and done things that thousands wished they could experience. I thought I had lived, but not until I met you,” he came to sit by her, she flinched, so he didn't touch her, “I am a vampire, but not the typical one you read in books; the books are wrong about us. Some of us survive on blood, some on sexual energy, some on just bodily energy in its purest form, some on mental activity, and, yes, a few on bodily fluids… there are more forms then that… but they are morbid and I tend to cringe at the thought of them. I feed on blood, I am your typical….”

She broke out into hysterical laughter then, “Ok, Lync, no more late night sci-fi channel.”

He looked at her and expected such. He stood up, backed away from her, and with a twist of his hands he made things on the coffee table rise… Nadia's eyes grew large. She looked at Lync, the quickly ran to her room and locked it. He went to her door and knocked on it.

“Nadia, please… open the door.”

“NO…get out!!! Get out of my house!” she screamed, she sounded like she was on the verge of tears, and the tone of her words let him know she was terrified.

Lync walked slowly to the door, he had expected some sort of reaction, not necessarily a great one…but this was along the lines of what he had expected. He predicted she would not believe him, that she would have trouble understanding his feelings at first. Then he knew she would be scared, terrified that in some way he had damaged her on other levels. That her there was something wrong with her more then casual sex now and then.

How did he feel? His species was fairly new, adaptation to the world, survival of the fittest. His race was now closer to the human one, they could reproduce, walk in sunlight (a few strands could), eat anything without fear of death by consumption, but they had the ability to blend into things. They had a chameleon quality. Many a time he had blended into the surroundings in order to watch Nadia. He watched her move around her apartment, while she watched movies, talk to old friends, undress and dress for bed (totally erotic from his standpoint), even bathe… but his favorite thing to watch her do was eat. He would watch her prepare her food, then when it was all done, sit down and consume it. She had a passion for food, thus her Greek goddess form, and there was always the hardship of watching her consume her treat… it created a rush of lust within him he had never known. He wanted to be holding the fork, or even using his fingers and placing the morsels on her lips, watching her swallow it down… knowing somewhere on her form it was going to make its home and expand her beautiful horizons.

How unusual it was, watching her feed herself gave him the same rush of adrenaline that he gets when he feeds on others. The feel of the blood entering his being, recharging all of him: his soul, his power, and his intellectual acuity. All his senses awake and channeled into what he is doing. When Lync fed he often let his hands roam along the woman's body, and felt nothing, just a body going cold. With Nadia, he felt warmth, curves, and softness, something living beneath him that he wanted to explore, enjoy.

It had been weeks since he had seen her, heard from her, but not thought about her. Nadia was in his thoughts continually, and as much as the need within him told him to go to her, watch her in her apartment if he needed to, he remained in his dank apartment and listened to the random noise on the radio. Visions of her haunted him within every room of his house, he was about to go insane…

Till there was a knock at the door…

Lync approached the door hesitantly, and looked through the peephole. It was Nadia; she was standing there, an expression of calmness on her face. Hesitantly he undid the latches and opened the door. One hand resting on the door top, the other on the frame of the door and Lync looked at her with an expression of curiosity.

She looked at him, her green eyes a shade darker, more like cut emeralds, and a wicked smile started to form on her red lips. She approached him in stealth mode, sliding up to him. Sliding one hand up his chest and around his neck, the other around his abdomen and around to his back. They held him tightly, those luscious large arms, as the tip of her tongue slide softly along his neck, finally stopping near where his neck connected to his shoulder, to suck roughly, but very seductively. Lync closed his eyes, but held his position, but then she spoke. Softly, Lync had to strain to hear her words.

“Oh, my dark lover,” she began nibbling on his earlobe. Her hand slid down and around his abdomen to meet the other on his back, making slow strokes up and down with her nails, “I find myself in a very awkward position.”

Unable to speak, but trying none the less, Lync swallowed hard and moved his neck slightly to give her better access, “What is that, my angel of light?”

She let out a low purr, and it radiated like a giant spark through his being, “I find myself hungry… will you feed me?”

He couldn't resist her and hadn't been able to since he met her. He moved back and let her enter the apartment, he thought he had heard her laugh, but then shook his head. Then he saw what she was wearing, the black trench coat. That was it! Just a black leather trench coat and it covered her from head to toe. She slipped it from her shoulders to revile nothing but her gorgeous smile. Then she walked past him and into his kitchen, straight for his fridge. Lync watched her, hypnotized by delicate sway of her enormous hips. She opened the door and reached in, carefully sliding out the chocolate cake he had bought earlier, and walked back towards him.

There was a wicked smile on her face again as she ran a finger along the icing. Then, placing it in her mouth, she let out a soft moan of pleasure and continued to his bedroom, and he watched her settle down on the middle of his bed. He let out a struggled sigh. She had been there before, why all of a sudden did he feel like a teenage boy about ready to loose his virginity to the naughty school nurse? She raised her pointer finger and coaxed for him to join her and his feet slowly moved him towards the bedroom. He moved to the side of the bed where she got on her knees and slowly began to unbutton his shirt, never taking her eyes away from him. Nor could he move his from her, it was as if they had switched roles and it was she hypnotizing him. He didn't even notice her removing his pants and briefs and pulling him onto the bed with her. Her hands roamed over his exposed skin, softly, exploring the feeling of it under her fingertips. She took his hands and tugged him onto the bed, where they laid next to each other, skin against skin, and their mouths exploring one another's. Their hands moving over one another, hunger drawing them closer.

She suggested a little game, one of follow the leader. The cake and its delectable frosting were smeared on various parts. Nadia lost all sense of control when he spread frosting and cake on the lips of her vagina. Lync slowly began to lick slowly, loving the way the chocolate dessert mingled with the taste of her. It was exquisite, and the pure pleasure of tasting her, hearing her pleasure, drove his own lust. She had four strong climatic orgasms; Lync would not stop till he was done, till he had had his fill of her. The tables were delightfully turned, Nadia smeared frosting along Lync's cock. She felt him twitch at the slightest touch of her hand, but his body shook as she began to slowly lick it off. Nadia tongue explored… tasted. She wanted to know him as he knew her, so she ran her tongue down to his testicles, sliding her tongue along them, tasting their heat, their softness. She then traveled slowly back up his cock, her hands massaging him, stroking him as she licked the frosting to the tip, then let the tip of her tongue delve into the well at the top already drenching in pre-cum. Lync's hands slid down to her hair and played with it, Nadia smiled, and continued to slowly let her mouth descend upon his cock. She moved slowly at first, continually stroking him, listening to his breathe and moans become louder. She slide a hand up his chest and traced his mouth with one finger, Lync pulled it into his mouth and sucked on it. That drove Nadia on, she began to suck harder on him, bringing him deeper into his mouth…almost touching the back of her throat. Lync went wild, he could not control the movement of his hips, but he moved and Nadia drove on ward. Finally, Lync lost all reasoning and came hard into Nadia's mouth, letting out a growl that could have shook the bed. They lay in each other's arms, but Nadia informed him the game was not over, far from it. She wanted to explore his bellybutton with her tongue, to feel him do the same. They both found a new appreciation for covering each other's nipples with chocolate frosting, enjoying the way their mouths teased and sucked each other clean.

The finally her hunger was too much. Nadia informed Lync she needed him, and straddled his body and his hard cock. Lync placed his hands on her hips and guided Nadia as she lowered herself slowly and purred at the feel of him inside her body. They rocked slowly at first, enjoying the connection of their bodies, Lync lazily fed Nadia small pieces of cake with her fingers and became more aroused with ever lick of his fingers.

Finally their tempo began to speed up, the cake was forgotten, and their need for each other was increased. Nadia felt her body begin to shiver, her climax building inside, increasing in depth with every thrust. Lync needed more, he rolled Nadia to her back and began to thrust harder, deeper, faster. His lust increasing, as well as his hunger, as he moved within her till finally he heard her moan and felt her body shake with pleasure, and he screamed out her name and came inside her.

Raising his head from her shoulder, Lync looked at Nadia, “What changed your mind, though I know you are a chocolate cake fiend.”

She smoothed his hair from his face, smiled, kissed his lips softly, the spoke in a voice that was low and husky, “I can't live without you.”

They didn't; they fed from each other, knowing that truly all they needed was each other to survive and be happy.