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The Monument to Confection
By InvizKing

My uncle owns an ice cream parlor called Sweet Licks. I'd been working there for a year now and never had I seen a girl more beautiful than this. She waltzed in almost on air, her eyes sparkling a glance my way. I smiled as best I could under such circumstances. It's not every day you see a goddess take flesh and walk among us. Her hair was brown and done up in braids. Her eyes were deep and green, like a forest. The way she carried herself was done with grace and self-confidence. But the thing about her that really caught my eye was the noticeable potbelly she failed to hide under her tight t-shirt.

I gulped and tried not to look directly at her for fear that she would see my stares. She folded her arms on the counter and leaned forward.

"Hi," she said.

"Hello," I said as I straightened up my apron. "And… err… welcome to Sweet Licks. H-how (ahem) how can I serve you today?"

"Well, you have a lot of ice cream to choose from," she said as she looked at the menu board. "What do you recommend?"

The first thing that came to mind was the Monument to Confection. But nobody could eat that much in one sitting, not even Marlon Brando. "The cookies and cream," I said nearly stuttering.

"Can I have a taste?" she said with a playful grin. How could this hot chick be digging me? I thought as I spooned her some cookies and cream.

"Mmmmm," she cooed. "This is the best cookies and cream I've ever had!"

"Well, all our ice cream is home-made."

"Really? So you have to make this every day?"

"Yeah, my uncle and I do most of the work. We have another person here, but she took a vacation for the next week."

"Oh, really? Well I don't want you to work extra hard then, so I'll only have a double scoop of that, please. In a waffle cone, too."

"Just a double scoop?" I joked. "You must not be very hungry."

"That's a lot of ice cream for my little tummy," she said with a cute frown as she rubbed it gently. My eyes widened.

"Um… well… here you go," I said as I handed her the double-scooped waffle cone.

"Did you make these scoops extra big just for me?" Was she testing me? I think she was trying to decipher if I was an FA or not. Maybe I could make it a bit clearer for her.

"I think you deserve a little more." That got her to smile.

"Keep that up and you'll have a friend for life. My name's Gretchen."

"I'm Alan."

"A pleasure to meet you Alan. Say, why don't you take a break and sit down here with me? We can get to know each other." She winked.

I pulled up a stool across from her and tried my hardest not to stare at her. Gretchen looked around when her eyes became fixed on the big plastic representation of the Monument to Confection.

"What's the story on that?" she said pointing towards the model.

"That's what my uncle calls the Monument to Confection. Nobody has ever been able to eat the whole thing. If they can do it, it's free."

"Free ice cream?" she said as her eyes lit up.

"Well, yeah, but you'd have to eat about ten gallons of it."

"Is that it?" she said licking at her ice cream.

"Plus the toppings and syrup."

"That's nothing, I ate more than that before I came in here. I love to eat," she said with a bright grin. I could tell by her belly that she was not fibbing.

"I can tell." Her eyes widened. Oh, shit! How could I let that slip!?

"What do you mean by that?" she asked.

"I don't know, I just get that vibe from you."

"Well, you're a good judge of character. I'd eat all the time if I didn't get a tummy ache after eating too much. But that usually doesn't happen very often." She winked again. This was the girl of my dreams!

"It's about time I went home, it's getting dark," she said glancing outside. "You're very nice to sit down and talk with a complete stranger."

"We're not strangers anymore, though."

"No, we're not. I'll see you soon. Oh, before I forget, how much was the ice cream?"

"Don't worry, it's on me. I enjoyed the talk, too."

"Boy, giving a girl free ice cream just might make her fat," she said as she walked out the door. Wow, I thought, she looks as good from the behind as she does from the front.

That night, I couldn't sleep. My mind fantasized about Gretchen eating the Monument to Confection over and over again. I imagined her belly blowing up like a beach ball until she was perfectly round. I imagined her eating all our ice cream and becoming so fat that we had to roll her out the door. Finally, I fell asleep and still I dreamed of the Monument, every last drop, being eaten by that angel.

A week went by, and I hadn't seen Gretchen since. Did she move? Did she come in and eat the Monument on my day off? Did she eat too much at home and explode? Where did she go? Hoping she'd come in today, I actually spent my free time concocting a Monument.

These treats aren't called the Monument to Confection for nothing. This sucker is huge. It's five gallons of double chocolate ice cream and two gallons of vanilla, covered in chocolate syrup. Nuts are then sprinkled over them and sliced bananas are used to decorate. Marshmallows stand on it like penguins on a glacier. Whipped cream is sprayed around it in a spiraling motion, while cookies float in it like chocolate logs. As the finishing touch, a chocolate covered cherry rests atop it. I had yet to see anybody finish it. I'd yet to see anybody order it.

No sooner than the cherry was placed on top did she walk in. She changed somehow. Her hair was done in a ponytail, but that wasn't the only change. Her beautiful cherub face seemed a tad rounder. But not only that, but her breasts seemed fuller. Her belly had actually grown! I saw her bellybutton peek out from under her shirt. Last time, the only flesh I saw was from her sides, but now her shirt didn't even cover her whole gut.

"Hi, handsome," she said. "Miss me?"

"Gretchen! Wow, what a surprise! I was just thinking about you!"

"Good thoughts, I hope," she said as she made her way to the counter. "Notice anything different about me?"

"Your hair?"

"Yes, and?"

"Umm…" Did she mean her belly? "Not that I can tell."

"I've been practicing for today. Today is the day I eat the Monument to Confection!"

I nearly passed out. "What!? B-but nobody has ever eaten it before!!"

"I'll be the first! I've been eating almost non-stop all week in preparation for today! I'm actually a little full right now," she said as she rubbed her belly. "I've told you I've eaten more than this, and I'll show you! Whip me up one!"

"Um… alright… I have a surprise for you!" I ran into the back room and took out the masterpiece from the freezer. I lugged it onto a cart and rolled it out. How was this girl going to eat this? She'd get sick and puke, or worse…

"Tadaaaaaaah!" I shouted. She squealed and put her hands into the air.

"It's bigger than I thought," she purred. I locked the door, shut the blinds and put up the closed sign. It was just Gretchen, the monument, and me, under the florescent lamps. As I sat down next to her, she already started into it. She gobbled it down ravenously, like a starved wolf. She snarfed and snapped, singing its praise the whole time.

"I've never had anything so chocolaty… these bananas really top it off… ooh, there's vanilla in here too… mmmm… this is so delicious, I could eat like this forever…"

It seemed that way. She ate for a while before she was even halfway through. Her belly was really starting to bloat, too. All that food inside of her really started to push her tummy out. It was so big and bloated that she actually looked like she was pregnant. She unsnapped her jeans and let her belly hang down. I caught her rubbing it in between bites. I just hoped she didn't notice the massive stiffy I grew under my apron.

An hour passed, and her belly was about the size of a basketball. Yet she never lost her pace. She gobbled and gobbled it down. It was like her belly was endless; most people would've given up even before their bellies had become bloated beyond belief. I poured her a glass of water, just in case she needed one, and she drank that bastard down like it was nothing.

"I can't believe you're over halfway done! You're an incredible eater."

"I told you (gobble) I loved to (urp) eat!"

"Does your stomach hurt at all? It looks painfully swollen."

"Nope! I told you (chomp) I've eaten (beeelch) more than (gurgle) this."

She ate nonstop for an hour and a half before the end was in sight. Her belly was almost as massively swollen as my cock. Man, this really turned me on! I couldn't believe this wasn't a dream. I pinched myself twice, and Gretchen once, just to make sure of it. As her belly grew, so did her nipples. They appeared as hard as diamonds underneath her tiny shirt.

Gretchen's poor defenseless belly never knew what hit it. It was easily bigger than a beach ball, gurgling and grumbling as it worked overtime to digest the Monument. She slurped up the whipped cream and melted ice cream.

She chewed the soft cookies and crunched the peanuts.

"I'm… almost done… (urp)," she said as her pace slowed.

"I don't think you can finish this, Gretchen."

"I… have… faith (burrrrp)." Her huge belly looked like a pearl, so pale and shiny. I worried that she would make herself sick if she kept on like this, but how on earth could any sane man in my frame of mind stop a beautiful girl from stuffing herself silly? She chewed and swallowed, slurped and gulped, and finally, at the bottom, the cherry.

"Alan… help me finish it…" she said as she opened her mouth. There was a huge chocolate ring around her lips and whipped cream blemished her face. Deep down her throat and into her belly was a huge pulsating mass of confections. And this cherry would top it off. I lifted the candy-coated fruit and gently set it into her mouth, bracing myself for what might happen if she ate it all. Maybe fate doesn't want anybody to eat this whole thing and dictate that Gretchen should burst if she swallowed the cherry. Or maybe fate wants her to be the first person to finish my uncle's mad creation. At any rate, this cherry would make or break this poor girl.

She chewed it up and swallowed it. She too waited for the huge gurgle, and for her belly to swell up until she burst. Then it happened. There was the huge gurgle. Her belly began to expand even more. I could hear pressure building up inside of her. Oh, no, she’s going to pop. She’s going to die because of me! She closed her eyes tightly, and so did I. Any minute now…

"BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPP!!!!!!!!… Pardon me." I opened one eye and I didn't see a huge mess that once was Gretchen. I didn't see the monument plastered on the walls. I only saw a hugely fat girl sitting in a chair that was about to give way, rubbing her belly. "Delicious," she said grinning.

And so, Gretchen went down in Sweet Licks history as the only person ever to finish the whole Monument to Confection. Both a picture of her and her belly were on the wall, even the though the belly picture was a panoramic.

All that was five years ago. Gretchen and I are now living together happily. She's put on a little weight since that fateful day, but that's alright with me. I rather like it. There's talk of marriage, but who knows. We'll save that for another story.