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The Conflict
By Lardbutt Lover

[A small note: I only wrote the first half of this. My roommate is better at writing the. . . umm, more evocative scenes to do with weight gain (he's an avid FA too). The only problem?. . . he has this. . . umm. . . fetish. Well, you'll see.]

I have always had a penchant for women with large asses. That might sound rather crude and completely self-centered, but when you really burrow into the depths of the human psyche there is a constant war being waged between the conservative, 'evolved' ego, and the sexually driven id. In my mind, the ego was controlled by my ambitions to move forward in life - i.e. to marry a nice thin girl, have several kids and climb the social-economic ladder for the rest of my days. The id, on the other hand, wanted instant sexual gratification. No willowy, thin, near-anorexic lady could provide such pleasure. . . the woman that id cried out for was fat, with huge concentrations of lovely curves lying just bellow the waistline. I (or perhaps id) had always preferred the girls that looked like they'd just recently plumped up, having fairly generous chests, a slightly oversized belly and a monumental set of heavy hips. Now, granted, in most of my fantasies this 'ideal' woman ended up ballooning well into the realms of supersizedom, but in its fundamental form, the goal of the id was to acquire a mate for me that was suffering from 'virgin gain' and take it from there.

It must be taken into account that the id and ego were constantly at war. I knew that if I didn't end up with a thin woman I would never be able to take the relationship seriously; after all, the original determining attraction to the woman in question would be based purely on the physical. On the other hand, if I didn't get with a woman who was leaning towards large, I would never really attain sexual satisfaction, as I would always be pining away after those girls who were, as my mother most delicately put it, 'of larger carriage.'

It was during the fall of my sophomore year of college that our story really takes off. This was a most depressing set of times for me, as due to several conflicting sets of circumstances (the largest of which being the fact I was, and am to this day, a total straight edger - i.e. no drinking, smoking, drug use), I really had no friends. This wasn't to say that I was totally alone; I did, after all, have a very generous assortment of friends in the realm of cyber-space . . . However, it could be said that I was quite lonely and looking for support in the form of a partner. Since I had come to college a year prior the id had won out in nearly every romantic circumstance I had (rarely) experienced, and I had 'landed' three women over the generous weight of 200lbs. However, all of these little adventures into the realm of sexual satisfaction had been purely superficial - there was a lot of 'I love you' going on during the sex, a few erotic phone calls, a couple of very expensive dates and a quick and really calm break up; not exactly intellectual fulfillment.

After my somewhat wild freshman year had ended, the ego had taken control, as my conscious self was frustrated at the current standing of things. I wanted emotional support, and while sexual gratification will definitely fill your nights with pleasure and help you to miss the next day's classes, it will not comfort you through your loneliness, nor engage you in fun, energetic debates. I had attempted to bond the id and the ego on several occasions, this resulting in dates with smart fat girls (there are plenty of them out there). The problem with these relationships usually lay within two spectrums. The woman in question was either all too keenly aware of her own size and its standing within society and was thus desperate to lose weight and make the mark she truly deserved, or she was out and out 'prude' ("I'm ugly, don't touch me," or the ever common-place, "I'm waiting for marriage."). For some reason I simply couldn't match the two urges together, so I had devised a plan. The key was to get with a thin girl, and then 'help' her to get fat.

It was a silly, ill-conceived plan, but it served to calm both sides of my brain down, as perhaps this new path would lend to the satisfaction of both parties. Finding an emotionally stable thin girl was no problem at all. They were (and are) all over the place and although they do occasionally gripe about being large, a phrase like 'I'm getting so fat' is easily translated into 'please shower me with praise and tell me how thin and beautiful I am.' No, the real conflict for me was finding a girl who was like me. Since I had temporarily shirked the 'fat' part of finding a 'smart fat girl,' I refined my definition of smart. The lady in question was to be clean (no drugs, no drinking, no smoking), intelligent (debates), pragmatic (debate does not = fight) and conservative (virgin). Such a strict regime of search definitions was hard to fulfill, but I was fully aware that my mother had fit these near exact search requirements about 30 years prior and that ladies like this did, in fact, exist.

I began my search in earnest and soon discovered a woman I believed to be the right one. I didn't know her personally; hell, I didn't even know her name, but from the outset, at least, she appeared a likely candidate. She was studious in my music arts class, yet a bit naughty in that she tended to read books that were not class material during some of the lectures. She was thin, attractive, didn't appear to smoke, and came to Friday classes (where I go to school, if you come in on a Friday morning to ANY class it rules out you being a heavy drinker of any sort at all). She was also incredibly shy, which was a plus for me, because I was (and am) too, and her lack of any 'crowd' of friends that followed her after class made an approach easy.

The broach into the realm of conversation was an easy one - music 191 was far from enrapturing, and one day after sitting a seat down from her I leaned over and made a little joke about the class.

"Jeez, and to think I could be doing long division right now. . . "

Dry? Stupid? Lame? Yeah, it was all of those, plus it could have been a huge blunder because I knew that there was always the slight chance this could be her major *shudder*.

I was relived to see her giggle a bit, and we began to pass notes back and forth. One might believe that the entire concept of note passing is something reserved to the annals of high school history, but I found on many occasions since coming to college that I had had to break out my old shorthand skills for just this sort of 'work.' After all, flirtation through notes is a lot easier then doing so verbally . . . perhaps it has to do with lessened risk, but who really knows.

Regardless, by the end of the class I was pretty sure I had her liking me and I was hopeful of sitting with her again next time. The next several classes went fairly well (I learned her name was Kara, she was a first semester poli/sci major and she really didn't like Gen Eds - such as the class we were currently attending). By the middle of the second week I began to gradually move the relationship out of the classroom. I offered to take Kara out for some coffee (disgusting stuff, really) after class one day and she graciously accepted.

I found the relationship thus far rather enjoyable, but the trip to the coffee shop was what really began the beauty of things. To start off, you can talk about stuff on a 'date' that you would never delve into while in class. For example, I soon found out that Kara's parents were divorced, her mother was quite fat and that Kara had a penchant for sweet things. This preference for fattening foods was proven when the little thing that she was (Kara was only 5'2 and, to my best guess, only a bit over the century mark) ordered no less than three blueberry muffins, which were all consumed by the time we parted ways.

Needless to say, my head was swimming on the way back to the dorms. Could it be that both the id and the ego were finally going to be satisfied? Just the idea of her small B cups and flat ass ballooning into healthier ranges was intriguing, but at the same time she had been a wonderful, outspoken conversationalist.

As the weeks passed we dated more and more. Well, it wasn't quite dating, as we never really broached on the topic of romance (well, maybe just lightly), but I had come to know from experience that with girls like Kara one had to play a waiting game, and play it well. I did, however, seem to give her an excuse to eat, as if doing so alone would have been some kind of a crime for her. The more I took her out on little talks, the more food she consumed, and by the time we went home for Thanksgiving break, I estimated by her tight clothing she had put on something in the neighborhood of 10 pounds. It was really just a softening of her form, though, and there was almost no evidence, as of yet, as to how she would carry any extra fat. Thankfully, she never seemed to get down on herself (at least around me) about her gain and she continued to eat unabated every time we went out.

After we got back from break, I finally decided to make some rather sweeping advances in the relationship. Firstly, it must be understood that, with the exception of my parents, I am an open FA. This means that eventually I have to tell the woman I'm with that I like girls big. The other change I was planning was to take the relationship to 'the next level,' going from 'good friends' to 'taken.'

I talk about things like this as if they were easy, but realistically such actions are extremely hard to pull off in any real sense. There are several ways one can go about making a woman yours. The first is to be quite honest and ask if they want to simply step up to the next level. While I had found my relationship with Kara thus far to be an extremely open one, I discovered fault with this first idea almost immediately. Kara had been raised in an extremely conservative manner - she was a 19-year-old virgin, she was a straight edger and she didn't party. While plusses, these were also deterrents to being very open about lust with her - a subtler path was required.

The other way to get a girl you already know to like you is to make her 'want it.' I was fairly certain that Kara had never really been a very sexually driven woman and that such an urge would have to be awakened within her. By doing so I would both be able to fulfill this new need with her and also share in the experience of helping her into sexuality.

I made my move after concluding that, in the least, Kara had some bisexual tendencies. I noticed more then once that she was staring absentmindedly at a pair of rather huge breasts as they bounced by our table and, should my assumptions prove true, discussion about girls' looks would be the perfect opportunity to get both of us hot. So it was on an early December day that we were sitting in our usually coffee house (I now almost exclusively ordered hot chocolate) and a chubby upperclassman with boobs bordering on E walked by our table and Kara instantly took notice. As the buxom beauty walked by, Kara's head turned and, after the woman was out of earshot, I spoke.

"So, do you think they're real?"

She turned back and looked a little surprised, but also seemed to have some idea of what I was talking about, an almost dreamy look still hanging in her green eyes like a light fog. "Her breasts?. . . umm. . . "

As I expected, she used this opportunity to turn again and look at the girl . . . I was less interested in my dates' voluptuous quarry then the ass that Kara displayed as she turned in her seat. She was now bordering on 20 pounds heavier then when we had met, and was in a weight range I would dub 'normal.'

My date, having taken another long, and clearly fulfilling look, turned back to me. . .

"I think they're real. . . but I'm not 100% sure. . . what do you think?"

A little offence in her court was unexpected but welcomed at this point. . . I took a little glance (I'd seen enough as she passed) and then spoke quickly to Kara, as to arouse suspicion.

"They're real," I said, taking a sip of my whip-cream covered drink.

Kara cocked an eyebrow, a feat she performed at least once a meal and always drove me wild.

"Well you seem pretty confident. . . what makes you so sure?" She asked playfully, taking a rather large bit of her fourth muffin.

I smirked, having been waiting for an opportunity to intrigue her with weight.

"She's chubby. . . maybe even fat." I took another drink. "She probably grew them first and then the hips and belly followed. In any case, they're real boobs."

For some reason, I think Kara had been hoping I would contradict her submission and say they were silicone. . . For a moment, an emotion of mixed disappointment and a wee bit of anger flashed over her face, then melted away. I was now quite sure she had wanted to debate breasts. . . however, I had a different tactic in mind that she would probably find equally fulfilling. . . but first I had to lead her into it.

"Why?. . . were you hoping I would say they were implants so you wouldn't have to believe that girls actually grow 'em that size naturally? Do I detect a smidgen of jealousy?"

Clearly this had not been what she had been expecting at all, and she quickly stuttered a response, making me all too keenly aware that even if she wasn't consciously aware of it (and thus that was why she believed I had misjudged her expression), I had actually hit the bulls-eye.

"N-no! It's nothing like that at all. . . " However, as she trailed off, her eyes wandered down to her own rather diminutive chest, a gesture which totally confirmed my actions thus far.

I smiled reassuringly at her. . .

"You know, if you want breasts like that, you could always gain some weight. . . I'm sure an over-active appetite was what got her those breasts. . . "

Kara looked affronted, but also curious.

"You seem to know an awful lot about fa - I mean, large girls. . . " she trailed off, scanning the room first before gesturing towards a 5'10 bombshell weighing somewhere in the area of 300lbs. "Do you think women like that are hot or something?"

I smiled knowingly at her and toyed with the subject to draw her curiosity out further. . . I was a master at playing this 'game' with fat girls, but I had never 'come out' as an FA with a thin girl before. . . I was interested to see her response.

"I have been known to date girls that large before. . . "

Kara really just looked shocked. It was quite obvious that she'd never even considered there might be guys out there that went after girls that were that 'huge' and 'obese,' the entire idea appeared foreign.

"W-wait. . . you're saying you'd go out with a girl that big? That you find her HOT?"

I took another glance even though I had already seen my fill (I've never really dug taller girls).

"Oh yes, of course. . . " I decided to pry a bit further into this subject and get a bit more personal. I gestured with my hand. "See the outline of her ass? - How it bulges out like a shelf in the back? That means she's got a really large, deep ass crack, and she probably has a lot more fun taking it up the back door."

Kara's jaw dropped, but she still took a long (longing?) look at the woman she had pointed out. I knew I had struck a chord within her though, because somewhere in the recesses of her mind her own dirty little id had been awakened, and was agreeing whole-heartedly with what I had just said.

"I've. . . well. . . I've never really though about fat girls that way. . . I guess. . . " she fumbled momentarily here as she struggled with the words. We were clearly plying waters that the ship of her vocabulary registered as uncharted. "I guess. . . I always thought fat got in the way when. . . umm. . . you know, people have. . . sex."

I almost laughed out loud at her reluctance towards speaking such a naughty word, but since she had not diverted the conversation away at all (in fact, quite to the contrary she appeared to be wanting me to talk about it more), I took it as a sign to continue.

"Oh heavens no. . . The fat acts as a stimulant if anything," I paused to sip my drink as Kara's eyes began to get foggy with the naughty sex clouds again.

"You see, every time you rock back and forth while having sex with a fat girl it sends a wave all across her body that is carried by those extra pounds. Sometimes that wave will emanate in a very non-erogenous region, but will end up splashing up against the pussy, or the ass crack. . . regardless, it makes each thrust all the more pleasurable for the girl. . . "

Kara's lower lip was trembling. I could almost see her melting under her clothes as I broke down wall after wall of subconscious blocking. It was clear that suddenly chastity, as well as being thin, wasn't looking so fun anymore.

"Y-you've. . . I mean you're sure about this?"

I reached out and touched her palm, finally making connection with her that clearly sent a jolt down her spine. . .

"Yup, fat girls get all the fun and enjoy sex more. . . "

She looked back at the fat girl again, Kara's own breathing now heavy.

Clearly, something in her mind had 'clicked' into place and suddenly, perhaps for the first time in her life, she was very, very aroused. The next thing she did really sealed the deal.

"So. . . umm. . . say if we were dating and I got. . . " She looked back at the girl. . . "Got. . . got really fat like. . . that - would you still want to. . . umm. . . " she hushed herself slightly. "Would you still want to have. . . sex with me?"

I gripped her hand just a little tighter.

"I would love to."

Fireworks, Gravity Bombs, Napalm, Nukes. . . whatever. Kara abruptly stood up and looked around nervously. She then took my hand and forced me out of the coffee shop. We probably made it about all of 30 feet before she spotted a small alleyway, dragged me in there and smacked me up against a wall. We were instantly kissing. It wasn't some half-assed, weak kissing either. . . Kara was more aroused then she'd ever been, probably then she had ever in her wildest dreams hoped to be. There was only an increase in the revolutions of her tongue around my mouth as my hands slipped into her pants and began to massage her small, yet newly rounded backside.

It took Kara about 15 or 20 minutes of this before she was sufficiently calm to let me breath again. She still clung to me as if I was a handrail on the Titanic, but clearly the impulse had passed. What was left was confusion, and what appeared to be a burning desire for more.

We parted ways only a few minutes later. Kara thanked me for a fantastic time and told me she had to go study. I was pretty sure she was going to go back to her room and look for pictures of naked fat girls on her computer before pleasuring herself, but I just smiled and asked her if we could meet again soon. She said we would have to tomorrow because she wanted more. That parting shot drove me wild, and gave me lots to think about on the long walk back to my dorm.

The next few weeks before Christmas were a flurry of id driven behavior: lust, sex and weight gain. A few days later (we had, up to this point, done everything but the actually dirty deed), I asked Kara if she was going to try and perk up her own body by putting on some weight. She looked a little shocked at first but replied.

"I've already experienced the freshman 15. . . I was thinking about doubling it, if you wouldn't mind." It was my turn for explosions and about an hour later we lay on my bed together both totally out of breath and, despite our nakedness, sweating profusely in the stuff confines that are modern dorm accommodations. We had sex on a daily basis after that, and as Kara grew (with a week to grow, er, go before Christmas she was up to a jiggly 148 lbs.) the sex just became all the more intense. She loved anal. Apparently all that talk about the fat woman's ass had lit a fire in her backside that just could not be quenched. . . the bigger her ass grew, the faster and more intense our backdoor passions became, until we were engaging in butt fucking more than any other position. Christmas break came and went all too slowly.

We talked on the phone and engaged in vocal sex fairly often, but both me and Kara agreed that it wasn't nearly as fulfilling the real thing (although comments like the one she made on the 5th of January "God, my ass just isn't the same without a dick in it" certainly kept me hard most of the day).

Through the telephone conversations I gotten to find out just what a 'butt-nut' Kara was becoming. For example, she was eating lots of gassy foods because, according to her, every time she farted the jiggling gave her an intense arousal. Additionally, she had been buying thong underwear exclusively because when she sat down it rubbed up into her crack and reminded her of my dick. We finally made it back to school on the 21st.

Apparently the season had been 'very good' to Kara, and she cooed and giggled as I played with her new 25lbs of extra joy. She confessed to me that she loved being big, and was desperate to grow larger faster. I would soon find out just how strong that urge was.

As it turned out, Kara had a friend in the chemistry building who was working on her final project. An avid liberal, the woman had apparently been trying to discover a cure for world hunger. Unlike her colleagues, this particular young scientist believed that the key to solving such problems was not increasing the food supplies, but making the people in question more durable during food shortages. Her solution was a formula designed to increase girth and supposedly help carry a person over during periods of extremely low food supplies. Kara found out about the stuff. . . and. . . Well, heh. . . she liked to pin me, a lot.

It was March at this point, and Kara was now bordering on 200lbs. Her body was exquisite. She had a thin, angelic face and very thin arms. Her rack, however, had inflated breathtakingly and she was now a full C cup, proudly approaching her first D bra. Her large belly (two rolls) flopped happily when she would walk, bouncing up and down over her fat pussy. Kara was, however, a 'big ass girl.' Her bottom defied gravity, and was what I would call a 'fat, thin ass.' This is to say that Kara's ass acted and looked like a thin girl's ass - one that was inflated to over 3 times its normal size. As her ass crack had deepened the anal sex had indeed become more intense, and I sensed that, although my id and ego had struck and sealed a hard bargain, the id appeared to have just a slight upper hand, as we spent a lot more free time fucking than talking.

Anyway, as I was saying, Kara like to pin me. She would roughly bang into me with her big ass and then back up against the wall, rubbing her fanny all over my crotch until I was stiff as a board. Sometime she would touch her soft pussy and bend over while releasing a little moan and ripping a soft, yet resonating fart that always made us both hugely horny. And it was during one of these times. . . on a Wednesday as I recall that she showed me the formula.

"I'm going to get so fat baby. . . you just wait 'till I drink this. . . I've seen it work on the lab rats. . . " She was looking ravenously hungry for both sex and the vial that she was holding in her right hand. . . "It makes them so fat. . . I - " she paused abruptly and moaned loudly and began to furiously stoke her crotch. . . a loud 'Ppppphhhhhhhhhh' could be heard as my sweetie released a little pressure in her huge ass.

"Oooohhhhmmmmmmm. . . I. . . oh. . . Mmmm. . . can't wait to get bigger and softer. . . I hope it'll make me fart more."

I was about to lift up her shirt and play with her breasts until she stopped me.

"No sweetie. . . I want to bust out of these. . . " she smiled and took the vial. It was about quart sized and shaped, oddly enough, like a bottom-heavy woman. The room smelled heavily of her dripping pussy and her gaseous releases. . . we both knew the mood was ripe for her expansion.

She cupped the vial in her lips, gave me a sweet, lusty smile, and then drank several swallows. As she drank she farted again and moaned slightly, causing her to gargle a bit on the concoction before setting over half of the container down on a dresser next to the bed.

"Feel anything sweetie?" I was hotter than I had ever been, but was worried that this stuff had never been tested before. . .

"No I. . . UuuuhhhhOooohhhhhh. . . !!" Kara grabbed her tummy and bent over, causing her heavy boobs to bounce wildly. As I reached out for her I looked down and realized that seams on my big girl's already tight pants were stretching - her ass really was growing. She stood up straight and began to moan again. I could tell she was slipping into a carnal mood as she expanded. . . the time for words was long past and she moaned louder as she stroked her pussy, her soft cunt also expanding even as she touched it. It was strange for my baby, but her shirt was the first to go. Her breasts took a large portion of the first few minutes of expansion, and her inflating nipples (now about diameter of quarters) blew outwards followed by her now melon sized (and expanding fast) boobs. She moaned louder and louder as her shirt grew tighter until she arched her back and the seams on both sides of her top split downwards, her bra exploding off of her as breasts the size of bowling balls suddenly found themselves free to expand further. Eyes still closed and caught up in a fury of pleasure (she hadn't stopped moaning since she drank the stuff. . . ) her hands stayed briefly on her boobs before moving down to her fat, big, huge ass.

"Oohhh. . . Ohhh!! Mmmm. . . here it comes baby oh here it comes!" She began to swing her hips back and forth, banging her softening rear more and more forcefully into me. . . I quickly used this little window to remove my clothing, destroying my button down shirt in the fervor. . .

"Mmmm! Mmmm! Here it comes!" and with these words she let off a huge moan as a tremendous fart rocked the room and her pants and panties simultaneously exploded off of her.

The gain continued, and I had to guess my woman was quickly approaching 300, her huge ass cheeks bobbing against one another as they grew like a pair of twin seas. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her now golf ball sized nipples and slid her ass onto my dick. . . I felt a slight jiggle as she did it, and a loud moan showed she had eased a bit more tensions by letting a little 'air' out. She looked back at me and we kissed again. . . I reached down and took the bottle, placing it to her lips and urging her to drink more.

She swallowed all the rest and moaned again, another small fart squeaking out. Although we were unsure of how large the first done would make her, both of us knew we didn't want it to stop anytime soon. As I caressed her breasts and she rocked back and forth, sliding my member gradually deeper and deeper into her now supersize ass she began to moan louder and louder. . .

"Mmmm. . . So you like me having a big ass baby? MmmmMmmmm. . . Oh yeah, do you like that? I bet you like it when I fart. . . Oohhh. . . MmmmmmMMMMm! OH YEAH. . . YOU LIKE MY ASS GETTING FATTER, DON'T YOU, DON'T YOU?" She was yelling loudly now and her ass was rocking faster and faster, it was all I could to keep up with a woman who was now well over 400lbs and inflating faster and fast. . . "Mmmm! MmMMM! Oh baby yeah!! Tell me you like it big, tell me you want it fatter!" she moaned.

"I want it bigger!" I cried out. . .

"Dammit you're too fucking quiet baBY. . . mMMM. . . OH GOD! TELL ME YOU WANT IT FATTER! TELLL ME YOU WANT ME HUGE!"

"Oh! I want you FATTER! AND BIGGER!" I yelled.

"Louder, louder!" Her ass was now as wide as the bed and getting bigger by the moment. I fought hard to push my torso far enough into her crack enough to reach her hole. . . it was growing more difficult by the second.


But I couldn't respond, because at that moment we both climaxed and the room rumbled as she released a tremendous fart. We both collapsed onto the bed and after a few moments her gaining began to taper off. She was somewhere in the range of around 600lbs, and her still thin face and relatively small arms just made the rest of her giant form look all the more impressive. It turned out to be the most intense night we had to date, and things only got better after that.

Well, it was a bit hard to explain to Kara's mom why her daughter was now twice her own size, but we had Kara's scientifically minded friend come up with several fake documents that stated that my girl had come down with a strange disease, causing her to put on unbelievable amounts of weight in a very short time. This excuse seemed to fly and after a few weeks, accept for getting used to Kara's new size, things seemed to go back to 'normal' for us. Kara is still fairly mobile; although we spend more nights back at the room then out on the town because we want to spend our free time in bed.

I can't really explain how I let the id win out, but the ego appears to be totally subdued. I think the near constant fulfillment kind of won out in the end, and thanks to my SSSBBW girlfriend, the conflict appears to be over.