Weight Room Title Bar

By Michelle

Part One

Sandy was excited. Today was the day her boyfriend was going to take her out shopping. She hadn't been shopping in a while, and although worried that she may have gained a pound or two, she didn't think that she weighed too much more than the last time they'd gone. After all, her size 18 clothes (mostly spandex) were stretched to their limits, but she couldn't have gained that much. At 5'4'' any weight she did put on went right to her belly and ass. Secretly, she loved the soft rolls and folds that were appearing on her growing body. She derived an erotic pleasure from them, but didn't understand why she felt this way, she just did. In some of her fantasies, she saw herself bigger, much bigger and the thought of that excited her wildly. Momentarily, she was lost in the fantasy, until the phone jolted her out of her daydream.

Her boyfriend Jim had called to say he was on his way, and he had a present for her but wouldn't elaborate on exactly what it was. The tone in his voice was playful and secretive at the same time. What was he up to now? A few minutes later the doorbell rang and she almost ran to answer it.

Standing at the door was Jim, with a beautifully wrapped present. “You shouldn't have, but I'm glad you did, what's this for?” asked Sandy. He told her that she should open it now. Sandy sat down and started unwrapping the present. When she opened it, she realized that it was a bathing suit, a bikini to boot! Quickly checking the size she realized it was much too small (size 16) and wondered what he was thinking, all the time wondering how she would tell him it was much too small. “Damn, I haven't worn a 16 in a year.” He must have realized her predicament, smiling he said, “Why don't you go try it on for me?” she paused for a moment, took the box and hesitantly and started off to the bedroom. “Try it on for me right here, in front of me.” Feeling a strange surge of excitement, Sandy agreed and started stripping her clothes off.

Standing there naked in front of Jim, she bent down to put the “bottoms” on. One leg, then two. When she had gotten it past her knees, the task became increasing more difficult. She looked at Jim and he realized that he was enjoying this fashion show. Just when Sandy told him that she didn't think she could move it another inch, it finally slipped over her growing belly. Impossibly tight, with soft, protruding flesh resting below the leg holes. Jim grinned.

“They're too small; I need a bigger size,” said Sandy.

“No,” said Jim “They're just right; come over here and I'll show you.”

Sandy waddled over to Jim and he adjusted the impossibly tight fitting suit and nudged it down so it rested under her growing belly. Her belly came hanging down in front of the bathing suit bottoms. Momentarily aroused, Sandy said, “These are too small.” It was then that she realized that Jim too, has lusted over her growing girth. “No, they're just right; now try the top.” Sandy had always had large breasts, but with her increasing size they had grown as well and any attempt to get that top on was futile. He pulled her towards him and started rubbing her fat belly. “Let's go out to lunch at the buffet and talk,” said Jim. Sandy, feeling incredibly turned on by all of this quickly agreed.

Their discussion at the restaurant centered on Sandy's recent weight gain. Jim commented that he thought she had never looked sexier. It aroused Sandy so much, that by the time she noticed; she had polished off four large plates of food. When Jim suggested dessert, Sandy didn't think she could swallow another bite. He must have sensed this because he told her how proud of her he'd be if she just finishes the dessert he was going to make her. She unsnapped the top of her pants and with a grin, and told him “Bring it on!”

On their way to the mall Jim mentioned that it might be a good idea to buy the clothes a little big, so that if she gained anymore, those clothes would hold her until their 'next' shopping trip. This made sense to Sandy since she had secretly wondered what a few more extra pounds would look like on her. Unbeknownst to her, Jim had wondered the same and wanted to do everything possible to see those luscious pounds on her beautiful body. She said, “I don't even know what size I am now.” Remembering the size 16 bathing suit, and her struggle to even get it past her thighs he hoped she was close to a size 20 - after all - he could dream, couldn't he?

At the first store, she had gone to the 'Juniors department' and had quickly found she was having the same trouble getting into a size 18 clothes as she did the bikini Jim had given her earlier, so it was off to the 'Women's department.' This was clearly progress, Jim thought. Sandy did as well, but kept it to herself. All of those spandex clothes Jim had given her at Christmas had allowed her to grow bigger and bigger without really even noticing it. The size 20's were actually tight, and they laughed about it as he brought her the size 22's. It turned out they were the perfect fit, so she got one or two items in that size, and bought the most of her clothes in a size 24.

The sexual tension on the way home in the car was incredible. Once home, Jim said he had a proposition for Sandy and she was more than willing to listen. He explained to her that he found fat women incredibly sensuous and had been watching her expanding body with admiration. Sandy mentioned to him that her orgasms had increased in intensity with every pound she gained.

The proposition was this: They would agree on a certain weight gain - a goal - so to speak. She would sign a contract to gain a certain amount. Not a great deal, because there would be 'penalties' if she lost any pounds. “It sounds interesting, go on,” said Sandy. Another part of this 'contract' left Jim in control of the scale, he would be weighing her and telling her if she had gained or lost. She still seemed intrigued, so he went on. They agreed to set the goal at 20 pounds, but Sandy thought it sounded a bit on the low side, she would have agreed to 30, maybe more, but Jim said, “I haven't told you about the penalties yet.” He explained that since he was in charge of the scale, and this was a contract to GAIN weight, that there would be a penalty to pay for each pound lost. She thought for a moment, ”How will I know if I've lost weight, if you're in charge of the scale?” “You'll just have to trust me,” answered Jim. She was more than willing to trust him, and readily agreed. At this point she was so turned on, she would have probably agreed to gain a lot more, but the penalties he talked about intrigued her, so she asked him to go on. “What about these penalties you keep talking about?” He continued, “If you lose a pound, there will be 'penalty pounds' to pay.” “Pounds...as in pleural...pounds?” Sandy asked, hoping that's what he meant, now so thoroughly engrossed and aroused by this “contract” idea that she felt herself getting wet, she would have agreed to anything at this point. He said, “Let's talk about these penalty pounds, honey. One pound wouldn't be any kind of penalty; you'd just be gaining back the pound you lost. Two pounds, not really much of a penalty either, you'd just be gaining back the one you lost, plus one. Three pounds is a good penalty number. You would gain back the one you lost; plus two - now that's more of a penalty. So the 'fine' for losing a pound, is to gain three.” He knew that she had agreed to 20 pounds, but personally, he wanted to keep her in the hole for a while. He wanted to see 50 more pounds on her scrumptious body more than anything in the world.

Sandy, who'd been fantasizing about gaining more weight said, “Where do I sign?”

Right here and he pulled out a contract he'd drawn-up on his computer. It was exactly what they'd agreed upon and she quickly got a pen out and signed it. Now it was time for her first weigh-in, Sandy knew that her scale was old and inaccurate, but Jim had thought of everything. He quickly ran outside to his car and brought in a brand new scale, and a satin blindfold. “I thought we might need this - your old scale only goes up to 300 pounds!” He tied on the blindfold and she stepped onto the scale. The scale topped out at 222 pounds. “Just the beginning,” he said softly, wondering how much more beautiful she would be with every increasing pound.

The rest of the evening was the most erotic night either of them had ever spent. Both naked in the hot tub, he rubbed and kneaded her hanging belly and breasts, grabbed ample handfuls of soft flesh from her ass and thighs, imagining how the incredibly erogenous area was about to grow. They went inside and she got on her hands and knees. Sandy wanted him so bad at this point she was wild with desire, moving her ample ass higher in the air. But it still wasn't time, thought Jim. As he watched her ass grind and move, he noticed how her belly hung down between her thighs, halfway down to her knees. He reached under and played awhile and could stand it no more. He entered her from behind. She was so wet and soft. While driving himself into her, he reached down and playfully rubbed her fat. It jiggled and shook with each plunge into her. They both exploded into orgasm, which both agreed were most intense experiences either had ever had.

They lay there a few minutes, catching their breath, when Sandy told him how hungry she was. All of that exercise had made her ravenous. She had gone grocery shopping earlier, and had bought plenty of 'goodies.' Jim told her to wait in bed, that he'd be right back. He returned with an entire plate of Twinkies, cookies and a piece of cake that covered half the plate. This would be the first time he would feed her. As she laid naked in bed, he slowly feed her all of the goodies, only to get up and restock the plate after half the treats were gone. They were both amazed that she finished off every bite.

As they fell asleep that night, and they talked about her weigh-in tomorrow and Sandy secretly hoped that he's tell her she'd lost weight, so she could increase the 20 pounds she had agreed to gain. He would be one step ahead, knowing that all those “penalty” pounds were going to add-up.