Weight Room Title Bar

By D square

Most of my close friends call me Rich. My whole name is not important. Not to be arrogant, but I am the guy everyone wants to be around. Being the life of a party has always come natural to me. Getting people to want to be around me has always been my stock and trade, but that isn't what this is about. This is about my conversion to the true me. A friend of mine, Andre, helped me look at myself differently and I don't even think he realized how much.

We graduated a year a part from the same University. I graduated first, and went on to be a business contract specialist. He graduated the following year and got married to this plump law student. Don't get me wrong she was very nice looking and intelligent as well, but definitely not the kind of girl I would be seen with. I gave him all kinds of friendly grief about it (if you can call it friendly). He never flinched once. He told me, “real women have real curves,” and when he discovered that, he said he has had nothing but happiness ever since.

“Yeah, right, but to each his own,” I told him. (For details see: Encounter - Part Two)

Okay, jumping forward about five years. I have been in and out of relationships with some of the hottest bombshells on the east coast. Good sex and all the wildest things along with it, but it was always an empty experience in the end. Either, I would get bored and cheat or I would get sick of her and find some half-ass reason to breakup.

I would hear about Andre's happiness and wonder what I was missing. Then I saw HER at a fundraiser in Vegas. OH MY GOD. She was absolutely magnetic. She was the complete opposite of my usual taste in women. She was three years older than me. Me being 5'11”, she, in heals, was two inches taller than me and was easily 100+ pounds heavier.

Ten years ago I would have ripped apart anyone who even put us in the same room, but I could not take my eyes off her from the first time I saw her. I was taken completely off guard. I had to know who she was, but how? Then fate stepped in. I saw Andre, my old college friend and now co-worker, sitting at the table as she and her friends hurried away. I sat down and we got reacquainted, seeing how we haven't seen each other since I'd negotiated the contract for his research project over six months ago.

I asked him about the ladies, specifically about the tall one. He knew me well enough to know that she was way out of my character. I confess, he was right, but I wanted to know her, and I couldn't understand why. He sat back crossed his arms, trying to figure out my angle. Seeing the questions on his face I told him I was not up to anything. I just wanted to understand why I was drawn to that woman. After some persuasion, he relented with a statement that rang more truth than I could have imagined. He told me I was not prepared to handle “a real women.” I don't blame him for thinking this is one of my schemes, but I continued to reassure him I was only interested in meeting her. Reluctantly, Andre agreed to introduce me to “Cathy.”

At the end of the ceremony, Cathy and her friend came back to the table, and Andre did the introductions. Cathy met me with very well spoken French. I replied in kind, which looked to get her attention. Andre and I got to spend the afternoon with Cathy and her friend Carol. To keep things going in the right direction, I suggested we all go enjoy the Vegas nightlife, see a show, gamble, the usual. Cathy was very excited and said they needed to get cleaned up and changed.

A few hours later, I met Andre in the lobby, and we did some more catching up. He confessed to me that his wife was divorcing him and told me her reasons why. Looking at the situation from my new point of view I just responded flatly, “Her loss.” He just smiled and said he hoped so, as if he wasn't sure.

I started to tell him what was going on with me, because I could see there were still some questions in his mind, but the elevator door opened and two devastating BBW stepped into the lobby. We all exchanged pleasantries and started discussing what we were going to do next. We settled on a stage show at Caesar's Palace.

Cathy said she needed to go to the reservation desk. I made eye contact with Andre, and he just shrugged. I smiled and followed her in the direction of the desk where she ordered a limo. She said this was her first time in Vegas, and she had every intention of enjoying every minute of it, as she smiled slyly at me. I just said it would be my pleasure to make sure she had a night to remember, hoping the statement played as well this time as it had in the past. She just smiled at my attempt to be GQ.

We rejoined Andre and Carol only to see them just standing there looking at each other as if they had seen a ghost. Before Cathy or I can ask, Carol told us to go ahead without them because Andre was going to help her take care of something that just came up. Cathy suspiciously responded, “Are you sure?” Then, she told her she had her cell if she needed anything. Andre just nodded his head blankly as he turned to follow her to the elevator. Cathy quickly changed the mood of the situation by saying this was not going to stop her from having a good time. Not missing a beat, she headed for the lobby entrance where a limo would meet us.

I was awestruck at how shapely she was. Her height distributed her weight perfectly. As she strode her imposing frame through the lobby, I could not help but admire the womanly dimensions perched atop the 3-inch heels. I just admired the balancing act. The well-defined calves lead right up to the tremendous thighs. From my view point I could see the material of her dress hugged her every curve from her meaty thigh to her abundantly round rear. Her outfit was well-tailored to caress her hips and accentuate her well-rounded figure. I could only think about her blouse working very hard to contain the soft flesh of her chest and tummy. I couldn't understand why I had never noticed these types of dimensions until now.

Pushing the thought aside, I hurried to catch up, as the doorman helped her into the back of a long roomy limousine. I tipped him and joined her in the back seat. We sat in awkward silence for a few minutes. I could not believe it. I was at a loss for words around her. Then she asked me about Andre. I told her a little about our history, then told her he was a good guy and I was proud he was a friend, because I would have never thought about a women like her had it not been for him. I saw on her face that I'd said too much. Because her next question was: “A women like me? What do you mean?” Sitting so I could see her soft body pressed into leather seats, my brain couldn't give her one of my patented recovery. My mind couldn't come up with a snappy comeback because it was still processing all voluptuous curves.

Resolute, she clearly wasn't going to let me off that easy and she pressed on with her inquiry. Cornered, I confessed the truth to her. She smiled and said, “At least you were honest. I can respect you for that.”

“Okay, shall I have the driver take you back to the hotel?”

“No, because you have some making up to do.”

“What?” I replied.

She continued that I had almost ruined the fun night she had planned, so now I had to make it up to her.

“What do I have to do?”

A sly look came to her face. Smiling, she closed her eyes, as if contemplating her answer. Then she opened them and said, “It seems all of your past girlfriends had more hair than brains. Am I right?”

Insulted, I just sat there thinking, I had never heard it put like that, but I couldn't really argue with that fact.

Without waiting for a reply, she continued, “So you have never had a real woman with real curves?”

My brain final caught up, and I told her that was the same thing Andre had told me, as the statement echoed in my mind.

“Smart man,” she said. “So that makes you a BBW virgin.”

I guess so…My works trailed out as the smile on her plump face got even bigger. She pulled two crisp 100-dollar bills out of her purse and moved forward to the seat closest to the driver. She handed them to him and told him to never mind our original destination and to just drive around the city until she told him otherwise and not to interrupt us unless the car was on fire. “If you can do that,” she said, “there will be another three bills when we get back to the hotel.” The privacy window went up without a word, and she made her way back to where she was originally sitting.

I don't consider myself shy by any means, but this woman made me feel like a schoolboy with a crush on his teacher. She possessed sexuality like it was commodity only a fortunate few could hope to afford. I was caught in her seductive gaze. I would do what ever it took to make amends and I had no idea why she had this effect on me. I was used to control, and with her I had none. I thought I could turn things back in my favor by asking what she was thinking. She sat there saying nothing. I opened my mouth to continue. and she slowly shook her head, stopping my small talk cold.

“I am not the woman you expected, and now you have lost your perceived control of the situation. So there is no need to fight it.”

Her statement came out very rhetorical, as if she saw my thoughts like they were on one of the neon sign we could see through the tinted windows. I had no response. She continued, “You have objectified women because you had no idea how to handle a real one. This evening is going to be a lesson you will never forgot.”

I was dumbfounded and intrigued all at the same time.

She said, “Unzip your pants and show me what I have to work with.” I hesitated, but the look on her face was direct. She was not joking. I leaned back in the seat and complied. She passively acknowledged my actions. Then she continued her deconstructing my character. “You may fancy yourself a ladies' man,” she said, “but you have never handled anything more than a handful of girl and never a full-blown women like myself.” I could do nothing more than just nod. “You have never tangled with a woman with meat on her bones. You don't know how it feels to hold onto a woman with a little extra,” she said as she opened her blouse. "This is a full size rack and I am proud of it! These babies are firm and heavy, and they give me so much pleasure."

Running her hands over her roundness, she stopped at the topic of conversation and squeezed her nipples through the lace of her bra. She smiled, as I almost instantly became erect at the sight of her actions. All I knew at this point was that I was way over my head…and I liked it. I realized my own erection and searched her eyes for approval.

She said, “It looks like I have your undivided attention.”

I smiled like a kid who had just been praised for his first good grade. She told me to undress. I hurriedly complied and moved toward her. She stopped me before I could even get past my heap of clothes on the limo floor.

“Sit down.”

A little bit dejected, I did as I was told. She said I must learn, when it comes to BBW, there is no such thing as a quickie - so put that thought out of my head.

“You have never taken the time to learn how to really satisfy a real woman,” she said. “Tonight, I am your teacher and you will do as your told. If you fail this test, you will never get a chance to touch me again.”

I just sat there, eagerly waiting for my next instruction. Any hint of machismo I had was quickly sapped from me and replaced by bewildered ignorance. I had no idea how the rotund lady could have completely seduced me, and she hadn't even undressed.

She unzipped her dress, took it off, neatly folded it and placed it on top of her neatly folded blouse. Her full form was amazing, highlighted in the mildly lit back seat of the limo. I wanted to move closer to get my eyes around every cress and curve, but I didn't dare move for fear that I would upset Cathy's lesson. The thigh high stockings gleamed in the dim neon glow and my heavy breathing became very clear. I had no idea how long I was breathing that deep. I just knew the anticipation was getting the better of me.

After she pulled off her matching panties, she leaned back, spread her hefty thighs and let me see the large bulge of her mound covered with fine curly hair. My mouth fell open as the mass of female loin came into view. Using her finger, she called me over. I sprang to my feet forgetting I was in the limo and my head banged on the roof, and then I fell to me knees. She didn't flinch or worry about the pain in my skull. She just shook her head and said that is where I should have been in the first place. I regained my sense to realize I was now on all fours. She beckoned me closer, and I crawled to her. She made sure I did not stop moving until I was right between her copious legs.

With an evil smirk on her face, she took both of her hands and rammed my head between her legs, accurately placing my mouth directly into her fleshy crotch, stunning me into submission. The aroma wafting from her, and the hint of vanilla was intoxicating. As each moment passed, my struggling waned because my will to resist her was nonexistent at that point. In fact, in only a matter of minutes, I was pressing my face hard into her warmth on my own volition.

“Ohhhhhhh yessssssss,” she sighed as I eagerly buried my tongue in her big fat hair pie, “that's my good little boy, show your teacher you understand what she is teaching you!”

My mind was spinning out of control as I bored in on her overheated womanhood, and it occurred to me that I couldn't remember ever being this turned on in my entire life, and by a plumper no less. How could I have been so blind? I lost time - or it just became unimportant at that point. My mind gave no heed to my own gratification. All I could think about was pleasing her, making amends for all the BBWs I looked past in my quest to deny myself the experience of a real women. I could barely breathe. She was smothering me with her thighs, and I wanted more.

By now, I was covered in mixture of her and my own sweat, and I had no desire of stopping. The need to pleasure her had consumed me. As the sexual tension caused by my continuous attack welled up inside of her, her legs buckled slightly as an orgasm of crushing proportions slammed into her like a freight train hitting a stalled car on the tracks, as if was pulverizing her clitoris. The feeling of satisfaction I garnered from pleasing her overwhelmed me. I was still on the floor of the limo, stunned by the turn of events, and with my eyes glassy I wiped the licked juice from my face. I tried focusing on the huge woman who had just dominated me into submission.

As she slowly recovered her senses, she said, “I hope you don't think we're done? You have much more to learn about pleasing a real woman.”

I looked at her with the look of a kid on Xmas eve. She reached out and grabbed my hardness. She used it to guide me to the opposite seat. She knelt and gave me oral pleasure the like of which I had never had. When I thought it was going to end, she would give my balls a squeeze. The pain would make me lucid just long enough for her to start the process over again. I was so overcome with delight, I could not focus on anything but her. When she was satisfied, she gave me one last squeeze then she backed away from me. And allowed me just an instant to recover.

Without warning, she threw herself on me, impaling herself on my throbbing erection. Her dexterity was another detail that completely surprised me. She rode me with intoxicating abandon. The intensity increased slowly at first, then as the sexual frenzy over took us, the ferocity of her thrust on to my shaft became mind blowing. I felt her weight bare down on me with each plunge, and I just wanted more. Sweat poured off her breasts and fell on my chest. I reached up, still overwhelmed by the vision of her hefty mammary swaying in front of my face. I grabbed one and wrestled it into my mouth. It was all she needed. I felt her nails in my shoulder as she gratified herself on my manhood. She enunciated her delight as she bucked on my lap. The unsuspecting energy she possessed was unbelievable. She maintained her furious pace as if her life depended on it. I was determined to give her the pleasure she demanded of me, but I had no idea the depth of her passion. The feverish encounter crested a point where our bodies responded to each other without thought. At that point, the pleasure of her voluptuous body overtook me. When I could take it no more, the climax struck my body, and it was met wave for wave by hers.

Even though she was completely enthralled in her orgasm, she still maintained command of me. She gazed down at me and smiled. She told me I was a very apt pupil. This compliment warmed my being more that I could understand. All I knew was I longed for her approval and I would do anything she asked to keep it. Before my conscious mind could catch up, I proclaimed that I was converted, and I wished to remain under her tutelage for as long as she would have me.

She just smiled and said, “I know you do. And, while we're in Vegas, you WILL...”