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The Couple
by Ian Harvie

I had already taken care of my first order of business for the day. Being in sales and owning a small manufacturing company most of my time was mine. I have a morning routine, I set up my appointments for the day, then I always go to the Dixie Donut Delite for my late breakfast. Usually I go to the drive-in window, but today the line was long so I went inside. It must have been my lucky day. After I got my order, I set down to eat my cinnamon roll, drink my Coke and read the morning paper. I looked around the shop after finishing the paper, then I saw her sitting there. She was beautiful, her hair was dark brown, her complexion was tanned.

But, what caught my eye was not her hair or her complexion, it was her body and I do mean body. She was probably the largest person that I had ever seen. As she was eating from a plastic bag of day old donuts her quadrupled chin was rippling every time it slapped against her massive neck. I stared at her, I couldn't help it, I had always been fascinated by large people, they turned me on. As my eyes trailed down her neck, the most beautiful sight I had ever seen filled my view. Her breast, they had a life of their own, I guess they should have, they probably each weighed as much as a sack of bakery flour. They were huge, she had them resting on the table and they covered at least 3/4 of it. Each time she moved her arms her breast would undulate all over the table top, kind of like half filled water balloons, only these weren't balloons, these were like bean bag chairs.

Then I noticed the most incredible sight ever, her stomach, it was under the table. She was wearing a loose fitting dress, I'm sure it took many yards of material to make her dress and a very patient seamstress. As I was saying her stomach was a sight that I will never forget. The apron of it appeared to be resting on the floor between her spread out ankles. There she was the girl of my dreams. Now I would have to figure out how to approach her. I held the newspaper up to hide my eyes, so she wouldn't catch me starring at her. Then I finally gained courage to look around the paper again and she was gone! My heart sunk, My eyes darted around the room, no luck she had left the donut shop. I cussed under my breath picked up the newspaper and left. I turned left out of the parking lot and drove about a half a block and then turned right by the city park. It was there that I noticed a van pulled to the curb with a flat tire. As I always do when I see someone in trouble, I guess it is my southern upbringing, I stopped to help. This is one time that I truly glad that I stopped. I walked to the drivers side and looked in the window. It was the lady from the donut shop. I couldn't believe it, I lost my breath for a moment, I was looking down the deepest cleavage in East Texas. "Ma'am, can I help you?" I stuttered. I have never stuttered in my life, but all of a sudden, I could not help myself.

She answered in a sweet Texas drawl, "Whacha starring at honey?" My eyes were forced back to her face. It was the first time that I had noticed how beautiful they were. She was truly beautiful. "Nothing ma'am," I lied, and she knew it. She said, "Go ahead and look, it doesn't bother me at all, in fact I enjoy it." I took one more quick look, then I looked back at her face. "Hello, again," I said. "I stopped to see if I could help you with your flat tire." "Is that what's the matter with this van, I thought that I had broken the axle again." The agency that I volunteer for would probably fire me if I did that one more time." Then she added, "but, I don't think you can fire a volunteer. Can you?"

"I really don't know if you can or not." I said.

"Can or not, what?" She said.

"Fire volunteers." I said.

"Oh, let me introduce myself, I'm Gloria, Gloria Keller." She said.

"I'm Al Bennett," I told her.

I noticed that I wasn't stuttering any longer, thank goodness for small favors, and I was more comfortable being around this marvelous woman. "I should be able to change the tire on your van, do you know where the jack is?" She had a puzzled look on her face, then she said, "This is not my van, it belongs to the food bank, but I believe there is an owners manual in the glove compartment". She found it and we figured out that the jack was under the hood next to the radiator. It took me about ten minutes to change the tire. Gloria was so happy she called me over to the window and handed me a slip of paper, I looked and it was a twenty dollar bill. I told her that I could not take any money from her and that it was just a pleasure to be able to help her. She told me if she couldn't pay me to come over that evening for some southern style cookin'. I told her that that sounded like a deal to me, she gave me her address and we traded phone numbers and made a date for 7:00 that evening. It was 10:00 am Friday morning and I had to wait until 7:00 pm Friday night to get to know this fascinating woman.

The day seem to last a month. I made all my sales calls, and could not keep my mind on my work all day. I got in about 4:30 and thought about what I could get to take to Gloria for a gift, I wanted this relationship to last. I had had plenty of girl friends in the past and they were ok, but never had any had this effect on me. They were all well proportioned girls and they were all rather large in the bust department. I couldn't help it I always looked at a woman's breast first. I thought if that attracted me then the rest would work out, It hadn't yet. I decided to pick up an apple pie and half gallon of Blue Bell Natural Vanilla, the kind with the vanilla beans visible to the naked eye. I arrived at Gloria's at 6:45 so I decided to wait in the car for about ten minutes and the go to the door. I was surprised at the type home it was, It was a ranch style and fairly big. I walked up to the front door and rung the door bell. "Yes," came the voice from the intercom box on the wall, "can I help you" "Gloria, It's me, Al." "I thought you would never get here," said Gloria, "let me give you the code for the front door lock I'm putting on something more comfortable, and I can't make it up there right now. Just punch these numbers into the lock 7,6,2,9 and the lock should click then you can open the door."

I did as she said, and the door opened. I went in the living room to the right of the entry hall and stood there for about 2 seconds and heard someone walking down the hall. I turned around and there she was about 10 feet from the living room. The hall way was about five feet wide and she was bumping the sides as she walked toward me. That sight had an interesting effect on me, I have never gotten hard from watching someone walk before, but Gloria was doing it to me. She had put on an evening gown and it was stretched to the limit.

The seams were starting to giveaway and the low cut top was having a hard time containing the vast amount of flesh that rippled with each step she took. By the time that she had reached the living room I had a raging hard on, and I could only conceal it by holding the grocery bag with the ice cream in front of my pants. In the other hand I was holding the apple pie, so I was in a real predicament. She walked over to me and completely blocked out the view of the room, which was fine with me. "Did you bring me a surprise?" She asked. "Yes, an apple pie for desert and a half gallon of Blue Bell Vanilla." Was my reply. "Good, I just love hot apple pie covered with vanilla ice cream." "I thought you said you were putting on something that was more comfortable, That dress you are wearing is making me real uncomfortable." I remarked. She Looked down at my pants and said, "I see what you mean, do you want me to change to something less revealing?" "No," I blurted, "I mean what ever makes you feel good." "If you can stand it, so can I." Was her remark, "follow me." As I walked behind her, I watched her move with grace that I thought would be impossible of a person of her size. I followed Gloria to the dining room and she asked me to set next to her seat. There were only four chairs, but they were all rather wide. The captains chairs, there were two, one at both ends of the table, were like sofas, about six feet wide. The two other chairs were approximately five feet wide, but did not have arms.

Gloria asked me to sit in one of the captain chairs, I did, I noticed that I had at least two feet on both sides left free. When Gloria set down in the chair next to me I heard a noticeable creaking of the wooden legs in the joints of the chair She turned to me and said, "I hope your hungry, I'm starved." I replied, "I'm hungry, in fact, I haven't eaten since this morning." "We'll have to take care of that." With that remark, she rang a small bell and a maid came from the kitchen and brought an appetizer. "Take Mr. Bennett's apple pie and ice cream to the kitchen, that's what we are having for desert, Martha." Gloria ordered. "But Ma'am, what about the....", Martha's voice trailed off. I noticed that Gloria was giving Martha a stern look. Then Martha responded "Yes Ma'am."

As Gloria and I had our appetizer she started telling me about herself. She told me of how she was thin when she was a school girl, but always had to watch her diet. How her parents had come from the old country, Alsace Lorraine. That she was of German heritage. I told her that my family too had migrated from that same area of the French/German border part of Europe. That I had been a very fat kid, but I lost weight when I had been in an automobile wreck during college and had to stay in the hospital for two weeks then I was in bed for nearly three months for recovery. I noticed that tears came to her eyes, when I had mentioned the car wreck, I told her that not to cry, I recovered nearly 100%. She told me that she was glad to know that I wasn't permanently disabled but that was a car wreck that had killed her husband about ten years ago. He had owned an insurance company and was doing very well. He was on his way to a meeting when someone had crossed the double yellow line and hit him head on. "Well, enough of that," She said, "Lets talk about something else. Did you say you were a fat kid." "Yes, but ..." I was stopped mid sentence when the maid rolled in the largest serving cart I had ever seen. It must of been from the restaurant supply house. It was covered with southern delicacies. To start off the maid set chicken fried steak on our platters, they must have been made with whole round steaks. Then beside our platters she sat a large serving bowl of home made mashed potatoes, two ears of sweet corn and a gravy boat. In the middle between Gloria and I set a large bread basket full of home made rolls and corn bread and then a couple of pounds of dairy rich butter set between each of us and the bread basket. I filled my platter with one serving each of the mashed potatoes and corn. I also got a roll and smeared a little butter on it. By the time that I finished eating what I had on my plate, I was stuffed. I looked over at Gloria just in time to see her cleaning her platter and refilling it. The she rang the bell again and Martha came out again with another chicken fried steak for the both of us. She took Gloria's to her first then brought me one. I told her that I just could eat another bite. Gloria turned her head and asked me if the food was bad? I told her no, I was just full. The she asked me a question that changed my life. "Don't you enjoy eating until you can hardly get in another bite." I had to think about that. I had always fantasized about a woman doing that, but never had put myself into there shoes. After about 30 seconds of not a word being said by either one of us I said, "I would if I could." She answered, "You can, I'll show you how." Sitting in front of her was a small bottle of pepper sauce, at least I thought it was pepper sauce, she picked it up an handed it to me and said, "Take this and sprinkle a few drops on your food." I did as I was instructed and took a bite. The pain from my stomach subsided quickly and the feeling of hunger was back. What is this stuff, "I asked her" holding up the bottle? "It is a potion that I came across in Africa about a year before my husband died, we were on a photographic safari when we came across a whole tribe of extremely obese natives. I noticed that my husbands reaction to the native women was much the same as yours when he saw the women of this tribe. They were huge..." I asked her if she minded if I ate while she talked, and she responded by ringing the bell two times, and answering, "Of course not." Martha entered the room with more of all the foods that we had just eaten and four more steaks a piece.

"As I was saying," Gloria continued," The women of this tribe were even bigger than I am at my present weight of 575 pounds, but of course they would have been considering that they start their weight gaining as children. The young girls at about twelve years are given a special fibrous diet containing the plant that I have extracted this sauce from. They start gaining weight immediately.

We stayed there about a month as a guest of the chief to photograph this amazing sight. We thought National Geographic might want to use some of the photos, but the thought the whole thing was too bizarre. Most of the girls had reached nearly 600 pounds by their sixteenth birthday, they had developed breast that outsized mine and their butts were about six feet across. Of course most of them start having babies around this time and there breast would be larger because they would be bloated with milk." By now my head started spinning, because it sounded like heaven on earth to me.

Gloria continued, "I told you the effect that all this had on my husband. It really turned him on, the intensity of our love making had never been stronger, I knew it had to be the obese women of this tribe. The chief's wife turned him on the most, she had to weigh at least twelve hundred pounds. The chief had invited us to his hut for dinner with his wife. We didn't even know he had one the first week we were there, we had never seen her. We walked into the hut and were taken aback by the sight in front of us. She was sitting on a at the head of the table facing us her face was round and it melted into her neck. Her breast hung down and to the sides, they were twice the size of a black diamond watermelons and covered with tiny blue veins, their weight had caused them to flatten on the ends and stretch marks ran the length of them about two and a half feet.

Her stomach was also covered with stretch marks and it laid in piles in front of her, she had to look over it to see us. But what surprised us the most was that she was white. We walked up to her and bowed, as was the etiquette afforded a chieftains wife. We introduced ourselves then she did in flawless English. She told us that she was from England and had come to Africa with a group from Cambridge to study anthropology when she came across this tribe and decided to stay. She fell in love with the Chief but he wouldn't have anything to do with him until she put on a little weight. "Well, " she said, "she over dosed on the herb and ate for a month without stopping and gained ten pounds a day, that's why I am covered with these stretch marks." I noticed that the table was completely void of any food, but I didn't remember loosening my belt and undoing the top button on my pants. I looked down at my belly and saw how greatly distended it had become. No pain, but I gained at least 6 inches in my waist. Gloria went on with her story and Martha brought out desert. She had picked up another apple pie and another half gallon of ice cream. I was starting to feel a little full so I sprinkled a few more drops on and was comfortable again. Gloria continued, "Alexia, was the chieftains wife name and she could eat food like there was no tomorrow. Alexia said that her parents had begged her to come home, but she told them no I have met and I am going to make him happy. She decided to stay, and that was two years ago. The chief could see the effect that this was having on Jim, my husband, then he looked at me. I only weighed about 125 pounds then and wore a size "B" cup bra. He took Jim into the back room of the hut and I stayed with Alexia and she filled me in on the potion, that's when I decided to make Jim one of the happiest man on earth.

The first night after we came home from Africa I started my weight gain plan. I made a tea like substance from the fibrous material that I had braided into some rope and brought back to the states. I took the tea and put in this pepper sauce bottle and put it on our dinner table. What I didn't know was that Jim had taken some of and ground it up and put in the sugar for my tea. That first night I got double dosed and Jim always trim and fit got a dose to from the pepper sauce bottle. We both ate like crazy. He had Martha fix extra food because he had told her that we were going to have four extra couples for dinner and she could have the evening off and could clean up in the morning." I looked at Gloria and I noticed something interesting, the seams of her dress were starting to come apart her enormous breast were pushing much farther out than this morning at the donut shop, and the flab on her naked arms seemed to be much fuller then I noticed something about me I had to go to the men's room and I had a hard time standing up, I was trying to pick up an extra 25 pounds. It was all in my stomach It was so distended and saggy that I bumped it with the tops of my legs when I walked.

Then I saw Gloria looking at me with lust in her eyes, she got up and started to follow me. Then I saw what previously I could only imagine, she stood up, her gown was shredded her breast flowed to her sides with every vein showing through the delicate skin. Her stomach was on the floor in front of her she had to spread her ankles a bit when she walked to allow for her belly. She came up to me and I hugged her close to me. She said I love you, will you grow with me, I said, "it would be my pleasure."

To be continued....