Weight Room Title Bar

Crossover Accident
By Sasha Steele

The converted BMW pulled on to the parking level of the ferry and all the way up to the front by the lifts to the upper decks. George got out and went around to the trunk then to the passenger side to help his gargantuan wife from the car.

He used the remote; her door opening out and back, the passenger compartment (foot well and all), turned and slid outwards to clear the opening, the soft padded foot rest rescinded from calves - each one larger in circumference than a man's chest - allowing her feet to make contact with the ground, and then the seat began to lift upward, the servos whining as they strained against her colossal body weight.

Since they first met and married, Ariel has gotten so utterly fat that any vehicle she rides in has to be modified to accommodate her staggering size and weight. This specially made BMW for example is beefed up, wider than normal vehicles, the passenger compartment modified to suit her extreme width and depth, and Ariel fills every inch of it.

Ariel wanted to sit up front on this motoring trip so the passenger seat is pulled well back, and the dash board set forward so that she can sit comfortably. The reinforced passenger seat - a four foot long bench seat with a concave back to fit her enormous ass - turns and slides out through the oversize passenger door to deliver Ariel in and out of the car, a feat that in either case would be impossible without it. And once out of the vehicle an assist-to-lift mechanism in the seat helps raise Ariel to her feet.

Standing with her full weight balanced on the reinforced five inch heels of her chunky black lace-up boots Ariel grasped the open door and took a wide sweeping step with her right foot and a half step back with her left to position herself while George deployed her walk-assist robo. Again he used the remote, raising the robo's seat to meet Ariel's massive four-foot-wide double-beach-ball-like rear end clad in tight black dress pants. Ariel's ass stuck out so far behind her that the lift seat of her mobile need move up only a foot to meet it, and then its servos also whined as they received the brunt of Ariel's weight lowering her to a proper walking height.

Ariel's mobile is state-of-the-art - silver-gold flexite-titanium alloy, portable, light weight, and exceptionally strong - not the bulky big-wheeled affair that some fat women use, but sleek with small covered wheels and thin, automatic height accommodating legs. The power pack sits behind the back rest on a semi circular arm at her lower back that is operated by a hand held remote.

Not that Ariel is unable to walk; she can, can even run a few paces though that is very difficult to do given the tremendous amount of weight she carries while having to take such a wide stance to accommodate the girth of her unwieldy thighs. But most times Ariel chooses her mobile chair because she is so lazy. The odd occasion when Ariel does walk it is quite a sight to see her struggling along, especially from behind, massive arms flayed out on her torso, hulking body jutting side to side, ballooning butt cheeks alternately rising and falling in opposition to one another as one mountainous thigh slides around the other.

Though nowhere near as huge as she now is Ariel has always been fat. She was a fat child, the fattest girl in elementary school, and graduated high school weighing well over 400 pounds. In college Ariel managed to bring her weight up to 530, but when George first met Ariel - having lost over 350 pounds - she weighed a meager 185 pounds.

What had happened was that on a trip to Mexico Ariel had picked up a stomach bug and for nine mouths was unable to hold anything down. You would think that someone who had been fat all their life would welcome the loss of so much weight, but such was not the case with Ariel. She was miserable. Ariel liked being big and wanted to become even bigger. She felt that this illness was taking not just her fat, but her very life away. Besides feeling weak and sick all the time, there was constant diarrhea every time she tried to eat. Ariel would never again decry the wasted hours she spent sitting on the toilet trying to push out one of her big solid poos.

The one thing that Ariel loved more than anything else in the whole world was to eat. Incredibly self-indulgent, Ariel had developed the habit of stuffing herself to the point where she could barely breath in order to appease her voracious appetite. She thought about food constantly, dreamt about it, about how much she would eat, and how fat she would become. Denied her food, ravaged by unbearable hunger pangs, Ariel cried herself to sleep every night and swore that when her illness passed, she would never again be hungry, not even for one second.

They took the lift to the dining deck and found a table by a window in the pub. Ariel had not eaten since breakfast nearly two hours ago, so George knew that she would be starving even though she pigged out big time on the hotel smorgasbord. Ariel needed at least 12 hours sleep, so they hadn't hit the smorgasbord till eleven. He had fed her a continental breakfast in bed to hold her over, and Ariel had eaten a dozen éclairs while she got herself ready before George dressed her, but still it took an hour and a half and 15 trips up for food to satisfy her - large plates heaped with scrambled eggs, home fries, bacon, and sausages, a loaf of bread made into toast dripping with butter, fruits, salads, juice, milk, and of course every kind of sweet with her coffee.

George ordered at the bar - Sheppard's pie, one for him and four for Ariel, then three more as she found them delicious but not very filling. He watched Ariel eat, the utter satisfaction evident in her broad face. Her black leather suite jacket off, stomach hiding the mid-portion of her lap stretching past her incredibly thick knees, bulging her pants and the skintight black tee shirt above her belt, huge watermelon-like breasts showing a lot of cleavage sitting on her stomach, arms bigger around than a garbage bin hanging from the short sleeves on her titanic torso.

Ariel sat well above the table due to her huge super padded backside, her stomach pressing against it as she leaned forward to eat. But still, because of her girth, Ariel was barley able to reach past herself to get at the food in front of her. Soon, George thought, he would have to feed Ariel all of her meals.

Finished eating Ariel leaned back and rubbed her enormous stomach. "Mmmmmmm," she cooed. "They were delicious."

"Do you want dessert?"

"Of course, silly." She laughed, adding, "But I had better go to the toilet first."

George helped Ariel into her leather coat and wheeled her to the handicap toilet where he helped her back out of it and hung it up. He engaged the chair lift to get her standing and Ariel held onto his shoulders as George undid her belt and pants and drew them down along with the largest pair of black panties that he had ever saw over her monstrous thighs. He removed the padded seat of Ariel's chair so that she could use its toilet-seat function on which she parked her four-foot wide bare bottom and was lowered back down before he completely removed her pants and panties also hanging them up. Then edged her chair in on an angle so that Ariel's pee could catch the bowl.

George watched Ariel's face as she began to pee. Though decidedly pear shaped with round cheeks and jowls, and the huge collar of fat covering her neck she was still strikingly beautiful with full pouty lips, big green eyes, and long kinky blond hair. Ariel appeared to be concentrating, then closed her eyes and George heard her pee splashing into the water. She peed for a minute or so before dribbling to a stop.

"All done?" he asked.

"I have to do the other as well," Ariel said, gathering her breath. She closed her eyes, a slight strain now apparent on her beautiful fat face. Ariel tried several times, grunting with the last effort as she tried to evacuate her bowels, but to no avail. "Have to try later I guess," she decided, breathing heavily now from her exertions.

Ariel raised back to her feet and, steadying herself with her hands on George's shoulders, widened her stance with two short side steps so that he could reach beneath her immense belly to wipe her. The front of Ariel's thighs angled out to meet her belly which protruded another two feet out and hung down slightly in front of their massive tops, and buried between them her bald melon like pussy.

Finished his chore George redressed her and they returned to their table where Ariel gorged herself on cake, and buns, and pie, and coffee. Ariel was still eating when they pulled into dock. George gathered up their things and was helping Ariel into her coat when he saw the look on her face, one of shock.

Having stuffed herself with deserts Ariel's bowels were again pressing for relief. Not wanting to waste the effort it would take to wheel to the bathroom and get set up to try just to see if she could go Ariel thought that she would give a tentative push as she sat at the table.

"Oh no," she said.

"What is it, Ariel?"

"Oh God, George, I'm pooping my panties. I - I can't hold it."

Again George saw tension in Ariel's face as she held her breath and strained to move her load. Ariel pushed several times, and with each effort felt the thick hard turd slide further between her butt cheeks as it inched toward the seat of her panties. When she finished pooping, Ariel was out of breath.

"I - I can't believe I did that," she said. "Can you tell?"

"Well, I can't smell anything," he said raising her to stand and checking behind where there was a lump formed in the seat of her pants. "Are you okay until we get to the hotel where I can change you?"

"Yes, I'm okay," Ariel was giggling now. There she was a grown up, beautiful and sophisticated women, much too fat perhaps, but still gorgeous and looking sexy even in her travel clothes, and now she has a big poo accident in the seat of her tight pants. It was too much.

It was too much for George as well as they drove to the hotel, his big beautiful wife with a load in her panties. He would undress her, lay her on the bed to clean the deep cleft between her immense bum cheeks, and then - oh yes, then - he would make love to her. Make love to his beautifully obese wife in the wonderful weird way that one can only make love with a woman who weighs 1250 pounds.