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The Cruise Ship Contest
By Darc

Part One

(Tell me what you think! It's my first story so it may not be as good as others; give me tips if you have any! Thanks! My email is: Darc2075@aol.com)

Rhoke, an 18-year-old teen who'd just gotten out of high school, plopped down on his couch in his apartment room, sweating and breathing heavily.

"Why were steps ever invented?" he asked himself, as he closed his eyes and leant backwards. As he did so, he rested his hand on his belly; the white t-shirt he wore was straining against his protruding stomach, letting inches of his bare brown colored stomach show. He used his left hand to rough up his black hair that almost reached his neck, feeling the perspiration. He opened his light brown hues and looked around the empty apartment.

He had just moved in a week before, and all he'd set up was his couch, a television set, and his bed in one of the empty rooms he had. A fridge had come with the apartment. He looked over to the fridge and could remember a few years back that the fridge was his safe-haven. Whenever he was feeling down, or was just plain hungry, he would open it and would be in the presence of a deluge of treats. Rhoke closed his eyes at this memory, as he rested one hand on the comfy couch, the other still resting on his flabby gut.


"Hey, ma!" a 15-year-old Rhoke called. "Do you want me to put this chicken in the oven, or do you want to eat something else for dinner?!"

Suddenly, a large woman of 500 pounds was at the doorway to the kitchen in a white nightgown. She had long flowing black hair which reached her waist. Her green eyes blinked hungrily at the "family sized" chicken which Rhoke had pulled from the freezer.

"Make what you want! If you're making that chicken, save some for me!" she said as she waddled towards the fridge, her sides bumping into some chairs at the table as she neared Rhoke.

"Okay," he answered her with a smile as he put the chicken into the oven, bending over and exposing his behind in his too-tight pants. His mother looked over at him as she pulled out a large plate of double chocolate cake.

"Hey, boy, you're getting pretty darn big! Soon you'll be as big as me!" she said with a laugh as she placed the cake on the table and getting a fork and knife from a drawer; she had to open it a second time because her humongous gut knocked it back in the first time.

Rhoke blushed at his mother's comments. "Well....we did exercise yesterday," he added in as he walked over to the pantry and pulled out a box of large chocolate chip cookies and began to chow down.

"Yeah, we did, huh? Only to go to the 'All-You-Can-Eat' buffet afterwards. I just can't diet. But I really don't care. I'm not going to diet because society wants me to fit 'that figure'; I'll eat all I want." And with that, she set the cake down on the table, plopped her behind into the chair and began to chow down. The flab of her behind covered the entire chair and then some; her melon breasts were over the table slightly.

She pulled her chair back a bit so that neither her stomach nor her chest hit the table, and she took a bite of the cake. She had to reach a bit, but she dealt with it as she continued to fill her greedy lips with the delicious cake.

She looked over towards Rhoke, who was finishing off the bag of cookies he opened. His mother, whose name was Rita, frowned a bit and looked down to the cake, then to her enormous breasts. She felt her stomach over a bit and looked back up to Rhoke, who was getting up and checking on the chicken.

"I guess I'm not a good role model, huh?" she said as she placed the fork down on the plate. Rhoke turned around at this, a brow raised. "I should be telling you to be outside, going for a walk, go join the sports teams at your school....I shouldn't be stuffing myself silly and letting you do the same," Rita said as tears swelled up in her eyes; she looked back over to the large cake, which could easily serve a family who was having a birthday party.

Rhoke, still with a brow raised, wondered why his mother came up with this point out of nowhere. “Why is she telling me this now?” he thought. He walked over towards his mother and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"You're doing fine mom; I'm having a great time," he began as his mother wiped her eyes quickly with her pudgy hands. "I have friends; I go to the movies. I do stuff that normal teens do. If you weren't a good parent, you would've left me like my father did. You're....giving me a roof above my head and anything else that me and you need. So don't cry," he said as he frowned himself.

"Heh, you're right. Just because we're fat doesn't mean we have terrible lives. If people have problems with us, that's their problem, not mine."

"Right," Rhoke said, nodding his head.

"Thanks....now...I can get back to this cake before it runs away from my reach!" she said jokingly as Rhoke cracked a smile.


Rhoke opened his eyes, waking from his dream, knowing that when he opened his fridge door, there wouldn't be any chicken or cake. That was why he'd brought home some cheeseburgers and fries from Burger King. He picked his large drink from the floor and placed it between his humongous thighs. He also picked up the two bags and took out two bacon double cheeseburgers before turning on the TV and chowing down.

He already had a meal inside McDonald's and was already eating again. It wasn't that he was hungry, but rather that it had become a hobby for him. Besides, he had to be ready for the cruise that he was going on in only a few weeks. They were having an eating contest on it, and he could win up to ten to fifty thousand dollars if he won.


Rhoke took a bite of one of the school's cheeseburgers as he walked towards his friends' table. Already at the table were his friends, Gina, Keesha, and Jamal; they were all on the heavy side as well.

Gina was part Puerto Rican and part Mexican. She had black long hair like Rita that reached her waist, was about 5' 5" tall. Tan colored skin and dark brown eyes. Gina was estimated to be around 250 pounds. She carried it well, too, having large slender thighs, a DD-size cup, a rotund behind, round cheeks, and a cute double chin. She was the most outgoing in the group and was liked by everyone.

Keesha was Dominican and had long black hair like Gina, except she had it braided in the front and in a ponytail in the back. She was the same height as Gina and had nice brown skin, which was now slightly tanned from the summer weather. She had hazel colored eyes and round cheeks along with a double chin; a third one was beginning to show. Keesha was more or less the heaviest of the four at a weight of 346 pounds. She had enormous thighs; her big butt jiggled with everything she did. Her gut was big as well and oftentimes, after her lunch, the shirt she wore could no longer contain her belly from showing. Her chest was slightly larger than Gina's. She was extremely shy and was oftentimes hard to communicate with.

Jamal was Guyanese. He had the same color skin as Keesha and Rhoke and about the height of 5'9". He was around 280 pounds. He and Rhoke were alike in many ways, often called brothers. Jamal was also chowing down on his meal as he saw Rhoke coming to the circular table which was at the back of the cafeteria.

The rest of Rhoke's friends looked toward him as he finished off his burger before even getting to the table. Rhoke was 297 pounds, and he loved every ounce of it. He didn't care what other people thought about him; as long as he was happy, it didn't matter anyway. Rhoke had wanted to get big ever since he saw how much his mother could eat in one sitting. At 'puberty' it seemed as if he was always looking at big people, getting an erection every time the fat on their bodies jiggled by him. Now, Rhoke could be considered as one of the 'big' people. He had a stomach, which hung past his waist and pushed out in front of him, a double chin, flabby arms, pudgy fingers, a large rear end, and thighs which made it hard for him to fit in any pants.

"Hey, guys," Rhoke said as he set his tray down on the table.

"Hey," they all said in unison as they watched him pull a chair up to the table and sit down.

"Yo, Rhoke," Gina said with excitement in her voice. "I've come up with a summer vacation idea! It's gonna be a lotta fun, especially since we're all of age now!" Rhoke took another bite of one of the three burgers that he'd gotten, swallowing it before looking over towards her and speaking.

"What is it?" he asked as he reached for one of his chocolate milks.

"Well, since we all like to eat!" she said jokingly, Jamal smiling, Keesha giving a weak smile taking a bite of one of her burgers as well. "I've decided that we take a cruise that's especially for people like us!" Gina exclaimed, patting her hand on her chest.

"What do you mean like us?" Rhoke said, raising a brow slightly.

"She means fat, fat like us. Damn, sometimes I hate it when I have to explain things to you," Jamal said with a smile.

"I know that!" Rhoke said before averting his attention back to Gina. "I hope this cruise thing isn't too expensive," he said, polishing off his burger and gulping down his milk carton.

"It isn't, and, better yet, they're having a food contest on it, too! You can win up to fifty thousand dollars!" Gina finished with a wide grin upon her face.

Keesha looked over at Gina, holding her fifth burger in her hand. Jamal dropped his back in his tray, and Rhoke almost choked on the chocolate milk as he finished it off.

"W-What did you just say?!" Jamal asked, his eyes widening.

"You can win 50,000 dollars just by eating, and being pampered on a luxurious boat cruise." She hoped that would make them want to come along with her, and it did just that.

"Where can you buy the tickets at?" Rhoke asked.

"What can you do there?" Jamal asked.

"Is there going to be a lot of good food there?" Keesha asked, blushing slightly.

"Whoa! hehee ! I bought our tickets, they were only thirty dollars each, there's loads you can do, but I won't spoil it for you. And food? Of course! It wouldn't be a fat cruise without food!"

+ Rhoke finished his fourth bacon double cheeseburger and the last carton of his fries as he turned off the TV. His stomach was bulging, and he could feel himself getting horny, just by being full to the max. His shirt now, was at bursting point and his jeans were feeling extremely tight. He sat there and looked over to the large cup of Coke that he was halfway through with. He opened the lid of it and chugged it down, some of the Coke splashed down onto his shirt as he finished it off.

Now he was at the point where he felt that if he had tried to get up, he would burst out of his clothing. He needed new ones, he thought, anyway as he heaved himself off from the couch. He staggered a bit getting used to his new weight. He'd gained about twenty or so pounds since he'd left school, but knew that he needed to gain more if he wanted to win this contest. He loved the feeling of his body as he walked, his butt jiggling, stomach bouncing, his thunder thighs rubbing against each other as he walked, and his chest, which could easily fit into a C-cup bra, bouncing slightly as he walked to his bedroom.

He entered his small room, which held his bed and suitcase. He flicked on the light - the lamp was on the ground since he hadn't gotten a dresser yet - and walked over to his suitcase. He had all the clothes he needed in it, but didn't have anything to get changed into.

"I need to go back to mother's house and borrow a dresser or something… and I need to go to the mall tomorrow, too," he said to himself as he bent over to get sweat pants out of his suitcase. He cringed as he felt his bloated stomach squeezing against his jeans.


"Dammit!" Rhoke yelled to himself as he stood back up. This had to be what? The second or third time this had happened? The seams couldn't hold his giant bubble butt for any longer, he thought to himself as he slid down the pants past his fat thighs. After a minute of struggling, he finally got them off. He pulled his shirt up and over his head, as well revealing his entire gut, which hung past his waist. He figured that it was better to sleep comfortably than to sleep with restricting clothing.

He left the clothing on the floor and slid into bed slowly. He pulled the covers over himself as he looked up at the blank ceiling that was staring back down at him.

"Well...at least the hard part's over...at least, I have the cruise to look forward to," he said, as he drifted into a deep sleep.