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Culture Shock
By Isotope

Part One

"Captain...There's something on the Long Range Scanners."

"How far off?"

"It is just now coming into Visual range."

"Show me."

With that, the screen in front of the bridge blinked on with a small whirr and it took just a split second for it to readjust its color and focus. What was seen was a very large ship, not very smooth at all, rectangular in shape, it looked like a ship without a cover. Alloy bars shown, with pipes and lines strewn about everywhere on the vessel. It caused the crew at the bridge to get nervous just for a moment as it resembled a Borg vessel. Although it clearly did not possess weapons or shields, unlikely tactics for the 'perfect' race.

"Interesting..." said Captain Harvak, a sturdy and strong female leader. Late 20's and involved in a very navy oriented family. That explained her high rank and superior leading capabilities. Different roots, a long line of exotic ethnicity's (some alien) in her ancestry. It left her with bronze skin, standard Asian eyes, good looking face and a body what some would die for in quick summary. "It looks like a Borg ship, yet the shape isn't standard, nor does it have any defensive or offensive capabilities. It's...like a sitting duck." She ran her fingers though her short hair for a moment, furrowing her brows a bit before tossing a glance towards her communications officer, a female Klingon raising her brows in response. "T'kar, are they trying to hail us?" Harvak spoke up.

T'kar looked to her controls and tapped in a few things before giving a nod, "Yes, Captain, I'm bringing them up now."

The screen came on with a face of a woman, young, around the age...of probably 21. She smiled, giving a nod, which made her dirty blonde curls bounce over her forehead. She didn't have any distinguishing marks what would classify her under anything else besides Human. Her beautiful blue eyes looked to the Captain and spoke.

"Hath' ki'r 'eto" Harvak furrowed her brows and then looked to T'kar. She gave a slight oops and turned on the translator.

"Greetings, This is Ambassador Parota of the Vessel Ugaya. Whom may I be speaking to?" she said. She had a stunning grace and a beautiful voice.

"I am Captain Harvak of the USS Outlayer, Our mission is to patrol this part of the Galaxy...We have yet to see your ship here before Ambassador Parota, which is strange you must say. To add further curiosity, This sector is infested with rogue Klingons and other beings who often will shoot before question," she said with a dignified grace, looking quite stern and intelligent.

"Ah, Well, That is quite a long story...It'd be better to explain aboard our ship?" she replied with equal confidence and a sparkling smile to match...

Harvak, T'kar and a Security officer, G'toh, a strong klingon female, a lot taller and more sturdily built than T'kar stood upon the beaming platform, ready for transportation aboard the Ugaya. Bags set at their sides with provisions for studying the ship and its occupants, as well as G'toh carrying a few precautionary measures as just in case something might go wrong. A phaser and blaster(not everything can be stopped with stun) were loaded and ready. They nodded to their crew before they became nothing more than sparkles of light, being moved aboard the Ugaya. The trip was enjoyable, nothing but blinding light till their DNA was put back together in a secure space aboard the Ugaya.

Their eyes readjusted to the Darkness, unable to see anything for a moment before...Crack! T'kar fell to the ground, knocked out cold by a blow to the back of her neck. Harvak quickly jumped back, although her quick reflexes did not suit her well as she fell to the same fate of a hand behind her making a quick attack and having fallen to the cold floor with a low thump. G'toh was different though. She readied her blaster and quickly about faced and fired into the darkness, unable to see anything and noting that the shot didn't hit anything. She stood ready, brows furrowed and a bit of sweat forming on her ridged forehead, her hand raised up to tap her com-pin, but before that could happen another hand reached out and grabbed mere inches from touching it. The hand pulled it back and a swift punch across G'toh's face left her falling to the floor, though the figure managed to tear off the com-pin. It beeped and a voice was heard.

"This is the bridge, G'toh, are you ok?" the figure's eyes looked to the fallen klingon, slowly getting up with a small grunt. Though what horrified G'toh the most was that the figure tapped to respond and replicated her voice to the minor detail.

"This is G'toh. We're experiencing communication problems; give us a few moments for it to clear up." The figure looked to G'toh, the com-pin being turned off despite the small time these people knew them and tossed aside. She then received the butt of a weapon to a critical point in her neck, knocking her out cold with the others. Each com-pin was taken from them, as well as all their provisions...Their bodies were dragged off into the brightly-lit hallways and taken into rooms...

Harvak groaned softly as she opened her eyes, looking around for a second before bolting up and remembering what had happened. She quickly gripped onto whatever was near and that was the bed sheets over her. She looked them over quickly and tossed them aside; she hopped onto the floor. Bare feet giving a small clap before she ran to the closest door. This room looked all white, save for the bits of grey and black around doorways, beds and windows. She slammed her fist onto the door and yelled for release. She then got some calmness in her before looking to her chest for her com-pin, only finding a loose fitting short dress.

She looked over towards a window, slowly walking towards and looking out, What she saw astounded her. It was a city! Such a busy city, too. There were small ships flying in the sky, There were obvious signs of activity among the streets. She didn't understand...though she heard the swish of the door opening and then closing. She turned around to face what she hoped was the Ambassador. Though what she saw looked somewhat like the Ambassador...was far too big, now - not talking big as in tall, But as in wide. What she saw was a woman with the same dirty blonde curls and those eyes which shone with beauty, though she was so...so...impossibly fat!

She hadn't seen someone so large in her life since on Earth; even then, those plump women paled compared to her. She couldn't guess her weight, having not seen someone so large(but for your sakes, around 700 lbs). Harvak stuttered for a moment before speaking up and looking dumbfounded. "Parota? Is...that...you?" Harvak said, so...in shock. The woman smiled and nodded a bit. She waddled over towards Harvak and extended a hand towards her. Those fat digits, so round and resembling sausages which the cook loved to prepare back on Outlayer.

"Yes, Yes, Come here, I have a lot of explaining to you, I have already spoken to T'kar and G'toh. T'kar is fine and G'toh is slowly calming down from her anger fit..." Parota slowly pulled Harvak to her side and waddled slowly out of the room and down the hallway. The door swished to a close behind them. Harvak too in utter disbelief to really fight back or run...Not to mention...This feeling of such soft flesh and skin pushing against her felt comforting.

Parota was dressed in something unique. It was white, entirely white, with patches here and there on it. They looked to be a design with her suit. All of it was skin tight and hid only a few details, though rolls and bulges were quite easy to find. They were open spaces on it, though they seemed more reasonable to Harvak as one was atop of her breasts, exposing massive amounts of cleavage of her huge breasts. As well as a curved angle rectangle set on the wide surface of her belly, deep navel set in the middle.

Parota was very large, but she seemed to be well balanced, from what Harvak could see. She had a round beautiful face with no blemishes at all. Chins upon chins below that which seemed to bounce and jiggle when she spoke to her, almost hypnotizing in their way. Leading from that came to her soft shoulders and thick, fat upper arms, bigger than those pro footballs in those vintage films she saw, a lot bigger. Fatty forearms leading to digits what looked almost unable to ball into proper fists or hold items that well. Her breasts were magnificent in Harvak's mind. They were large, full and so invitingly soft. They seemed to sway and jiggle when she waddled along. Her belly provided a soft rack for them to rest on of course; it looked to bounce around her knees. Though that didn't hide what huge glorious hips she had, framing the large rump she had ever seen. Two massive globes what shifted and rocked with each step.

She didn't know how she was doing it either, how she was able to keep moving those huge thighs, looking like redwood tree trunks than legs. She eventually did look down, noticing that she walked barefoot...Even her feet were incredibly fat, though she was incredibly clean as well.

"Oh, Harvak...If you're not done staring, I'd like to explain." Parota said bashfully, seeming to blush with Harvak's eyes looking her over so much. Harvak would shake her head to clear out unnecessary thoughts and tried to give a smile.


"As were your friends...See...That image back on the Bridge was me. Though we have an amazing holodeck system and that provided us to give a normal appearance to your ship. We know if you saw us naturally, You wouldn't be so trusting of our...intentions." Parota spoke just as gracefully as she did on the bridge.

Harvak interrupted though, "Intentions? What Intentions?"

"You see, We...are going to have you just dive headfirst into our culture, Though it's nothing like a big bloodthirsty ones you have on your minds. It's far more simple...Half of it's already done." She smiled, her finger slowly reaching up to touch a small, quarter sized mechanical patch attached to the back of her head. The area around it shaved very cleanly and evenly. Harvak reached back to feel and gasped, furrowing her brows and looking to Parota quickly.

"What the..?!" she said quickly, wanting answers.

"Ah...That's just a small thing...It's going to allow you to live more easier among us...That's why you can understand me...That li'l patch is providing boundless information and performing alterations to your DNA. No pain is involved. You should like it here anyway. Just try to relax and..." She looked to the Captain, watching her for a moment...

Harvak only stuttered for a brief moment before falling over again, fainting...Hm, maybe too much at once? Parota sighed softly and pressed a few things on a nearby panel, the wall covering over it once she was done. Two mechanical arms came from the ceiling, having gel padding along its fingers, hands, forearms and upper arms. Seemingly to provide and comfortable ride for those who might be picked up. It raised Harvak from the floor and carried her back to her room, Parota smiling gently once again before she waddled down the hallway towards meal Ka.

Waking up slowly and just as groggily, she was startled by a pair of green eyes staring right back down at her. She screamed in utter surprise and the figure did the same as she jumped back, robes following right behind her. She adjusted her cap and groaned softly, giving Harvak a stern look. "Please don't do that..." she mumbled. She looked like a nurse with her uniform.

"Who are you!? This really isn't my day, you know!" Harvak yelled, looking around, perhaps to find a weapon to attack her or defend herself.

"Oh, I'm Nurse Yunada. I'm here to just make sure you don't get a wi'l boo boo on the back of your head when you fell." She feigned an expression of care and thoughtfulness before giving a light sneer.

"Why you little!" Harvak yelled before taking a swing at the Nurse, only finding that her hand went completely through her, looking like she swung at a waterfall. Small bits of liquid from the Nurse fell onto the floor, they slowly rolled back over to the feet of the nurse and becoming one with her again.

"Don't do that. It's not very nice. Us Liqu-droids are pretty neat though, eh?" Yunada shook her head with a smirk, tapping a few controls and Harvak was pulled back and pinned to her bed.

Not by straps, not by machines, simply by her own muscles. Harvak managed to shake her head a bit, clearing out the confusion, she then looked over to Yunada, raising a brow and speaking up, "How in the hell did you do that?" Yunada took a glance off in her direction before reaching back behind Harvak's head, tapping the small device.

"That. It's controlling your brain for the moment, as well as your body. That's why you feel like the gravity in here is 100 times that of your Earth. Your muscles are being used against you, Captain." She gave a nod and tapped in a few things into the Datapad in her hands.

The head to the bed of Harvak opened up and a few instruments were revealed, a hose there, a clamp here. Yunada hummed and idly went to work, seemingly like she'd done a million times already. She picked up the hose, managing to use it like a whip and spanking the side of the bed with a chuckle. She then moved over what looked like a respirator on Earth. Although it looked far more advanced. The glass looked almost like it wasn't there. She idly worked on the contraption, hooking the hose from the machine all the way to a special outlet in the wall. She looked to the machine and typed in a few things. A panel on the side of the respirator device opened up and out came many hoses, each end having some sort of weird...clasp. They didn't seem to need any help as they attached to the sides of her calves, thighs, hips, two along her sides(the hoses managing to slip under her dress), one on each of her upper arms and one on each her forearms. She looked a bit comical with hoses coming from her on each side.

Harvak looked a little worried as she looked over towards Yunada; Yunada simply smiled and took hold of one on her calf. She pointed to it, pulled it off and then attached it, pulled it off and attached it.

"See? It punctures, but it seals the skin without a scar when pulled. No worries there, My li'l trooper." She chuckled a bit to herself before she looked to the machine. Typing in a few things more before she could see from the wall, a light pink fluid being moved through the tube. From the tube it came into the respirator device and made the flat piece move up, although some mechanized motors pushed it back down once it was full. It was a bit slow, although it seemed to evenly push out all the fluid into the other hoses. She could see them all creeping through and moving towards her form. Still left powerless to stop it, her muscles pitted against her, she gave a light sigh...

The fluid wasn't moving at an incredible rate, nor was it changing Her. It was something slow, so very slow. Almost like taunting, as it slowly made her weight creep up, it slowly made those hard visible abs turn into putty and then into a belly. It made those thighs which used to be able to crunch aluminum, into pillars of soft adipose. She couldn't see it, but her face was becoming rounder, it was becoming softer. This fluid was slowly turning her into what she saw Parota become...or was...or is...she wasn't exactly sure.

Time crept over slowly, as did her dress; her belly was starting to push it to its limits, as well as her sides straining the elasticity of it. It wasn't long before a long gash came along each side. Her olive flesh starting to pour out of it slowly - not to mention one long rip along the middle as her belly pushed forward towards the sky. She was so smooth, no dimple marred her skin, All of it was rolling hills of smooth olive fat. She couldn't tell what her rump had become, but she knew beanbags came to mind. It was pushing her up as well; she couldn't tell but her back was forming rolls as well.

There were rolls developing everywhere, along her sides, along her legs. Though it wasn't too plentiful to ruin the seemingly old time beauty she was acquiring. Her arms were becoming fat, almost too fat to lift off the bed in her own mind. Her fingers were definitely too big to properly work a remote anymore, or any of the number grids back on her ship. The fluid kept pumping, and she was kept on the path towards the size of Parota. She knew she had to be somewhere around that range. She whimpered softly, praying to her gods that this would end before she wouldn't be able to get out of the bed. Ah! Her prayers were answered!

"Oh, fluid stopped, Must be refilling; hold on." Yunada mentioned before fiddling with her Datapad some more. She smiled to Harvak and nodded. "Here we go." The fluid flipped back on once again and she slowly started to grow again.

With a seemingly renewed vigor, the machine pumped out the pink fluid into Harvak's fattened form. Continuing to expand it to larger proportions, blowing away any conceivable image of what she might have had about fat people back on Earth - which were few due to so much gene therapy. Her form continued to grow and grow. She could feel her sides starting to hang off the side of the bed, as well as the rolling edge of her belly push against her feet, which were swollen with fat as well. There wasn't a place on her what wasn't filled up with the soft, plush tissue.

The machine slowly whirred to a stop, seemingly done with Harvak. Its hoses pulled away and the panel slid to a close. Yunada finished up the rest and putting everything away before smiling to Harvak. "Ah, 2nd step to perfection...Done!" She gave a light snap of her fingers to signify it.

What Harvak had become was...huge to say the least. First, her cheeks had been so puffed up with the fat distribution, it made her slitted eyes close just a bit more - giving a squinting look on top of her round face - leading down to chins upon chins what overshadowed her thick neck. Her shoulders were just as fat as the rest of her, showing that nothing had been spared in this. Her breasts, well, they were long, full and very soft - inviting to say the least, nor would a bra fit them unless some seamstress would spend the yards of cloth and hours to construct something to hold such a massive bosom.

Her upper arms were huge as well, passing over her forearm a deal, which was as round and thick as the rest of her, leading right down to fat hands, incapable of doing anything practical with her sausage-like fingers. Her belly was a humongous shelf for her breasts. It rolled and spread out, covering over her legs, starting to overcome her fat feet as well. All of it was smooth, a gentle, rolling soft curve with the deepest navel you've ever seen, though perhaps there were deeper ones in this...culture.

Hidden beneath the heavy gut were tree trunk legs; for they were just too huge for her to walk, or waddle for that matter - it would be impossible for her to move one around the other. Her hips, as well, were widened from her long 'feeding,' with thighs beyond imagination although one couldn't tell unless her paunch was lifted. Her calves finished off her legs, fat and heavy, hiding what muscle she did have when this whole thing began; her legs were capped off by feet that looked to be cushioned greatly by the amount of fat packed into it. She was a large olive colored fleshy mass of a woman. The short haircut atop her head seemed incredibly small compared to the rest of her...

Yunada simply smiled, adjusting her hat a bit and then winking to Harvak. "Well, let's get you ready for inspection!" she said in a musical tone; she tapped a thing or two in her pad and she felt her muscles release, but that'd be useless now anyway. She wouldn't be going anywhere soon. She could feel herself being lifted off the bed, She could feel her rolls hang and different fatty body parts as well. She was set onto the most comfortable seat she had felt. She couldn't look around, but it looked to be a floating platform. It buzzed a bit as it hovered her around. The door widened amazingly and allowed the fattened captain access through and down the hallway, Yunada right beside her, seeming to take pride in her work.

They seemed to go down the hallway for a bit before they entered a red door. Harvak didn't know whether or not to take that as a bad sign. Though she was brought underneath a shining light, that light growing brighter as Harvak was propelled gently underneath.

There seemed to be small light red colored laser lines moving over her, seeming to shape her up, give estimates. Yunada off on the side, hummed and looked to her datapad. Smiling to her as she walked over, leaning on Harvak's massive paunch. "Well, guess I should tell you, You weigh in at 1,651 pounds your Earth weight. All your organs are still in fine working condition; you're fit to run a Je'duu (Triathlon sort thing) although.." She gave a light smack to Harvak's midsection, watching it wobble and ripple. "You're not going to be lifting that up and running anywhere soon. Shall we go and introduce you to our Council?"

Yunada smiled, half of her dividing and moving back behind Harvak, her hands moving up to move her fat jaw as if she were speaking. Yunada filling in the words "Why yes, I'm so eager too! Yunada is the best! She is so cute! She is so smart! Gee golly do I.."

Harvak managed to shake her head free of Yunada's duplicate hands and speaking up "Yunada can kiss my large wobbly - "

"Oh! why look at that, Time to go!" Yunada's duplicate came back over and fused back into the original and they became one again.

"I'm sure you're going to love them Harvak. You look like you go for the Ladies. Short haircut, No longtime previous boyfriend, played a lot of sports, command a starship."

"Oh, Shut up you miserable wannabe Evian water bi-"



"Nothing, Just wanted to shut you up."