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Daughter of the Earth
by ExplorEros

Chapter One: The Thickening

It was 7:00 in the evening, just hours before the official start of her birthday. Not just any birthday, however...for this was the one that marked her passing from adolescence into adulthood. She thought about ritual then...how other girls had celebrated, sometimes with joy, sometimes trepidation, certain landmarks in their lives. Their first day of school. Their first crush on the boy next door. Their first training bra. Their first real date. Their first period. The first time they left home, in their first car, to be away from mom and dad, to go off and have grand adventures in far-away lands, or to go on to study at college. All these rites of passage, ways of introduction to new sights, sounds, feelings. It had taken her some time initially to adapt to the expected feelings each of these rituals was supposed to arise in her. For, although she seemed yet another girl in this part of the country, in this state, in this city, in this neighborhood, now in this wheat field...she was unlike any other that had came before her. She was sent, as an answer to a lifetime of devotion and kindness from her mother, as a gift from the Goddess. The goddess, who represented strength and spirituality, fertility and earth, pleasure and love. She was the daughter reincarnate of the Earth Mother, and she was here for a purpose.

For far too long, her Mother had seen the pain that those born in her likeness had suffered. Women, strong in body and soul, would be routinely made to feel shunned, cast aside, and invisible...because of the size of their bodies. Opportunities in love, work, pleasure...all of these made a constant challenge to those for whom strength and size were meant as a blessing, not a curse. The prevailing opinion in the world had not always been so perverse, so twisted. Just a few short centuries ago, her Mother had looked down on an Earth that celebrated their strength, their beauty. Men like Rubens and Renoir captured the essence of these women in their great works, and society knew what a treasure they had in their women of size. Rightfully so, these women sat in places of power, and their minds and hearts led the way for a cultural and world revolution, in literature, art, music, politics...but that had dwindled away to almost nothing now. The world of today was much more demanding upon her daughters. Where there was open appreciation for the bodies they had been blessed with, there now was a despicable notion that women should never be seen unless they were thin, starving, on perpetual diets. Although their bodies naturally reacted by entering a period of self- preservation, the pounds stubbornly refused to come off, if at all. And yet, it was never enough. The thin-wars were in full swing now, and only in a few pockets in the country were there areas where women came together to appreciate their selves, inner and outer. The world once again needed reminding that true character resides within, and that whatever size and shape we may be on the outside, our hearts all beat the same and our spirits all strove for the same acceptance. All this was prologue for what was to come. For although the society of her day made feeble attempts to pride itself upon its diversity of class, race, and gender, it was still silently obvious that the world of this day was also trying dutifully to rid itself of those that did not reflect back the wasted, hollowed vision of body and soul that it had become. The large, fertile, sexual, intelligent women of the world were suffering, some in silence, others taking up a cause to put it right again, to truly bring acceptance of all back to be the decree of the day.

And that was her mission. For eons her Mother had been revered for her power, of fertility, strength, and wisdom. She was the Earth-Mother, and she would once again step in to help right the world. She answered a prayer for a child, and delivered herself in spirit to a waiting soul about to be born, to a mortal mother who had longed for a daughter of her own. And now, all these years later, her daughter was on the verge of her great adventure. The reason she had been placed here, in this country, in this time. Her actual name was unpronounceable using modern-day languages. But the world knew her as Destiny. Destiny Whitehall, to be exact. And now, having lived as a mortal for these twenty years, she danced on the cusp of her entry into a new phase of her life...a regaining of the strong bond between her and her Earth- Mother...and a reawakening and broadening of the powers she possessed deep within herself. They had manifested themselves briefly, and not with much pizzazz, in memories she recalled from different parts of her childhood. As she was an only child, she frequently enjoyed the retelling in her own mind of the exploits she had been a part of growing up. For there was one very physical manifestation of the power that was deep within her; indeed, that made her the true immortal she had been descended from. Her Mother had given her body the same ability to experience pleasure on a very physical level. When aroused in the correct fashion, her body would swell in approval. This was very cloudy in her childhood and adolescence, as she remembered incidents where, as with her first period, she remember the sensation of her belly expanding to create quite a pleasurable sensation of her skin against the material of her dress. She had friends at that time that told her it was simple water retention, and to not get so worked up about it; it would pass soon enough. And it did on its own, as expected. However, she now recalled with great fascination how, alone in her room later that day, she had examined herself carefully, and noticed that she had retained a bit of the curvature of the belly, and breasts. Concentrating very hard on those parts of her, lying in the middle of her bed that clear, starry, summer’s night, she consciously willed them a bit larger. And they responded. For a few minutes, they swelled deliciously against her dress, pressing outwards against the constraints of the fabric, increasing in size and weight, filling her out to a size quite a bit larger than she had started out. And then...it was over. She rustled around in bed to get a better look at what was happening, and then it was gone. She was back to her old self again, but the impact of what she had willfully done to herself stayed with her.

She knew of her real mother, and had been visited in dreams since childhood by a figure that always appeared in a simple flowing white robe, open and naked underneath. Her breasts and belly were an overflowing abundance of love, and beauty, and warmth of soul and spirit. It was from these dreams that she learned who she was, and what she must eventually do. She learned that humankind had represented her mother, even in very early times, as statues or other figures bearing her likeness, with her large breasts and belly, a sign of good luck, good harvest, and fertility. Today, most had all but forgotten her mother. This time was coming to an end.

As she prepared for the ritual tonight here in this wheat field out on the far reaches of town, she knew what she would be asked to do. And so, wearing a simple white robe like that of her Mother, she came to this place, freshly tilled, and smelling of loam and sweet grass. The vast wheat field opened expansively before her, and there was nothing around for miles. She lay back on the earth then, grasping her hands into the soft soil, and awaited the appearance of her mother in the heavens. The sun went down, blazing in an arc of fiery glory and colors, and then, as the twilight turned to night, the stars came out, first the brightest ones, then all the others, until that clear summer night sky was filled to bursting with millions of dots of white. And then, she felt her mother, arriving, it seemed, simultaneously from the sky above and the earth below. The smell of the cool earth underneath her intensified and she felt the ground beneath her swell outward. As a small breeze picked up in speed, she could hear a distinct rustling in the wheat, far away at first, then approaching her position with more speed and purpose. And then, in the blink of an eye, she was there, standing before her, as the wheat stalks parted to either side to announce her arrival. Resplendent in her simple robe, she held out her arms to welcome her child. As she did, her belly protruded forward in pleasure and pride. Her breasts, great orbs of fulfillment and pleasure in their own right, framed her abdomen to either side. Her soft hair blew casually in the now-softened breeze. And her eyes, that held the knowledge of the world and its ways within, gazed upon her now. And they were the eyes of a mother, the look of ultimate safety and comfort. Her mother had, indeed, returned.

She welcomed her with a warm embrace, then her Mother sat down beside her on the earth, in that vast field of wheat. With a look of happiness and pride, she heard Destiny recount her travels so far in her lifetime. What she had seen, what she had experienced. How she felt, how others felt around her. Her daughter already knew much about the world, she mused, as she knows that treatment of the young larger woman can be cruel at times, almost too much to bear...but that those same indignities would certainly follow her into the adult world. And so, to be both observer and educator, Destiny was told by her mother of the great plan that she was to take part in. How the ways of thinking in the world had to be changed for the better. Ultimately, every woman of size would once again be revered as the wonderful human they always had been, with potential and knowledge only limited by their own wills. However, that part was being pushed away by society, forced into corners by weight-bigots and their like. Destiny was to change all that, a single person at a time, if that was what it took. She was up to the challenge. In great detail, her Mother explained the prejudices and feelings of hatred that some would place upon her, and what she represented, just by her body shape. She gave her her task then; to roam the country experiencing all that this earthly life would have to offer, as a woman of size. She had intellect, the power of persuasive speech, and the heart of a healer. And then she explained the power that she now had over her body.

Whenever she wished it, her body could and would respond to her mental demands, changing size and shape to accommodate her needs. However, the change was always one sided; she could only grow larger and more expansive. How she used this unique talent was up to her; but Destiny already had in mind a few ways in which it could be used to teach, and reshape opinions. And her Mother also told her to never forget to have fun...to experience life and love at its fullest. Her body and her mind were her two greatest weapons in this fight. In her travels, she would meet many different people, male and female. She should feel all that was capable for her body to accept, and know that, when all else seemed lost, that her Mother would be there for her. And then, in the symbolic gesture which her Mother called the ‘thickening’, Destiny interlaced her fingers with her mother’s, as she rested her hands upon her belly, then her breasts. At her touch, each swelled wonderfully, feeling like a ripening fruit on the vine...at one point, her belly swelled like that of a woman heavy with three children...she luxuriously arched her back and let her center of gravity sway forward, and she felt the power of creation and love within her. All this was hers to command of herself now, her Mother reassured her. Her childhood glimpses had now come true...she had some power over her own sexuality, eroticism, pleasure.

After she removed her hands, Destiny’s belly and breasts once again returned to their normal size, but in obvious happiness, she decided to keep a bit of the belly as a reminder. The breeze coolly swept across the front of her, softening her feelings of passion for her body and her potential. Her Mother smiled at her then, knowing that Destiny would be ultimately successful in her quest; and that the tide of popular opinion and the treatment of its most overlooked citizens would be changed, one by one, soul by soul. She then spoke with her for a while, interested in all she had to say, and answering all the questions that had occupied her mind since she was young. Then, finally, it was time for her Mother to leave this place in the human form she had partaken of. With a kiss on the cheek, and a farewell hug into that warm, wonderful, large body, Destiny was reassured that her Mother would always be with her in spirit, and in every thought directed her way. Then, she was gone on the night breeze, a whirling of wind through the wheat marking her departure. Destiny smiled to herself, overcome with joy and a sense of adventure and excitement. She knew the dangers and the prejudices she would have ahead of her to overcome as the years went by, but she knew that her determination and self-confidence would help in the end. After an hour or so in the field by herself, she found herself thinking back again and again to her body, to its potential. And a wonderful feeling of sexuality began to grow within her. As she clutched the earth with both hands, she arched her back in the soil, and felt her passions arise within her. As her crescent came to full erection and throbbed with self-delight, she experienced a wonderfully powerful, long-lived feeling deep within her body. It started right behind her abdomen then sent spidery tendrils sweeping throughout her body, igniting every nerve. As she wrestled on the earth, the stars continued their arc across the sky. And as her belly and breasts reacted to their new requests, she felt her waist thicken, her nipples become warm, erect, hypersensitive. She felt her belly expand around her, and eventually swell out to even touch the ground on her sides. She then felt the true power of the Earth-Mother, as the connection between the earth below and the heavens above combined to produce within her an orgasm of mythic proportion, and length. It was her first, but would definitely not be her last. As she laid there for what seemed like forever, she idly stroked one hand over her belly, while the other played in and out of the folds of her wine-colored lips. The moon rose high in the sky then and she thought she heard two doves calling to each other at the edge of the field. She was alone, yet one with the earth. It then was midnight.

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