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A Day in The Life of A Feedee
By Sweet Fatness

Although I am a woman who weighs over 1000 pounds, my world is really quite a small place. But a very beautiful world, as I'm living the life I dreamed of for so long. My days consist of eating, sleeping, and making love to my feeder. I'm constantly being pampered and spoiled by him, and told how beautifully fat I am. To gorge on food all day long and realize that almost every calorie going in you is turning to fat is so beautiful to think of.

And to know my feeder thinks of me as his fat, gluttonous goddess is so wonderful; it's hard to describe the feeling it gives me. His caresses make me feel so sexy as he jiggles and squeezes my massive rolls. Always a pleasure to feel the rippling fat as it lets me know just how massive I have become.

My day usually begins with a gentle nudge and jiggle from my feeder, and as I awake he places my feeding tube into my mouth, so I can take in the rich fattening fluid from the feeding reservoir hanging on a bracket on the wall beside our bed. He makes sure I have this so that I won't suffer from hunger pangs while he prepares my breakfast.

He places a small mirror in my hand, so I'll be able to glimpse small parts of my huge body while waiting. I have difficulty seeing much of it, anyway, just a small part of my chest and my humongous arms at my sides. If I'm a very good girl and ask for extra food portions, he will turn the wide, full-length mirror standing against the wall around, and I'll be able to see quite a lot of myself. Quite often, we both sit and watch the home videos he has taken of my massive immobile life.

As I lay there, letting the fat laden liquid flow into my belly, I smell breakfast cooking, mmmmm, bacon and eggs, my favorite! The aroma makes me so hungry; I close my eyes and begin to drift off into fat dreams of buttery mountains of caramel treats and chocolate goodies.

Suddenly roused by my feeder's hand jiggling my shoulder and pulling the feeding tube out of my mouth slowly, I open my eyes just as his lips meet mine, a long sensuous kiss, and then, he asks me to be a very good girl and eat all my breakfast. Two pounds of bacon, two dozen fried eggs, a dozen pieces of buttery toast, a large glass of coke, and a very large plate of hash browns smothered in gravy.

He asks me to take a piece of bacon off the tray and put it in my mouth. I do as he wishes and pant and moan from the struggle, of course exaggerating this very much. I look at him with my blue eyes, and he asks if it's too much for me, and if I would like him to feed me. I smile and nod my head in affirmation.

Feeding me my breakfast and rubbing my large belly puts a very wide grin on his face. He slowly rubs my belly while I chew, and I keep a constant watch on his expressions. I can tell he's loving every minute of it. The more he rubs the more it makes me want to eat, the fatter it makes me want to get. He tells me what a good girl I am, and I just want to keep eating and eating with no end to it. I lay there, a helpless mountain of jiggly fat, and still I want to be fatter.

All this feeding, caressing and being told I'm so fat and beautiful has made us both very mushy. I ask him to please make love to me, and he strips down and lays beside me, one leg over me on top of my belly. He begins to squeeze and jiggle every roll on my body, and it puts us in an erotic frenzy! He spreads apart two large rolls lying on his side of the bed and satisfies himself between them.

I am so full and so in love, and we both fall asleep. When I awake, he is gone from the bedroom, but I hear him busy in the kitchen. He soon arrives back in the bedroom with a large tray of doughnuts of all shapes and sizes and all kinds of coatings on them. What a treat. Also, there is a half-gallon of milk on the tray and some more weight gain liquid to go in my reservoir. As he pushes the last doughnut into my mouth, he gets up and begins to refill my shake reservoir. After he is done, he places the tube in my mouth and asks me to enjoy. As I watch him leave the room, I drift off again to a land of fattening dreams.

When I awake this time, he is washing between my massive rolls with a special moisturizing cleaning lotion and rubbing so very slowly. Oh, it feels so good when the rolls are spread apart and the air allowed to circulate in there. He has a small hand held fan which blows warm air between the rolls. I'm in heaven. When he finally finishes washing and drying me, he begins to apply moisture creams to my whale-like body. As he does this, he is constantly kissing my lips and telling me how fat and beautiful I am. I just can't get enough. By the time he has taken me to heaven and back, I have finished my weight gain liquid. I let out a little whimper, and he strokes my long blonde hair and kisses my lips and cheeks. He tells me he'll be right back, as he places 3 Reece's cups in my mouth. I drift off again for who knows how long, and he awakens me by running the feeding tube across my lips. He places it in my mouth and kisses me, and I drift off to dreamland.

The next thing I remember is him spooning large spoonfuls of buttery, cheesy, Kraft dinner into my mouth. He has cooked and mixed up 3 large boxes for me. Yummy.

He tells me I must make the weight gain liquid last for at least an hour as he has things to do. I agree and savor the liquid dribbling down my throat. Then I fall asleep again, and when I awake, I can smell pork chops. On the wheeled tray next to the bed my love was dishing out my very large plate of pork chops baked in mushroom soup topping, mashed potatoes, and buttery rolls. He joins me this time in eating and tells me how much he loves me and how fat I am. That I am a very gluttonous girl, and I tell him that he is so right and that there will never be an end to me gaining. I will continue to gain till the day I die. He grabs handfuls of fat with his two hands and lets them drop back and jiggle. The jiggles cause waves of ripples to flow across my huge belly. He feeds me, jiggles me, caresses me and kisses me. I love suppertime the most. As I take the last bite of my supper, he clicks the remote for the TV and says there is a good movie on tonight, and he wants to enjoy it with me. We begin to watch it, and he places the feeding tube in my mouth again. The movie I don't remember, but I do recall the aroma of extra buttery popcorn coming from the kitchen as I drift off into my super sized dreams where, as always, I wear a golden crown and they refer to me as Fatasha, the Feedee Queen.