Debrah's Morph 3: Lucy's Morph

Debrah woke up. She had dreamed the whole Hangar fantasy thing. She was rather disappointed. She saw and empty pizza box to her left. She looked to her right and saw an empty plate that once held about 100 fatty chocolate chip cookies. Debrah was now about 2,000 lbs. Her face had about 5 chins under it, her stomach was perfectly smooth and round, her thighs were each the size of a 400 lb lady, and with her new weight came a new flatulence problem. The room smelled of methane that expelled from her massive butt.

Lucy never went #2 in the bathroom anymore. That's one of the reasons for her massive weight gain. The pill quit allowing her to do so.

Her helper Lucy walked in. Lucy was thin and beautiful. Debrah was once smaller than Lucy. She didn't want to go back to that small size. "How are you doing?" Lucy asked.

"Just fine," Debrah said. She smiled. Smiling proved to be a challenge with all the excess fat on her cheeks. She could probably lose about 10 lbs if she just kept smiling, it was such an excersize for her.

"Umm...Debrah? Can I ask you a question?" Lucy asked.

"Sure. Anything," Debrah said. She passed gas from her rotund buttocks really loud. They were noth used to it so neither of them did anything to acknowledge it.

"I want to be as fat as you. Maybe even fatter. Do you know how I can get my hands on the pill that you took?" Lucy asked, blushing.

Debrah smiled again. "Sure. I'll let him know. Now go in the living room, while I contact him," she said.

"Thank you!" Lucy said excitedly. She walked in the living room. She stripped down until she was completly naked. She sat down on the couch.

The man appeared right infront of her. He gave her a pill with a smile.

"This should begin working immediately after you take it," the man said.

"Be sure to wash it down with a chocolate shake for best results."

Lucy nodded with the pill in her hand. She fixed a chocolate shake and took the pill. She gulped down the chocolate milk. She slammed down the empty cup. Nothing yet. She was beginning to think that she did something wrong and was about to cry, but then she felt a pain in her stomach. She clutched her belly and fell to the ground. There was some sort of a bubbling feeling coming from her stomach. She felt it begin to inflate under her tightly holding arms. She let go of her belly and looked down and saw that her stomach was qucikly beginning to grow along with her thighs, calves, arms, fingers, everything. She was nearly overcome with a sudden wave of hunger. She got up with some difficulty. She opened the pantry and pulled out a bag of chips and and opened them. She reached in by the hand full and shoveled the chips in. Crumbs fell to the ground. Then an empty bag of chips which she had just finished off. She pulled out Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls. She opened the small package and ate both at a time.

Shoving them into her mouth side-by-side. All this time she was growing.

Lucy stumbled back. She fell back against the wall. It was hard to move around when your body is ballooning at the very same moment. She walked to the center of the living room and fell to the floor on her back. She was layed out like a big X. She fell unconcious as her body continued to grow.

In her unconciousness, she had a dream. Lucy was back to her small, normal weight. She was at a large dinner table inside some sort of mansion. A maid walked in and placed a huge plate of lasanga infront of her. The maid leaned in and whispered "The butler was mad at his paycheck this month and made this a very fatty lasanga. If you eat it you will gain 1,000 lbs."

Lucy gasped. "Thank you for the warning," Lucy said with a smile. She took her fork and dug in.

"Didn't you hear me?!" the maid pleaded.

"Yes, I heard you. Thank you for the warning," Lucy said taking her first bite. When she swallaowed she suddenly felt a major hunger. Her dress began to feel tight and it ripped. Her stomach blew out of her dress. She now weighed about 250 lbs. Just from one bite. She wasn't growing anymore, but then again, she had only taken one bite. She took another bite and seemed oblivious to her quick weight gain. Her dress later ripped and fell to the ground in shreds. She took bite after bite, her body growing more and more massive. The chair gave way beneath her, but she continued to eat, letting nothing in her way. She finished off the lasanga. She now weighed 1,120 lbs. She fell on her back, Smiling.

She woke up. She looked down at her body. It had quit growing. She got up with major difficulty. She farted. "I guess I'm going to have to get used to that," she said taking deep breaths. She walked into Debrah's room. Debrah was watching tv. She looked over at Lucy and smiled. "If you want to be bigger than me, we can always higher a new helper," she said.

"That'd be nice. I'm REALLY hungry. I think I'm going to go out and get something," Lucy said.

"Don't worry child. That hunger will never be satisfied. The rest of your life is going to be relaxing, and filled with food and weight gain," Debrah said. "I'll probably end up being 10,000 soon. You're never finished growing."

Lucy was really excited about this. She ran to Debrah's closet and pulled out a sweat shirt and sweat pants. Before she put them on, she decided to weigh herself. She waddled into the bathroom and saw that she now weighed 600 lbs. Lucy was very happy.

Walking down the street, Lucy got looks from everyone. She walked into a McDonald's. She ordered 14 Big Macs. The cashier didn't take money from her. Resturaunts had this secret understanding with Fat people. Fat people eat for free. It was that way at EVERY resturaunt in the US. Too bad no one new about it. Lucy took her Big Macs and sat down. She gobbled them all down.

After they were all gone, Lucy realized that she had gained a little from all those burgers. Maybe 50 lbs. The pill allowed her to gain weight easier. She wanted to just take off her sweats so she would be free of her clothed prison. They were really tight. She walked outside. Her stomach showing between her pants and shirt. She caught the sight of a doctor.

"Excuse me miss," the doctor said.

"Yes?" Lucy said with a smile.

"How would you like to be many lbs heavier than that?" he said pointing at her massive, showing belly.

"Very much so!" Lucy said excitedly.

"Follow me," the doctor said with a smile.

Lucy entered a giant, circular room. There were computers all along the side of the wall. There was a chair in the center of the room. "Sit down, please," the doctor said.

Lucy sat down. She was naked. The doctor took a long tube and hooked it up to her belly button. The doctor pressed a button and a liquid began flowing through the tube. Lucy screamed. She felt so good! Her stomach began growing. So did the rest of her body. Her thighs, her neck, her calves, her butt, and pretty much the rest of her body.

How am I going to get home if he makes me immobile? she thought. Then she remembered that the pill gave her the ability to make her shrink as she pleased, too. Everything was perfect. The machine continued to pump some sort of fatty liquid into her. "Oooh I am such a pig!" Lucy screamed.

Debrah was watching tv. It was a weight gain infomercial. "Now you, too can become as huge as the fattest models! Tyra Banks, Courtney Cox, all the fattest models. They did't just gain 400 lbs overnight, it took my Bulge Fast shake! Filled with fatty foods guranteed to make you nearly immobile!" the man offered. Recently, everyone wanted to be fat. Now the media put down the thin girls and worshiped only those over 400 lbs. Lucy walked in.

She was 600 lbs, as much as she was when she left.

"I figured you'd come back much bigger!" Debrah said.

"Watch this," Lucy said. She took off her clothes until she was naked and layed down on the bed next to Debrah. "Any minute now, the shrink morph should wear off," Lucy said.

Then, Lucy felt it. The sudden wave of hunger, the erotic bubbling pain in her stomach, it all hit her again as she began to grow. Lucy farted amazingly loud. When she finished growing, she was 2,100 lbs. "I win," Lucy said with a smile and fell asleep. She dreamed of eating to even larger proportions than her real self.

*Be on the lookout for the new Morph series. New morph stories featuring Debrah, Lucy, and other thin ladies