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Debrah's Morph

Debrah looked at herself in her full length mirror. She was anorexic. She only weighed 95 pounds and her skin sort of hung off of her body. She had always wanted to be fat. She would love to be the heaviest woman in the world. She would have just let herself go and became fat, but she worried about discrimination from other people. Debrah felt depressed and decided to go to her favorite restaurant.

A taxi pulled up at a Denny's and Debrah stepped out of the cab. She walked into the restaurant and sat at an empty table that still had some dirty plates and glasses. Debrah could see what the people had to eat. A waiter came to her table. Debrah thought he was coming to clean the table, but he had a better surprise in store for her.

"Debrah, you may not believe me, but I'm your guardian angel. I have been watching you suffer and I will help you," the waiter said. He reached in his apron pocket and pulled out a small pill. "If you wash this down with a chocolate shake, then you will grow to 4OO lbs. But the morph will take place at midnight."

"Then in that case, could you bring me a chocolate shake?" Debrah asked with a polite smile.

"Sure," the waiter said, smiling back.

After Debrah had bought new clothes (one's that would fit a 4OO lb. woman), she went and bought 1O pizzas. She filled her pantry with fattening food that a health nut wouldn't touch with a 4O ft. pole. She went to sleep naked, because she forgot to by fat night clothes, and regretted that she wouldn't be awake during the transformation. Then, she was awakened by a pain in her stomach. She heard a rumbling noise coming from her tummy. She slowly and tiredly got out of bed and went to the bathroom. She stepped into the bathroom and turned on the light. She looked in the mirror, but found no changes. Still anorexic.

But the thing she didn't know, was that it was only 11:59! Then, the changes began. Her neck began to blow up like a balloon. When she saw this, she looked at her stomach and it was rounding out nicely. She smiled greatly. She stepped on her electronic bathroom scale. The numbers were going by like seconds. She couldn't stop smiling. She ran to her bed. Her new fat was jiggling as it grew and as she ran. Her thighs touched and rubbed as she ran. She lay down on the bed on her back and watched her stomach grow. "OH GOD!" she yelled with pleasure. She then tried to get up, finding it a challenge. She eventually got out of bed and went into the kitchen and opened the pantry. She pulled out at a bag of chips, opened it, and began munching down.

She finished the bag, and was still growing. She opened another bag, finished it, opened another bag, finished it. After she finished all of the chips in 5 minutes, she went for a tub of high-fat ice cream that she found at a BBW store. She got a spoon and began eating the ice cream. She then found the reason for her stomach pains. She dropped the ice cream, bent over, and passed gas...louder and more powerful than she ever had before.

"What the hell?" she said. She picked up her ice cream and spoon, and continued to eat, like nothing happened. The pain in her stomach had went away. She continued to eat all through the night.

The sun had come up, Debrah had passed her 4OO lb. mark at a whopping 54O lbs, and Debrah was still naked and still eating. Good Morning America was on the television. Debrah's mouth was covered in crumbs, ice cream, cake icing, and whip cream. Her stomach also had food on it. Empty potato chip bags, candy wrappers, empty milk jugs (yes, plural), empty chocolate milk jugs (yes, plural), empty tubs (yes plural) of ice cream, and empty pizza boxes lay everywhere around her feet. The house smelled of the fart that still hadn't left. Debrah was watching Good Morning America. They were saying that women were now trying to gain weight and become obese. It was the latest fad. Debrah tilted her head back and laughed. She now had a low voice. It was changed by her new found fat and her wonderful body. She scared herself and stopped laughing. Then she smiled. She finished her chocolate milk drink, and stood up. She dropped the glass. She looked down at her body and saw that it was smeared in whip cream, covered in crumbs, cake icing, and ice cream.

"I need a shower," she said in a low female voice.

She waddled to the bathroom and decided to check her wait. She stood on the scale and it busted under her weight, causing her to fall on her back with a thud that sounded like thunder. Her body fat flowed like a sea of waves. Her stomach gurgled and she realized that she was still hungry. She smiled and said to herself, "Immobility...here I come!"

The End