Weight Room Title Bar

The Inflation
Debrah's Morph II

by Parx

Debrah woke up. She looked at her body. She was immobile. Her dream had come true. But this was old news to her. Her helper walked into the room with a plate of cookies. She set them down on a table next to Debrah. "How are you today?" the helper asked. She was very thin. 10 lbs lighter and she would have been anorexic. She had blonde hair and green eyes. Her cheek bones were very sharp.

"I'm fine," Debrah said with a booming voice. "What time is it?" she asked.

"It's 2:30. You're up rather early today. Anything wrong??" the helper asked.

"No not at all. I'm just up," Debrah said with a smile. And smiling was very hard to do for her with all of the flesh on her cheeks.

"Ok now eat your cookies and 15 pizzas are already on itz way," the helper said. Her name was Lucy.

"Thank you," Debrah said, and began eating. She shoved cookie after cookie into her mouth. Lucy left the room and watched tv in the living room.

After Debrah had finished eating, she fell asleep. Then she dreamed...

Debrah found herself in nothing but blackness. A spotlight shone over her so she could see herself. She was back to her normal weight. What she weighed before she met that man that gave her the pill. But that's another story. Anyway, a spotlight shone on another man in the room. The one that gave her the pill!

Debrah ran up to him and hugged him. The spotlight followed her. She put her arms around him and squeezed tightly. "Thank you so much!" she said in her old, high voice. "I'm so happy with my weight!" she said stepping back from him.

"About that, I have some good news," the man said.

"Great! Tell me!" Debrah said with a smile.

"That pill gave you an ability. An ability to morph to any size that you want. Just think of the number. The weight. Then you will shrink or grow to that size!" the man explained.

"Any weight??! I can grow and shrink in the same day?" Debrah said with a huge smile.

"Yes. Any weight. Now its time for you to wake up. It was good seeing you Debrah. Try out your ability when you wake up. Have fun with it!!"

Debrah's eyes shot open! She looked and saw that she still had her immobile body. She was back to normal. Then she imagined a weight. A weight that would make her small enough to walk, yet big enough to attract attention. She thought 540 would do the trick. She closed her eyes and opened them again after a few mins. She was at 540! She sat up with some difficult. She looked at her bed and saw a huge imprint in the shape of her immobile body. She found that she was naked and put some clothes on. She walked into the living room and showed Lucy.

Lucy screamed!

"Lucy, is time to dress me up, I'm going out on the town!" Debrah said.

Debrah was walking down the street clothes that were really tight on her 540 frame. People everywhere stared. She just smiled. She felt some kind of pressure in her stomach. Then the man's voice entered her head...

"I forgot to warn you...after a few hours, you will go back to your original weight. You might wanna get inside, NOW!"

But Debrah was in too much pain. She hugged herself and had a constipated look on her face. Then she heard a rip. People on the street were laughing at her. She didn't mind this. She had a crowd around her, now. She bent over, clutching her stomach. Then her stomach exploded out of her dress and poured out into the open. Her whole outfit just busted off of her and she was left in nothing but her bra!! Then, there was a stretching noise, and it too shot off of her and flew into someone's face! People were throwing food at her. She was picking the food up and frantically eating as she got fatter. "MAKE ME FATTER!" she shouted at the people.

Debrah was losing her balance. She was becoming too heavy! Her stomach pudged out, her butt expanding beyond any maximum, her thighs were pushing against one another. Then she fell flat on her soft boingy butt. Chins were forming quickly on under her head. She fell on her back. Her sides were pouring over the sidewalk. Her stomach raising to a new height. Her butt swelling. Then an ambulance pulled up. It was extra-sized for people of Debrah's size.

"Get out of the way!" the paramedics were shouting.

Debrah was in a special bed in an underground area of the hospital. The door opened and Lucy entered. "I heard what happened. Are you ok??" Lucy asked.

"I'm fine. Thanks for coming."

"Anytime. Hey I asked the doctors for a favor."

Debrah looked at Lucy. "What was the favor?"

"To inflate you! I asked them to make you just big enough to fit in an airplane hangar. What do you think?" Lucy asked.

"When do we start??" Debrah asked, licking her lips.

(This is a sequel to a story that I wrote and I hope that someday these 2 will become a major favorite with the other FA's. And personally, I think the morphing stories are a lot more sexier!)