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The Demon Wish

Jeff winced in pain as his eyes were forced open, it took a minute for them to adjust to the bright light. When they did what he saw caused his heart to pound in terror. Not more than 5 feet from him , his wife Becky was suspended spread-eagled in the air, her eyes bulging in horror, a large stainless steel funnel forced into her mouth. Jeff could see just how much it filled her. Small droplets of blood formed at the corners of her mouth where the skin had cracked from the intrusion of the large funnel.

Becky pleaded for his help with her eyes, but Jeff found he couldn't move, he was strapped to a table. He tried to turn away but found his head was held in position. He was being forced to watch what ever terror was in store for his wife. He watched as Becky's eyes grew wider and all the color drained from her face. He could hear movement behind him but couldn't imagine what it was that terrorized Becky. He didn't have to wait long to find out. Suddenly the room was filled with thousands of suction-cup tipped tentacles. They moved and covered every exposed inch of Becky's flesh. He heard her try and scream around the funnel in her mouth, and watched her eyes glaze over as her mind shut down over this assault. The room was filled with a slippery sucking sound as the tentacles began stretching and releasing Becky's skin.

Shlook-Snap, Shlook-Snap, time after time her skin would be stretched and released only to be stretched a little further the next time. Shlook-Snap, Shlook- Snap, it continued. Becky looked like she'd been caught up in a giant taffy pulling machine. Shlook-Snap, Shlook-Snap, further and further her skin was being stretched. Wide red stretch marks appearing all over her body. The elasticity of her skin was being tested to it's limits. Just when Jeff was sure she couldn't take anymore it stopped. The tentacles slithered back to their unseen home. As the last of them slipped away he was able to fully asses the impact of their work and instantly wished he hadn't. Becky's skin hung on her as though she'd been covered with a queen sized bed sheet.

Although she'd been suspended almost a foot off the floor the skin of her legs, thighs, belly and ass draped over each other and flowed several inches over the floor. Her finger tips were barely visible, covered by the sleeves of flesh that were her lower arms. Her upper arms sagged nearly to her wrists, and the skin of her cheeks and chin hung slackly mid-way down her torso. Jeff had always loved her big pendulous tits, but they now hung shapelessly to her waist. She looked like some life size blow-up doll that had been inflated to the point of bursting then suddenly deflated. "This can't be real, "he thought. "I must be dreaming."

He was drawn back to reality as a huge hooded figure moved toward his helpless wife. "Hey you bastard. Leave her alone!" Jeff tried to shout. He knew he formed the words but heard no sound come from his mouth. The figure turned to him. Jeff could see no face, only two yellow eyes glaring from the darkness under the cowl. The room reverberated as the specters voice boomed. "Relax and enjoy the show Jeffy boy, I've only begun to play."

Jeff's blood ran cold as the figure turned back to Becky and produced a huge hypodermic needle. He began to inject Becky. Jeff watched as he would plunge the needle in and slowly depress the plunger a bubble the size of a softball would form under her skin then slowly spread out as if it had a life of it's own. Time after time the specter repeated the process, in her tits, face, her ass thighs. Everywhere, Jeff lost count of how many needles Becky'd been given.

" I suppose it's only fair to tell you what I'm up to," the specter said to Jeff. "You see I'm turning over a new leaf, I've decided to help people, to grant their wishes you might say." He laughed at his last statement, a laugh so deep and booming that Jeff's bones rattled. "I've been all over this shitty little town granting wishes. I bet I helped at least 100 people. I've been to weight watchers, I helped 50 women there. Oh I helped a lot of people!" His yellow eyes began to glow bright as he spoke to Jeff. "Yes I helped a lot of people, and I've developed quite a collection. Do you know what I collected?" He stared at Jeff almost expecting an answer. "No of Course you don't. Well I'll tell you what I collected."

He stopped and turned back to Becky as if he'd forgotten something. He raised a bony hand to a lever that appeared out of nowhere and pulled it down. Jeff watched as a trough appeared over the funnel, and a thick yellowish white fluid began to flow slowly into the funnel, and into Becky. "So you see Jeff," the specter said as he turned back to Jeff. I helped all those women, their wish was to loose weight, so I collected their fat cells, and their body fat. Millions of fat cells, and thousands of pounds of fat!" His tone turned angry. "Just what was I supposed to do with all that shit Jeffy boy. Jeff did have an idea, but was afraid to put it into thought, it was just too awful to imagine.

"Bingo! You guessed it. I wasn't going to lug 5,000 pound of fat for all eternity. Then low and behold someone else made a wish!" Your wish Jeff.!"

Jeff thought back to the argument he'd had with Becky earlier that week. She'd found his "fat stash" and confronted him. he tried to explain, but she refused to listen. She'd called him a pervert she said he was sick, and weird. Later that night as he sat alone on the couch he remembered...

" Yes, Yes! I believe your exact words were---- I wish to Hell I could make her get fat!" The demon laughed with glee. "Well Jeff your wish is my command."

With that the demon disappeared, and Becky opened her eyes to find Jeff standing in front of her, his hand on the lever holding it down as gallon after gallon of liquefied fat flowed into her very receptive body.