Weight Room Title Bar

Denise and Will
By Mink and Built

Part One

Denise spooned the last of her ice cream in her mouth furtively. I love Ben n Jerry, she thought to herself as she hid the container in the trash. She heard her husband walking in the front door, his footfalls heavier then they once were. She licked the traces away and smiled at him as he trudged into the kitchen from work. "Hungry?" she asked. He nodded, not knowing his wife had spent the entire day binging and that she planned to make dinner as fattening as possible.

William noted with pleasure how fat his wife was becoming, her soft rolls jiggling as he watched her move back into the kitchen. Sitting at their special table, he sighed as the weight was taken off his legs. He noticed the usually loose clothing that he wore to meals was especially tight this evening, although he had been going to the gym more often.

Denise took the lasagna out of the oven and placed it on the counter. She had liberally laced it with weight gain powder, but not with her potions. She served him a big piece and excused herself to the bathroom. She still remembered her massive weight gain in just a few weeks, then finding the gainer bottle that Will had been adding to her food. She had vowed to get revenge, and this was her chance. She loved her husband, but if she was going to get fat then so was he!

He decided not to mention his wife's increasing size, afraid she would stop her seemingly uncontrollable gaining. For that reason whenever she would send him shopping, he would carefully read the labels and select the highest calorie and most fattening foods on the shopping list. He realized he was getting fatter as well, but he didn't mind. He loved the feeling of his enlarging stomach. Its weight and heft especially as they made love...which was all the more frequently to his delight. His only concern was his wife leaving him; she worked with male models and how could he possibly compete with that?

Plomping back in her seat as she returned, she couldn't help notice how his thighs were almost busting out of his pants as he sat, and his belly was finally forming a large, smooth roll; she was concerned that he would develop sloppy, rolls of fat. She began eating, asking him how his day and work went, and did he have a chance to eat? She knew how busy his days could get as the boss of his company, and always asked him this, because if he didn't he would get scolded and even more food would be plopped on his plate.

"No dear," he sighed, and more was promptly discarded on his plate. William loved Denise's lasagna and wolfed down the huge portion she placed in front of him. Oddly his appetite was more stimulated than ever and before he knew it the pan was empty and inside his stretched belly. "Sorry dear, I don't know what came over me. I ate it all and I'm still hungry! Lord I'm getting fat. I need to either go on a diet or wait until you're finished before I start."

"What, fat?" she asked, honestly disbelieving. "No you aren't fat yet, my dear. You just look well fed, and happy." Her gaze sharpened. "My mother says that when men go on a diet, it means they are looking at other women..." Her voice was half questioning, half threatening.

He was uncomfortable hearing her voice. He knew there was no one else. It seemed to be his habit now, eating into insensibility and secretly at night when he thought she was asleep, feeling his new belly fat. He was surprised at her weight gain; he supposed the more she ate the bigger her belly got, and therefore the more it took to get her full.

Her gaze softened and she went around the table and kissed his forehead. Crisis averted, for now. "I love you Will, you know I do."

"I love you, too, Denise. But I'm still famished...is there anything else to eat?"

He smiled as he watched her get up noticing the roll of girl fat spilling over her waist band and a small push out under as well.

She smiled and bustled to the stove, pulling out the other half and plopping it all on his place, along with a glass of wine to mellow him. "Here you go. Save room for dessert, though! I made your favourite."

I'll save room for dessert, he smiled to himself, in you. Seeing her leave, he sprinkled spoonfuls of the appetite stimulant he'd been dosing her food with the past several months. This time he used more than he ever had before. Settling back, his eyes widened at the huge trays of food she brought in from the kitchen.

Suddenly salivating, he began to eat again. It was as if he hadn't eaten before he was so hungry. He was in a fugue of some sort and, in what seemed like minutes, finally came to his senses. Hours had past. His belly was taut and all the plates were empty. He looked across at Denis and she was leaning back in her chair, her lounging pants tight across her bulging middle and apparently in a mild semi-coma from her indulgences and the drug. Pleased, he struggled to his feet and, unconscious of his own stretched and swollen gut, moved to her side. She was so beautiful, he thought, and becoming so incredibly and delightfully fat. He bent over and gathered her up in his arms, but was unable to lift her due to her increased weight. He remembered how he carried her into their bedroom on their honeymoon - no chance of that now! With her in his arms he held her close and gently kissed her on her lips. They were like soft rose petals with a hint of garlic. He noticed her increased weight, at least 20 or 30 pounds he estimated, from the last time he held her.

He half carried, half led her to the heavily cushioned and be-pillowed love seat in the next room and seated her still in her trance, still small groans almost like deep purring echoing from her throat. He made sure she was comfortable and, in an inspiration, placed a soft pillow behind her back so her swollen belly arched forward in a smooth curve. Stepping between her relaxed and outstretched legs he leaned over her and gently kissed her again. He noticed an almost electric shock as the swag of his naked belly brushed hers. Kneeling now, still between her thighs, he gently pulled down her lounging pants to make her more comfortable for the next part. To his surprise she wore no underwear, and her stomach was tighter than it seemed possible.

Smiling, he slowly opened her robe to expose her now swollen torso, so achingly beautiful. Her taut belly was a globe of buttery fat, soft pools of fat around her deepening belly button covering her rock hard belly. Yes, it was deeper, and the texture of her skin softer than he had ever felt it. Reaching over he picked up his jar of skin enrichener and began to rub it in to her skin, enjoying the feel of her fat as it slipped through his vitamin oil-slicked fingers. He did not want any stretch marks on his lover; she must be perfect. She was moaning again as he performed this delightful task, her mouth opening in a soft mew each time his fingers reached an overstretched or tender belly muscle.

Kneeling again, his head over the soft fuzz of her pubic area, he enjoyed the full curve of her belly as it swelled toward him. It had finally started to fold over onto her thighs with the slightest crease. He slid his slippery hands up toward it along her fat thighs, sighing as he felt the weight of her belly as his hands slid underneath it. She moaned again. He moved to the kitchen and returned quickly, the huge cheesecake she had prepared in hand. Stroking her again, he slipped a piece into her mouth as she opened it, stifling each moan with calorie-laden dessert. Again and again he would lovingly manipulate her, again and again her mouth would be filled with cheesecake until there was no more on the plate. Tired and happy, he climbed onto the seat next to her and holding the magnificent belly of this beautiful fat woman, he slipped into his own over-satiated sleep.

Denise awoke several hours later, not sure why she awoke. She felt a strange sensation and looked down, seeing oil traces on her belly, and her sweat pants pulled below her aching belly. She stretched slightly, fingers probing into her temporarily firm belly. God, she was a BLIMP! Denise struggled to her feet and waddled to the bathroom, climbing on the scales. Ohhh shit!! She had gained 10 lbs yesterday! She felt a warmth and a wetness between her legs and felt guilty.

In his drugged sleep William felt the warmth of his wife slip away and slowly awakened. Good lord he still felt full, as he felt the weight of his expanded belly in his lap.

Denise waddled to the kitchen and looked at the remains of their feast, a testimony to their gluttony. She slid one hand down her belly to grip the golden underbelly and shook it slightly. She felt ripples throughout her paunch and walked into the living room, her newly acquired fat quivering with each step, her stuffed belly towering.

William looked up as his wife waddled toward him. Her breasts were clearly larger. They swayed seductively with each step she took. He grew hard as he watched her move. Her gut bobbed, the slightly swelling globes of her underbelly crying for his touch.

Denise caught her husband's look of adoration and stopped dead, a look of shock on her face.

He was puzzled. "Come here lover, let me see you in the light."

How could he like her? She was a fat cow! And yet, his member stood at stiff attention, sleepy as he was. She just stared at him. He actually LIKES it! It was too much, too weird for her. Setting aside her love for chubby men, she knew no man loved a fat woman - all women were supposed to be sticks!

"What's the matter, Denise. Come here my beautiful girl. Yes, you are simply magnificent."

He pulled her toward him gently. She resisted, shaking her head as if in disbelief. Denise backed up slowly, very confused. Suddenly, clarity came and she felt anger towards him. "You've been doing this! You've been fattening me, haven't you?!" She almost shrieked. She wasn't angry, really, just scared and shocked. She knew, she had seen the powder, and yet her wind somehow hadn't made the connection until now.

He hung his head, hating the cruelness in her voice. "Yes I have, Denise. I did it because I love you. How can I say it... Your fatness turns me on. Your belly growing larger every day is incredibly erotic to me. Yes I know it's sick and twisted, but that's how I am. That's how I feel."

Denise dropped to her knees, her belly hanging and jumping with the motion, and she hugged him tightly, resting her head on his fattened thighs. "I'm not angry, and you're not sick and twisted..." she said guiltily. "I've been doing the same thing to you.."

Denise rested her cheek on his jello-like belly, near tears. She knew he had been fattening her - she had seen the weight gain jar, but it had never hit home until tonight, and she felt ashamed at her outburst.

In dumb amazement he ran his hands over his belly. "That was you? I thought it was the high calorie foods I've been substituting in our shopping list and a small price to pay for your weight gain." He leaned back and grinned, his belly swelling upwards. "Well, if that doesn't beat all. You know I started out hating this gut of mine, but after a while I began to be turned on by it. When we make love something is different with it between us. It's very erotic you know and even now feels incredible. I've never been this fat in my life."

Denise smiled like a cat who has been in the creme. "I know," she said smugly. "When we first got married you were so thin, but after you started getting comfortable, you starting getting more solid, and then getting flubber..." She ran her hands over his gut shivering. "It was amazing, and you'll have to admit - as soon as you put on weight I was so horny constantly - you could barely keep up!"

"No kidding!" He grabbed her close feeling the soft fat of her sides, "Lord, I love you so!" he shouted, a great weight lifted off his spirit. She loved him for what he was becoming and accepted her increasing size. He reached down and cradled her belly suspended in front of him. It was so soft. He leaned forward with a grunt; his belly burst down to hang between his legs as he lightly nipped just under her deep swell of fat surrounding her belly button.

"Time for a belly massage," she said. William sighed as he watched Denise's hands move toward him, her every curve awakening him, his belly quivering in anticipation

Denise jabbed one finger into his belly. "Look at all this blubber! I don't know if I'll be able to reach the muscles!" she said teasingly, hands rubbing his wide belly slowly. He could feel his muscles contract as she poked him, but he relaxes under her touch and smiles up warmly at her.

Denise sat on his lap, fingers caressing his engorged belly, he leaned back, his belly like a live thing between her hands, like a big ball of bread dough being kneaded. His muscles relaxed further as she slowly leaned down and sucked on his belly, her mouth warm against his cool skin, her tongue probing into his fat's thickness.

His eyes closed, lost in the sensations he reached forward and gently stroked her neck and shoulders as she worked on him.

Shivering, she gripped his soft flesh and rolled it like dough between her hands. As she leaned into him, her tongue sending shivers through his thick fat, he could see past her waist and muscular back, delighting in the swell of her perfectly shaped rear end.

Denise slid her hands around his enormous belly and hefted it. "If you keep eating like this, your belly will cover your crotch soon..."

He could feel her hot, moist lips again on his belly as he leaned back against the huge pillows. Even with his eyes closed he knew exactly what Denise was doing to him.

She nipped at his belly lightly, her white teeth flashing in a vixen-like expression. She smiled up at him, her formerly fox-like face was now softened, giving her a much cuter appearance.

He grinned at her and leaned forward to kiss those full, enticing lips. She held her hands both sides of his belly and gasped as it swelled outward, pushing her hands apart.

Reaching for a plate, Denise admired his greatly fattened frame and grabbed a doughnut which she popped into his mouth, whole. She laughed at how his cheeks bulged, making him look even fatter.

He was transformed with the sudden rush of fat and sugar in his mouth. Sighing he leaned back and let his belly relax onto his thighs. He felt incredibly decadent. So fat. He held his hands both sides of his belly to keep it from jiggling uncomfortably.

Denise moaned slightly and lay down, resting her head on his belly. "You are just so fat...We should both go to the doctors, just to make sure we are both healthy," she added. The thought of a doctor giving him a physical was so damn arousing.

He nodded, watching her breasts and belly fat hang low as she leaned over him. He tried to imagine how she would look even fatter.

The cold vinyl of the examination table he was perched on brought him to his senses. As he realized he'd better stop daydreaming the doctor walked in the room. "Good, you've stripped. It's really been a while since I've seen you..."

Denise smiled at the doctor. "I was wondering if I could stay this time Doctor?"

"...Good lord!" The doctor gasped as she pulled back his gown.

Stunned, the doctor nodded. "Sure. But what have you been feeding him? I can't believe the size of his abdomen!" she cried, her hands grabbing his huge rolls.

Denise tried to hide her smile at the shocked expression on the Doctors face. "Oh, just normal food." But lots of it!

"This is definitely not normal; all his tests show he is as healthy as a horse. I just don't understand it." The doctor pushed his legs apart and ran her hands over his belly in disbelief. She let out a startled exclamation as his massive belly buried her hands as it moved to claim the space provided by his spread thighs.

Denise smiled. "I make sure he gets all his veggies and things at dinner, and we exercise a lot," She said.

The doctor shook her head. "Well, keep it up. He's relatively young and has the musculature to take this weight." She winked at her "I can tell someone has been having a lot of fun."

Denise blushed, shocked, and stared at the doctor. "Wh…What?"

"His big healthy meals didn't give him these hicky marks," she said with a smile. "Listen, I like big men too. I have a lover at home that has quite a bit of poundage over William here." She leaned over and hugged Denise "It's fun and safe if you keep them healthy and on the right diet. I'll have my nurse make one up for you."

Denise smiled with relief and hugged back, her own new pounds pressing into the doctor. "Thanks!"

"Yes, I envy you. His belly has such a nice shape and will become even more sexy as it gets larger. Here's some cream that will help his skin stay soft as you stretch it. You're in for an exciting next couple of months," she said with a smile.

Denise took it and thanked her again, starting to strip for her own examination.

"The same diet will work on you," the doctor said with a grin as she pinched the large swell of belly fat that rolled over Denise's thighs. "Maybe better. Your tests show you're in perfect heath." She lifted Denise's breasts and felt them. "Your body fat is exquisite, a small bit of cellulite here and there, but with the proper massage and skin oils it should smooth out. I envy you. Your breasts are very large and well shaped," She laughed, looking at her own small A cups.

Denise blushed at having her doctor handle and pinch her warm, shivering fat and felt herself begin to get aroused as she gazed at her husband.

William smiled at her and nodded as he struggled into his clothes. He was still blushing furiously from the doctor's caresses. He moved closer to watch her gently handle and measure Denise fattened breasts and belly.

Denise moved forward and helped him get into his clothing, getting in a few good stokes and pinches while she did so. He found he could not button his pants over his belly for the first time in a long time, and he had just bought these new. Frustrated he allowed Denise to help and lifted his gut to allow her room to fasten his belt.

Denise tried as hard as she could then gave up laughing. Resting her cheek against his shoulder, she laughed until she cried. "Oh Will," She wiped her eyes. "You're getting so fat that your boxers ripped!" She started laughing again, the doctor joining her.

Blushing again, William finally was able to buckle his belt at the last notch and pulled his shirt down to cover his gut. At least 4 inches or so peeked from underneath. He turned to see Denise, lust in her eyes for the creamy soft underbelly, and the doctor looking at it with some envy in her eyes and knew he should get out before things got out of hand. "Take me home Denise, I can't believe it but I'm starving."

Denise wrapped her arm around his waist, thanking the doctor again, and walked out with him to the car. "I'll drive...do you want takeout? I know you don't get to eat it that often." She got into the car and started buckling up, noting how far the belt had to stretch while waiting for him.

William nodded, and smiled "Take out is fine as long as there is lot's of it." He leaned back and noticed the distinct lack of space between his belly and the dashboard. The thought of it and being fed again by Denise was very stimulating and he felt himself stirring, pushing through his torn underwear.

Denise pulled into McDonalds and ordered 3 adult nugget meals, 2 Big Mac meals - all supersized of course, and 10 of those little pies. She knew it was a lot, but the thought of Bill sitting in the car, stuffing himself with all this food, was just irresistible.

The food arrived and William commenced stuffing himself. The taste of the grease and salt and fat was incredible. Soon he could feel the top of his belly getting tight and slowed down. Loosening his seat belt he reclined the car seat and sighed with pleasure.

Pulling into their driveway, Denise had to literally drag the food away from her fat husband to get him to move. Carrying all the food into the house, she watched in the window to see him get out, her own sizeable belly resting on her thighs.

William struggled into their huge living room and furiously stripped off his confining clothes. As Denise helped him her touch on his stretched flesh aroused him further, and food was forgotten. He leaned over and gently kissed her soft belly through her clothes saying, "Time to get naked lover. The doctor whispered some lovemaking secrets in my ear before we left." As she started to disrobe he sank to his hands and knees to let his full belly hang free, relieving his strained muscles. He could feel it sway as his muscles relaxed.

Her hands groped under his belly and began to massage the bloat there and took two huge handfuls of fat. There was still much more, and when she let go she could see his belly dance side to side and against his chest and crotch, which she knew would excite him even further.

He swayed forward and back, his belly a pendulum. Its motion against his stiff manhood the most erotic sensation he had ever felt.

Denise pulled of the last of her clothing, and her large, water balloon belly popped free. It was, in many ways, like a water balloon. It was firmly soft, jiggling with every motion, and even hung/stuck out like a water balloon. Her thighs squished together, making her ass shake as she moved closer, and her thick arms pulled him to her. "I don't know if I COULD make love...you're so skinny..." she murmured, waving a fatty burger in front of his face.

The sight of her inflamed his desire. Ignoring the burger he got to his knees in front of her and kissed the swell of her lower belly. Sticking his finger into her navel he noticed how deep it had become and greedily bit into the soft buttery fat surrounding it. Gently he lifted her belly and delighted in her sigh of pleasure.

Absently, Denise devoured the burger in her hand, a drop of mayo landing on her belly made her shudder, her entire stomach shaking with the motion, and she closed her eyes happily, reaching for the other burger, still not aware she was eating.

Seeing her trancelike feeding William smiled and sat her down on the huge over stuffed couch. As before he placed pillows behind her back so he could enjoy the full curve of her belly as she slowly filled it. Pushing her legs apart he knelt before her and began to massage her stomach, occasionally leaning forward to lick the drops of mayonnaise and fat from the now nearing horizontal top of her expanding belly.

Denise started in on the nuggets, her eyes glazed over as she popped them into her mouth systematically. She dropped the last one and moaned in protest, leaning forward. She could barely move a foot forward to reach her belly was in the way and it bunched up into rolls and squeezed over the sides of her legs as she futilely tried to reach that nugget.

He teased her, holding the nugget just out of her reach of her mouth, watching her full belly squish over her thighs. Seeing her in distress he gently pushed her legs apart and guided her belly between them. As her gut sank between her fat thickened thighs Denise was able to move forward and reach the last nugget. He popped it into her mouth and began to rub her underbelly gently as she chewed.

Moaning in mingled pain and pleasure, her full belly somehow grumbling for more, and she slowly slid off the couch onto her knees, her arms wrapping around his neck.

"I'm hungry...keep rubbing..." She leaned back moaning softly, still not with it.

Still cradling her belly he pulled her toward him. Gently he lifted it up past where it creased over her pubic area until he held it suspended. A pool of soft fat in his arms. Held up like this it extended quite a ways out and was heavy. Her breasts, round and full, slowly slipped to either side as her full belly moved up between them.

Pulling his belly out and squishing it against hers, she pressed her lips into him firmly. "I love you, Will."

"I love you, too, dear Denise. I love how fat you've gotten. You are expanding into a beautiful and erotic woman. Please get fatter for me. Please make me fatter. Please make love to me now," William begged, his manhood erect and dripping with desire.