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Diet Doctor
by Suda Nym

When Christy graduated college she was elated. The only thing standing in the way of her happiness was the "Freshman 15" (more like 20) she had never managed to lose. Before embarking on the career world, she decided to see a doctor to try and help her lose the weight. Christy made an appointment with Dr. Ross, she got his name from someone at school.

Dr. Ross looked down at his appointment book. 2:00 Christy Smith - Diet. Oh great another college kid trying to shed some weight. Dr. Ross, who was a FA saw many college girls come through his door trying to shed those beautiful pounds. When Christy arrived, he was taken with her beauty. About 5'6", curly blond hair, big blue eyes, and not an ounce of extra weight. "Oh doctor, I have got lose these extra pounds, I am up to 150." Christy said. I have some pills that will help you, said Dr. Ross. Usually Dr. Ross just gave the silly girls the pills and watched them melt away the pounds, but he could not resist having a little fun with this beautiful girl. He gave her the diet pills with instructions to come back in 1 week.

One week later Christy came back, shrunken, but still beautiful. "I have lost 10lbs" she announced. "I can tell." Dr. Ross responded. Here are this week's pills, said Dr. Ross with a smile. She thanked him and left, making an appointment for next week. Dr. Ross could not wait for next week, as he had given her a prescription for a powerful appetite stimulant. On the way home, Christy popped one of the pills, drank a swig of Diet Coke and said, "here's to a new body." She stopped by the grocery store to get her diet food. Boy was she hungry, she assumed it was from the week of dieting. "I deserve a treat, she said, grabbing the dozen eclairs. I will have one and give the rest to the neighbor. On the way home she was ravenous. She decided as a further treat, she would stop by her favorite Mexican restaurant on the way home. She got the biggest plate they had, to go. She could take part of it the next day for lunch. She got home and had one eclair. It was so good, creamy and fresh, and she was so hungry. She was so hungry she just couldn't stop. She felt weird, she could not stop stuffing the eclairs in to her mouth. One after the other she crammed them into her mouth, until she had eaten the entire dozen. The eclairs didn't even begin to fill her up. She started on the Mexican dinner. Enchiladas filled with cornbeef hash, smothered in cheese, sour cream and guacamole. Two burritos, beans and rice, and the complimentary chips vanished within minutes. Christy was so full all she could do was lie on the couch and rub her stretched belly. Moaning she went off to sleep. A few hours later, sharp hunger pains awoke her. She went running to the cabinets, nothing there but diet food. She was so hungry, she thought she would faint. She picked up the phone, "Hello, Dominoes".....

Dr. Ross looked down at his appointment book to see Christy Smith's name. Good, he thought. He had been waiting all week to see how Christy's "diet" had been going. He looked out of his office window in to the waiting room. Christy was sitting there munching on chips. She was clearly rounder, he guessed she had put back the 10lbs she had lost plus another 10. "Hi Ms. Smith, won't you come on back." Dr. Ross invited. "Doctor, I don't know what is wrong with me. I have been bingeing like a mad woman. I can't stop. I am so hungry all of the time." Christy complained. "Well, let's see what the scale says, hop on." instructed Dr. Ross. Christy climbed on the scales. "The scale says you have gained 20lbs." Dr. Ross informed Christy. "What's wrong with me, why can't I control myself?" asked Christy on the verge of tears. "It is perfectly natural to gain weight back after a large weight loss like you had last week, I wouldn't worry about it at all." He assured Christy. "I will give you a stronger prescription this week. Come back and see me in two weeks, and I assure that everything will be fine." "Thank you Dr. Ross" Christy said, as she left the office. Dr. Ross made a notation on his calendar for two weeks. He couldn't wait to see her again, with the appetite stimulants he had prescribed, she would not be able do much besides eat. She stopped on her way out at the water fountain to take one of her new "diet" pills.

On the way home Christy stopped at her favorite Italian restaurant, they had a wide variety of low fat pastas and salads. As soon as she walked in to the restaurant, the smells hit her. She felt that horrible hunger rise up in her. She knew she should leave, but she couldn't. All she could think of was stuffing herself full of that delicious food. When she was seated, she ordered an appetizer of cheese filled portabello mushroom. "Don't forget the salad and breadsticks" she reminded the waiter. She made her selection from the menu and started on the salad and bread sticks. She loved this salad, she had requested extra dressing. It was full of cheese, olives and croutons. She finished off the entire of bowl of salad and 2 orders of bread sticks by the time her appetizer arrived. Before she attacked it, she requested more salad and 2 more orders of bread sticks. "Can I also have some extra butter on the side for the bread?"

Just as Christy was dipping the last bite of bread in the butter, the main course came. "Thank goodness, she thought I was really getting hungry." The waiter sat her 3 plates of food down. On the largest plate was a full size order of lasagna with veal parmesan. A smaller plate had an order of spaghetti and the other plate was a plate of fettuccini Alfredo. Christi went in to a kind of trance. Eat Eat Eat. It was all so good. The fettuccini was one of her favorites. She could taste the butter, cream and parmesan in every bite. Oblivious to almost everything but the need to stuff her face, Christi heard a pop. She looked down and realized it was the zipper to her skirt. She quickly untucked her blouse and covered her skirt and kept going. When Christi had cleaned her plate and mopped up all of the sauce with the last of the fifth order of bread sticks. She requested a desert menu. She ordered a thick slice of cheese cake and an order of tirimisu. After completing her meal she waddled out to the car. On her way home she realized that she wanted to eat more. It was like she had no control of her actions, all she wanted to do was eat. She stopped by Krispy Kreme on the way home and got 3 dozen doughnuts. She began eating them on the way home she loved the jelly filled and the chocolate covered creme filled. She had polished off a dozen by the time she got home. She ran in the door with the doughnuts. After wedging here way out of the outgrown skirt, she sat in the middle of the floor in her bra and panties with the remaining doughnuts. She could see how round her belly was becoming, and even though she hated it, she could not stop eating. She began consuming the doughnuts. One after the other. She had powdered sugar, chocolate and cream all over her mouth, and dribbling down her rounded tummy, but still she kept cramming the doughnuts in to her mouth. She was so hungry, that she couldn't eat them fast enough, she began to eat with a doughnut in each hand. They were soooo good, the cream, the chocolate. By the time she had eaten the last doughnut, sucked all of the remnants off of her hands and licked the box, it was late. She decided to go on to bed. "I am going to see that damn doctor tomorrow." she swore. "I don't know what he has done to me."

The next morning while Dr. Ross was drinking his first cup of coffee, he heard yelling in his waiting room. "I don't care if I have an appointment or not, I am going back there" an angry voice said. Dr. Ross looked out, it was Christy Smith. "Please come on back, Ms. Smith, it is okay nurse, I will see her." Christy marched into his office and threw the pills on his desk. "I don't care what you say, these pills are not helping, I am like an eating machine. I am so hungry right now, I can't stand it. You don't know what you are doing, you must some kind of fucking crazy quack" Christy screamed. Dr. Ross became angry and defensive. "I am sorry you feel that way, and I am sorry the pills are not working. We will try something else." "Okay" said Christy, calming down. "Quack, huh," thought Dr. Ross. "I will show this prissy little bitch." "We will try hypnosis, it is frequently very effective for weight loss, Christy." "Okay, let's do it." Christy answered.

Dr. Ross explained to Christy that while under hypnosis he would plant a subliminal message in to her subconscious that would deter her eating. "That sounds great." Christy said. While under hypnosis, Dr. Ross planted no such message to that effect. Instead he planted a message that Christy would follow all of Dr. Ross's instructions to the letter and not question them. He also told Christy that when she became hungry she should make no effort to control her eating. Dr. Ross brought Christy out of hypnosis. He gave her the prescription back. "Now Christy take these pills just like I have told you to and come back and see me in two weeks." "Yes, Dr. Ross."

The next two weeks were a blur of eating for Christy. She would have never guessed she could eat so much. She could not imagine how eating so much would help her lose weight, but Dr. Ross said it would and he knew what was best. All she could think about was eating and how hungry she was. Each morning she awoke to strong hunger pains. Her favorite breakfast consisted of a large bacon and cheese omelet, hash browns, 1/2 dozen biscuits, and several pieces of sausage, all smothered in gravy. For dessert she would have a couple of chocolate covered cheese danishes. By the time she had eaten and cleaned up the mess it was time for a mid morning snack. Christy discovered she had a real affinity for doughnuts, and usually had 1 dozen chocolate covered cream filled doughnuts around this time. After a little nap it would be lunch time. Christy was now on a first name basis with the local pizza delivery guys. She varied companies from day to day, but the order was the same: Large deep-dish meat lovers with extra cheese and an order of cheese sticks. Christy also loved to get several extra containers of garlic butter dipping sauce to saturate the pizza and breadsticks with. After lunch Christy usually spent the afternoon on the couch channel surfing with a bowl of chips or candy. After her favorite talk show, "Jerry Springer," Christy knew it was time for an afternoon snack, usually a couple of boxes of "Hot Pockets" and some more chocolate covered cheese danishes or a family size bag of "Jeno's Pizza Rolls." After another nap it was dinnertime. She had discovered that a couple of burger restaurants would allow you to call ahead with a large order if you were having a party or something. She would put in her order, usually something like 3 cheese burgers add mayo, 2 onion rings, 1 chili cheese fries, and a couple of apple pies. Christy like doing this because she didn't even have to get out of the car, she could drive through. At the end of the two weeks, her hunger was so strong that she would have to take some snacks with her to pick up dinner, usually several candy bars and chips. After dinner, Christy would finish up the night watching tv. Before going off to bed, she would have a bedtime snack, usually a box of "Little Debbie" snack cakes.

Christy was beginning to plump up good, she grew every where. Here face was rounding and you could see the hint of a double chin. Her breasts were getting heavier. Her little waist was thickening. She now had rolls of flab on her stomach that hung over her clothes. Her hips were widening and her butt was getting chubby. Her thighs were jiggly and had begun to rub together when she walked. She had outgrown most of her clothes. She could not get her slacks and jeans anywhere near buttoning and she could barely get most of them up over her plumpened hips. All of the buttons on her blouses were stretched and popping open. Her T-shirts had become too tight as well. She had one pair of pants that had been too big at one time that she grew in to. When they began getting tight she had to go to the store to get more. She wedged her way into a loose cut size 16. "One more size and I will have to start shopping at the plus size stores." Christy thought, "Dr. Ross's plan had better start working soon."

Dr. Ross was thrilled. It was time for Christy Smith's appointment. He couldn't wait to see how much she had plumped up. When he saw her out in the waiting room, even he was shocked. She had put on so much weight, she just looked like her entire body had swollen. "Come on back Ms. Smith, how have you been?" he asked. "I have followed your instructions, but it doesn't look like I have done anything but gain a lot of weight." she said. "Let's see what the scale says." Christy hopped on the scale, she had gained 30lbs in two weeks. "Oh my God, I weigh 190lbs, that is almost 200lbs!" Christy began to cry. "Don't cry." Dr. Ross cooed. Smiling, Dr. Ross told Christy that it was all part of his plan and everything was on schedule and would work out if she just followed the doctor's orders. "You will continue to follow the doctor's orders, won't you Christy?" "Yes, Dr. Ross." she answered.

"You aren't progressing as I had hoped, Christy. I would like to monitor you on a daily basis in a clinical manner." he told Christy. "You mean in a hospital?" she asked. "Not quite. You could remain in the privacy of your own home, I will bring various equipment and charts, whatever we need to your home. While there, I will monitor you and pin point the problem, okay, Christy? We will start tomorrow." "Yes, Dr. Ross."

Dr. Ross was tremendously pleased with Christy's progress since he had turned her house into a make shift lab. She had packed on a whopping 70lbs in the past 4 months. Dr. Ross had added further subliminal messages to Christy while she was under hypnosis. He had also adjusted her medication, increasing her appetite stimulants and adding additional medicine that slowed down her metabolism and aided digestion. This resulted in a hungrier Christy that could eat more food, gain weight more quickly, with more food being stored as fat. What began with Dr. Ross as a slight joke was now an obsession. He looked forward immensely to his daily check ups with Christy. He knew once he had fattened Christy up, it would be next to impossible for her to ever win the "battle of the bulge." He chuckled to himself as he looked over at Christy. She was wearing a small bikini, with various monitors stuck to her stomach. They weren't monitoring anything, but he told her they were so he would have an excuse to ask her to wear the bikini.

Christy was lumbering along on a treadmill. Though slightly out of breath, she kept walking. Christy was in the middle of one of her "weight loss" cycles. To keep Christy's spirits up, every now and again he would switch the medication and give her appetite suppressors, which would result in some weight loss. He would soon thereafter switch the medication back, causing her to gain the lost weight plus more. He cited these brief periods of weight loss as successes and they must keep working. He also knew this yo-yo dieting would be almost guarantee that Christy would never be able to lose the weight for real. Dr. Ross remembered fondly the weeks Christy had managed to lose 15lbs. Then one morning those terrible hunger pains came back to Christy. The 15 lbs came back quickly and brought 20 with it. "See, we will get there." he had said as he tried to console Christy as her body began to fatten again. Dr. Ross loved to watch Christy on the treadmill. You could see every pound she had gained when she was in the bikini. She now had a thick double chin all the time, not just when smiling or looking down. Her heavy breasts, if not for the flimsy bikini top would sag down on her belly, after a few more months, they would be hanging to the side. He stared at her belly, as it jiggled and swayed back and forth while Christy walked. She really didn't have a waist anymore, it was just 2 big belly roles that had begun to melt into one pasty apron of tummy with a deep-set navel. She didn't have too much of a butt, but boy her hips had widened nicely. Heavy ham like thighs, spotted with cellulite completed the picture. Dr. Ross could see a plump fat role on the inside of each thigh that, after some more pounds, would begin to form a role that would begin stretching towards her knees. "You are doing great, Christy." he called.

"Let's see what the scale says. "Oh Christy, you have lost 5 lbs." Christy looked elated. Dr. Ross never let Christy know what she weighed, as that usually caused her to panic. He just informed her whether she lost or gained. Dr. Ross decided that Christy had lost enough weight. He replaced the suppressants with her usual medicine. "See you tomorrow, Christy" he said. "Maybe the scale will have good news" she said. Dr. Ross said "Oh, I am sure it will." That night the hunger came back. She ran to the kitchen. Of course the refrigerator was filled with goodies. That was part of Dr. Ross's plan, to test her will power. Christy had no problems resisting temptation sometimes (though she didn't know it, like when Dr. Ross gave her real appetite suppressants), but when the hunger came she was like a slave to the food. She opened the fridge and began eating the party sized subway sandwich. Once that was complete she staggered to the couch with 2 dozen doughnuts and some Ben & Jerry's ice-cream. She finessed off her snack and drifted off to sleep. Dr. Ross arrived the next morning for the usual check up. He was greeted by the smells of eggs, bacons, and biscuits. He smiled and went in the kitchen.

The holidays came and went, Christy easily packed on 30 more pounds. Of course she made her New Year's resolution to regain her shape. Dr. Ross never wanted that to happen. She was getting so perfect. Her tummy was almost sitting in her lap. Dr. Ross looked forward to the time when it would droop into her lap and push her legs apart. Her thighs were already so meaty that her knees would never touch again.

One day, after a particular long eating binge, Christy was looking in her closet for a blanket to take a nap. She found an old pair of jeans. "Maybe if I try these on, it will give me some incentive not to eat." She put her feet into the pants and began to pull up. For a few minutes she didn't think she could get them past her knees, but she struggled, and got them up over her hips. She could not even pick the button and the button hole up, they were pinned down by her thick, sagging belly roll. "Boy, these must be really old, back in my college days, I wonder what size they are?" She fought the jeans off of her body and looked at the label. She could not believe it. A size 22. "Oh my God, how fat have I gotten?" Christy was confused, she usually wore sweats, or hospital gowns brought by Dr. Ross, or the bikini so he could monitor her. Christy heard the door open, it was Dr. Ross. "Dr. Ross" she sobbed "how could I have gotten this fat? How much do I weigh?" "Now Christy, you know weight is not the important thing, we just have to keep trying and making the effort..." "How much do I weigh?" Christy demanded. "296," he admitted. "300lbs?" Christy thought she was going to faint. "You aren't doing anything for me, I want you out of my house and out of my life." "Now wait a minute, how are you going to lose this weight on your own? Remember, you came to me to lose 20lbs because you couldn't. We are trying to find out why you have these binges. Don't you remember, you lost weight. You will lose more and more. How large will you get if you are not under my care?" Dr. Ross consoled, thinking to himself that if she ever wanted to lose weight, she should kick him out now. Christy had never thought about it like that. How big would she get without Dr. Ross? "You are right, Dr. Ross." "Good girl" he told her. "And you will follow my orders?" he asked. "Yes, Dr. Ross."

Dr. Ross was looking forward to the future. Where could he go with her? What would she look like at 500lbs. How fat would she get before she could no longer walk on the treadmill. Before she was immobile? Oh the possibilities!