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Dinner Date
by Bruce Powell

Carolyn stepped into the front room to be greeted by the scents of cooking. She smiled, this was going to be a very special night. Through the French doors she could see smoke rising from the barbecue. The tangy smell of the rich Keiwe smoke reached out and caressed her form. She could also smell the rich aroma of freshly baked bread, still warm from the oven. These mixed with other delectable aromas and made her mouth water.

She heard a small crash and a rumbling expletive in a strange language. In the kitchen there was a man. Though he moved through the room with the ease of one that knew it well, one could picture him in other places easier than in the kitchen. His slightly long hair was the color of gold, chased with red as if it had freshly been pull from the forges of one of the Dwarvish smiths he often wrote about. His eyes now were gray, not a good sign, but as he cooled off they faded to a blue. He moved with some small grace, but obviously favored one side, signs of an old wound or injury. He checked the clock and looked at a small scrap of paper with a list of times and actions. He smiled, things were going well.

Carolyn suppressed a laugh at the sight of this man in the midst of preparing a meal as if it was a military action. But from the smell of the upcoming feast he was well prepared for the task. She stepped back into the doorway and rang the bell. Only a second or two elapsed before he was standing in front of her. His face lit up with joy at the sight of his dinner guest. The planning on his part had been worth it. Even the wait for it to come paled in the reflection of the beauty that stood in the doorway before him.

"Please, come in and share my house for the evening." He used an old world expression of greeting. Much like this man. A strange mix of the old and the new. From where she stood she could see around the front room. One where pictures of her host with other men in uniform. A shadow box with several pieces of military memorabilia, the plaque was engraved showing it was a parting gift from his SEAL unit. In the shadow box were various awards and decorations won by her host in the service, especially in the combat he had seen in both Granada and Operation Desert Storm. In and among these were pictures of her host with several Rottweilers, under each are the ribbons won in competition. She could just see down a hall, in it were pictures of Old Honolulu.

He walks her over to the couch and asks her to sit. "We have several minutes before I have to put on the steaks. I decided to barbecue. I find it easier to cook outside. No chance of catching the house on fire." He smiles at his small joke on his meager cooking skills. He walks out only to return with a large crystal serving plate. On it is a substantial mound of bite sized Snickers bars. He also pours her a large cold glass of milk. Beads of water condense on the outside of the glass.

"I can't starve my guest. These should hold you until I can sear the steaks and get the rest of the meal on the table." He then leads her out into the back yard. Carolyn notices the fact that once they are outside the house he places his hand on her arm and guides her to a large soft chair not too far from the barbecue. He places the platter of candy on a small table next to the chair and has her sit down. As she does he removes his hand as he caresses her arm.

Carolyn adjusts herself in the chair. Knowing his preference she has worn one of her most stunning outfits. A slightly snug deep blue dress made of a clinging material. It ends just at the knee allowing a delicious view of her large calves. The right side is split to give a enticing peek at the treasure inside, a large thigh that jiggles as she waddles. She noticed his eyes on her as she moved from the front room. He seemed to enjoy the sexy motion of her waddling. The top of her dress was cut quite low to show off her devastating cleavage. On the whole she was glad of the effect. As he walked over to the barbecue pit he could hardly tear his eyes from her beautifully padded form.

As he cooked the steaks they talked of many things. He found her voice to be as sexy as the rest of her. And she was very interesting. It took about half an hour to cook the steaks, mostly due to the size of the steak he had gotten her. He cooked it to her liking seasoning it ever so slightly. Once done he took them into the house allowing her to bask in the warm sunshine and finish her plate of Snickers. The amount was just right enough to whet her appetite, but not enough to fill her up. She had a feeling he had other plans about that.

He led her into the dining room. She stopped to take it all in. In the center of the room was a large table made of polished teak. And on it was a feast! She wondered who else was coming over. As she turned to him he looked like a school boy that had been caught cutting school. "I got carried away with the proportions. I guess my feeder side is showing."

Carolyn just looked back at the table, lit by several white candles in silver candlesticks. The only light in the room came from the flickering tapers set in the middle of the table. She smiled a slightly wicked smile. She told him that the 'small meal' should fill her up. He looks down into her blue eyes and then takes her in his arms and kisses her. Carolyn is slightly shocked, but responds to his passionate kiss. Soon his tongue is probing her mouth. After several seconds they both come up for air. Carolyn closes her eyes and lifts her head. This allows him to kiss her neck and second chin. His hands caress her belly and work their way over to a massive 'love handle'. He begins to massage the roll of fat. She lets him lead her to a large chair that allows her to recline slightly. She was quite comfortable.

The meal was excellent. The steaks done to perfection, though the shear size of her portion was more than most people eat, over a pound and an half of sizzling marbled meat. The rim of fat that surrounded the inner tender meat was still sizzling as she sat down. The juices that ran out when it was cut gave off a slight aroma of garlic and lemon. Then there was the potatoes, several large ones baked to perfection. With a small mountain of butter and a bowl of sour cream to go with them. The corn was floating in a butter-lemon sauce. And the large loaves of bread were literally dripping with butter. This meal would have sent Jane Fonda to the asylum. She dug in with enthusiasm. Several bowls of potato and macaroni salads were within easy arm reach.

After two hours of eating Carolyn was reaching her limits. While she was not uncomfortable she was slightly stuffed and any more eating would ruin the rest of the night. She planned to finish off her host as a late night dessert. He led her to the large soft couch. As she sat she noticed that her blue dress was now slightly overloaded. The slit on the side had climbed due to the dress riding up because fullness of her distended belly. As they sat there and talked Carolyn lifted her right leg and slid it on to the couch to allow for better positioning of her belly. This brought her foot into his reach. He removed her heels and began to rub her calf and ankle. He then extended the range of his ministrations to her knee and the sensitive area behind it. Carolyn began to become aroused as he continued to massage her rounded form.

She looked into his smoldering blue eyes and wondered how something ice blue contain the fires she saw within. She moved slightly to better position her belly onto the couch. She liked the support it gave her hanging belly. She looked down to watch his hands on her leg. As she did she was dismayed to see that the overloaded dress had ridden up enough that several inches of soft creamy white belly fat hung out underneath the hemline. She made a move that required him to stand up. She blushed slightly thinking that he would see the effects of her gluttony. Carolyn reached around her stuffed belly in an effort to pull down the hem and cover the offending roll of fat. But the luscious body contained within the blue dress was just too much for it. As she tried to pull down the hem, the slit in the right side of the dress gave way with a loud rip. Her hands flew to cover the several extra inches of flab that it exposed. Carolyn looked up at him, her beautiful big blue eyes full of wondering anticipation. What would he think, would he like it?

As she shyly looked up she heard a low moan escape her host. His bottom lip was held between his teeth to prevent any more of an exclamation. He reached down and cupped her sexy full cheeks that still had the tinge of their former blush. He began to kiss her. This required him to kneel between her legs. As he kissed her, his tongue exploring her mouth, Carolyn's hands left their position guarding the rip in her dress and began to run through his long blonde hair. As her hands reached up his came down. They found the rip that exposed her huge right thigh. Now he began to explore the exposed flesh. His fingers traveled from her thigh to her bulging belly. Soon he was probing the rolls on her thigh and moaning softly. He moved on to massage her stuffed belly to help her digest the large feast. He expanded the movements to encompass her large full breasts.

After fifteen minutes of this he helped her up off the couch and led her to his bedroom. Following her he reached around her form and continued to fondle her as they walked down he hall. Upon reaching the bedroom she stopped dead in her tracks. The room was lit by the light of a multitude of candles. Carolyn turned and embarrassed him. He led her into the room and began to help her remove her dress. Within five minutes both of them were undressed. He was tracing the tracks formed by her many rolls of flesh, while she toyed with the hair on his chest. He positioned her on the bed and began to kiss her entire body from the ankles up. When he reached her breasts she was on fire. He then said something about dessert.

Carolyn sat on the side of the bed that sagged under her massively sexy body. She looked up and shyly asked, "Dessert? Do you think I really need it, lover? My belly is so big now it almost reaches to the floor. In fact I would be more comfortable if you got a foot stool so I could support my belly on it."

As she said this he knelt at her feet once again. "How about if I support your gorgeous hanging belly?" With that he reached down and lifted her massive belly and began to massage it. The feeling was so good that Carolyn moaned with pleasure. "But you really must have some dessert. We wouldn't want you to pine away to a skinny bag of bones."

She opened her mouth to be fed an chocolate eclair by this man. Then another and another. But as the feeding went on so did the kissing. Sometimes he kissed her and sometimes she French kissed him. He tasted the chocolate on her kisses and became even more aroused. The feeding went on as part of the foreplay. In fact it was the foreplay. After over an hour of this Carolyn had reached the point she was ready to orgasm from just the eating and the foreplay.

"God," she exclaimed. "I feel like I'm going to bust. I am so hot I can't stand it. Please, do something about it, lover."

"Alright," he replied. "Close your big beautiful eyes and I will give you a nice surprise." Carolyn laughed and told him she had heard that before. But she did it anyway. He left her side for a second, but shortly returned. She felt his strong, slightly callused hand on her soft right breast. The feeling of his hard flesh against the soft fat flesh of her bulging body threw fuel on the flames of her passion.

"Oh-h-h-h, " Carolyn moaned in sheer pleasure. She threw her head back and rubbed the sides of her distended belly. Her panting breath could be heard over the quiet moans of her host. Then the first drop of melted chocolate fell on her lower lip. The next one fell in her open mouth. The delicious taste was such a shock her eyes flew open. In the candlelight and the light of the full moon that spilled in from the open window Carolyn saw that he held a bunch of chocolate covered grapes over her open mouth. And due to her own excitement her breath had begun to melt the candy off of the fruit. It was then that her first orgasm of the night hit her like a winter breaker off the North Shore. She was swept away by the passion of her own climax.

It was several minutes later that she opened her eyes to find him feeding her the sticky, gooey candied grapes. He plucked them from the stem with his teeth and transferred them to her waiting mouth with a kiss. A kiss drenched in chocolate. She greedily sucked the offering from her lover and licked the chocolate that had began to run into his beard. The fruit disappeared in nothing flat.

"Oh, you are rotten!" Carolyn breathlessly exclaimed. Her breathing was still quite heavy. He moved to the bed and began to massage her full belly. His fingertips explored the folds and rolls of her bulging form. He traced the thigh folds to her hidden treasures and allowed his four fingertips to brush her hidden fruit. He then transferred his attentions to her twin orbs of loveliness, her breasts. He kissed and licked first one then the other. While he did this she found the eclairs that he had left on the table beside the bed. The pile was huge! She took first one the the next. Her appetite had become insatiable since he had begun to make love to her. He looked up and leaned over her stuffed stomach to kiss her. Carolyn then began to lick the sticky icing from her fingers. She gave each one the same attention she might give an entire meal. By his heavy breathing she knew it had the desired effect. It was effecting her too!

"You missed some." He panted. "Where?? I don't want to miss out on any of these luscious calories." She asked while turning her surprisingly slender hands over to find the missing chocolate.

"Right here, " he said while taking her left hand in his. Once again she marveled that hands so hard and strong could be so gentle. He lifted her hand to his mouth and placed her little finger in his warm mouth to the very last knuckle. He then sucked the icing off her finger while moving his tongue over her finger. The feeling was electric. A low deep moan escaped her throat as she felt the waves of another, although smaller, orgasm flow over her.

Carolyn looked into his burning ice blue eyes. Damn, she was hungry!! The thought of a eclair set her mouth to watering. She reached over to get another one, but he beat her to it. She accepted his gift with an open mouth and a waiting tongue. Some of the custard filling spilled from the pastry and landed on her right breast. He reached down and scooped it up. He was going to eat it himself when Carolyn reached up and directed his hand to her empty mouth. She returned the finger sucking with interest. Her hot tongue swirled around his finger and her white teeth nibbled playfully on the finger end. He groaned with withheld passion.

It was then that he entered her. After only a few minutes they reached a mutual orgasm. Carolyn felt she was climbing a huge mountain. Each time she felt she could go no higher she felt anther thrust by her lover. And it would push her over the next edge. Soon she was a quivering pool of lust drain humanity. Her breathing was slowly returning to normal. She felt him next to her similarly drained. His hand absentmindedly caressing a huge love handle. She closed her eyes as a soft tropical breeze drifted through the open window, carrying the scent of various flowering trees.

Carolyn looked over to her right and gratefully saw that there were some eclairs left. It was a slightly painful struggle to reach over her bulging belly, but she retrieved one and began to munch. It was even more delicious that the first. Soon she had finished them all and was drifting off to dream of sunlight meadows with blonde satyrs carrying huge platters of food.