Weight Room Title Bar

Wrestling Diva Transformation
By fatter_iz_better

Part One

“Trish, don't you think you're training a little too hard?” the gym owner asked.

“No way, I need to beat Lita and get the woman's title,” Trish Stratus said, while lifting weights.

“Well, you'll have to stop for now; we're closing up right now,” the owner said.

“Fine!” Trish said, stomping out of the gym.

Trish started walking towards her limo when some old man came up to her and said, “You want to beat Lita, right? If you want to win, take these.” He put a bottle of pills in Trish's hand.

“Whatever,” Trish said, while she opened the limo door and climbed in. She looked at the bottle of pills, and on it was directions. It said to take two pills a day and do not take more than that. Trish opened the bottle and took two pills out. “Well, here goes nothing.”

The next morning, she got out of bed with a big appetite. She walked down to her kitchen and ate five waffles, four pieces of toast, and part of a cheesecake. “I'm still starving. Get me some chocolate!” she ordered one of her butlers. Three butlers came in with dishes that had mountains of chocolate bars on them. She got dressed in her workout suit but something was weird. Her suit felt a little tight. “I have been eating a little junk food, but I can't weigh that much.”

That night, she was at Smackdown, ready for her match against Stacy Keibler. “Have you been packing on the pounds, little piggy?” Stacy joked.

“Shut the hell up, ass face,” Trish yelled back. Right before she went out for the match, she stepped on a scale. It started at 130…. 145…157…. 178…194 pounds! “What!? How can I weigh that much!?” Trish yelled as she looked at her tummy, which bulged out, a little bit. “Maybe I should take some of those pills.” Trish said as she took out the bottle.

“It says not to use more than two, but it wouldn't hurt to take five,” Trish thought as she ate five pills. Trish then started to walk out onto the arena. As she stepped into the ring she felt a pain in her stomach. “Ow! Why did that happen?” Trish questioned.

“Ready to fight, piggy?” Stacy asked.

“Of course I am!” Trish declared. Trish ran towards Stacy, but she dodged it and kicked Trish in the back, and she fell down. Trish got back up, but something was different. Her stomach started to gargle, and she started to feel sick, so she ran out of the ring and into the locker room and went back on the scale.

She looked at the scale. It was still at 194 pounds but started to go up! Trish looked down at her stomach, and it started to expand. Her thighs started to rub together; her breasts grew as big as watermelons, her ass grew the size of two watermelons, and her stomach started to hang out! “What's happening?!” Trish asked frightened. She looked down at the scale. 194…199…227…278…366 pounds!

Trish's clothes started to tighten a lot. She ran out of the building and got into her car and drove off. When she got back to her mansion, she took of her clothes and put on a nightgown that barely fitted her. She went to sleep, afraid to go to work next Thursday.

The next day, Trish got out of bed and went on the scale. It went to 592 pounds! Trish started to cry. She gained about 200 pounds in one night. Her nightgown then ripped in half. She was so afraid. But then she thought of something. These pills were supposed to make her fat so she could defeat Lita. She was then full of happiness and got the container of pills and took 20. “If five could give me that many pounds, I wonder how much 20 would do?” Trish said as she ate all 20 pills.

She looked at her stomach again and it got even bigger. Her ass was the size of five bowling balls; her breasts were the size of two bowling balls each; and her thighs were so big, when she walked her butt made a sexy jiggle. She grew a double a sexy double chin to end the transformation. She looked at the scale. 592…606…618…780…932…1230 pounds! She thought being fat would make her ugly, but she thought she was quite sexy.

On Thursday was the title match against Lita. When Trish got there many, other female wrestlers made remarks about her especially Stacy. Trish couldn't find a costume besides an XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL bra, panties, tank top, and shorts. When Trish walked out into the arena no one clapped, they just stared. Lita looked stupefied. When Trish got into the ring she took five more pills and gained another 200 pounds that made her weigh 1430 pounds.

“Holy shit! How did you gain that many pounds!?” Lita asked.

“Who cares - the only thing that matters is that you're going to get your ass whooped,” Trish replied. The match began. Lita charged towards Trish and landed on her soft stomach that made her go flying backwards.

“HEY!!! NO FAIR!!” Lita yelled. Then Trish started running as fast as she could towards Lita while the audience screamed at the sight of Trish's sexy ass jiggling around.

Trish was too slow, so Lita got behind Trish and jumped on her back which made Trish fall. Trish flung Lita off of her and took another 20 pills, and her growth suddenly began. Lita just stood there amazed. Trish went from 1430 pounds to 2430 pounds as she gained 1000 more pounds. Trish's tank top tore, and the buttons on her shorts busted off as her shorts ripped. Her butt was the size of 69 watermelons; her breasts became about the size of 56 watermelons; and her stomach started bulging out. There stood a fat Trish in a bra and panties.

“This is where I win!” Trish said as she tried to run towards Lita but couldn't move. “OH NO!” Trish yelled. Lita ran towards Trish and punched her 7 times in the face until she was out cold on the ground.

The next day she woke up in a hospital. A nurse walked in and said “Miss Stratus, some man is here to see you.”

The nurse left the room and the old man walked in. “Nice to see you again, chubby,” the man said. “I got a surprise for you. I made a new type of pills that will make you fat but will still let you move. Start taking these and you will beat Lita in no time,” the man said as he handed Trish the pills and he disappeared all of a sudden.

“What the!” Trish said. She looked at the pills. “I'll beat you next time Lita, I'm sure of that,” Trish said. And with that, the sexy 2430-pound hottie fell asleep.

Prepare for the sequel: “Wrestling Diva Transformation: The Enormous Trish Strikes Back” !