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The Donut Shop
by mjm

As I sat waiting to see my banker, I thought back to the day Jim moved out. All he left was a note, "I can't continue to support an unemployed lazy fat bitch." My unemployment had run out. I was behind on my rent, my car payments and I had no groceries. My only hope was that my banker would refinance my car. My skirt cut into my waist and my sweater was much too tight but it showed a lot of cleavage. I hoped my banker would be too busy staring at my boobs to notice how fat I had gotten since losing my job.

"I'm sorry. We just cannot refinance a delinquent loan. You need to get a job." he said. I told him that I'd been trying. "Just a minute. The lawyer up on the second floor has a client that is looking for someone. Go up and see him. His name is Barns." the banker said. I went up to the second floor and waited for Mr. Barns. Before too long, I was invited back to Mr. Barns' office. He greeted me and offered me some coffee. I accepted.

As I sipped my coffee, Mr. Barns began to explain. "My client is a U.S. citizen from a very small Asian country. He came here with his family and his life savings, which wasn't very much. He bought a donut shop not far from here. It had been a very profitable business but since he took over, it has not done well at all. To be profitable, a shop must make many varieties of donuts and in large quantities so that the customer has a lot of choices. Donuts are so cheap to make that even if you have to throw away most of what you make, you can still make a good profit. However, Mr. Zahn is a member of a very strict religious order that forbids waste, charity and over indulgence. So you see, if he makes more than he sells, he cannot throw them away, give them away or eat them. This is where you come in. Your job will be to come in every day and eat all they did not sell that day."

This was all too incredible but I needed money so badly, I would have done almost anything so I said, "When do I start?" Mr. Barns smiled and said, "We can go over now and you can start this afternoon." We left his office and I followed him in my car.

Mr. Zahn was very nice although I had a difficult time understanding him. While he talked to Mr. Barns, Mr. Zahn sat me down at a table and piled it up with the leftover donuts for the day. There were only about three dozen. As far as I could tell, I was being tested. I was starving, so I dug in. After the first dozen I had to unbutton my skirt. The second dozen was a bit of a struggle but I managed. I had to stand and stretch before starting on the last dozen which alarmed Mr. Zahn but when I finally sat back down and resumed eating, he seemed pleased. God only knows how but some how I managed to gobble down all the donuts. Everyone was happy except for me. I was about to explode. Mr. Zahn agreed to advance me a little money. It wasn't enough to get current but at least I could buy groceries.

I went straight home to bed and woke up about six ravenously hungry but not for anything sweet. A big fat pizza sounded good so I ordered one and waited. While I waited, I checked my wardrobe to see if I had anything to wear the next day. Since losing my job, I had gained about thirty-five pounds and almost nothing fit anymore. I finally decided on a baggy pair of sweat pants and top. How long would it be before I would be too fat even for this outfit if I had to stuff myself with donuts seven days a week?

The pizza was delicious and I damn nearly ate the whole thing. After putting away the remaining pizza, I settled back on the couch to watch TV but fell asleep even before the news. I slept there until six the next morning and work up hungry. There was nothing to eat but the cold pizza so I polished off the last few slices and started getting ready for my first real day on the job. I arrived at 10:30 and sat down at "my" table. Mr. Zahn wanted me to follow him into the back.

Apparently, the previous owner had been a single person and had lived in the back in a small efficiency apartment attached to the building. It was sill furnished. Mr. Zahn explained that he knew that I was being evicted and that I could live there as long as I wanted. I agreed immediately and took a seat in the recliner and waited for the donuts.

Mr. Zahn's wife started bringing them back and I started to gobble. There were almost five dozen but I surprised myself by being able to polish off three dozen before having to get up and stretch. As the Zahns cleaned, I continued to gobble. The Zahns had to wait for me to finish the last few donuts. I was more stuffed than I had ever been in my entire life. Mr. Zahn gave me a key to the apartment and I waddled out to my car.

The drive back to my place was a chore. I was so stuffed that I was barely able to breathe. I pulled the "Final Notice" from my door and went directly to bed. It was about eight when I woke. I was still feeling stuffed but I was hungry for something spicy like Mexican food but I had to pack. It didn't take very long since it was a furnished apartment and even the TV was rented. The only things to pack were a few personal items and some of the clothes that I thought I might still be able to squeeze into.

On the way to the efficiency apartment, I stopped at a Mexican buffet. It wasn't very good but it did have three things going for it. It was cheap, spicy and there was plenty. I made a pig of myself. The news was coming on as I unpacked at my new apartment. In the closet I found some white knit uniforms in an assortment of sizes. The smallest of the bunch was too baggy to suit me but beggars can't be choosers. Also, I found some scales. They were the kind a doctor has. The last person to use them must have weighed over 400 because all the counter weights were pushed over as far as they would go.

It took me a minute to get up enough courage to step up. I knew I was up over 200 but I didn't know how much over. Eighteen pounds over as a matter of fact. Boy was I wrong about how much I had gained since losing my job. It was closer to fifty-five than thirty-five. No wonder Jim called me "an unemployed lazy fat bitch". I am certainly a bitch and I've always been lazy. Although I had never been slim, I never really thought of myself as being fat. However, 5'3" 218# qualifies for fat but at least I wasn't unemployed.

It didn't take me very long to fall asleep and I slept until four. The sound of the Zahns opening up awakened me. I was craving something salty. A place down the street offered unlimited biscuits and gravy so I pulled on the smallest uniform and headed out. I lost count but in a funny kind of way, I was quite pleased with how much I was able to gobble. With my belly full of biscuits and gravy, I decided I needed a little morning siesta.

Back at my apartment, I napped until Mrs. Zahn started knocking on my door to tell me it was time. I took my place in the recliner and she started bringing in the donuts. Luckily, there were only six dozen. It took me all afternoon to load them in on top of my belly full of biscuits and gravy. So long in fact that Mr. Zahn took Mrs. Zahn home and came back later to check on my progress.

He was pleased to see that I had finished the last one. I was nearly comatose but felt surprisingly well considering the fact that I was in gluttonous agony. As soon as Mr. Zahn left, I fell asleep. I had a dream. In the dream, I was in the recliner with a mountain of donuts in front of me, the Zahns waiting to bring in more and I was huge, maybe seven or eight hundred pounds. When I woke, I felt that I should have been upset because most women would have considered this a nightmare but I wasn't.

I was still so packed full of donuts that it was difficult getting up from the recliner but I was famished. A big fat submarine sandwich with a tub of potato salad sounded yummy and the sub shop down the street was running some sort of a special. I got a three foot sub dripping with mayo, a quart of potato salad and a quart of creamy pasta salad for under ten bucks. The best I could manage was half of the sub and the potato salad. I saved the rest of the sub and the pasta salad for later.

After my shower, I climbed into bed and switched on the TV. The Tonight Show was coming on. How many times had Jim and I made love during the Tonight Show. God I was horny. I reached down and began to massage my clitoris. I tried to fantasize about Jim but I just couldn't. I was still too stuffed to be able to think about much of anything other than how much I had eaten and how stuffed I was. Surprisingly, I managed to stimulate myself enough to orgasm. I fell asleep while replaying in my mind all that I had eaten that day and massaging the sides of my over stuffed belly.

I awakened just as Dave Letterman was introducing his first guest. I struggled out of bed to go potty. The remainder of my sub and the pasta salad was calling to me, "Come and eat us". After I pottied, I obeyed their wishes and ate them all up. Dave was saying good night as I settled down into bed so stuffed that I could barely breathe. I massaged my belly and my clit began to tingle. I needed to cum again. I did and fell asleep.

Four a.m. came quickly. I dressed and headed out for biscuits and gravy. The day before had been nothing in comparison to what I managed to accomplish. Even the waitress was amazed and she had seen some big eaters before. Back at my apartment, I napped while waiting for Mrs. Zahn to bring in my donuts. Thursdays must be slow because she brought me eight dozen. I gobbled donuts until after six.

Mr. and Mrs. Zahn had left hours before but I expected him to return any minute until I read the tiny note under the last donut. "I know you are a good girl and that you will not dishonor us. Thank You. Mr. & Mrs. Zahn." was all it said. I felt like my belly was as big as the room. As I massaged it, my clit started to tingle. I closed my eyes and remembered the big pile of donuts that Mrs. Zahn had brought to me and started to masturbate. I came quickly. It wasn't as good as a nice big dick but it was satisfying enough and fell asleep.

I woke up at nine starving. I ordered the biggest fattest pizza they made and took a shower while I waited. I do not know how but I managed to pack that whole pizza in on top of all those donuts and it felt good. So good that I couldn't think of anything better except maybe sex and with one hand on my clit and the other on my belly, I took care of that. I simply passed out and didn't budge until Letterman was saying good night.

I woke up starved. It was too late to go out so I opened the door to the bakery and looked for something/anything to eat. The only thing I could find that was ready to eat were buckets and buckets of icings and frostings. Back in the corner, I found a forty pound pail of caramel frosting. Beggars can't be choosers. It was hard to open but boy was it worth it. The best caramel frosting I had ever tasted. I filled a big mixing bowl and went back to bed.

With spoon in hand, I dug in and gobbled frosting until I almost exploded but a weird thing happened. As I got more and more stuffed, I also got more and more excited until I had a spontaneous orgasm. Although strange, I was too stuffed and felt too good to question it so I went to sleep and slept until four. I hurried as much as I could to go stuff myself with biscuits and gravy.

"My" waitress was ready for me and brought out more biscuits and gravy than ever. She winked at me and said, "Finish this and I'll bring you some more." I was bound and determined to do just that so I gobbled like there was no tomorrow. From time to time, "my" waitress would wander by to check on me. My belly was filling and there was still a lot left to eat. At one point I got up and went to the ladies room, not because I needed to potty but because I needed to stretch. I returned to my biscuits and gravy with renewed gusto. Then, near the end, I started to get that tingling feeling.

As I continued to gobble, I kept getting more and more excited until as I swallowed the last bite, I also had an orgasm. I was incredibly embarrassed but no one knew what had happened except me. "My" waitress came over although I waived her away and said, "You did pretty good today. You think maybe you can do better tomorrow?" I could only nod, paid my check and headed for home and a nap.

Mrs. Zahn awakened me at ten and brought in half of the leftovers instructing me to eat one of each variety at a time. I was still so stuffed with biscuits and gravy that I could barely breathe but I dug in like a hungry hound. It was as if I was on "automatic" or something. One after another, I plowed into those donuts. By eleven, I had downed two dozen and Mrs. Zahn brought in the rest. All together, my job was to put away ten dozen. I was gobbling so automatically that I barely even noticed when the Zahns left.

After the fourth dozen my belly was so packed solid that underneath a layer of thick fat it was rock hard. I massaged it for a while. As I massaged my belly, my clit began to tingle. The tingle became more and more intense and I kept expecting that I would have another spontaneous orgasm but I didn't. I put another donut into my mouth. As I got closer to orgasm, I shoved a whole donut into my mouth and came like an earthquake. I settled back in the warm glow and thought, "Who needs men?". As I drifted off to sleep, I thought about the big pile of donuts waiting for me to wake.

I had another dream similar to the one the other day. This time, I was even bigger, maybe a thousand pounds. The Zahns were shoving donuts into me as fast as they could and ever so often I would have an orgasm. It was incredible. I woke up horny as hell and eager for more donuts. The faster I gobbled, the hornier I got until finally I orgasmed again and went limp. It took a while for me to recover and then it was quite a struggle to get up from my recliner to go potty.

On the way back to my donuts, I decided to get up on the scales. I pushed the weight over to 232! Impossible! No one could gain fourteen pounds in two days. Then I realized that my belly probably held at least ten pounds of donuts if not more. My belly was so big that the waist on the uniform pants was getting tight so I pulled it down below my belly. I raised up the top to expose my belly to the cool air and looked at it in the mirror.

As I watched myself playing with it in the mirror, I realized that although I should have been appalled at the size of it, I wasn't. It actually looked sort of good to me and I even tried to imagine it even bigger. As the thought went through my mind, I started getting that tingling feeling between my legs. I needed more donuts. I started cramming donuts into my mouth as fast as I could. The tingling feeling increased. Faster and faster I gobbled. I closed my eyes and remembered how fat I was in my dream and with my mouth crammed full of donuts, I came. It was so strong that I almost passed out.

I rested in the recliner for quite a while. My belly was so stuffed that I could barely breathe but I wanted more donuts. So far I had three orgasms and except for feeling like I was going to explode, I felt great. I continued eating donuts somewhat automatically but very slowly. It was about eight when I finished the last donut. I was closer to exploding than I had ever been.

As I slowly struggled out of the recliner, I started worrying about something to eat later. I called the pizza place and instructed them to deliver a giant on their last run which would be at about eleven. Then I went to take a shower. The hot water felt so good on my bursting belly that I showered until the water started getting cold. My belly was so big that I looked like I was ten months pregnant with twins. I fell into bed, massaged my belly and fell asleep. I slept until I heard the pizza delivery boy knocking at my door.

It was tough getting out of bed. I had to scoot to the side and roll over so the weight of my belly pulled me out of bed. God, I was still so stuffed with donuts but I could hardly wait to dig into that pizza. The pizza boy said it was "late" so it was free. I didn't argue and took the pizza. Just as soon as I got settled back into bed and started gobbling, I started getting that tingling feeling in my clit. After I had packed in about half of my pizza, I had a nice orgasm which seemed to give me the stamina to keep going.

It was about midnight when I picked up the last slice and settled back into bed. I was going to come one more time and as I shoved that last slice in, I closed my eyes and began to imagine myself as I was in that last dream. Fat spilled out in all directions and my belly was so huge that it rested on the floor in front of me. This orgasm was the best yet. If I had known about this thing a long time ago, I never would have gotten involved with Jim. Of course there would have been the problem of money to pay for all the food.

Then if that wasn't a problem, I guess I would actually weigh a thousand pounds. The thought made my clit tingle. I fell asleep quickly and slept until about two. After I pottied, I got myself a big bowl of caramel frosting and went to work spooning that in. It was a bigger bowl than the night before and even though I was still so stuffed from my pizza, I gobbled it all down. I had a nice orgasm as I ate the last big spoonful and fantasized about having a belly so big that it could hold unlimited quantities of food. Sleep came quickly and I dreamed about being this gigantic round ball of fat.

Four came very quickly but I was ready for biscuits and gravy. I started to pull on my uniform but instead, I put it in the back of the closet and pulled out the next size larger. It was just baggy enough to suit me and I headed for the door. My waitress was waiting for me and brought out a bigger pile of biscuits and more gravy than ever before. I ate like a machine.

It was after six when I bit into the last biscuit I could force down and had a quiet little orgasm which topped me off very nicely. My waitress inspected the table and said, "Not bad. Not bad at all. Better than yesterday." As I reached over to pay she waived away my money and said, "Anybody that can eat as much as you deserves a freebee."

I made it back to my place without passing out and fell into the recliner for a nap. Mrs. Zahn woke me a little before ten saying that it was a slow day and started bringing in the donuts. By the time they locked the front door to leave, she had delivered almost twelve dozen. I ate like a machine turned up to high. The donuts vanished and my belly bulged out further and further. I wondered about my weight and decided I would weigh myself tonight. As donuts disappeared, I also thought about easier ways of doing my job.

The first thing I thought of was a feeding machine but that seemed a little too complex and I figured that it still wouldn't handle it the easiest way possible. Then it came to me. The best would be to somehow puree the donuts and then have them pumped into me somehow. My clit started to tingle. I grabbed three donuts in each hand, closed my eyes and started to fantasize about this feeding contraption. As I shoved donuts into my mouth, I imagined a tube going into my mouth and being pumped full of pureed donuts. I came like a rocket. Man, it was incredible.

I rested for a while and then resumed my gobbling. As I gobbled, I thought about the incredible things that had been happening to me. The spontaneous orgasms caused by extreme gluttony coupled with fantasies of incredible obesity and consumption should have disturbed me but they didn't. Moreover, I actually felt good about it. All my life, I had waged war against being fat but all I ever managed to do was either get sick, get fatter or both. Truthfully, my favorite pastime was eating and I guess I was living my fantasy of being able to eat all that I wanted.

As I continued to gobble, I noticed that I was sort of playing with my fat and it felt really good. I realized that I had been doing a lot of that. It felt good to squeeze and play with and it even felt good to trace my stretch marks with my fingers. I had never been particularly talented at anything, at least not until lately. I realized that there was one thing I was very talented at and that was eating. I could really pack it away and keep on packing like an automatic eating machine. At least I had something to be proud of.

I knew I was gaining weight rapidly and I wondered how long it would be before I surpassed the 400 pound capacity of the scales and exceeded the largest uniform. The thought of getting that fat gave me a rush of excitement. I was actually looking forward to being too big for the scales and my new wardrobe. My belly was so big already but all I could think about was it getting even bigger. I plowed into those donuts partly because it was my job but mainly because I wanted to. More than anything, I wanted those donuts inside me and I wanted to stretch my belly more and more so that I could stuff more and more into it.

I gobbled and fantasized about my belly getting so big that I wouldn't be able to even reach my navel made me cum like an atom bomb. After a short rest, I continued my gobbling and gobbled until eight. I struggled up to go admire my belly. It was incredible and my boobs were swelling up like balloons. My ass and legs were noticeably fatter and my face was rounder. I put on the biggest uniform and stuffed pillows in the front to see how I would look one day. My clit started to tingle and I needed more donuts. I gobbled down another dozen while looking at my "new" shape in the mirror and orgasmed. Whew! This was an incredible thing. I ordered a giant and a medium pizza for later and polished off the last of the donuts.

The hot shower felt wonderful on my bloated belly and after, I fell into bed for a rest. I slept until my pizzas were delivered. The pizza delivery boy had a funny grin and said that he was "late" again and that my pizzas were free. Then, very nervously he said, "Can I watch?" I'm not sure why but I invited him in. He took a seat on the bed and watched as I plowed into my pizzas. It was pretty obvious that watching me was getting him excited. I couldn't tell if his excited presence was a factor but boy was I getting horny. An orgasm was on its way and I gobbled faster.

He stood and came over to me, picked up a slice of pizza and offered it to me. I opened wide and as he shoved it into my mouth, I came and so did he. He was embarrassed and tried to hide the semen stain in his pants and ran for the door. Before he could leave, I instructed him to bring two giants tomorrow night. I was so stuffed that I needed to stop and rest but I just had to get the rest of the pizza into my belly. After quite a struggle to stand, I leaned against the wall and finished the pizza.

I staggered over and fell onto the bed. With fantasies of an incredibly huge belly and spectators watching me gobble, I fell asleep. I slept until two and awakened for my nightly belly bursting load of frosting. The massive load of frosting that I packed into my belly on top of those pizzas resulted in an incredible orgasm. I passed out and slept until four. I threw on a uniform and headed out for biscuits and gravy. That's when I discovered that the repo man had taken my car. What was I going to do? I called the cafe and my waitress answered the phone. She said she didn't normally make deliveries but in my case she would make an exception.

She was knocking at my door within a few minutes with more biscuits and gravy than ever before. I tried to pay her but she said, "Honey, all my life I've dreamed of being able to eat like you. The next best thing is the vicarious pleasure I get from knowing that at least you eat the way I wish I could." I invited her to sit. She accepted and watched as I gobbled. I was getting very excited and so was she. As I got closer and closer to having an orgasm, she began to squeeze her left breast and finger herself. Before long she orgasmed and so did I. I still had plenty of biscuits and gravy left so after she regained her composure, she left without taking any money and promised to see me the next morning with an even bigger load. I smiled and continued to pack my belly.

Mrs. Zahn started bringing in my donuts earlier than usual so I still had biscuits and gravy left to gobble. I started alternating but before long I had polished off my biscuits and gravy and could devote myself to donut packing. It was another twelve dozen day. I thought about the word for twelve dozen, gross. A gross of scabs would be gross but a gross of donuts is not gross, it's wonderful. They're especially wonderful if you can get them all inside your belly. I worked on that very thing all day and into the evening. Of course, I had my share of fabulous orgasms along the way along with occasional rest periods.

I loaded in the last one around eight and waddled towards the shower. I undressed in front of the mirror and gazed at my reflection. As I admired my profile and all the new creamy white stretch marked fat that covered me, a thought came to me. I was the person that I was supposed to be. Deep inside, I was a flesh and blood eating machine that had been trying to surface. I was living the life that I was always intended to live. The only thing that I wanted was a bigger belly so that I could hold more food. I went to shower and after fell asleep waiting for my pizzas. Only the Beginning!