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A Dream Come True
by Heidi

Donna looked in the mirror in disgust as yet another pair of Bhs jeans failed to do up around her middle. She had always been chubby, even as a child, and she had tried every diet in the book to loose weight, but her weight was steady at about 210 lbs. That may not be much, but on a 5 frame it was a fair amount.

Donna was 17 and very pretty in spite of the weight she carried, most of which was in her belly. She didn't see herself as pretty, though, and longed to look like the models in her magazines. Often she had wished that she could just stop eating without side effects until she lost 75 lbs or so. She had read a story in her magazine about a girl who had to have an operation and didn't like the hospital food so had lost a lot of weight and Donna was so desperate she even dreamed of getting ill so that this could happen to her too.

Then one day it happened. She was taking down Christmas decorations at school and fell from the ladder, banging her head and falling unconscious. The doctors couldn't really understand why, as it hadn't really been that bad a fall, but they couldn't wake her and she stayed in a coma for a few months, being fed only by a hospital tube. In May she awoke, just two weeks before her 18th birthday and doctors crowded around her. Her parents were called and she was given a check over. Everything seemed to be fine and she was told that she could leave within a couple of weeks after they had kept her in for observation.

Her parents went home and began preparing for her birthday. They arranged a huge ball, as they and all of theirs' and Donna's friends were very wealthy. When Donna got home from hospital, she was taken out to buy a new dress. She started by trying dresses in her old style and size, as she hadn't really thought about her body since she awoke. As she tried the first dress she realized it would never fit her and picked a long 'slinky' dress in dark blue, which contrasted with her auburn hair. Once the dress was on she knew her dream had come true.

Looking in her mirror she twirled and gazed at her new body in admiration. She now weighed near enough to 90 lbs and was what she considered almost perfect. She couldn't wait to impress James, the man of her dreams, at the ball.

When the night of the ball came around, Donna did indeed look stunning. She wore the long, figure-hugging navy dress with simple white sandals (which took her up to 5'4") and long diamond earrings, and wore a diamond and sapphire tiara in her hair. As she danced with James, she could see how distracted he appeared and wondered why he no longer flirted with her like before. He kept shifting his hand from one bone on her back to another and she eventually figured that he must just be appreciating her new body.

When the ball was over, she went outside with her friends to sit beneath the moonlight on the veranda and chat. The air was cool but not cold and they all sat in the dresses with their bare arms enjoying the gentle breeze. After a few minutes, though, Donna found her teeth chattering and had to go inside. She couldn't understand this, as she had always been able to take the cold when her friends couldn't. She walked in through the wide glass doorway and was promptly walked into by a waiter carrying champagne. As she stepped away, she banged her hip on a table and felt a pain shoot through it like she had never felt before. "I just need some male attention," she thought.

Walking over to the group of guys whom she had always enjoyed flirting with, she began acting as she would before, only now feeling less self-conscious than she ever had in the past. The guys didn't even look at her, though and instead looked past her to where Sarah, her best mate was dancing. Sarah was about 5'6" and about 130 lbs, with most of her weight in her chest, and a perfect hourglass figure. She was not particularly pretty, though and the boys had never really paid her much attention before. Her arms were slender and her cheekbones could clearly be seen through her skin, but Donna had always longed to be like her, but now she was better than Sarah, so why were the guys more interested in Sarah than her?

Over the next few days, as she constantly bashed into furniture and got bruises all over her sides, and constantly felt cold in even the slightest breeze, it began to dawn on her that these new feelings were due to her loss of weight, but it was worth it for her new body. She was also finding it difficult to get to sleep at night, as she had always wrapped her arms around herself while she drifted off, but now she had nothing to wrap her arms around. She tried taking one of her childhood teddies into bed with her, but it didn't really help.

At the end of June, her cousin Jake came to stay with her family for the first two weeks of his holiday. Donna and Jake were only a couple of months apart in age and had always got on well, each confiding in the other and asking each other advice. When Jake arrived, Donna was lounging by the pool in the back garden, chewing on the stick of celery that she had become accustomed to having as a snack. She was sitting in a new bikini that she felt showed off her new figure perfectly, but instead of the look of admiration and approval that she was expecting from Jake, he simply said "what have you done to yourself?".

Donna was stunned, as she had expected Jake to think she looked great as he had always told her in the past, only this time she would really have believed it. Her face must have betrayed her hurt and disappointment at his words, because he removed the look of horror from his face and told her how slim she was looking, but he still didn't say the words she'd been hoping for: his usual "You look great, Donna, you're absolutely glowing as usual!".

Over the next couple of days, Donna and Jake were only together when Donna's parents were around, but finally, three days after Jake arrived, they were left to watch TV together while her parents went out. They chatted about this, that and the next thing, and eventually the conversation came around to Donna's love life.

"So, how's James?" Jake asked her. "Are you going out yet?"

"No", she replied, "he won't even look at me properly or flirt with me anymore".

"But the last time I was here he fancied you and he was preparing to ask you out to the February dance!"

"I never went to the February dance because I had my accident in January, but ever since I woke up he's been really distant and cold towards me."

"Has he got a new girl friend?"

"Not that I've heard, and he's such a babe, that sort of thing is usually 'round school in a second."

"I think I know what's up, how about I go to the pool tomorrow as he's knocking off from his lifeguard shift and find out if I'm right, or does he not work there anymore?"

"No, he works there alright. What is it that you think is wrong?"

"I'm not going to tell you until I know for sure, but I don't think you'll be pleased."

Jake phoned the pool and found out when James was working and the next day he went down as James was finishing his shift and they went out for a beer. As Jake had suspected, James didn't like Donna's new figure.

"It's not that I don't like that figure, just not on Donna. She doesn't suit it!"

"I know what you mean, I nearly died when I saw her. I couldn't believe my chubby, self-conscious cousin could have changed so much."

"I still like her, hell, I still fancy her, but I can't bear to see her chewing on sticks of celery and the look of pain on her face when she bumps into things and doesn't have anything to stop the pain."

"Uh uh. I've noticed that one."

"Also, I don't like feeling the bones under her skin, I'd rather it was soft and silky like it used to be, none of this sharp, angular stuff. I know it's what she's always wanted but I wish it wasn't."

"Can I make a suggestion?"

"Fire away, I'd do anything to get the old Donna back!"

"Would you go out with her at the moment?"

"I suppose, but I hate the looks of pain and the way she's always cold."

"You'll just have to protect her then! What I was going to suggest was, if you went out with her and slowly began taking her out to large dinners, talking to her to keep her distracted so she doesn't notice how much she's eating, buy her sweets (which she'll be too polite to refuse) and always stay with her until it's too late for her to make herself sick, because I don't want too risk anything to do with her health."

"Sounds okay. I'll give it a try."

The conversation roamed on to other things and eventually they went home. The next day Donna got a call from James asking her to meet him in the local Ally's nightclub because he 'had something important to ask her'. Jake had been flatly refusing to tell her if he'd been right or not, as James and he had agreed it would be better not to. While Donna was out, Jake fixed her bathroom scales at 95 lbs (which wasn't difficult as they were analogue and all he had to do was prevent the needle moving any further) and arranged with Donna's maid, who was also worried about Donna's weight, that she should exchange Donna's clothes for larger ones any time they appeared to be getting tight. Donna had never had mirrors in her room as she had preferred not to when she was bigger so that wasn't a problem, but it was also arranged that any other mirrors in the house were to be gradually removed and the spaces filled with pictures or new furniture so that she wouldn't think it strange. Only the small, face-size bathroom mirrors were to be left.

The operation was going to be quite costly as new clothes, new furniture and new paintings (only top class of course!) had to be bought, but with the amount of money he held, her father wouldn't even notice.

That night in the club, James asked her out, trying not to let her see his dislike of the way her bones felt beneath her skin. He even managed to get her to eat an entire plate of chips by enlisting one of his friends to re-fill her saucer onto which she had placed a few of James' chips every time they got up to dance. She had drunk rather a lot; as this was the only source of calories she would allow herself and didn't seem to notice.

The following morning was a Saturday and James had phoned his parents and told them he was staying in one of the spare bedrooms at Donna's house, as he wanted to make sure that she got back okay. As he helped her to get undressed that night, he had to look away for fear of displaying his feelings about her obvious bones. The following morning he got up and made her a huge breakfast, which she thought was very sweet, and, just as Jake had thought, was too polite to refuse. It took her a long time to finish as her stomach had become used to small amounts of food and therefore filled up very quickly, but James feigned a look of hurt every time she looked like stopping and she struggled on until every drop was finished.

When Jake left at the end of his two weeks Donna had a slightly healthier appetite, but nothing much had changed about her figure and James was despairing to Jake in private that their plan wouldn't work. Jake reassured James that it would just take time and went home to his parents, leaving James and the maid to look after his cousin.

Every possible moment, James and Donna were together. Sometimes, particularly if Donna had on a revealing top, James had to force himself not to politely excuse himself and leave, but he ploughed on. After another month he began to detect something. It was not visible to look at Donna, but when he put his arm around her he could feel a slight smoothing of the sharp angles of her bones. Donna was far more confident now and no longer spent her afternoons at the gym, instead preferring to lounge on the beach with her friends, hang about in the town or swim in or relax by the pool. This also helped James' cause, as she was not doing much exercise to work off what he was feeding her. As her appetite improved with the gradually increasing amounts she was being fed he began to notice the change more quickly.

By September, all the mirrors had been removed from the house, apart from the bathroom ones and James informed the maid that she 'might want to begin exchanging Donna's clothes'. A fine layer of fat now covered Donna's bones and she had become slender rather than skinny. Donna didn't seem to notice any difference, other than that she no longer felt the cold so easily, but she simply put that down to warmer weather, or her fully recovering from her coma.

As November drew in, Donna must have been nearing 125 lbs and was of a more normal size. Her arms were still slender, but her bones were not so apparent and the situation was the same for her legs. Her hips had grown slightly and she had got some form of chest back. Her tummy was also softer and her chin no longer had the sharp angularity that it had 5 months before. Donna's appetite had increased greatly and the lack of exercise meant that she was now putting on weight quite quickly. Her clothes had been exchanged several times as James wanted the changes to be as unnoticeable as possible which meant not letting the clothes be too tight before the swap and not making them too loose after it.

James knew that eventually there would come a time when they would have to stop exchanging her clothes or she was likely to be upset and to distrust him when she found out, which she would after a while. He estimated that this time would come when she was about 160 lbs because if she hadn't already noticed the extra weight by that point, it wouldn't be long before she did. As that point approached, he began to tell her more and more often how beautiful she was, how well she was looking and how much he loved her.

Towards the middle of December she must have hit around the 145 lb mark, but it was difficult to tell as the lower amount of exercise that she was doing now than before she lost the weight meant that she was fatter than she would have previously been at that weight. Jake and his family came down to stay with her family over Christmas and the first thing Jake said when he saw her was "God, you're looking well, James is obviously good for you - you're glowing again!"

Donna was so happy at this that she didn't notice the amount that she ate that day and Jake was amazed at how much her appetite had improved. When he got a spare moment he drew James aside and told him that things had worked even better than he had expected.

"She looks so much healthier and so happy."

"I know, and she doesn't seem to have noticed yet"

"That's good!"

"Yes, but I'm going to have to let her find out soon, much as I'd like not to, because if I don't, she'll be unhappy with me when she does realize."

"True. Well, you never know, she might know well enough by then that you love her and not worry."

"Here's hoping."

Neither James nor Jake had seen Donna eat as much as she did that Christmas. They didn't know why, but the reason was that she felt she could eat more as she was still thin and, as far as her clothes and her scales were telling her; she wasn't putting the weight back on. She ate so much over Christmas, and did so little, that by the time January drew around James guessed that she was pretty near to the 160 lbs. Her last clothing swap was on the 1st of January and after that he waited with baited breath.

The fact that Christmas was over did nothing to slow Donna's appetite and James watched closely as she seemed to put on weight every day. She had been told not to work for a year after her coma, to be sure that stress was not a factor and so she had nothing to do as her friends were all either working or at college or university. This meant that she sat at home reading books, watching the TV and eating. By about the 3rd week in January her jeans were starting to get tight and a small roll of flesh protruded between the waistband and the belly tops that she had loved to wear since she lost weight.

At the beginning of February she asked the question that James had known would come but had been dreading. She asked him if he thought she was getting fat again. He didn't want to lie to her, so he told her the complete truth.

"I don't think you're getting fat, no. You have put on some weight, but d'you know, I think you look better now than you did before."

"How could you prefer me bigger? I was perfect in June!"

"No, you were too thin. Remember you kept hurting yourself by banging into the simplest things? And you were always cold? When was the last time you felt like that? Besides, if I didn't like you the way you are then d'you think I'd keep buying you food?"

"No, I suppose not."

"Well then, have another cookie and stop panicking."

"You don't think I should diet?"


"Or exercise more?"

"NO! I love you the way you are. I'd love you at any weight, but I prefer you the way you are now to the way you were 8 months ago."

She picked up another cookie from the table in front of her and finished it, licking the crumbs from her fingers at the end. Then she looked up at James, smiled and said:

"You know, it's more comfortable being this size!"

Then she grabbed a further cookie and ate that too, and as she and James sat and watched the TV, she finished the entire plate.

James had never really found big women attractive, not that he had seen that many, but for some reason, the bigger Donna got, the more beautiful he found her. He found he loved watching her eat, and when her clothes got tight he thought she looked extremely sexy. Donna was aware that she was still putting on weight, but hadn't weighed herself in a long time (and besides, James had now removed the scales) and she was enjoying the attention. After a while, she ceased even to think about her weight and just enjoyed being with James and being loved by him.

When May drew in Donna must have been verging on 200 lbs and she still liked to wear hipster jeans and belly tops, but her fat was not like it had been before. As James sat on the couch with her, his arm around her exposed midriff, feeling the warmth of her soft body, he decided he preferred her now, to the way she'd been before. When she'd been this weight before, she had been paranoid about it and had exercised profusely. This time 'round, she hadn't done exercise in months and, as a result, the fat was very soft and fleshy and it quivered and jiggled when she moved.

On her birthday in June, James finally allowed Donna to weigh herself. She was 212 lbs and still at 5', was even bigger than she had been the last time at this weight because of the absence of muscle. For her 19th birthday, James and she went out dancing and then, when Donna got tired after a very short time, they went to an all night, all you can eat buffet. She ate like a pig and once she was full they went back to dance again.

James loved watching her dance. She had on shiny red hipster jeans and a tiny black crop top. Over it she wore a black shirt that had ceased to do up at about 140 lbs and so had to be left open. Every move she made on the dance floor caused her fleshy midriff to dance by itself and, since her favourite move was a shimmy, it 'danced' rather a lot. Again she got tired and they went back to the buffet. Over the course of the night, they did about 2 hours of dancing, broken into smaller 20 minute-or-so slots, and she ate 8 full meals, on top of her tea.

The more she ate, the bigger she got and the larger her appetite got, so the more she ate. The amount that she was eating increased almost daily and her weight gains grew faster and faster. Her Dad was very rarely around and when he was, he didn't notice her, and her Mum had died when she was young, so there was no one to tell her to watch her weight or to complain about the amount of money she spent on new clothes. By the time the autumn started she was about 260 lbs, most of it in her belly. James loved the way she looked.

Her auburn hair was cut to shoulder length and slightly curly, framing a round face with a second, and even the start of a third, chin. Her fleshy shoulders gave way to flabby upper arms whose flesh pored over the elbows and on down to chubby lower arms with virtually no sign of wrists and plump fingers in the end. Her breasts had grown and were now a very respectable size and her hips had widened with ample love handles above them. Her butt and thighs had also expanded, but the skin was totally smooth with no sign of cellulite. Her thigh flesh drooped slightly over her knees and the legs continued down to round, jiggley calves and fat feet. But it was her tummy that James loved. On her 5' frame her tummy was enormous. It hung about 7 or 8 inches over her thighs and when she sat; it folded into 3 huge rolls. Every inch of it was soft and pliable and the whole thing jiggled when she made even the tiniest movement.

In the January before Donna's 20th birthday she and James got engaged, and in the autumn were married. Donna walked down the aisle as a 400 lb or so bride. That night they had sex for the first time, and with James riding the pure pleasure waves of fat, feeling it slap against his legs, and Donna feeling the pressure of her husband upon her ample stomach, it was better than they ever could have imagined. The following year they had a child, who, as she was growing up, was obviously going to look like her mother, only bigger, and prettier. But that's another story..