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Dream Girl
By BJ Morris

Mindy had been dating Steve for several months and was looking forward to going with him and his family to their summer place in the mountains. Steve and his family, like Mindy herself, were teachers and often had the summers free. Summer was a time, therefore, when the family came together for the annual reunion. This would be the first time they would all meet Mindy.

Mindy and Steve arrived that first day and with the introductions, several winks were shared between Steve's mother and her daughters. Each of them was pleasingly plump and they all agreed that Mindy could use some meat on her bones.

By most people’s standards, Mindy was a knock-out. She stood 5'3” tall and weighed 121 with an hourglass figure. But unbeknownst to her, Steve liked his women fat and had plans to make her thin figure a thing of the past. This vacation had been planned as the test to see if Mindy could be fattened up a bit. He wanted her to be his wife eventually and he always dreamt of his wife being a very big girl indeed. So starting with this summer, he wanted to see if she had what it took to grow into his dream girl. He planned to use his family to help make her outgrow her wardrobe before she left for home!

The plan began as soon as they arrived at the summer house. All sorts of goodies came out of the kitchen, as the four women took turns baking and cooking, visiting with Mindy in the meantime. Mindy was so interested in the conversations, that she never realized that she was eating constantly the whole day. When she got up to go to the bedroom, her clothes constrained her. Mindy felt as though she was turning into a blimp, like Steve's sisters. Still, the food was incredible.

The next day, Mindy's clothes were still tight, but not as much as the day before. She came down for breakfast and was shocked at what was waiting for her. The table groaned with food --- eggs, sausage, pancakes, waffles, and still more was coming out of the kitchen. Not wishing to offend her hosts (or embarrass Steve), she forced herself to eat some pancakes. She took what she thought was a large stack (four) but she found Steve’s sisters sneaking more and more onto her plate whenever she finished what was there. Before she knew it, she had eaten ten pancakes, dripping with syrup and butter, and an unspecified number of sausages. She felt stuffed and was appalled to see donuts appear on the table when the plates had been cleared. Mindy determined to have just another cup of coffee (which Steve added cream and sugar to) but his mother accused her of not enjoying the meal. Steve’s brother whispered that Momma had made the donuts. Who makes their own donuts? Mindy thought. All she could do was smile and ask for one of the honey-dipped delights to be passed to her. The family chatted along happily, passing the morning. Again, the sisters kept slipping new donuts onto her plate and before she knew it, she had stuffed herself with half a dozen.

Not long after breakfast was over, a barbeque lunch of gargantuan proportions was started in the yard. The whole family moved out there, with the men grilling huge platters of meat and the sisters serving constant bowls of mayonnaise-based salads and still-warm fruit pies (a la mode, of course!)

When the sun went down, lunch blended into a roast turkey dinner that made Thanksgiving look like a small snack. Mindy couldn’t believe they were going to keep on eating! No matter how much she protested, they forced more food on her or slipped it sneakily onto her plate. After a while, she gave up trying to stop them. She just enjoyed the conversation, laughed at the jokes they told, and ate and ate and ate. She was kept stuffed all day long. The meal didn’t end until late into the night.

By the end of the day Mindy was getting quite worried about her figure. When Steve invited her to sit with him on the front porch, she tried to talk to him about it.

"I am just so full," she confided. "If I keep eating like this, I'll weigh a ton when we leave!"

Putting his arm around Mindy, he comforted her by saying, "That's my family. They always celebrate getting together with a big feed. You shouldn’t worry. It won’t be like this all the time. Besides, I think they really like you." Steve massaged her tummy and kissed her neck. Mindy seemed calmer and leaned on his shoulder. After being so full all day, she couldn’t help herself. She was soon fast asleep. Steve smiled to himself. The plan seemed to be working well.

The next morning, Mindy woke in a huge feather bed. She remembered Steve’s comments of the night before. Somehow, those words were a relief for Mindy to hear. She had been anxious about how she'd be received by Steve’s family. There was a knock at the door. Mindy pulled the quilt over her as she sat up, inviting the knocker to enter. It was Steve. He was already dressed for the day and carried a large boxed gift. He joined her, sitting at the edge of the bed, and presented Mindy with a gift from his Mom. Mindy brightened. She opened the gift and found a beautiful pleated, blue dress inside. It was beautiful and Mindy was delighted! Steve kissed her and told her that his family had said that they loved her already. Mindy threw her arms around Steve and hugged him tightly.

After a moment, Steve broke their embrace. “Come on, get dressed. Breakfast is ready. Everyone is downstairs waiting for you.”

Breakfast? Somehow, her stomach rumbled. She didn’t know how after all that she had eaten yesterday but she was hungry. “OK. Give me a moment to get dressed.”

Mindy came down in the blue dress and greeted the family. The dress fit fairly well, if a little bit too large. Mindy was able to pin it in and cover up those adjustments in the pleats. Steve’s family greeted her warmly and made room at the table for her. Once again, the table was covered with steaming platters of food. Steve’s sisters quickly started parading the platters Mindy’s way. She filled up her plate and started to eat. Again, the food was great and Mindy had seconds. (Or was it thirds? Hard to tell with all the laughter and the way food appeared mysteriously on her plate.) However much it was, Mindy’s appetite was up to the task.

Thankfully, no donuts appeared when the plates were cleared. Coffee cups were refilled and she let down her guard. That was when a mid-morning snack of fudge (three different flavor piled high on separate plates), cookies, and ice cream appeared, all home-made by Momma and the girls. Somehow, the fudge plates wound up in front of her. Mindy couldn’t resist. She reached out and tasted the fudge. It was marvelous! She engaged the family in laughing conversation, periodically nibbling on the fudge laid out before her. Hours went by. She was feeling pretty full, but caught herself reaching for more fudge only to discover that it was gone. She couldn’t have possibly eaten all of it! Surely, the others had eaten their share when she wasn’t looking. Steve noticed the surprised expression on her face from across the table and smiled secretly at her. Mindy blushed warmly.

It was only an hour later when lunch was served: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, creamed corn, and potato salad. Momma seemed indefatigable, refilling each platter and bowl even before it was emptied. Everyone kept laughing, talking, eating and Mindy somehow kept up the pace. She didn’t even notice when the sun went down. All she noticed is that the chicken became roast beef, the potatoes were now scalloped instead of mashed, the gravy now a thick cheese sauce, and the creamed corn was asparagus swimming in hollandaise. Mindy’s plate was filled again somehow. She slowly emptied it and cleaned it up with a pair of large buttered rolls. Desserts came out, whipped cream cakes and pastries.

“How do you find time to make all this wonderful food?” Mindy asked Steve’s mother, in delight.

She came over and warmly wrapped her arms around Mindy and kissed her cheek. “I will tell you a little secret,” she whispered, conspiratorially. “I bought the black forest cake!” she said, and both she and Mindy giggled. Almost without Mindy noticing, the sisters placed large servings of each in front of her. She dutifully ate every crumb. The evening ended again with she and Steve out on the porch, he massaging her distended stomach and she enjoying his company until drifting off to sated sleep.

And so the weeks went. Platters of omelets, stacks of pancakes and waffles, titanic muffins, huge sausages, hams, and mounds of bacon were followed by huge sandwiches, jaw breaking triple cheeseburgers, battered fries, extra extra cheese pizza, creamy soups, and buttered baguettes then by pasta in thick cream sauces, lasagna, manicotti, over-stuffed shells, anything parmagiana, creamy mashed potatoes, fried foods, and giant roasts. At the end of each meal and mixed in between were the ever present desserts: puddings, cakes, pies, pastries, petit fours, candy, and more. All of this was devoured eagerly by Mindy. In fact the more she ate, more that was cooked, baked and served. And as more was served, that much more found its way onto her plate. Mindy’s portions increased every day. Without her noticing, Steve’s mother and sisters slowly changed her plate to a larger one so that she didn’t notice the increasing portions put before her. Soon the huge plate was replaced by a platter and even the platter grew bigger and was piled ever higher.

Slowly at first and then more rapidly, the effects of all this eating took its toll on Mindy’s figure. Her face grew softer and plumped out. Her breasts grew rounder and bigger, expanding through an alphabet of cup sizes. Her tight stomach rounded out over her waistband, marching out over her lap. Mindy’s thighs thickened dramatically, each expanding to the size of her waist when she first arrived and then proceeding past that point over time. Her backside grew plush, making a soft pillow for her as she sat at the various tables throughout the day, eating more and more to add to its great roundness. It responded by slowly growing outward, taking up more room every day.

Mindy didn’t seem to notice these changes. And as on that second day, Momma and the sisters made regular presents of clothing to her (dresses, blouses, shirts, pants) each in progressively larger sizes than the ones before. The mirrors in her room were only large enough to let her make up her face each day. None were long enough to display her ever growing form.

Steve was amazed at Mindy’s progress. She was getting fatter faster than he ever dreamed when he first devised his plan. Her appetite was enormous and seemed to grow bigger every day, matching the way she grew bigger as well. He drooled at the way her body was swelling towards his dream girl’s size. Halfway through the summer, he was convinced that she was the girl for him. Now his plan changed from one that would demonstrate her potential to one where he wanted to see how fat she could really become in these few short months. Steve asked his mother and sisters to step up their efforts to fatten his future bride.

Mindy enjoyed Steve’s family more and more throughout the passing weeks. Their increased affection and friendliness towards her matched the warmth she felt for them. And her love for Steve grew stronger. She dreamed of the day when they could be more than simply friends.

They were sitting on the porch one night late in July when Mindy decided to talk to Steve about her feelings for him. They were kissing for what seemed forever when she gently broke his embrace.

“I love you, Steve,” she breathed.

“I love you, too, Mindy,” he said, passion in his voice and fire in his eyes.

“I am so glad to hear you say that,” Mindy stated with a smile. “I was concerned that I was going to lose you.”

“Lose me! Why?”

“Well …” she hesitated. “I love being here with your family and they are really extraordinary cooks. But I was afraid I was going to lose you because all this good food is making me, well, gain a bit of weight. I had hoped you wouldn’t notice but I don’t see how you couldn’t.” She bit her lip.

Steve chuckled. “Of course I noticed.”

“Then you don’t mind?”

“Mind! You get more beautiful every day!”

“More beautiful? But I’m getting fat!”

“Mindy, honey. I love that you’re getting fat. I’m hoping you’ll get even fatter!”

“Fatter!” she exclaimed.

“Yes, I have always adored fat girls. I want to marry a girl who will get fat enough to be my dream girl and I’m hoping you are that girl.”

“Marry? I’d love to marry you! But am I … too fat?” she asked tentatively.

“No, you’re not. In fact, you’re not even close.”

“But … I must weigh more than twice what I did before we came here!”

“Yes, maybe a bit more,” Steve said appraisingly, “but that’s not nearly enough. Will you keep eating and getting fatter for me?”

Mindy was astonished. She searched Steve’s eyes to assure herself he was serious. She saw no deception in his face, only love. And lust in his eyes.

“You want me to get fatter?” she asked.

“Yes, much fatter. Will you do that for me and make me the happiest man alive?”

Mindy paused. Here was the man of her dreams asking her to keep eating and getting fatter. It was obvious he was serious. And she couldn’t fool herself. She was enjoying the food. It was the effect of all this eating that had concerned her. Now Steve was asking her to continue eating and getting fatter.

Slowly, a smile spread across her face. “Do you think there’s any of that cake left?”

After that day, Mindy paid close attention to her meals. She made sure she ate as much as she could at each opportunity. She now saw that the women had been serving her on a large platter; she started piling it high and refilling it multiple times at each meal. She sought out the most fattening items served and ate all she could of them. Mindy decided, too, that she would continue increasing her portions each day. In fact, she decided to be more methodical about it, making sure that she ate until her bursting point each day. This served to stretch her stomach as well, making it easier to eat more. She began eating constantly and eagerly, every waking hour. And at the end of each day, she would carefully rise up from the extra wide seat she had occupied that whole time and slowly waddle off to her room to sleep.

This weight gain regimen showed quick results. Her clothes got tighter, threatening to burst off her ever fatter body. She replaced her clothes regularly but changed the style that Momma and the girls had been buying her. They had been trying to mask her weight gain; Mindy wanted to make sure Steve could see it. No more of those tent-like dresses for her. She was wearing bigger and bigger T-shirts (starting with 2XL, she was pleased to see) and very loose-fitting pants that quickly became skin tight.

What the summer house lacked was a scale to measure her progress (the plump sisters never wanted one around). So Mindy decided that the way she would measure how fat she was getting was to keep filling out her clothes. This provided a second method of gauging her progress, too: Steve’s ever lustful looks and attentive ways. His encouragement only served to push Mindy to eat more and more.

Mindy soon added a dessert course to each of the four daily meals she was eating (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night supper). This dessert course often called for her devour a couple of cakes by herself at each meal or perhaps three or four pies, a mixing bowl of pudding or mousse, or a two foot high platter of pastries. Steve sat there drooling as she ate. Mindy would just giggle evilly and stuff even more food into her greedy mouth.

Her body responded. Her upper arms plumped out to the size of footballs. Mindy’s breasts grew to beachball size. Her stomach swelled out, engulfing her lap and pushing her further back from the table. Her ass grew wider, rounder, lifting her up in her seat and making her walk with a more pronounced waddle. With her short stature, the pounds she was gaining made her look even fatter.

The end of the summer came too quickly. Steve had packed Mindy’s clothes, or at least, those that still fit. Mindy did her part --- she was in the kitchen stuffing herself with double her usual portion of breakfast in anticipation of the drive home. She didn’t want to risk starving herself on the two hour drive and accidentally losing even an ounce of glorious fat.

When it was time to go, the family lined up on the porch to wish Steve and Mindy a good trip. Steve finished packing the car and called Mindy to come out. Mindy ponderously waddled down the now confining hallway from the kitchen to the front door, her wide hips nearly brushing the sides. She had on her biggest clothes, a 5XL red T-shirt that was emblazoned with “Wide Load” in yellow letters (a gift from Steve’s brother) and a size 70 pair of jeans. Both were stretched so tight across her mammoth form that they looked ready to burst off her at any moment. On the porch, Mindy gave each of her new family a great big hug before heading to the car. As she waddled down the three wooden steps, each creaked loudly their goodbyes. She poured herself backwards into the passenger seat of the car, with Steve delighting in how it sank under her new weight. Mindy barely squeezed in between the seatback and dashboard even though Steve had pushed the seat all the way back. Though she tried, there was just no way the seatbelt would wrap around her even though Steve had bought an extension for just this occasion.

Momma came running up, tears in her eyes, to kiss Mindy one more time and tell her she had packed some snacks into five picnic baskets in the back seat for the drive home. Mindy smiled sadly and promised to eat every crumb.

Steve looked over at his soon-to-be bride before pulling away. Her face was round with cheeks so plump they dwarfed her nose and eyes. She had a triple chin that bordered on creating a fourth. Her enormous breasts rode high on her mammoth belly, pushing her head back. Mindy’s belly peeked out form under her T-shirt. The waistband of her drum-tight jeans dug in deeply, splitting her belly and tummy. These two spare tires rested on her lap reaching all the way to her knees. Her fat, round ass, though pressed against the door on her right side, spread well past her seat and crowded Steve sexily on the driver’s side.

Mindy smiled at him as he stared. He returned her smile. She looked at the baskets in the back seat, reached back and pulled out a foot long sandwich, taking a huge bite.

“Mmmmm. Momma’s good cooking,” she said around the mouthful. After chewing and swallowing, she said, “Don’t think that’s going to be enough food for the trip. Barely enough for me, much less you. Think we could stop on the way for some fast food?”

After stopping twice for fast food (ten double whoppers with cheese at Burger King and two extra large buckets of chicken at KFC), they arrived five hours later at Steve’s house. He carried the bags in as Mindy waddled slowly behind. Before she could raid the kitchen, Steve dropped the bags, grabbed her hand, and guided her into the bedroom.

“But, Steve, honey, I’m hungry,” Mindy wailed.

“Later, my plump little dumpling. First, we’ve got to do something I’ve been dying to do for months.”

In the oversize bedroom, Steve guided Mindy over to the sitting area. Instead of a loveseat or couch, Steve had an industrial scale there. Mindy laughed. “I suppose you want me up on the scale, huh?”

“I’ve been dying to see how fat you’ve gotten,” he explained, sheepishly.

“Oh, you’ve been able to see how fat I’ve gotten but I think you want to gauge my gain!” With that she moved over to the scale and kicked off her shoes. “To get an accurate measure,” she explained, giggling. “If I remember right, I used to weigh 121. Let’s see how well I’ve done, hhm?” Blowing him a kiss, she stepped onto the scale’s platform.

The scale had a round analog face. As Mindy placed one fat foot on the scale the needle jumped. It spun wildly when she placed the other foot on the platform. It took a few moments before it settled down. Mindy read the scale and turned to Steve. She grinned wolfishly.

“Wow …” Steve breathed. The scale read 463.

“’Wow’? That’s all you have to say? I think that’s pretty good. Of course, it’s not even four times my previous weight but I bet we can work on that.” She spread wide her fat arms. “How about taking my measurements, honey?”

Steve shook his head and gathered himself together. With a matching grin he reached into a drawer and fished out two tape measures, quickly taping them together. With Mindy’s help holding the tape measure, he worked his way around his mammoth fiancé three times, kneeling before her on the last measurement.

“82 - 71 - 89. I think. That last measurement is a guess since it’s hard to read the tape under your belly fold.”

She looked deeply into his eyes and lifted him to his feet. Once he was standing, his six foot frame towering over her once tiny frame, Mindy used her weight to push Steve against the wall and pinned him there. She pulled his head down and kissed him passionately. When they parted, she spoke.

“So am I your dream girl, or what?”

“Oh, yes,” he breathed.

Mindy stepped back and pushed him away. “Not on your life! I thought you said you liked fat girls and wanted me to get fatter! That’s what we agreed and I’m holding you to it. I don’t have any plans to stop stuffing myself with good food so you just better get used to having a really fat wife.” She started waddling out of the room and called back. “I’m on my way to the kitchen. Got any ice cream?”