Weight Room Title Bar

By mjm

The hum from her computer speakers roused her just enough for her to look up at the monitor. She'd been putting in far too many hours at the computer and not getting nearly enough sleep. It was bound to happen that she fell asleep at the keyboard. Through her slightly blurred vision the image on the monitor was barely discernable as that of an unbelievably fat woman lying on a bed. This was not a still picture but streaming video. The humming sound was coming from some sort of motor or maybe a pump. There was a big clear plastic hose apparently in her mouth, but her face was so fat it was hard to tell with any certainty. She had never seen anything that held her attention like this before. Behind the hum there was something else, maybe spoken words of some sort maybe not but definitely something. Then suddenly the monitor went dark, and the speakers went silent.

She rubbed her eyes. Had she really seen what she just saw? She moved the mouse; the screen saver darkness was replaced by the web page she had been working on before falling asleep. She clicked on an icon of a cow on the web page and heard mooing coming from her speakers and sat back in her chair. Where did that image and that sound come from? Had she dreamed it? It certainly seemed real enough at the time but now as the image and the sound began to fade from her memory she decided it was no more and no less than a dream. No, not a dream, a nightmare. That's what it was, a nightmare brought on by her poor eating habits and lack of restful sleep. She switched off the computer and went to bed.

She climbed into bed semi-undressed and fell asleep. It was not long before she was awakened with a start by the nightmare image of the fat woman. She sat straight up in bed and decided this was probably due to her lack of nutrition over the last several days. She had been living on caffeine and Sweet Tarts. No wonder she was having nightmares. What she needed was some real food like fruits and vegetables, maybe some protein and dairy too. She knew there was nothing edible in the house and looked at the clock. It was 3 in the morning! The decision was easy since it was either Jack In The Box or nothing. She pulled on a sundress, grabbed her keys, pocketbook, and headed for the door. Although she tried not to, she could not help but turn and stare at the black screen of her computer. She shook it off and continued towards the door.

It was a short drive to Jack's. She pulled around to the menu and stared. There was nothing on the menu that she actually wanted, so she thought back to her needs list: fruits, vegetables, protein, and dairy. The metallic voice asked for her order. Her eyes scanned the menu and her mind raced. Eventually she responded.

“Ultimate bacon cheeseburger (protein and dairy), chili cheese seasoned curly fries (dairy and vegetable), and a strawberry milkshake (fruit and dairy).”

On the drive home she convinced herself she had accomplished her goal. Inside her condo she sat at the kitchen table and sort of inhaled the greasy mess in front of her. She wolfed down the burger and fries like a hungry hound and headed back to bed sucking the last few drops from the bottom of the milkshake cup. Again she had to stop and stare at the black computer screen. The image of the monumentally fat woman returned to her as though it was back on the screen again. She tried to shake it off, but the image was just too strong. How had the image come into her computer? She needed to know, but she needed sleep more.

As she settled into bed, she thought briefly about the image and the hum. She decided that the hum was from a motorized pump and that hose was some sort of a feeding tube and that the woman was been force-fed. Whether she was right or wrong did not matter so much as it was a partial explanation of what she had seen and heard and being force-fed would also explain her incredible fatness. She refused to believe that any human would be as fat as this woman unless they were forced. Then she recalled the absence of any sort of retaining straps that would have supported the idea of force-feeding. She could not have been there like that of her own free will, could she? Straps were not needed because she was too fat to move. That was it. Then a queer thought came.

Although the woman's features were fat beyond recognition, there was something about the woman that looked strangely familiar. Had she seen her before? Was it someone she knew? Even if it were, it would have been hundreds of pounds ago. She dismissed the idea that she knew this woman and decided she had to sleep. When she had finally managed to blot out the visual image of the fat woman, she could still recall the hum. There was something strangely soothing about the hum at the same time quite disturbing, but the slightly hypnotic effect of the hum canceled out the negatives and she fell asleep.

It was not a peaceful sleep, but at least it was sleep. Obviously from the amount of tossing, turning, and squirming that she did while she slept she was probably not dreaming of babbling brooks and bunny rabbits. When the morning sun streaming through her bedroom window awakened her she was painfully aware of three things. She was almost as tired as when she had gone to bed, incredibly horny, and surprisingly hungry. It was 9 a.m. She had just enough time to masturbate and make it to Mickey D's before they stopped serving breakfast.

She reached down to her clit and squeezed her fat mons briefly before continuing on her quest for the head of her clit. Her nipples were firm, and she began pinching one between her thumb and forefinger. What she needed now was Brad Pitt. He was so sweet and so naughty, so pretty and so rugged, angel and bad boy all rolled into one. Naturally in her fantasies he had a nice big dick that wasn't too big, though - just a perfect fit and he knew how to use it. Plus he had all the stamina she ever wanted or needed. As she worked her fingers to bring herself to orgasm, her image of Brad grew stronger and stronger. Her Brad fantasies had improved visually, yet sounds were elusive. As she got closer and closer to orgasm she recalled the hum. It was the sound of the hum not the sound of Brad that was present as she started to orgasm. Just as she peaked, the image of the fat woman came into her mind. She was too far along to stop, and she came hard.

It was one of the strongest orgasms in recent memory. She knew she should have been bothered by the image of the fat woman invading her time with Brad, but honestly the orgasm she just had was far too gratifying for her to ruin with negativity. She just basked in the after glow. After a bit she struggled out of bed.

She pulled on the sundress and started on her journey out to capture a Mickey D breakfast. For a brief moment she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was a fright, no make up, no bra, no panties or even panty hose, and she was fat. Not obese but unacceptably fat for most of society, her family and so called friends, employers, teachers, and boyfriends. Exactly why the Internet was God sent. She could work alone, be self-employed, and never worry about her weight. Funny thing was that she had actually been fatter. Working the hours she worked she rarely ate or slept when she was facing a deadline. She wondered what she weighed. The bathroom scales sat in the corner covered in dust and tampon wrappers. She cleaned it off, pulled it out, and stepped up. The dial came to rest at 227, which was the thinnest she'd been in years. She smiled as she said out loud, “Just right for Brad Pitt.”

She couldn't get out the door without glancing at her computer. The thought occurred to her that the streaming video of the fat woman being force-fed must have come in through her cable modem. How could she track the source? She thought of herself as a computer/Internet whiz, and she had the proof in the form of all the money she got paid for web page design plus the monthly royalty checks. The royalty checks were her little secret. Sprinkled liberally throughout every web page she designed, she carefully inserted opportunities for visitors to click onto other web sites. Every click generated a tiny royalty for her.

Once again she found herself staring at a billboard menu and could not decide what it was that she wanted. She just ordered some of everything and why not? She could afford to go overboard and or be wasteful if she wanted to. Money was not an issue and her weight certainly wasn't a concern, considering that Brad “loved” her no matter what she weighed. She dug in the bag and gobbled down a hash brown patty on the way home.

At home, she piled everything on her computer table and pigged out staring at the blank computer screen. She did nothing but eat and stare. Her thoughts were, of course, on the subject of the force-fed fat woman. Just before falling asleep at the computer last night, she had finished the web page she'd been working on and except for checking on all those secret icons of hers all over the Internet that comprised her “empire” she had nothing else pressing to work on. She was a “project” kind of person; she needed a project to work on, so she decided that the streaming video was a good project for her to work on and she would tackle it right after she completed the project in front of her which was to eat as much of the McDonald's feast in front of her as she could hold. Better yet, eat it all.

As she ate and stared at the blank screen, the sound of the hum came into her mind. She recalled thinking that the hum was masking some talking or singing or rapping or chatting or something. The hum she recalled had been both disturbing and soothing all at the same time but it had lost most of its disturbing qualities and was just soothing. So soothing in fact that the thought of it had such a tranquilizing and hypnotic effect that she sat there shoving food into her mouth almost trance like. The “trance” lasted long enough for her to gobble down every last crumb.

It wasn't until she took the last bite and the “trance” ended when she realized that she should have stopped long before. She could not recall the last time she had been this painfully over stuffed. It was actually a struggle to stand. Luckily, her bedroom was not far. She fell back across the bed and drifted off to sleep. As before, it was not a peaceful sleep. She slept fitfully. Could have been from being over stuffed or could have been something else. Whatever it was, she woke up tired.

She turned her head slightly and realized she was somewhat aromatic, as she hadn't bathed in a day or two or so. It wasn't that she was hungry as she was still quite full from breakfast, but she reasoned that she'd get hungry so she grabbed the phone and hit the speed dial button for Tony's. Tony's was the only pizza parlor she'd ever known of that had such a varied menu and they delivered. Reasoning that since her cupboards were bare she over ordered, so there would be plenty of leftovers. So she ordered a giant double cheese and sausage pizza, a bucket of fried chicken, and a double order of ribs.

Waiting for the delivery would be a perfect time to get a shower. She stood under the streaming hot water and lathered and rinsed and shampooed and conditioned every square inch. The doorbell rang just as she was pulling on her bathrobe. She wrapped a towel around her hair like a turban and headed for the door. The delivery boy accepted the money and handed her the order.

The kitchen table was covered in newspapers, Jack wrappers, and other assorted debris. Her computer table was also a mess. As she stood holding the pizza, chicken, and ribs, trying to figure out where to put it, she looked at the dark computer screen, remembering the fat woman and the hum. She stared at the screen for a few moments and turned almost automatically and carried everything into the bedroom and placed it on her bed.

She threw off the robe and towel and crawled into bed. How long had it been since she'd watched any television? She switched on CNN Headline News. War, pestilence, plague, famine, drought, yep, there was nothing new. She clicked around a bit and settled on cartoons. It wasn't that she was actually watching the cartoons - it was just having these sights and sounds to blot out thoughts of the fat woman and the hum.

In actuality, the cartoons did not accomplish her goal. Thoughts of the fat woman and the hum were still there, just covered up. She began working on the pizza, chicken and ribs. It had been her plan to have lots of leftovers for later. Sometimes things don't work out according to plan. As she gobbled, she stared blankly at the animated action on the TV, but her mind wanted to focus on the fat woman and the hum. If the Cartoon Network gave pop quizzes, she would have failed miserably. There came a point when she realized that if she took so much as one more bite she would explode. It was then that she became aware that she had damn nearly eaten everything. Except for three small pizza slices, a drumstick, and two ribs, she had eaten it all and she felt it and it showed.

She was more or less reclining in bed and struggling to breathe. Her hair towel had been serving as her napkin. She did the best she could to wipe her hands and face and sort of settled back in the hopes that some of the load in her gut would digest a little or move a little or something so that she wouldn't be so miserable. She thought about Brad, and even as painfully stuffed as she was she started getting that feeling. It was not easy for her, but she reached down for her clit. But as soon as she started making some real progress in having an orgasm, the image of the fat woman and the hum began to invade her thoughts, replacing the mental image of Brad. As hard as she tried to force Brad's image to dominate, the image of the fat woman was too strong and the sound of the hum too seducing. Before long, the only image was that of the fat woman and the memory of the hum. Again she came hard, really hard. So hard that she sort of passed out.

The ringing doorbell awakened her with a start. Groggily she rolled out of bed, threw on her bathrobe, and headed for the door. She spied the FedEx driver climbing back into his truck through the security peephole and quickly threw open the door. He saw the door open, grabbed the package, and headed towards her. It was a heavy box that he placed on the ground so she could sign for it. He didn't offer to bring it inside just turned and left.

She placed the box on the kitchen table and noticed it was from Hershey's. A butcher knife was used to cut the sealing tape. Inside she found a letter and seven one-pound boxes of Hershey's Pot of Gold assorted chocolates. The letter congratulated her for being a winner in the “Hershey's Chocolate for Life” contest and that she would receive a similar shipment every week for life. When did she enter that contest? She vaguely remembered entering the contest months ago. Actually she cheated. She had set up a routine to send an electronic contest entry every minute during the contest period.

She opened a box and started to nibble. For not being fancy department store gourmet chocolates they were pretty damned good, and she knew her chocolates. While she nibbled, she reasoned that what she should do was phone in an order to Chang's for later and, while she waited, get on-line and do some grocery shopping. Of course, it was speed dial button number two on her phone. She went ahead and ordered a family dinner for six, reasoning that there would be plenty of leftovers for later.

Before making her way to her computer, she grabbed a big trash bag and began filling it. She cleaned the trash off the table, her bed, bathroom, and finally her computer table. It was always amazing to her what a difference just gathering up the trash made in her home. She tied the bag in knot and set it by the front door. It was funny how she never had delivery guys turn her down about throwing away a bag of trash for her. Maybe it was because she was a good tipper or maybe they were secretly in love with her like Brad Pitt. Yeah, that was it! All of them were mad crazy fool in love and would have eaten bees for her.

She grabbed her box of chocolates and headed for her computer. As she sat down and reached for the power button she hesitated for a moment. She hadn't thought about the fat woman or the humming sound for a bit, but now the thought was all over her. Reluctantly she pushed the button and her machine came to life.

She logged on and checked her e-mail. Nothing special, confirmations of electronic deposits to her bank account, etc. She went over to the Smart & Final site. Smart & Final is similar to a warehouse-shopping club, but no memberships are required and all they cater to is food service and janitorial customers - plus they delivered. After logging in, she just clicked buttons. She reviewed her order and hit the process order button. Within a minute her order was confirmed for next afternoon delivery.

Satisfied with herself she bit into another chocolate and went about the process of trying to trace the origin of the streaming video of the fat woman. As she munched chocolates and clicked and typed commands, she got more and more frustrated. She got to the point where she was beginning to question either her abilities or the reality of the image. It could have been nothing more than a bad dream. Then she found what she was looking for, but before she could attempt to access it, the doorbell rang.

As she thought, it was the Chinese delivery boy. She took the enormous bag from him, handed him a check along with the bag of trash. He seemed happy to accommodate her and she hurried back to her computer. She just took a plastic fork from the bag and started in on the first square container she encountered. As she ate she went about the process of accessing the origin of the image - or at least what she believed was the origin - but she could not get in. Half a deluxe dinner for six later, she was totally frustrated with her attempt to get at the source of the fat woman image and the sound - if it was the source.

Funny thing about food from Chang's, no matter how much she eats, she can still eat more. Why did she order from Chang's? The fried rice had to be the greasiest on the planet. The sweet and sour sauce only barely masked the fact that the fried morsels it covered were more breading than meat and even greasier than the fried rice. She knew the answer only too well. Her taste buds were perfectly suited for a fat girl. She only seemed to like it if it was loaded with fat and calories and carbohydrates.

Since she couldn't get at the source of the fat woman image, she decided to set a trap. She set the back up to come on and capture anything that entered her computer from the outside. After that she decided that she needed Brad. The all Brad Pitt fan club web site was one of her favorites. As soon as his grinning image appeared on her computer she reached for her clit.

“Oh Brad! You bad boy! You want some of this fat pussy don't you? Tired of those skinny bitches? You want a real woman? Well, here she is.”

She whispered sweet and nasty nothings as she closed her eyes to finish the job on her clit, but as soon as she did the image of the fat woman filled her mind and the humming sound of her being pumped blotted out all other sounds. She came hard and blinked just long enough that for a split second she thought the image of the fat woman was back on her monitor. The orgasm was so strong that she could not keep her eyes open. When she finally did look up, all she saw was Brad's grinning face. There really was no explanation for what happened next.

She sat there, staring at Brad until the screen saver kicked in and the screen went dark. It was as though she was in a catatonic state staring blankly at the dark screen, mesmerized by the darkness. She proceeded to eat every last bite of the deluxe Chinese dinner for six. So much for leftovers! She was completely stuffed from her neck down to her crotch. There had been times, like earlier that same day, that she thought she was stuffed, but there never had been anything to compare to this. Now she was nearly catatonic except that she was aware that her nipples were rock hard and her pussy was dripping wet. Slowly she struggled to reach for a nipple and her clit. She managed to get a thumb and a forefinger on a nipple, but she was just too stuffed to get to her clit, though it turned out that it wasn't necessary.

As soon as she gave her nipple one good hard pinch, the image of the fat woman being pumped came into her mind and she came hard, really hard. She thought she had cum hard earlier, but it was nothing like this. It was so strong, and, coupled with her shortness of breath, she passed out. While she slept in her big comfortable computer chair, her computer speakers hummed a sort of a hypnotic lullaby to her and her dreams were as sweet as any candy. Her blanked out computer monitor flickered from time to time, but the flicker was so fast that no human could have recognized what was on the screen. Maybe some sort of high-speed camera could have snapped a picture during the millionth of a nanosecond that the screen was lit. The funny thing about the “wet ware” of the human brain is that it really is capable of more than any computer.

She slept long enough for the effects of the “killer” orgasm to wear off and the “killer” load of Chinese food in her gut to digest enough for her to wake. The humming sound from her speakers subsided shortly before she awoke, and the screen ceased to flicker. She stared at the screen and listened intently for any sound that might come from her speakers, but there was none. For her “trap” to work she had to leave her computer on. She struggled from her chair, grabbed her half-eaten box of chocolates and headed for bed.

She lay back in bed and switched on the TV and channel surfed until she finished every last chocolate. When the box was empty, she threw it on the nightstand, turned off the TV and settled down to sleep. While she slept her computer speakers resumed humming, louder than before. Not loud enough to awaken her, just loud enough to be barely audible. It was a little after 2 that she awakened. She knew she had been dreaming for there were still remnants remaining in the cobwebs of her mind, but except for the recurring image of the fat woman nothing else came to mind. Her home was silent as the computer speakers went silent the instant she awakened.

Except for thoughts of the humming sound and the image of the fat woman that were fairly constant, she was painfully aware that she was hungry. It did not make any sense for her to be hungry after a deluxe Chinese dinner for six and a half a pound of chocolates for her to be ravenously hungry, but she was. So ravenous that she had pulled on a terry cloth romper and was headed for the door before she even realized it. She had no idea of where she was going, but she planned on getting a lot of it.

As she exited the condo complex, she could see the lights of the burrito joint down the street. Were they open? She recalled noticing a sign advertising that they were going to be open 24/7 and looks like it happened. Ordering was simple: big bag of burritos, big bag of soft tacos, and a big bag of crunchy tacos. She did wonder if she could manage to eat all she had ordered though. The answer to that question was soon to come.

Back home she spread everything out on the kitchen table and dug in. From time to time she had over eaten. During the last 26 hours she'd done it several times, but never had she ever challenged herself to overeat until that moment. She felt driven to try to eat it all and if not all at least to eat until she was more stuffed than ever before, which ever came first. As it turned the two happened simultaneously. She did manage to force herself to eat ever last bite, and she was more stuffed than she had ever been, even more stuffed than after the Chinese food.

She was barely able to breathe, and she was in agony. Yet she realized that her pussy was so wet that her terry romper was moist. Her nipples stood out big and hard through the terry cloth fabric. She reached up slowly and pinched her nipple and came like a volcano. Unlike before, she did not pass out. She struggled to her feet and headed off to bed where she passed out as soon as her head hit the pillow.

While she slept her computer speakers hummed, and she dreamed incredible dreams that she did not remember when she awoke at 6. For just a second she thought she heard the hum, but the thought was immediately replaced by the thought of donuts, lots and lots of big fat sweet greasy donuts. Her favorites were glazed old fashioned; they were the greasiest and she knew just the place. The more you bought, the cheaper they got.

On the way to the donut shop, she began thinking about what she was going to do about lunch. The Smith's grocery up ahead made these really great submarine sandwiches. They were 18 inches long on wide hoagie rolls with three meats and five cheeses and slathered in mayo and nothing else. Just like she liked them. Since the store sort of catered to casino employees the deli was opened 24/7, so she'd just stop on the way, order one or two and pick them up on the way back from the donut shop. What a great plan!

The store was nearly vacant for a change, and as she started to place her order at the service deli she thought about maybe getting 4 so she'd have some for later. It never once occurred to her that planning on having leftovers hadn't worked yet, so she ordered four and headed for the donut shop.

The donut shop had a drive thru window. She had planned on getting a few dozen, but the price difference between 3-dozen and 6-dozen was so small that she went with six dozen. By the time she was back at Smith's she'd already gobbled down 6 donuts. They were better than she remembered, greasier than ever, so greasy that the grease was coating her teeth. She paid for her subs and headed home.

As she stepped from her car, she bit into the last of the first dozen. She put the subs in the fridge and decided that she wanted a nice long hot bath. As the tub filled, she went to work on the next dozen. She had a bath tray that spanned her tub, so she decided she could put her donuts on the tray and eat donuts while she soaked. What a great plan.

As she soaked and gobbled donuts, she noticed something that she had never noticed before. From her bathtub she could see her computer. Not all of her computer, just her monitor but still it was quite a revelation. The mirror over the dresser and the mirror over the sink lined up just right for her to see her monitor. As she looked at the dark screen and bit into another donut she wondered if someone was standing in front of her monitor would they be able to see her in the tub? Interesting thought. Between donuts her monitor began to flicker just like it had the night before. As before, the flickering was so fast that she didn't even realize it was flickering. She continued to stare at the re-reflected image of her monitor and gobble donuts for several minutes before the computer speakers began to hum.

The hum and the flicker grew stronger and more intense with each donut. Donut after donut vanished. The bath water became littered with soggy donut crumbs. As she struggled to choke down the last donut, she thought for no more than a split second that the fat woman appeared in the re-reflected image of her monitor. Before she could acknowledge the glimpse of the image as she forced herself to swallow the last bite she realized that while gobbling donuts in her mesmerized state she must have been becoming more and more sexually excited, for as she swallowed she came spontaneously so hard that she immediately passed out.

While she slept, the hum from the speakers grew louder and more intrusive with each passing moment. She had no idea of how long she lay in the tub, but it was long enough for the water to turn quite cold. It was the cold water that awakened her not the hum that had ceased moments before she awakened with a start. It was difficult for her get herself up and out of the tub, but she managed it. She was still so stuffed she thought she might burst, and she was shivering cold. Drying quickly she crawled into bed to warm up. She massaged her bulging overloaded belly and realized how big it had gotten. Something about the size of it was oddly comforting. Massaging it and caressing it gave her such a sense of peace and contentment that she fell asleep. The speakers began to hum again.

She slept peacefully for several hours. Not only did the loud hum not bother her sleep, it seemed to make her sleep more restful. The humming stopped shortly before she awakened. Who knows, maybe the absence of the hum was what awakened her or maybe it was just time to wake up or maybe it was the gnawing intense hunger she felt. She threw on a bathrobe and headed for the kitchen. It was a little after 11. She grabbed the bag of big fat subs and headed to her computer.

As she took the first big bite she went to work on the next order of business, checking her “trap.” Her computer registered no signs of external stimuli; hence the fat woman or the hum of the feeding pump had not visited her computer. She continued to take big mouth filling bites of sub she went about the task of checking her bank balances. All was good. Electronic deposits were being made, and as always her balances grew larger every day. Before she knew it she was ripping into the next sub and proceeded to check on her web links. As she surfed across the web she continued to gobble, never noticing that her speakers were making a low humming sound.

By the time she finished checking on her “empire,” she was starting on the third sub. The hum coming from her speakers grew louder, but she did not notice. She had crossed over into that that state of being an automaton, sort of “eat mode,” and ate staring blankly at the computer monitor. When the screen saver kicked in and the screen went dark, she paid no attention. The occasional flickers emanating from her monitor went unnoticed. Someone not in eat mode might have noticed the flickers. The hum and the flickers grew stronger and more intense, but since she was in “eat mode” she did not notice. An observer might have suggested that the intensifying humming and flickering caused “eat mode” to intensify, but they may have been unrelated.

She stuffed the last big bite of the fourth sub into her mouth and in that instant was painfully aware that once again she was stuffed beyond her limits. Bursting seemed eminent. Her breathing was impaired. However the shear agony she felt was nothing in comparison to the wave of pure ecstasy that was about to hit her. She swallowed hard to get that last bite forced into her bursting gut and she came so hard she literally spewed cum. Luckily she was wearing her terry bathrobe or she would have been sitting in a puddle of her own cum.

The force and the ecstasy of the orgasm quelled the intense pain in her gut, and she passed out in her chair. While she slept off the effects of the orgasm and the load in her belly digested the speakers hummed so loudly at times that it was odd that it didn't awaken her. Sometimes the hum settled down to nearly a whisper. The humming ceased when the doorbell rang. There was a second ring, and she was fully awake. She struggled to her feet and did her best to straighten her bathrobe and tie the sash into a loose knot.

The Smart and Final delivery guy stood at the door waiting. He grinned broadly when he saw her, introduced himself as “Bradley with Smart and Final,” and started bringing in her order. He even helped her put things away as best as he could. Every cupboard, the fridge, and the freezer were crammed full to overflowing. She signed for her order, but before he left she noticed something strange about the young man. At certain angles he could have passed for Brad Pitts' twin brother. When he shook her hand to thank her and say good-bye he held onto her hand almost too long.

She watched as he headed out the door and noticed for the first time what a great ass he had. It took a minute for her respond to the closing door and went to lock it and smiled at the naughty thoughts she was having about Smart and Final Bradley. She thought to herself that her cupboards would always be overflowing with him around.

She tore open a box of chocolates and started to nibble as she turned on the oven. It took about a quarter pound of chocolates for the oven to reach the right temperature. She uncovered an industrial sized pan of meat lasagna and shoved it into the oven and set the timer. Then she realized that she hadn't really finished her nap and went towards the bedroom.

It took another quarter pound of chocolates to get her ready for sleep. She fell asleep to the thoughts of her two Brads. The computer speakers started making that humming sound again, and the background noise that could best be described as chatter was stronger than ever. The background chatter might have sounded to some as a garbled foreign language. Either she slept in spite of or because of the changing loudness of the hum and the chatter. Whatever the reason, she slept until the oven timer began to buzz. Had the oven buzzer not been so loud and obnoxious she might have noticed the chattering humming speakers, but she didn't and they went silent.

She rolled out of bed with a grunt and more or less waddled towards the kitchen. On the way she stopped to stare at her computer. The screen saver darkness gave the monitor the look of a square Black Hole if there is such a thing. In outer space, a Black Hole sucks everything in. To her she got a sensation that if anything this Black Hole expelled things. She shook off this queer thought and went to tend to the lasagna.

Using oven mitts she pulled the monstrous lasagna from the oven and switched it off. She set it aside to cool and went back to the bedroom to cover her nakedness. As she sorted through the clothing strewn about her bedroom, trying to find something that wasn't too dirty to put on she made the decision to do laundry. After loading it all into the washer and turning it on she went back to find something to wear. She finally settled on a blousy shift.

Before pulling it over her head she stood and looked at herself in the full-length mirror on her closet door. She could tell that she was noticeably bigger than she had been the day before. It seemed as though her belly stuck out and hung down more than ever before that she could remember. She waddled over to the scales and stepped up. The dial came to rest at 236. Which was eighteen pounds shy of the fattest she'd ever been. For some unexplainable reason the fact that she had gained nine pounds in a day did not bother her in the least. As a matter of fact, she mused to herself that she'd be back up to her fattest in no time, which she fantasized would please her two Brads immensely.

She pulled on the shift and headed back to the kitchen. The lasagna was cool enough to eat. She reached for a plate and for some unknown reason decided against it. Grabbing up the lasagna and a fork she headed back to the bedroom. She switched on the TV, made herself comfortable on the bed, and dug into the lasagna. Although she appeared to be engrossed in watching TV and eating, she was thinking about the fat woman. Her recent experiences at having an orgasm when she had stuffed herself to bursting made her wonder if being pumped could or would produce the same effect. If it did, then it was easy to understand exactly how the fat woman got so fat.

As she continued to eat and gaze at the TV screen, seemingly transfixed by it, she wondered what it would be like to lay there, being pumped like that, and having orgasm after orgasm. Would she or anyone for that matter ever want to stop? Then she thought about the technicalities of it. There would have to be another person around to keep everything working and the tank full at all times. She giggled at the thought that either one of her two Brads would do a great job.

She was getting quite stuffed, but there was still a third of the pan of lasagna remaining. The thought of stopping never entered her mind. She knew that somehow the entire pan of lasagna was going into her one way or another, but it was going in. Plus she fully expected to have a nerve shattering orgasm the minute she took the last bite. What happened was that shortly before she ate the last bite, she had a small orgasm. There were still a few bites left and after she finished those and took the last one, she had the orgasm of a lifetime. It was as though for stuffing herself beyond what she thought possible she got rewarded with a small orgasm and then to keep going and to stuff herself even more she was rewarded with an ultimate orgasm.

Unlike before, she did not pass out. Maybe it was because she had prepared herself to have an orgasm of such intensity or maybe not. Whatever the reason, she lay there basking in the glow of another once in a lifetime orgasm. She got to experience it completely and fully as well as the ecstatic pain of being so over stuffed. Although it might have seemed strange for her to think of this almost unbearably painful condition as ecstatic, it was. Eventually she did fall asleep but not before her mind swirled with many thoughts.

Her thoughts were somewhat confused. She naturally thought about the fat woman but she also thought about herself in the fat woman's place. What would it feel like to be that fat? She held her arms out from her sides and tried to imagine being as wide as she could reach or wider. Then she held her hand up over her bursting belly to physically visualize her belly that high in the air or higher. What was it like to be immobilized by her own fat? She tried to imagine being totally dependant on another person and being completely helpless. Thoughts of Brad Pitt working the controls of the pump and filling a feeding supply tank were replaced by thoughts of the Smart and Final Brad there instead of Brad Pitt. She mused about the nature of that kind of a relationship. Just exactly who was really in control? Who was dependent on whom? She fell asleep, certain that one of her two Brads needed to pump her even more than she needed to be pumped.

Thomas Edison regularly fell asleep sitting in a chair with a rock in his hand, so that at some point during his sleep the rock would drop into a metal bucket below. The sound of the rock hitting the bottom of the bucket would awaken him. He reasoned that while he slept his unconscious mind would solve the problem he had been thinking about before falling asleep and that he had to awaken during the solution else it would be lost. She had no rock, but the ringing doorbell worked just as well.

There were two long rings before she became fully awake. She struggled to roll off the bed onto her feet. Her belly bulged out and was still so over loaded that this entire process was difficult. However, she did manage to get herself out of bed and slowly waddled towards the door with certainty that she would burst at any second. Peering through the peephole she saw a man hanging a catalogue on a condo across the way. She opened her door just enough to grab the catalogue and bring it inside.

The catalogue was an announcement for a new service, “Waiters on Wheels.” Inside were abbreviated menus from a variety of restaurants including many 24/7 places. Orders could be phoned or faxed or e-mailed to WOW and within 45 minutes they'd be delivering the order. She had to get back to bed as she was still just too stuffed to be up, but before she did she called them and placed an order. By the time she crawled back into bed she could not honestly recall what she had just ordered, although it seemed like she sort of randomly ordered several complete dinners. As soon as she was settled in, her thoughts returned to being pumped.

She reached for the box of chocolates and slowly but methodically forced herself to gobble down one after the other as she continued to ponder all the aspects of being pumped: the equipment needed, the liquefied feed, etc. As soon as she had forced as many chocolates into her bursting gut as she could manage, she came hard and passed out. Her last thought before passing out was about the pumping “problem.” She slept and dreamed until the again she was awakened by the ringing doorbell. This time she was fairly certain that she knew who it was.

After signing the charge slip for her order she took all four dinners over to her computer and went to work. Her belly was still full from before, but that was of no concern to her, as it really didn't seem to matter since it was given that she was going to force down every last bite no matter what. She stuffed herself with reckless abandon as she went from Website to Website where she ordered bits and pieces of equipment. Some came from medical supply houses, some from hardware stores, and some from electronic shops. The last place she visited was Smart and Final. Everything she ordered would be delivered within a few days.

Satisfied with herself, she continued to gobble and worked her way through each dinner. As her condition became more and more unbearable and the feeling that she would burst at the seams worsened, she came suddenly, but she wasn't done. That wasn't the orgasm she had been stuffing herself to get to. She pushed on and when she forced down the last bite, she came hard, really hard. The orgasm was so intense that she was immobilized by it. She could not move so much as lift her hand. Her computer speakers had been humming and chattering for some time, and she might have been aware that they were being noisy again but maybe not. The computer monitor flickered so strongly and so frequently that it was almost strobe-like. This too went seemingly unnoticed. There was only one thing in her mind - being pumped.

Somehow she managed to get herself to bed. Her last thought before falling asleep was of the fat woman and how she had seemed familiar, and then it came to her. The fat woman had what had looked like a tattoo high up on her left thigh; of course, she was so fat that the tattoo had become blurred and distorted by her massive weight gains since getting it. It reminded her of the tiny tattoo she had high up on her own right thigh. She mused at the thought that the fat woman must have been a foolish and rebellious teenager herself before finding her place on the pump.

The days that followed were somewhat a blur. Somehow she managed to greet the delivery guys as they delivered the bits and pieces of equipment she had ordered as well as the WOW delivery guys. Sometimes she was surprised when the WOW guys arrived with another delivery, as she frequently did not recall even placing the order. Further she was somewhat amazed that some how she managed to assemble all the bits and pieces of the pumping system into a working machine. The only thing missing was the order from Smart and Final, and it was delayed because of the size. They had to get a double delivery themselves to handle her order.

Shortly before Smart and Final was scheduled to deliver, she had the presence of mind to step up onto her scales. There was something oddly gratifying when the dial came to rest on 260. She was fatter than she had ever been in her life! As she stood there, straining to see over her gigantic belly at the numbers she had a tiny orgasm. She had to recover quickly due to the ringing doorbell. Pulling on her bathrobe that barely came together in front she headed for the door.

Smart and Final Bradley stood patiently at the door supporting a hand truck loaded with 3 five-gallon buckets of non-dairy creamer. He would have been a terrible poker player as his faced showed everything he felt. When she opened the door for him, his face showed a hint of surprise at the sight of her, but more importantly there was total abject lust. He could not keep his eyes off of her as he wheeled in the first load and was just as obsessed with eyeing her during the second trip. However, he did not stop at the kitchen to unload the hand truck. Instead he continued on towards the bedroom. She was so taken aback by this that her time to protest came and went, so she just followed him into the bedroom.

She found him pouring the contents of a bucket into the tank. He was so strong that this was no problem for him, but it would have been a hell of a struggle for her. One after another he poured the creamy mix into the twenty-five gallon tank. He went for the other three buckets. When the tank was full and a reserve bucket on the floor near the tank, he inspected the equipment and seemed pleased with her handy work. Before leaving he explained that 55-gallon drums were available on special order and he would be willing to pass along his employee discount so a 55-gallon drum would actually cost her less than the 30-gallons he just delivered. Further, he offered to check with the other stores for any 5-gallon buckets they might have on hand.

Before turning to leave he held his head at an odd angle as though he was trying to listen for something. Finally, he asked her about the strange sound. She had not a clue as to what he was talking about, but then again the hum from her computer speakers had become so regular that she did not even notice it. He went straight for her computer and began fiddling with the wires in back. After a minute or so the speakers went silent as he announced there was a bare wire that was causing the static. It took him but a second to make a temporary repair, and he soon departed with the empty buckets.

She returned to her bedroom and stared at the machinery and pump for a few moments. Had she not been so completely consumed with lust she would have thought more about the recent events involving Smart and Final Bradley. She made herself comfortable in bed and began the process of swallowing down the hose just as she had practiced during the time that passed while she waited for delivery from Smart and Final. As soon as the hose passed a certain point, she had a tiny orgasm then she slid the hose the rest of the way in.

As she operated the remote control for the pump she began having orgasms, one after another. Each new orgasm was stronger than the last. The ultimate orgasm coincided with her becoming too stuffed to hold so much as one more drop of creamer. Naturally this caused her to pass out, and she slept until her belly and clitoris told her it was time for another stuffing.

This process went on for what seemed to her only hours, but, in fact, it was several days. She rarely arose from bed and that was only to go to the bathroom. Trips to the bathroom became less and less frequent as the creamer was almost 100% digestible, and as such the call of nature was getting to be a rarity. The only real break in this process came on the second day. She was sleeping off an ultimate orgasm and a recent stuffing but was awakened by the doorbell.

She struggled to remove the hose that had become a permanent fixture, as the hose was long enough to stretch all the way into the bathroom. The pumped in creamer over the last 48 hours had made quite a difference in her, and the terry bathrobe no longer came even close to covering her. She grabbed an oversized beach towel and wrapped it around herself and slowly headed for the front door. This was more physical exertion than she had expended in days so she had to stop once on the way.

Eventually she made it to the door and through the peephole spied Smart and Final Bradley waiting patiently holding two more buckets of creamer. She opened the door for him. He stood there momentarily staring at her and into her eyes. The look of lust in his eyes caused her experience a tiny orgasm, and she could feel the moisture start to trickle down her inner thigh. He set the buckets down, closed the door, and grabbed her. Their lips met and remained together for what seemed like an eternity.

Before she knew it, he had escorted her into the bathroom and had started a shower. He undressed quickly and undid her towel letting it drop to the floor. She had never seen an erection so big or so hard. As she reached for it, he kissed her long and hard and led her into the shower. Between kisses he washed them both. He dried her off and led her to bed where he proceeded to massage her entire body with scented stretch mark cream. The finishing touch he applied while he had her on her side.

As she lay there in anticipation he checked on the tank and poured in another 5-gallon bucket that filled the tank to the brim. She had consumed 5 gallons of the mix in 48 hours. He returned to her and handed her the remote. Then he held up the hose to her lips and she began to swallow it down. Together they forced the hose down as far as it would go and she began operating the pump. When the first tiny orgasm hit he mounted her and shoved his raging hard-on into her.

He humped in rhythm to the pump. Each orgasm grew stronger than the last. Each thrust intensified each orgasm. She knew that she was going to have an ultimate orgasm that was going to be even more severe than anything she had experienced in her life and further that she was going to somehow manage to get more stuffed than ever before. Eventually she was proved right. The orgasm that hit her was like no other in her life, nor had she ever been this close to bursting. She was knocked out cold by the force of the orgasm, but instead of going into a hard coma-like sleep her sleep was the most enjoyable and peaceful ever.

While she slept, he massaged more scented stretch mark cream into her flesh paying extra attention to the mass of fresh purple stretch marks that covered her torso. Later, he brought in the two new buckets and set them by the tank. Eventually he took a place beside her in bed. During the night she would occasionally orgasm in her sleep simply due to the pressure in her gut from the load of creamer freshly pumped into her. Other times, she would awaken just enough to search for and find his rock hard cock. A few thrusts were sufficient to send her into tube fed orgasmic nirvana. Next morning he was off to work early, but not before he had sent her into an orgasmic coma, slathered her liberally with stretch mark cream, and filled the tank to the brim.

The days and nights that followed had no beginning, middle, or end. All was a blur. Time had no meaning. Past, present, and future were one. Clocks no longer had hands or numbers on their dials. Calendar days, weeks, months, and years were replaced with NOW! Her only sensation was indescribable pleasure. Her only thought was MORE. There were a few changes that might be construed as the passage of time. 55-gallon drums replaced the five gallon buckets of creamer. Smart & Final Bradley moved her computer and mini-cam into the bedroom and mounted the monitor overhead.

She opened her eyes and looked at the streaming video image on the monitor. The sound of the motorized pump was unusually loud, and she gazed at the image of the fattest woman she had ever seen with a tube in her mouth.