Weight Room Title Bar

By Iam Unknown

The year is 2016. Not much is different from now. The biggest difference is that the population of overweight people has dwindled to 0%. Thanks to a new dieting drink called FruitWave. No one knows its secret ingredients, only that it helped in depleting the world's fat problem in just a few years. Now that you know all there is to know...let's get to the story. The story of a girl named Wenda...

Wenda had red hair that flowed from her head like a wild fire. She was the most beautiful woman in the city of Dekraught, CA. She weighed about 109 pounds and worked for a bank, but looked as though she should have been a supermodel. She walked down the busy sidewalk one night, hurriedly guzzling down a cherry FruitWave. She looked at her watch and then broke into a run. She finished off her drink and threw the bottle aside.

Inside Wenda's apartment, her friend and roommate Carla waited patiently. Just then, the door burst open, and Wenda appeared in the doorway. She threw her purse on the counter and entered the living room.

"Carla, I'm so sorry I'm late," Wenda pleaded.

"Don't worry about it. I called the double date off," Carla said.

"Aww, I'm sorry! I would've been here sooner, but Mr. Herald needed me to work late, and...I'm so sorry."

"No, don't worry about it. You look terrible, let me fix you a cup of tea," Carla said, getting up from the couch. Carla was almost as beautiful as Wenda. She had long black hair and big blue eyes. She actually WAS a supermodel. She was a very close friend to Wenda, and really wasn't that upset that she caused her to cancel their double date for the evening.

"Oh thank you so much," Wenda said, dropping on the couch. "I'm so tired."

Carla brought the cup of tea to Wenda. "Well drink this, and then you can go to sleep."

Wenda took a drink and placed it on the coffee table in front of her. "Oh, Clara. You're such a good friend."

"Think nothing of it. I'm going to bed. I have a shoot tomorrow for Glamour Magazine. I'll see you tomorrow." And with that, Carla shut her bedroom door.

"Okay," Wenda called. She then slowly drifted off into a deep, deep, sleep.

Wenda was awakened by a knock at her bedroom door. She opened her eyes, but everything was fuzzy. "How'd I get into bed?" she asked herself. Shrugging it off, she struggled out of bed. "Oh, I feel like I weigh a ton. Did I drink last night? If so, this is the worst hangover yet." There was another knock at the door.

"Wenda, it's Carla! Hurry, you're going to be late."

"I don't work today!" Wenda called, slowly making her way toward the bathroom.

"Not to work, silly. We're supposed to go out to lunch!"

"I don't remember a lunch," Wenda thought to herself. "Fine, let me take a shower, okay?"

"Sounds good. I'll be waiting out here," Carla called.

"Yeah you wait and I'll getamunfsnugrunna..." Wenda grumbled, and then trailed off. She walked in to the bathroom and reached for the switch. She only found the wall. "Did I move the switch? Who moved the switch?" Wenda mumbled. She was in pitch black. And as if that wasn't bad enough, her vision was blurred. It began to clear as her eyes adjusted to the dark. She felt along the wall for a switch and turned on the light. "Whoa, when did I paint my walls purple?" she asked herself, seeing a purple wall before her. She turned around and looked into the mirror to see a 400-pound fat woman looking back at her. She screamed.

"Are you okay?" Carla called from outside. "Do you need help with anything?"

"No!" Wenda shouted, not taking her eyes off of the mirror. "I'm just...having on heck of a hangover!"

"You didn't drink last night, silly!" Carla shouted. Wenda slowly moved toward the mirror and touched her cheek. It was poofy.

She ran her fingers through her hair, and so did the reflection. The obese woman in the mirror had red hair, too. And it flowed from her head like a wild fire. The reflection was wearing a pink nightie. Wenda looked down, and to her horror, not only saw a pink nightie, but saw a giant body. This wasn't happening. What happened to the slim figure she worked so hard to keep?

"Carla?" Wenda called with a trembling voice.

"Yeah?" Carla replied.

"Why would I need any help with anything if I don't have a hangover?" Wenda inquired.

"Because you're quite a big girl!" Carla answered. Wenda's heart stopped. Her face was frozen in terror as she gazed at the mirror. Then, she came to the obvious conclusion...

"This is the weirdest dream I've ever had. It seems so real," she said to herself, examining her reflection in the mirror.

After taking a shower, Wenda was making her way toward her bedroom door. Then she stopped and looked around. "This isn't my bedroom..." she said to herself. She looked around. It was set up in such a way that she would set it up. It was painted sky blue, her favorite color. The drapes were pink. The ultimate girl's bedroom. She shrugged it off as a dream and continued to the door. She opened it to find a completely different apartment. She wasn't even in an apartment anymore. She was in a house. Not any house, but a huge one. A few rooms away from a mansion.

"Carla? Where are you?" Wenda called.

"In the living room," Carla replied. The voice came from just around the corner, so Wenda slowly advanced, not expecting what Carla's reaction would be. Even if it was a dream, it seemed real enough. She turned the corner to find a mammoth of a woman, sitting in a couch, eating from a big bowl of ice cream. Wenda screamed just as she did before.

"What?! Oh, sorry," Carla said, putting the bowl down. "I wouldn't want to ruin my appetite. Not that anything could anyway, huh?" She added with a laugh. Carla looked like she weighed more than Wenda. Maybe 445 pounds. Maybe more. She still looked the same in the face and had the same color eyes and hair. "Can you help me get up?" Carla asked, giving her best puppy dog face.

Wenda stalled, until coming to and nodding. She walked over to Carla, who had her hands out like a baby wanting her mommy to take her. Wenda took Carla's hands, and found that lifting her wasn't all that hard. Then, Wenda farted. She had an embarrassed look on her face as she said, "Sorry," to Carla.

"What sorry? You do that all the time," Carla said, then giggled.

"I do?" Wenda asked, confused.

"Yeah, being that size, you tend to just let them rip all over the place. I got used to it."

"You're bigger than me, and you don't do it?" Wenda asked.

"Well, all humans do it, Wenda. I just don't do it nearly as much as you," Carla said. She smiled and looked at Wenda. "Are you ready to go to lunch, now?"

Wenda then begin to think. She looked around the house. Everything seemed so real. She could smell her flatulence. If it was a dream, would she be able to do so? She looked at Carla, who was awaiting an answer. "Carla, tell me something. I'm not dreaming, am I?"

Carla laughed. "Oh you're a riot." Wenda didn't say anything, and kept her face fixated on Carla. Carla's laugh faded away and became very real. "You're serious, aren't you?"

Wenda's eyes began to water. She sniffled. "I'm not supposed to be fat, Carla. I have a wonderful figure and you're a supermodel! What happened? I used to be beautiful!" Wenda then began to cry.

"It's okay," Carla said, hugging her. Carla's body felt extremely soft. Their stomachs pushed against one another. Wenda pulled away.

"No," she said. Plain and simple. "Has the rest of my life been a dream?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" Carla asked, confused. They sat down on the couch.

"I went to sleep last night as a thin, beautiful redhead. And you! You were a supermodel. We shared an apartment. I don't even remember any of this! This house, these clothes, us being fat. None of this is familiar in any way. I guess it's some type of weird amnesia. Where do we live, anyway?" Wenda finally asked, a little calmed.

"Archeston, VA," Carla said, as-a-matter-of-factly.

"In my dream, we lived in Dekraught, CA."

Carla looked at Wenda with sympathy. "Well look, let's go eat lunch. You'll have a giant meal and you'll feel much better."

"I can't eat a giant meal. I need to go on a diet!" Wenda shouted.

Carla was taken aback. "You used to take such pride in your body! Something DID happen, didn't it?" Carla asked, concerned.

"It's like I'm in some alternate reality or something. I wonder if, in another world, the fat Wenda is waking up skinny and freaking out about it like I am," Wenda rambled on.

"Oh, honey, listen to yourself. Come on, let's go to lunch, okay?"

Wenda looked at Carla. "Okay," Wenda said.

Wenda was sitting at a table in a restaurant with Carla. It was a place called Anna's in the small town they lived in. They were both eating their lunches, which was two steaks (for each) a whole cake, endless refills on vanilla shakes, and a giant sundae for dessert. Wenda had noticed that it was a bit much, but didn't really care.

"So do you at least know about the Weight Loss company?" Carla asked.

"Weight Loss company?" Wenda asked, her mouth full of stake.

"Yeah, we signed up to be plugged into a giant machine that would slowly shed the pounds," Carla said. "The appointment is right after this dinner."

"Great!" Wenda said.

Wenda was lying in a bed. She was anxiously awaiting to be hooked up to the machine that would make her thin again. She saw giant tubes in the ceiling. She heard the operator come into the room. He loomed over Wenda.

"Wenda, my name is Dr. Gear. We're going to make you thin and beautiful," Dr. Gear said with a smile.

"Can't wait," Wenda said, smiling back. Then she heard Gear mumble something to his assistant...

"Begin injection," Gear said.

"What?!" Wenda shouted. She wanted to sit up, but was too fat to move.

"Crap," she heard. "Hurry, put her to sleep!" Gear shouted. Wenda rolled off of the bed and landed onto the ground with a thud. She slowly stood up and saw Gear coming at her with a syringe. "Take it easy, Wenda. No one is going to hurt you," Gear said.

"Then why do you have a syringe?" Wenda said, scared. She picked up a scalpel from a nearby table and held it out like a knife. She used it as a way to escape, not taking her eyes off of Gear. She made her way toward the door and left the room. Outside, the hall lights were flashing red. She ran down the hall as fast as her fat legs could carry her. "What's happening?!" she asked herself. She ran through a door that said, "No Admittance." She gasped at what she saw...

Wenda was in a booth, looking through a window at a giant, giant room, that seemed endless. Tubes led from the ceiling to the mouths and breasts of the fattest women Wenda could possibly imagine. There were rows of women that must have weighed a million pounds each. All seemed to be asleep with giant tubes hooked to their mouths and breasts. The ones hooked to the breasts were white and seemed to be sucking out milk, while the ones in the mouth seemed to be pumping in some kind of yellowish substance. Then, someone came from behind, knocking Wenda out.

Wenda woke up, tied to a chair. "What's going on? Where am I?!" Wenda shouted. She was still in the room, looking over the fat women. In the room was Dr. Gear, Carla, and a thin blonde woman. "Carla, help me out here!" Wenda protested.

"Sorry, Wenda. But Carla is back in good ole Dekraught, CA," this mysterious girl said with a smile. "My name is Stacy."

Wenda looked confused. "What? Who are you?" Wenda asked, looking at the blonde woman.

"My name is Lara," the woman replied in a British accent. She was thin and gorgeous. Her beauty rivaled that of Wenda's own when she was thin.

"What do you want with me?" Wenda gritted through her teeth.

"Well, fatty. We work for FruitWave. Maybe you've heard of us?" Lara answered.

"Yes, I have. What are you doing with me and all of those fat women in there?" Wenda asked.

"They are keeping the rest of the women of the world thin. We pump the milk from their breasts and put a little bit of it as an ingredient in FruitWave."

"What?! But I thought FruitWave was a DIET drink!" Wenda said.

"But don't you see? It is! The milk causes the drinker to become extremely full and keeping them so for up to 17 hours. This causes the subject to eat much MUCH less."

"What does any of this have to do with me?"

"Well, recently, one of our herd died. One of those fatties had a heart attack from the lard we feed them to increase their girth. It's not easy finding fat women willing to let us milk them for the rest of their lives. So we picked you. We bribed your friend Carla to poison you, and we fattened you up, and shipped you here. The poison guaranteed you would be knocked out for one week. We simply altered things to your liking to make you believe that your life had been like this all along, and that your REAL life was a dream."

"Why didn't you just fatten me up to that size while I was knocked out?" Wenda asked, nodding to the fat women outside.

"That would've proven to be dangerous. We've had our eye on you for a while, now. Stacy here is Carla's twin. We arranged you to meet Carla years ago, while we fattened up her former thin twin. Then, we had her to a substantial weight by time you met her. But you thought it was actually Carla."

Everything made sense, now. Wenda began to cry. She didn't want to be fat. She had lived this long being fat, and she hated it. She farted and cried more. Dr. Gear untied her.

"Time for your feeding, Bessie," he said. He took her hand and led her to a room with a giant table in the middle, stocked with food. Pizza, cake, ice cream, pastries, pasta, sea food, everything. Crying, Wenda took a seat at the head of the table. She began shoving food in her mouth. She knew she had been beat and knew that there was no way out, so she figured, "Why not?"

By the time she finished eating, the chair broke beneath her and she was 800 pounds. They forklifted her to her personal space in the giant room. She lay on her back. Stacy had a space next to her. Evidently, Stacy was part of this program, too. Wenda watched as the tube lowered from the ceiling. Wenda opened her mouth and welcomed it. The other two tubes stopped on top of her breasts and two women attached them. The lard moved through the tube and entered Wenda's mouth. It didn't taste that bad. It sedated her, and she drifted off to sleep. FruitWave's Stock rose 3,000 points in the following week.