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Eaters Anonymous
By Bob Harris

I wanted to try for so long to pay a visit to the local “Eaters Anonymous” meeting. Not that I'm one of them myself - though at times I do indulge in overeating, but not for the same reason as they do.

I have fantasized about adding some curves to my body. And now and then, I get excited about grabbing a few more donuts and fries than usual. It is not the “eating” part that gets to me; it is the “getting big” aspect of it. That's why those people fascinate me so much. I've never allowed myself to put on some weight, not too much, anyway. I find it more “practical” to be thin. But when I think about those people who can't stop overeating, despite the discomfort of getting fat, I find that to be very stimulating, sexually.

Anyway, I have always been attracted to those “queen size” goddesses, and I figure it is the right place to meet some. Ah, there it is...1470 Dayton avenue, and I am 15 minutes ahead. That will give me a little time to admire some of the best shapes in town...

The meeting is...how can I say...very surprising. But nothing was preparing me for what was about to happened to me.

At some point, a fabulous brunette gets on the stage to share her experience with food abuse. She sits on a chair, feeling a little uncomfortable. It's not surprising; her clothes are quite “snug” on her. Looks like she needs to shop for an upgraded size! Anyway, here's the interesting part. She starts telling everyone how she put on 25 pounds in the last two weeks! That gets my attention, and now it also gets me horny. I couldn't help it.

The thing is, a woman sitting in my row notices the bulge in my pants. After the meeting was over, she comes to me and presents herself. ”Hi, my name is Diane, and you are?...”

“Dave, my name is Dave,” as I shake her “plump” little hand.

“Listen, I couldn't help notice you had a 'reaction' during Pauline's interview. You're a FA aren't you?”

“I must admit I am, and I find you very attractive, if I can say so.”

“You may say so and I appreciate it. But I, as an overeater, cannot imagine what you find exciting about a fat body! And I would be honored if you would accept my invitation for dinner at my place. We could talk about it and maybe you could enlighten my sight on the subject.”

The invitation is too tempting. So she gives me her address and we meet at her place 15 minutes later. She lives in a huge home near the river. Her “ex” is the owner of a huge shopping mall and she's well taken care of.

The maid greets me at the door and leads me to the dining room. Diane is already there, waiting for me.

“Hi, again...Please sit down. I am very anxious to hear from you. Tell me about this taste of yours for fat.”

And as I start to reveal all my inner secrets, the meal is brought down by servants. I can see where she gets her figure from. She must weigh at least 325 pounds and that food is no “diet” stuff! But I must admit that every bite is delicious. We talk for an hour and a half at least and then, someone comes in the room and put a suitcase on the table.

After the servant leaves, she opens it to show me the content. $5,000 dollars in cash. And then she tells me; “It's yours.”

I feel very strange. “Why are you giving me this money, what have I done to deserve that?”

“Well, it's not that you deserve it,” she says, “it is because you are going to need it this week. I have a confession to make. I have put a special drug in your coffee. Its effect is permanent, unless you take two other pills, one every seven days. Then you will return to your normal self, or shall I say, 'almost' normal...This drug is meant to make you very hungry. It also takes away your will to resist your temptations. In fact, you will experience something close to what we, as overeaters, are living. I say 'close' because what you will experience is a little more severe than what we go thru. It will be sort of an accelerated process for you. The good new is, your body will compensate by generating more digestive enzymes, so you shouldn't feel bloated too often.

“Now as I said, to reverse this process, you will have to come back here next week for your pill and for some more money. And don't worry, you will have a million dollars bonus at the end of the second week. So you won't have to worry about working anymore...But you will have to leave soon because in two hours, you will fall into a deep sleep and I suggest you'd be home by then.”

I'm very puzzled by her words. Was she crazy or what? She gives me the money anyway, so I leave, wondering what the next day will be like…………..

The next day I wake up, it's not even 5:00 yet! I feel so hungry, it's awful...I get in the kitchen and threw a couple of waffles in the toaster while I dress. I grab them and get in the car. I know a restaurant that opens at 6:00.

From then, I feel a little scared. What if she was telling the truth? But at the same time, I can't stop from walking in that first restaurant, and then, one after another, eating the biggest meal on the menu. By eleven, I can't button my pants anymore, I have to shop for some clothes. So I stop by The Dactory and buy the same outfit in all the sizes they have in stock. I hope not to use all of them. So I put on a pair of 42 and leave my 40s behind...

That night, I come back home and am greeted with a “big” surprise. I haven't seen myself all day. I was so focused by food that I never cared to watch for my reflection in the mirrors. But when I undress in my bedroom, it strikes me!

After taken off my shirt, I notice that my belly is much bigger and is now dropping a little over my pants. My face is much rounder, and my breasts have gained at least a cup size in women's terms. How could this happen in such a short time? But when I think of all the meals I've had today, I'm not surprised...Eleven o'clock already and I feel very tired...

The next day is about the same, and so are the next ones until I meet Diane again. It's a Sunday; it's my seventh meal of the day over at her house. That night, she wants to have a little extra for that pill she's giving me. Not something extravagant, she says - only that I let her feed me all night. I can't say no, anyway, I want that pill desperately. I've already put on at least 60 pounds, and I don't know if I like it so much, after all. The only thing is she wants me to sit in a special chair for that, her favorite, a huge Lazy Boy. So I sit down quietly, eagerly waiting to be fed.

Then she comes in with the first plate and makes me smell the perfume of delicacy. “Oh, just one more thing, I would like your wrists to be attached…don't worry, it won't hurt you.” The hunger is so great, I agree. And then, she digs in with the fork and starts putting food in my mouth, plates after plates…..

After three hours, I feel a little “bloated.”

“I told you, you wouldn't feel bloated 'too often,'” she says. My clothes are once again too tight. She offers me to take them off and show her my newly acquired fat body... “Can I touch?” And then she proceeds to slip her hand all around my body and pulp a little here and there... “Well, you have gained quite a lot,” she says... “You can sit down; your new clothes won't be here for another 20 minutes.”

As I sit down, naked this time, she re-attaches my wrists and starts feeding me the next dish; Indian food, my favorite. Then comes the cardamom tea, with yet another drug to alter my future...

This one paralyzes my legs. Then I began to be scared... “Relax,” she says, “it's not permanent. You will regain your strength in a week. But during that time, I will be feeding you 24 hours a day. I will have my staff work around the clock for you. That chair is all you need for the moment. It opens as a toilet for your personal needs and it is very comfortable. Plus, we will be feeding you a drug that will keep you awake most of the time. But you might be in a strange dream-reality half way kind of state. You'll see...

“Oh, I almost forgot. Your pill! Here it is. Enjoy it!”

As she leaves the room, a very good looking blond, slim and tall enters the room, with a cart containing the first part of my next meal. “Hi handsome, open your mouth, wide and deep.” Then, she digs in the plate with a huge fork and starts to fill me up. She continues feeding me over the next eight hours, often caressing my curves at will. Around one o'clock in the morning, I started dazing into that half-way state she told me about. During that time, all I can do is stare at the wall and eat. In the background, soft music and bird songs appease the mood.

From time to time, I emerge briefly from that state, only to be amazed by the amount of fat my body is putting on. But it never lasts more than a minute and I instantly return to my daze…….

The next Sunday comes and with it, my last meal at 11:59 PM. After this one, I fall asleep and sleep for three days……………

I wake up in a bed this time, to the sound of Diane's voice saying, “Good morning, how do you do?”

“I seem to have a little problem moving,” I say. And then she pushes a button on a remote and tilts the bed.

“Here you go, you will be more comfortable this way.” And then I get a good look at myself. My god! What happened to me??? How did I let myself go like this? How did I get so big???

I manage to sit on the bed, and I'm in complete “Haw” above my enormous belly. I can't see my knees anymore and my breasts are huge! Adjusting to my new weight balance, I waddle to the full-length mirror on the other end of the room. I must be close to 500 pounds!

She looks at me with a big smile. “Not bad ha! Hit the shower and meet me for breakfast in 30 minutes. We'll celebrate!

It feels really strange, washing my body that morning, caressing every curve with soap. Walking around feels great...all that flesh sending me vibrations thru my whole body. By the time I get to the dining room, everything is already set for a feast.

“I thought you were stopping feeding me?”

“You're right. This is just a breakfast, the first meal of the day. You would eat it anyway, would you?”

“I guess so...”

“Now don't worry; life is not so bad when you're fat; you'll get use to it. Now I have to tell some good and bad news. The good news is that the drugs have no effect on you anymore. Unfortunately, you have accustomed your body to huge consumption of food. I should warn you, it will be very hard to follow a diet. But you're welcome to stay here as long as you want. We won't force-feed you, but you will have anything your mouth desires.”

“In that case,” I decide, “I'll go back to bed. You can start bringing me food whenever you're ready. And you can feed me yourself if you want.”

“Gladly,” she says with a big smile.

Over the next two weeks, I've gained another 237 pounds and am now over 700 pounds. It is very hard to walk, so I stay in bed most of the time. Fortunately, Diane loves pushing my belly and caressing my genitals to climax. I can't reach it anymore, my belly is too big, and it's not about to change...