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Once upon a time, in a land no longer found on any maps, a daughter was born to the king and queen of a small realm. The child's name was Beauty (which, if you think about it, was a risk, considering all newborns look like Winston Churchill!).

All throughout the kingdom, the word went out, inviting the lords and ladies, peasant and royal, to present their special gifts in a special ceremony at the castle. But, by accident, one name was omitted. The name of a very powerful witch and an old friend of the king and queen.

So came the day of the child's presentation to the kingdom. Banners flew on the parapets, musicians played, and lavish gifts were laid around the crib, which sat at the feet of the royal couple's thrones, while all about, the air was filled with gaiety and merriment.

This came to a halt as the great doors of the hall flew open and, carried in on a small cloud, entered the witch. The cloud settled to the floor near the crib, then disappeared, leaving only its rider.

"Leave it to Grizelda Thudpucker to make an entrance!” exclaimed the king, welcoming his old high school friend. "Well, Griz, fashionably late, as usual!"

"Knock off the crap, Sidney!" she shot back, seeing the king cringe at the use of his real first name. "No sweet talk is going to excuse you from not inviting me to this shindig!"

The king motioned to his social secretary, read the invitation list, then motioned to his guards to take the aide away. "Well, it seems you're right about that, Griz. I'll have him beheaded immediately. How's that?"

"Well, any other day, that would be ok. But, it's that time of the month, so I'm really pissed," replied the witch, who whipped out her copy of the Witch's Union edition of "100 Dirty Tricks for Revenge, Paybacks and Party Ice Breakers."

Thumbing through it quickly, her eyes lit up upon finding the perfect spell, only to see it was copyrighted. So she settled for one on the next page.

She raised her hands, chanted several words in a strange language. The air crackled with static electricity, her fingertips glowing, then she motioned to the crib. A blue mist shot from her hands to surround the baby.

The queen ran to the crib to find Beauty unchanged. Looking up, she said, "You're losing your touch, Griz. Nothing's happened."

"Well, I was always one for a running joke, so, here's yours. On your daughter's sixteenth birthday, she will eat a special dessert, a cake that will change her life forever! After that, her appetite will be insatiable! She will grow fatter and fatter, beyond the bounds of even the most obese of humans. Only a meal of tremendous proportions with a very special dessert will break the curse!"

With that, the witch turned and strode towards the small cloud forming behind her. Mounting her misty carriage, she turned back towards the queen and said, "Oh, by the way, Deirdre, that birthday gift I gave you in the locker room your junior year? I'm taking it back!"

The witch raised her arms, then lowered them quickly. The queen felt her ample bosom collapse beneath her bodice, leaving her to glance down at the gap in her dress once filled with full cleavage. Now only two small nipples poked out of her flat chest as the witch flew off laughing.

For the next fifteen and a half years, things changed in the kingdom. In order to halt any chance of Beauty getting her lips even near a piece of pastry, the royal couple commanded their Minister of Dirty Tricks and Internal Security, Jedger Hoov, to take drastic steps.

Bakery shops were closed by royal edict. Ovens were confiscated and all cookbooks with recipes for any type of cakes were burned. When the local civil liberties groups objected to the mass book burnings, they were tossed on the pyres with the rest of the books: Just to make the occasion more joyous, they tossed on a few lawyers as well.

Soon after the orders were fulfilled, the king turned to the queen and said, "I think we may have gone too far. What's wrong with a girl with a healthy appetite?"

The queen shot back, "How would it look if our daughter was even marginally plump during her coming out. We'd be the laughing stock of the royals. Now shut up and leave me alone." The king walked away while his mate furiously struggled with an isometric exercise routine, attempting to regain her former bustline.

Years passed, and Beauty grew into a slender, almost emaciated, young woman. This was reinforced by constant dieting and exercise routines forced upon her by the queen (who, after years of her own exercise routine, had succeeded in adding inches on to her biceps, but not her chest).

On the day of the sixteenth birthday, Beauty sat alone in the royal garden, having just finished her daily aerobics routine. Her ribs were clearly visible under the tight skin of her torso, covered only by' a tank top, which restrained what little breasts she had developed. Looking at her stick figure in the reflecting pool, she mused, "God, I'm so skinny."

Just then, a soft voice said, "Why complain? Skinny is considered beautiful in many places."

Beauty wheeled upon hearing the voice, coming face to face with a woman of matronly proportions. Although she was no longer young, the soft curves of her body made Beauty a little jealous.

"Who are you?" the princess asked. "I've never seen you here in the castle."

"I'm an old friend of your parents," the witch replied. "I've just arrived for your birthday party with a small gift." The witch's hands offered a round, flat box to Beauty, who took it from her, finding it to be very heavy for its size.

"What is it?" she asked, hefting the box in her hands.

"It's a bit of wish fulfillment," replied Grizelda. "Tell me, what is your fondest wish right now?"

"You're going to think this silly, but I've been denied nothing but food. Especially a food I've only heard about in rumors and hushed voices. A food mother once told me was evil, that it brought a curse called fat. I've seen the old portraits taken down off the walls and hidden in the dungeon. Women, soft, full, with curves and…and...breasts!" To emphasize the point, Beauty clutched at the two small points that stuck out through her top, the only evidence that she was female.

"So!" said the witch. "You want a pair of hooters, huh?"

"Oh, so much more!" replied Beauty. "I want breasts, and an ass, and a round belly! I want to be plump.. No! Fat! I want to be fat, so fat that no one could mistake me for a boy. So fat that I'd be the center of attention!"

With a wicked smile, Griszelda pointed at the box and said, "Well, my dear, open that box and you'll get what you wished for, and oh so much morel"

Beauty tore the wrapping off' the rounded box, sensing a new smell in the air. Her mouth began to water as the last piece of paper came free and she lifted the lid to see a smooth, creamy surface below it.

Looking back up at the witch, she asked, "What is it?"

"A cheesecake, my dear," the witch said. "Whole cream, sugar, rich cheeses. And all for you, as a fattening treat to start you on to your ultimate goal!"

The witch handed Beauty a large spoon, which she plunged through the virgin surface of the treat. Lifting the first morsel to her mouth, Beauty clamped her lips over the spoon, pulling the hunk of cheesecake off the utensil. She slowly savored the taste in her mouth, feeling the sensual smoothness of the creamy treat before swallowing it. Then another spoonful, and another, and another found its way into Beauty's mouth stuffing herself with the fattening treat. She soon found the box empty, her belly growling, and her hunger nearly doubled.

"Oh, thank you," she exclaimed to the witch. "That was so good I'm so sorry that there isn't any more!"

"Oh, I wouldn't say that!" she replied, motioning to the garden behind Beauty.

When Beauty turned around, she found the garden filled with stacks and stacks of pies, cakes, pastries and, of course, cheesecake. Besides the stacks were huge pitchers of milk laced with heavy dairy cream.

"Dig in, sweetcheeks!” said the witch, who sat back and watched as Beauty began to eat her way through the garden. Beauty feasted on each pile of food, emptying the pitchers of milk only to find them magically refilled every time she set them back. Soon all forms of etiquette were abandoned as Beauty began stuffing fistfuls of the fattening treats into her mouth.

Griz watched with glee as Beauty's lithe form began to swell and blossom forth, like a goose being fattened for fois gras. Every minute of gluttony put pounds and inches on Beauty's slender body. Breasts quickly formed and blossomed, rendering the halter-top to shreds. Her belly swelled and rolled over on itself. Thick folds of flesh grew on her arms and legs, while Beauty's ass fought a tape measure race with her swiftly swelling breasts. Her sunken cheeks swelled as if pumped up with air and several creamy white chins framed her face.

It took only a couple of hours, but then when it was all over, there were only a few slight traces of butter cream frosting and cake crumbs left in the garden to give evidence that there was ever food in the area. That, and an incredibly fat young woman stark naked, having long ago outgrown her flimsy exercise outfit.

Beauty waddled back towards Griszelda, every inch of her swollen body quivering and jiggling with every step she took. Her spine had assumed a natural arch backwards to compensate for the tremendous paunch of her bloated belly, which hung in one huge fold down to her knees and well out in front of her. Her breasts rode atop this mass, high and full, with thumb-sized nipples jutting forth, flushed a pinkish-red, like near-ripe strawberries. Her ass had swelled to equal proportions to the rear, forming a shelf at her hips that could carry a couple of dinner trays with ease. Her hands were just pudgy stubs at the end of her arms, forced outwards at an angle by her fat swelled torso. By any standard measurement, Beauty now weighed nearly 500 pounds.

Beauty reveled in her newfound size. She giggled loudly seeing wave-like ripples pass over her belly with every step. She then turned side to side, amazed that it sometimes took a full second or two for the swollen globe of her belly to catch up with her. She then cupped her bloated breasts in her hands, fascinated by the way the huge, smooth orbs flowed over the sides. She then began to stroke the tremendous bulge of her stomach, feeling its smooth surface, taut and shiny, stretched to near bursting.

"Oh, my!” said Beauty, her voice deeper, made more resonant by her fat laden torso. She was barely able to see her reflection in the pool over her distended abdomen. "It seems I overdid it. But it feels so good to be fat. Will I get any fatter?

Griszelda laughed and said, "Oh, yes, much fatter. In fact, here is another present I have for you." With a wave of the witch's arms, Beauty found herself clothed in a long white gown, which fit her like a second skin, highlighting every single curve, swell and bulge of her newly bloated body.

While Beauty stared in awe at the dress, the witch continued, "You will get fatter and fatter every day of your life from now on. Your hunger will be insatiable. This dress will grow with you."

"When will I stop getting fatter?"

"The day you eat your most incredible meal, the biggest one ever, with a very special dessert, for on that day, you will burst the dress wide open. Now, go on inside, your birthday party is about to start."

"But, I can't fit through the doors into the castle anymore!" Beauty exclaimed, looking at the narrow doorway leading from the garden, now too narrow for her to squeeze her rotund form in.

"No problem," replied the witch, who waved her arms at the wall, where a wide, double door appeared. "This will take you back to the grand hall, by way of the kitchen!"

"Great! I'm feeling a little hungry right now. Will I see you at the party?" asked Beauty.

"Darlin', I wouldn't miss your mother's expression when she sees you for all the world's gold. Now get along, I think they just pulled a whole roast pig off the spit. That should be a nice small snack for you."

The party was in full swing when the king and queen began to be concerned over their daughter's conspicuous absence.

"I wonder where that girl could be," said the queen in her full, but artificially stuffed dress.

Her answer was a crash from the kitchen as several of the royal chefs came running out. One ran to the throne and screamed, "It's incredible! She just walked in, took a 110-pound cooked pig off the spit and nearly inhaled it!

"Who?" demanded the king.

He was answered as the doors of the kitchen flung off their hinges, flung aside by the impact of Beauty's huge belly. She waddled out, her lips smacking, her eyes glazed at the sight of dozens of tables covered with food. She had consumed another 300 pounds of food in the kitchen and looked like it, her ballooning body swollen even larger than it had after Griszelda's pastry feast in the garden.

Just then, the witch appeared in the ballroom, laughing loudly.

"Piss me off, will you? Well, your royal highnesses how do you like your daughter now?"

The queen was just standing in shock while the king tried to put himself between Beauty and the food. But to no avail, for Beauty was so fascinated by the sight of food before her she continued to waddle forward, her distended belly knocking her father aside. She scooped up the food into one huge pile in the middle of the room and ate…and ate and ate, growing bigger with each mouthful.

"Sorry I can't stay," shouted the witch above the melee. "But I've a dinner party I have to give at Snow White's place tonight. I promised an old friend to help her out with dessert, apple pie, I-think!" She froze, spun around and yelled back to the queen, still in shock, "Oh, Deirdre, I've been thinking it over. Here's your present back, and then some!"

In a flash of light, the witch disappeared. The queen then felt a tugging at her chest, and looking down, saw the front of her dress begin to swell and get tighter. She watched in awe as her breasts expanded to their old size, then inflated beyond that point. Bigger and bigger they grew, until they quickly flowed over the neckline, ripping the dress apart, then sagged down her front. Her breasts grew so big and fat, the queen couldn't stand up straight and soon found her back bent over, her enormous breasts touching the floor. The shock of cold marble on her huge, sausage sized nipples made her wet between her legs.

The king recovered and ran to his wife. The shock and horror of the scene seamed to have avoided him.

"Darling, what are we going to do?" he asked his hobbled wife.

"Ooooof," was off she could reply, for she was strenuously trying to stand up straight.

Looking down at the still eating, still expanding form of his already corpulent daughter, he said, "My God. She's growing bigger and fatter with every bite!"

"Woooof!" replied the queen, still struggling.

The captain of the guard rushed forward and said, "My lord, what shall we do?"

The king looked first at his daughter, lost in the food she was stuffing into her mouth. Seeing she was in no immediate danger, he turned toward the queen. The sight of her two huge breasts gave him an immediate hard-on as he began to think of a way he could get her back to the bedroom.

The king then turned and said, "Dismiss the guests and announce a prize. Half of my kingdom and Beauty's hand in marriage to the person who can present a meal of such tremendous proportions that it will sate my daughter's appetite and break the curse. Then, find a wheelbarrow for the queen and take her up to our bedroom!”

Days passed as word went throughout the realm and soon passed to the surrounding lands. Kings and princes, who lusted after such a prize as the king's reward, but none that lusted after a woman with a rounded body such as Beauty's, began to prepare lavish banquets and made their way to the castle.

Beauty was still growing, for her hunger was indeed insatiable. The royal larder was soon emptied by her gluttony and the cupboards of the people were opened, at the insistence of Jedger Hoov and his soldiers, to feed the ever-growing princess.

She had now occupied the grand ballroom, having easily outgrown the doors to any of the bedrooms in the castle, as well as being unable to climb the staircases. The royal engineer swiftly completed a crane system to lift her up while a specially created throne was shoved under her once dainty, now boulder sized butt. No sides or back, the dais was simply a huge, rounded cushion that held her up off the cold floor. But even this was soon outgrown as her belly and ass poured over the sides of the chair, obscuring it from view. It was soon estimated that Beauty was consuming over 150 pounds of food each day, and gaining nearly 200 pounds in body fat in the process. She no longer needed to use the bathroom, for it seems her body had become so efficient that she absorbed every single ounce of food with no waste. At the end of the first week, she has mushroomed into a nearly 2000 pound ball of turgid, quivering flash. Her breasts weighed as much as some of the fattest women in the kingdom. Her belly hung in folds that flowed between her tremendous thighs and reached the ground, spreading like a glacier of fat across the floor. Her hands were now pudgy flippers on each side of her head, her arms long ago buried and absorbed into her fleshy sides.

Nearly every day, a meal was delivered into the castle for Beauty to consume. Wagonfuls of food came from all around. Cooks pitched their tents and prepared the grand feasts for the next day's challenge.

But that challenge proved fruitless, for day after day, Beauty devoured all the food that was offered and still remained hungry. She would grow to tremendous proportions with each banquet, but the dress would only stretch further. Within several months, Beauty had nearly filled the floor of the ballroom with the flowing mass of her body. Her head was a small island awash on a sea of fat, her breasts two conical mountains. Eventually, a walkway was built to bridge the gap between the edge of her belly to her mouth to feed her.

Each day the king and queen (accompanied by her royal breast bearers, who supported her ponderous mammaries) would watch as their daughter grew fatter and fatter with no end in sight. Yet through all of this, Beauty's radiance never failed her, for her face was still that of a porcelain doll ... a very fat porcelain doll.

Then, one day, a young man claiming to be the prince of a far away realm called Ire came with a caravan of wagons. He announced himself as the one man who could break the curse, for he had stripped his kingdom of all wealth for the food to feed Beauty.

Looking over this newcomer, with his shock of fiery red hair and bright smile, the king and queen felt the first glimmer of hope, especially after seeing the amount of food he had brought with him. They wished him well and sat back to watch the results.

Stepping over the catwalk to face Beauty, he introduced himself to her. She found him to be a sweet, good-looking man, as she felt a stirring in her loins, now deeply buried under the quivering blubbery bulk of her body. At her invitation, he took off his boots and stepped in stocking feet on top of Beauty's smooth mass, then laid down to face her. They talked for about an hour while his servants began to prepare the meal. 'They talked and laughed, the prince becoming enraptured by her physical beauty as well as her sweet, joyful personality, unhampered by her voracious hunger or hobbling size.

The appetizers soon came, and the prince exhaled a sigh of disappointment, for he so loved talking with Beauty that he hated to stop to begin feeding her. But feed her he did, placing moist, sweetened pieces of exotic fruits into Beauty's open mouth himself.

After that came the rich soups, heated lukewarm and poured into her throat through a large funnel. Mounds of de-boned, fatty meats and poultry swiftly followed tureens of the thick, creamy liquid.

Hour upon hour, the procession of cooks and attendants walked to the end of the catwalk, poured their wares into Beauty's unfillable belly, then walked back with empty containers to replenish them again.

The prince had long ago left Beauty's sight and stood off in a corner, despondent at the progress. He watched as Beauty grew fatter, wider, rounder with each mouthful, but her hunger remained intact. His imagination took over and as he began to dream thoughts of lust towards the bountiful woman before him, his pleasure gave rise to a very strong and very noticeable erection.

"That's quite a boner you got there, young man!" came a smooth, silky voice from behind him. "Too bad, I thought it might be for me!"

He turned to face a woman old enough to be his mother, but beautiful enough to be a lover. Her full, plush lips matched her full rounded body, which did nothing to diminish his hard-on.

"Forgive me if some of my body parts have a mind of their own!" he courteously replied, trying to alter his stance so as not to look too aroused (a difficult feat in a pair of skin-tight pants).

"No problemo! I'll take a compliment any way I can," replied Grizelda. "But why, may I ask, can you look so sad while still aroused?"

“I am afraid that my goal of winning Beauty's hand in marriage is doomed, for there is only one more course to be served and she shows no signs of her hunger being sated!"

"So, it looks like you lost your shot at the kingdom!” she replied.

"Screw the kingdom," the young prince shot back. "Don't you understand? She is a woman of great radiance, with the soul of a dreamer, the heart of a lover, and yes, I am a man who finds a woman of size to be most attractive. Even one so corpulent."

Impressed by the true love of large women the young man espoused, Grizelda let her heart overcome her thoughts of revenge.

"I'll tell you one treat she has not had that just could break the spell. She has never tasted the seed of man, has never felt the staff of life within her."

The young man cocked his head at the witch's words, clearly not understanding them.

Frustrated, Grizelda shot back, "She's never been laid, dummy!"

A wicked smile came to the prince's lips. Looking back at the crowd of people surrounding Beauty, they watched to see if the last pastry now being fed into her open maw would break the Spell.

"But how do I do it with all these people around?" he asked.

"Just a little magic touch will do," replied Grizelda, who raised an arm straight out to the side…and pulled down the fire alarm rope next to her on the wall.

At the sound of the gong, everybody in the halt panicked and ran for the exits, all except Beauty, who couldn't move anyway, and the prince, who ran across the catwalk to calm her fears over the fire alarm.

"But why the false alarm?" she asked after hearing his explanation.

"So I can do this," the prince replied. He then clamped his mouth over hers, sending the warm, moist muscle of his tongue into her mouth. The sensation was electric, for she responded in kind, her hands finding their way through layers of fat to cup his face. The tingle of power flowed through her, ringing the nipples on her tremendous breasts, then sinking down into the swollen mass of her body to settle between her legs, long since lost under her expanding form. They began to shift back and forth, the juices of her honey pot flowing at the sensations.

They broke the clinch, both panting and out of breath. Looking into each other's eyes, they silently communicated long abandoned wishes. The prince swiftly undid his trousers exposing his already stiff cock, which stood at attention near Beauty's eager mouth. Her warm, wet breath flowed over the engorged head of his staff. Like so many meals, Beauty clamped her mouth over the swollen rod, her hot wet tongue wrapping around it like a snake.

Her head jerked back and forth, pumping the prince's manhood faster and faster. The sensation was excruciatingly delightful for both.

A trickle of people began returning to the hall after discovering the false alarm. A few of the guards looked up at the prince and Beauty's sexual fervor. Upon seeing desecration, they began to make their way to the catwalk to stop the act before the king and queen saw it. Several more tried to scale Beauty's bulging sides, to no avail.

The royal couple entered the ballroom and were shocked by the sight, but before they could do anything, the young lovers climaxed simultaneously, the prince's seed erupting into Beauty's mouth, which she quickly swallowed.

The effect was instantaneous, for the amazing expanding dress Beauty had worn for so long tore open with a mighty sound, exposing the vast, creamy smooth mass of her tremendous body. At the same time, it was apparent that she was beginning to shrink. The crowd stood and stared as Beauty began to diminish before their eyes. The prince, having recovered from the explosive climax, pulled his trousers back up and watched along with Beauty as the mass of her bloated body began to deflate under him.

After several minutes, the prince slid off the top of her and watched as Beauty shrunk to around 500 pounds, the size she was after her first gorging in the royal garden.

The royal couple advanced with open arms on the young couple. The king shook hands with the young man, then hugged his rounded daughter. The queen welcomed the prince into her embrace, the young man enjoying the folds of her tremendous breasts as she clutched his behind (which led to some interesting visits from the in-laws in later years!).

The kingdom was halved as their wedding gift and the prince returned to his realm to introduce his queen to the population. Over the years, Beauty was made happy, denied nothing, including food and sex, which led to many children and several hundred more pounds added to her frame, at her husband's insistence and joy.

As for Griszelda, she was never seen in the kingdoms again, but, as witches have a tendency of doing, she lived for many years beyond our characters' lives. She established herself in a city on the western shores of another land and offered her services (at a high price] for women who wished large breasts. That was before the AMA busted her Beverly Hills office for practicing medicine without a license.

But, that's another fairy tale!

© 1998 RBL, Ink.

Original version appeared in BUF Magazine 1985