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The Eating Machine
by JP

I saw her; she was perfect for me. She was walking out of a donut shop with about a half dozen donuts. Light blond hair, slightly plump body, concealed by the heavy clothes she wore to protect against the late winter. She was very cute, and would probably keep that cherubic cuteness all her life. She reached into her bag to get a donut, and that's when I struck.

It was fast and painless. She had sat down on a bench to eat her donut. I pulled up in my van and lowered the auto window and blew in my tiny blowgun. A drugged dart shot out and pegged her in the neck. She was unconscious before she even felt the sting. Quickly I hopped out before anyone could notice me, and dragged her into the van. She was even heavier than I thought, which made me even happier. She stayed unconscious the entire way back to my lab, and only woke up after I had her secured.

Several months ago I had been approached by what could only be described as a white slave trade organization with a rather strange request. They knew of my project, to create a robotic implement that could be used to help quadriplegics and invalids eat on their own, and could also be used to end hunger strikes, feed coma victims, and treat anorexics. It was basically a machine that could force feed a person. I had just started it when they approached me and made a request for a machine that I had often secretly fantasized about. They wanted a machine that could be used to fatten someone up to huge proportions. My machine could potentially do that; I would just have to change certain parameters, such as meal size and frequency. They also wanted the subject to be at a total loss of control in the process, a true cog in the machine, forced to do its job (eat) whether the subject wanted to or not. That would also be easily accomplished since safety restraints were already incorporated into the design. A few tweaks here and there and the person would be completely immobile. The main problem that would be encountered is the fact that gaining weight is a time consuming process, even on a high calorie and fat diet. They wanted huge gains in a relatively short amount of time. They then told me that they had a drug which would increase hunger, lower the metabolism, increase the digestive systems efficiency, and force the body to store most of the food as fat, and finally get rid of any health problems that come with obesity. That would definitely fatten someone up quickly. I told them I'd think about it. They offered me 10 million dollars, with one hundred thousand up front for research and development. I said I'd take it.

It took another six months and much redesigning to get the machine that I wanted, now I needed a test subject. She would have to be fattened up to at least a thousand pounds or so in no more than a month for the slavers to buy my machine. Afterwards I would be consulted regularly for improvements.

The machine was rather simple. I used an adjustable futon for the base and several nylon straps to hold the subject, in this case Lucy, down. There were two on each arm and leg, one just above her large breasts, one across her middle, and finally one on her forehead. They were tight but probably not too uncomfortable. Initially I had planned to use robot arms to force feed the subject, but that proved too dangerous. Robotic arms manipulating someone's jaw were likely to break the jaw. I then considered tube feeding, but the traders wanted something newer, faster, and more efficient. I also wanted something which tube feeding didn't offer, the ability for the subject to taste the food. I came up with a kind of vacuum device. It looked a lot like a jet fighters oxygen mask. It covered the face from just underneath the eyes down to the chin, and fitted around the subject's ears. It had a long flexible black tube that attached at the front of the mask, right in front of the person's mouth. This tube was filled with miniature blades and grinders. At the other end of the tube was a wide-mouthed funnel lined with Teflon. The idea was that food would be sucked up the hose just like a vacuum, ground up and moistened and lubricated in the tube, and then delivered at some speed into the person's mouth and down the throat.

I had done several tests on the machine's ability to grind up food, and found that it could reduce a solid block of wood to a very mushy and swallowable paste in just a few seconds. It could take a chicken leg and grind up the meat, gristle, bone and sinew into a very tasty snack. It also had a sensor and automatic shut down attachment, which would prevent the subject from eating any inedible, poisonous, or foreign materials. And it was fast. There were three settings. Low, Medium, and High, naturally. High was a speed I wasn't likely to use too much. On low though an entire bowl full of pasta, sauce, meatballs, sausage, and garlic bread could be eaten in just thirty seconds. Medium cut the speed down to 15 seconds and High could do it in under 5. At that speed though a person might get hurt.

On my way to acquire her I had also stocked up on a huge amount of ready prepared foods, mostly snacks, and easy to prepare but highly fattening foods. I had them arranged neatly on a table near where she was immobilized. I had already injected her with the drug and it should be affecting her now. Once I was ready I waited about ten minutes for her to wake up. She woke up with some confusion.

"Wh-where am I? Why can't I move? Was I in an accident? Have I been kidnapped?" she screamed trying to see where she was and get a view of her surroundings. She struggled impotently against the nylon bands as I came into view holding the mask in my hands. "Who are you? What are you doing? Help!"

I ended the noise she was making by attaching the mask to her face. Once it was in place the mask would do the rest. "Give me a second sweetie and I'll explain. There." I said as I pointed a remote control at the mask and pushed a button. There was a click and a muffled 'Whirring' as the robotic parts (the only remnants of my earlier design) went to work. Her eyes opened wide with shock and fear and probably a little discomfort. The first to happen were the breathing tubes. Thin, soft tubes pushed themselves up into her nostrils and then down into her lungs. That was probably the most uncomfortable part of the process, and she would forget the discomfort soon enough. The next was the rubber vices. Gently but firmly they pried her jaws open, which she was most likely clenching shut. Once her mouth was open fully, rubber braces were fitted into either side of her mouth, now if she tried to close her mouth it was impossible, but it also was a bit more comfortable then the vice which initially opened her mouth. Finally another rubber piece went into her mouth and pinned her tongue to the bottom of her mouth. If her tongue got in the way it could seriously impede the flow and cause a nasty accident. The whole process took about a minute. A green light showed on the remote to indicate she was ready.

"Now let me explain. I've selected you to try out my new eating machine. Some very rich people paid me a lot of money to make a machine that could force feed someone huge amounts of food. I did it and you’re my first test subject. It's perfectly safe I assure you, but I have to test its efficiency. I've been given a month to fatten you up to about one thousand pounds." Her eyes, which had been blinking quickly as she struggled, suddenly bugged out comically in fear at what I had just said. "Yes you heard right. One thousand pounds, a half of a ton. That means I have to feed you quite a bit so lets get started. Just lay back and enjoy it, I can plainly see that you like to indulge a bit." I attached the hose to the mouthpiece on the mask and picked up the funnel end. I approached the table, making sure she got a full view of the vast array of foods in front of her. She was shaking her head side to side as best as she could, but to no avail as I approached the bag of donuts that she herself had bought a little bit ago. I had taken them out of the bag and placed them on the clean table. With the suction funnel poised ominously over the donuts I finally flicked the switch to 'Low'. There was a loud whoosh as air was sucked into the tube only to be vented out the sides of the mask and not into the subject. A second later the first donut was inhaled into the funnel. The tube shook in my hands as it was ground up and propelled along the tube at some speed. It reached the mask and by the look of strain on her face had gone down the hatch. "A little advice dear, you should try to relax your throat as much as possible. You'll get the hang of it in time." I said as the second and third donuts were sucked up. Shoop! Shoop! Both were in her belly almost before she realized it! I moved on to the last donuts and she ate them as well. "How are you feeling? Still hungry I bet. Don't worry I stopped at the store and got another five dozen donuts, in the same assorted flavors you picked." I pulled back a tablecloth which had been concealing those sixty donuts and laughed like a mad man as I started to feed them to her. I was really getting into this.

I watched her intently as each donut went down. Her belly was rising with the strain of having to eat so much so quickly. This was the crucial test of that drug. If it worked the way they said then her stomach would be able to stretch more and she would digest food faster. I had an ultrasound device on her so I could monitor how full she was getting and stop her if she was in danger. By the time the second dozen had been finished I thought she would be too. Her stomach was sticking out like a very pregnant woman and each new feeding cause it to grow a bit more. I kept feeding her though, slowly and carefully, one donut at a time. She didn't seem to be in pain, though I doubt she was comfortable. After the third dozen had been consumed I stopped. Her belly was taut and shining from the internal pressure. It looked like she had swallowed a large beach ball whole. I waited a full ten minutes before I carefully started again. Over the next half-hour I fed her the last two dozen. By the last one an alarm was going off on the belly monitor and she was in danger of bursting. Carefully I tapped her stomach with my finger; it made a very solid thunk. The food in her was mostly liquefied by the time it entered her mouth, so she was truly packed full. A woman pregnant with quadruplets would be thankful she wasn't in poor Lucy's shoes (I had looked into her wallet after capturing her). "Well that's not bad for a start, I'll be back in two hours for another feeding. Here, you can watch TV." I pressed a remote control into her hands and indicated a TV in a cabinet nearby. I went into my kitchen and prepared the next meal, pasta.

Ten pounds of pasta and sauce and meatballs and two loaves of garlic bread later I returned to Lucy. Her stomach had flattened out a bit but had also widened considerably. Looking at the monitor I could see she was almost empty. That drug worked well. It had taken her only two hours to nearly digest all that food. I needed to really test it though, and get her belly stretched out. Each meal needed to be bigger than the last or I wouldn't finish fattening her in time.

Using a cart I brought the next meal out. There was enough spaghetti to feed your average Italian wedding party. Without much ceremony I turned off the TV and just started the tube up. Her stomach was full almost before she realized it. I didn't draw this feeding out, instead I just put the funnel directly into the mass of pasta and meat and sauce. In less than a minute her stomach was back to its earlier expansion and more! I patted her on the belly and bid her goodnight.

The days went by in a blur of feedings. She didn't need to be moved at all. The drug took care of all her toilet needs; she simply digested everything, leaving no waste. Her weight would increase daily. After a week she gained over one hundred pounds. After eleven days I felt it was safe to increase the feeding speed to medium so I could stay on schedule. She was plumping quite nicely. I had to loosen her straps more every day! The fat was firm and did much to widen her frame. Since she was lying the entire time she didn't get sagging rolls but more and more bulk. With one week to go it seemed I was heading for failure though. She was gaining slower each day. She was up to 682 lbs. And I just wasn't making much headway. She was gigantic to be sure, and would likely have a very hard time getting out of bed or even walking, but she had to gain more than three hundred pounds in a week! Observing her massive form I contemplated my strategy. She almost completely filled up the futon she was laying in. Her thighs were wider than my waist, and her waist was simply enormous, at least three times what it was when she got here. I didn't have the means to measure her properly but I estimated her waist to be in the high eighties, perhaps even the nineties. The fat was firm, almost like she was packed with it, which I guess she was, considering how she got that way. Her breasts were magnificent floppy bags of fun. I enjoyed playing with them, hefting them and then letting them plop onto her huge belly. I had no idea how big they were considering that I'm not experienced in bra sizes. Considering the need I was in to reach my goal, I really didn't have a choice. I needed to feed her on the 'High' setting and increase her dosage of the drug.

I quickly measured a dose of the drug that was double her normal dose and gave her the shot. She had gotten used to the injections, but she blanched when she saw the size and amount of her latest injection. I gave her an apologetic look. "Sorry Lucy, I have a deadline to meet, and this looks to be the only way." I gave the drug some time to take effect and prepared her meals. I didn't have time to be elegant.

Three dozen family sized TV dinners went into my economy sized super fast microwave. Opening them quickly and dumping them on the clean table I saw how in need for food Lucy was. Her eyes were straining, her fat fists were balled to white-knuckle intensity and I could hear desperate entreaties being made behind the mask. Not wanting her to be in discomfort any longer I switched the funnel on 'High', shoved it into the mass of mixed foods and hoped for the best. Her eyes winced shut in shock as the high velocity food entered her mouth and went down her throat into her cavernous stomach. In mere seconds the food was gone. Her already huge belly rose considerably, beginning to push down between her legs, forcing them to spread. Her eyes were closed slowly in contentment, and then opened again in eager demand for more.

It took almost an hour of high speed feeding to finally get her satisfied. She was digesting the food almost as fast as she ate it! In the end her weight was 715, and promised to go up a bit because she wasn't finished digesting! Her belly towered above her now by probably four feet, quivering with the strain to hold in more food than your average over-weight family eats in a few days. This strategy had promise, but I was exhausted from running and preparing food as fast as I could. In the end the food was mainly anything out of a can or package that I could open in time. I decided to try a different approach tomorrow and the rest of the week if it worked.

The next day her weight had leveled off at 723. Most of the weight had gone to her waist and thighs, putting several inches of firm fat on her already circus fat-lady circumference. Instead of giving her one injection I decide to hook her up to an IV and give her a steady dose over the whole day, a dose that was equal to yesterday's dose. Once I had that going (and it wasn't easy finding a vein, I finally had to insert the needle between her toes), I then put the funnel on the low setting and fed her non stop the entire day. The foods were blended concoctions, all high fat and high calorie with liberal amounts of weight gain powder and vegetable oil and pure lard. When her stomach would begin to get overly full I would merely increase her dosage slightly and she would catch up. There were plenty of times when I had to shut her down for a few minutes but most of the time I was pushing the envelope, really testing her limits. I wasn't disappointed. I had found the method that would take me to victory and beyond. By the end of the day her weight was up 847 when her stomach finally emptied.

The last five days were met with gains that were almost staggering. Each day I would increase the dosage of the drug, and then was able to go even longer throughout the day feeding her. On the first of these last five days her weight just missed the half-ton mark at 983.

The next day, in celebration, I increased her dosage another 50% instead of the 5 and 10 percent increases I had been doing. A marathon of gorging on liquefied foods and almost pure fat left her at 1321 pounds! I maintained the dosage the next day and fed her flavored lard most of the day. By now her gorgeous body completely covered the futon and spread beyond it, almost a pool of luscious, firm fat. Individual body parts were almost indistinguishable, one could not easily tell her hips apart from her ass from her belly. It just all flowed together in one humoungous mass. At the end of the third day she was up to 1607. I had no intention of stopping now, but intended on getting her over a ton. I told her that even, but it was hard to see her reaction, her face had gotten so fat that it was difficult to read her reaction. On the fourth day I gave her an increased dosage and fed her at Medium most of the day. I never truly stopped feeding her at any time, when her belly was getting dangerously full, I would switch the power to low, increase the dosage, and pull the funnel out a bit. Her capacity was similar to an elephant's. Under the influence of the drug she could literally eat hundreds of pounds of food a day! A ton was missed by only 57 pounds! At 1943 lbs. She had to be the largest person in the world. She seemed comfortable, my monitors indicated that she wasn't under any stress.

On the last day I needed to experiment. I decided not to make her gain anything significant. At this point she needed huge amounts of food, so I supplied her with them without the benefits of the drug.

As I suspected, her ravenous appetite took over and she still managed to gain 30 pounds just from maintenance eating. Her final weight was an astounding 1973 lbs. when the traders came to visit me. They were impressed and pleased with my machine and especially at how much I exceeded their minimums. I was given a bonus of two million and an additional three million to take Lucy off my hands.

So I was now very rich and a part of their organization. I was consulted often for ideas and improvements on my machine. Finally, six months later I was invited to one of the owners and members of the organization. He had purchased Lucy and wanted to meet the man who had done such a fine job on fattening her. I decided to go, he said he also wanted to show me the improvements made on my machine for truly extreme fattening in the shortest amount of time.

I wasn't allowed to know my destination, and anytime I was outside of the sealed limos and planes I was blindfolded. The temperature was cool and comfortable, and that was all I knew. I was finally unblindfolded and allowed to see where I was. It was some large warehouse intended for food storage of all kinds. Perishable foods were stored by the truckload, and nearby was a freezer for foods that needed to be kept cold. Several men surrounded me, and a large amorphous shape was in the background. All of the men were dressed in fine suits and an older looking gentlemen stepped forward.

"Ah my good man! You must be Dr. Finebass, the inventor of that wonderful machine, and the feeder of my beloved Lucy." He pumped my hand several times and gestured to the large amorphous shape, which came into view. It was Lucy, but my God she was even bigger than before! She had to weigh more than three thousand pounds! She was packed onto a mobile platform that could easily hold a small car, and she was sitting upright I supposed. No bodily features were visible except for the curly mop of blond hair at the top of what seemed to be a massive ball of flesh. I could barely see two eyes sparkle out from beneath a face almost indistinguishable from the rest of her body.

"Di-did you fatten her even more?" I finally asked after I had taken her all in.

"No my dear boy, you merely gave her quite an appetite. I let her eat till her heart's content now. I would do anything for her, I cherish her so. When I asked her what she wanted most I feared she would want to be returned to normal, but instead she just wanted to see you again. Since I wanted to thank you, and show off the large scale improvements I made on your designs, I thought it would be a smashing idea." He nodded at the men who approached at once and laid their hands on me.

"What's going on?! Let go!!" I yelled and struggled but to no avail.

I was easily dragged over to the most open area in the entire warehouse. There appeared to be a cement mixer suspended form a balcony about fifteen feet up, and several conveyor belts led up to it along with a stair case. More men came in now and placed several mattresses on the floor directly underneath the mixer. An electric sign suddenly came to life, displaying the weight of the mattresses.

A man pushed a few buttons and accounted for the weight of the mattresses and brought the number back to zero. Meanwhile I was stripped naked as I struggled and cursed. I was then bound with my hands behind my back and my legs tightly tied underneath the mixer. Now I saw their plan as a modified version of my mask was brought into view. A wide tube was attached seamlessly over the mouth of the mixer, the tube narrowed down to a few inches in diameter to where it attached to the mask that they had just put on me. I felt the tubes go up my nose with their final destination being my lungs. Despite my best efforts my jaws were locked open. Finally the IV was put into place and the dosage was set. The owner of Lucy himself showed me the amount. It was twice the largest amount I had ever given her!

"Yes I see that you can see our improvements hmm? This is two times the amount you ever gave Lucy, and that was after she had been fattened considerably. I am going to start you with this much, and increase the dose daily for a year. That is my gift to her. I expect you to surpass her in half the time it took you to get her that big.

Goodbye Dr. Thanks again for the machine. And Lucy." He nodded at the man next to the IV who started it dripping. I felt a burning in my veins and then knew almost nothing at all as I was struck by waves of hunger and desire. I wasn't even aware that I was being fed. Weeks went by without me noticing. Only when they delayed administering the drug was I conscious enough for them tell me that I was roughly a quarter the size of the warehouse and was consuming almost a truckload of food a day, and finally that only a month had gone by…