Weight Room Title Bar

By Dee Jortiz

Part Two
The Return to Heaven

Life often throws some strange situations your way. The outcome is pretty much depends on your reaction to those situation. Do you cry when life gives you lemons or do you take those lemons and make lemonade? In the case of our Andre and Carol the outcome is clear even though the situations that bring them together are not. Fate has decided their time has come.

Andre: [Life has brought me here, and timing couldn't be worse.] I am flying to this fundraiser in Los Vegas, after being serve divorce papers at the airport. I was sent to represent our 75-person division of the company. Great start for my first visit to our corporate head quarters. I was third down the pecking order. The Executive director was in the hospital for stress related illness. The last thing I wanted was his job, and now this.

Carol: These past few years have been a whirlwind. Finishing graduate school at the same time opening my third and four-group home. I always wanted to teach, but this direction helped me reach way more kids than I could have ever imagined. All just because I got to a turning point almost 10 years ago and said I would not be denied. [It is strange how seemingly unrelated events effect you.] I couldn't believe I'd be getting honored at the fundraiser for doing something I love.

Andre: I probably should have seen it coming, after being married 5 years. My wife was determining to fit the mold of the TV lawyer. Which meant that she had to not only sound like, but look like then, too. When she started changing her image, her friends and the things she did for fun, I should have known at some point I would be traded in also.

Carol: Thinking back on it, the professors who encouraged me, is also my benefactor. Saying she had no idea where I got my passion, but it was something I should develop. I didn't tell her until later that it was a chance encounter at an amusement park that marked my turning point (read “Encounter”). She later became my partner and we opened our first group home on her deceased parent estate in PA. Today, the corporations that funded us were flying us out to Los Vegas to honor us for our work and we will come back with a check to further our efforts. This all blew me away. [YES…,We are going to Vegas!] But I wished I had a male to share the trip with. I'd been way too busy for any type of relationship.

Andre: I was handed a program, but I wasn't interested in the activities. I was just concentrating on what I need to say if and when I run into any board members and they asked about our research. Tomorrow would be the day for the official half hour presentation at the headquarters building.

Carol: The professor - or should I say, Cathy? - who was only 8 years older than me, was just as excited say I was. She is taller than me, about 5' 11”, very round and very comfortable with herself & her imposing frame. At work she is the consignment professional, but she was always up for a “good time.” She was constantly on the make and drew attention to herself wherever she went. She playfully told me she was going to find us some men or die trying. On the contrary, I wanted something a little more lasting.We had about 45 minutes before the ceremony, so we help ourselves to the buffet table. We were well into our over stuffed plates, when Cathy called the waiter over and ordered us more drinks. Her devilish look appeared, and before I could protest, she said, “get that gentlemen at the bar whatever he is drinking and tell him it is from her,” as she pointed at me. I grabbed her arm and told the waiter to forget it, but his back was already to me. She laughed as I covered my face with an embarrassed grin. I looked over at the man through my fingers as I cursed at her for doing such a thing.

Andre: A waiter sat another drink in front of me. Puzzled, I said, what was that for? He pointed and said the tall lady over there sent it to you. I thanked the waiter for the drink, knowing I was now obligated to go over and thank her personally. As I approached the table contemplating what to say, I took in the surprising sight of two very attractive BBW. The tall woman's round welcoming face was punctuated by deep dimple as she smiled at the shorter woman, across the table from her, who had her hands over her face. The taller of the two was round, not apple round, but pear round. Her hip spread out on the bench seat like thick mash potatoes. Her large shapely legs stretched out from her dress. They were awe inspiring, smooth and full, tapering off to sensible shoes that took nothing away from the well defined legs above them. She was a very imposing female; seemd to be more than a match for any of the corporate types here (physically and intellectually).

Carol: Cathy was getting quite a jolly out of this entire situation. It was a good thing she was my friend and partner or I would have had a few choice words for her! I barely heard her when she announced, with excitement, that HE was heading toward the table. I tried to get up, but she grabbed onto me and kept saying how good-looking he was. I couldn't hide the embarrassed flush that must have shone brightly on my face!

Andre: As I made my way through the crowd my attention turned to the shorter female, as she removed her hands from her plump face, which I could see was quite flushed. This brought my attention right to her gray eyes. She had a darker complexion. Almost Brazilian like, or she just tans well. She was very well proportioned from what I could see, -about 280+lbs, a little top heavy. Her shiny brown hair was shoulder length. Her attire looked to be well tailored to accentuate every wonder full curve she possessed. My mind instantly pulled up my last memory of a female I once met in an amusement park. [That has never happened before]. That female, from my past, opened my eyes about BBW and this short female reminded me of her.

Carol: As I heard past Cathy's blabbing in French, I heard him repeat my name. His voice had a familiar tone, but I knew I couldn't possibly know him. [Could I?] I think he thought he knew me as well. He asked me if I graduated from the SCU. I wondered who he thought I was. For a moment he reminded me of “him,” the guy that helped me find my passion, but that would be impossible! [Would it?]

Andre: Before we could probe any deeper, an announcement came on to have honorees to take their seats. They told me they had seats on the stage. I asked if it would be possible to see them later. Before Carol could say anything, Cathy gave a resounding, “SURE, bring a friend.”

Carol: I was trying to listen to the speaker at the ceremony, but my mind was concentrating on the embarrassing exchange that had just taken place. I wanted to kill Cathy and thank her at the same time, but that was part of her charm. It had been a long time since I had been out, and, after all, I have been working hard and could use a little fun. But, I just couldn't shake the feeling that I knew him from somewhere….but where? I mentioned this to Cathy, and she sarcastically said I couldn't know him since I never go out.

Andre: From over my shoulder I heard, “Hey, Dre.” Only one person called me that at work, Richard. He graduated a year before me from the same school. He was one of the Contract Negotiators, based out of Maryland office. He worked on the contracts for the project I'm on. He said, “Looks like you're filling in, just like me.'' He said I looked like I have my hands full. I told him he didn't know the half, and I gave him the run down during the ceremony. He said he was trying to come over to introduce himself to the taller lady of the two for the past hour, but shareholders with questions kept stopping him. [Perfect timing] He went on to say when he saw them leaving me at the table he was hoping to get another chance. Trying to get caught up, he asked about my wife. As upbeat as I could, I explained the situation. I couldn't hide that it was a sore subject. In classic Rich fashion, he said, well, it looks like you have five years of fun to make up for and it looks like we are going to get you off on the right foot. His statement ended just as we stood to give the final applause of the award recipients. Given what Rich said, and looking at the two mind-blowing BBW on stage, my optimism seemed to return. I smiled and said to him, “Let the fun began.”

Carol: I heard the applause, but my mind was not on the ceremony. How could I be thinking about a man I had met only moments earlier? The familiarity of him was consuming my thoughts. Cathy brought me back to reality as she was practically pulling me off the stage. “Look, he has a friend now,” she said as she nudged me. Surprisingly, my embarrassment was turning into excitement.

Andre: Rich, the coolest man I knew, straightened his shirt as the ladies returned. I introduced him and he naturally threw in his flare. What occurred to me as he responded to Cathy, in French, was I didn't ever remember him with any female larger than a toothpick in school. They were all tall, slim and had questionable IQ's. I'd have to think about that later.

Carol: I just smiled as he introduced his friend. I just stood by quietly while Cathy and Rich were conversing away in French. I began to feel uncomfortable, and then he began the conversation on how our friends seemed to get along. He had a familiarity as we were talking. The time slipped away and I knew I wanted to spend more time with him, if only to figure out why he was so familiar. Good job, Cathy, I said to myself.

Andre: We sat and made small talk, and Rich was his usual charming self. He kept the atmosphere light and entertaining. We spent a few hours in the park, and then headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up from the afternoon activities in the heat. With all the talking and laughing, thanks to Rich, I could not get back to finding out why she seem so familiar to me. But that fact aside, I found that I just wanted to know more about her.

Carol: Cathy and I headed for the elevator on our way to meet our “dates.” Cathy said she was ready for whatever was going to happen. That she was feeling sexy and horny! I wasn't so sure. Cathy's view of casual sex baffled me to no end. For me it only happened once…and I never considered it casual. A quick flash of that encounter flashed through my mind. Cathy eyed my contemplation, and with that same devilish look, she said, “We are going to have some fun this evening.” Then giggled out loud. As the elevator doors opened, they got up to meet us and head for the show.

Andre: Rich joined me and asked me if I was ok. I said I'm not sure, and the conversation trailed off as we heard the elevator open and Cathy laughing.

Carol: I shook my head as to clear it and smiled as the elevator door opened. There the guys stood waiting for us. Cathy practically ran over and grabbed onto Rich's arm as they exchanged pleasantries in French. As I turned I realized that I had forgotten his name. The embarrassment was returning!

Andre: There were a lot of people moving through the lobby. Cathy said she needed to go to the reservation desk; Rich shrugged and trailed after her. [Now is your chance, I thought] As I turned, the elevator doors opened again - a family rushed out, a Mom, a Dad and six boisterous kids. The kids running through the elevator doors almost knocked me over. On reflex, Carol grabbed my hand, and we made eye contact. With a firm grip on her soft hands, all we manage to get out was, “IT IS YOU!”

Carol:“Andre? Is it really you?" I managed to squeak out. I could not believe it! It all made sense now…that comfortable feeling, the familiarity. It took me a moment to catch my breath. I could not believe that I did not recognize him right off. He looked the same, a little more mature, slightly heavier in a good way, and even more handsome. The memory of him had always remained close to me. I wanted to ask him so many things. The past eight years seem to melt as we stood there, staring at each other in sort of a daze.

Andre: “Carol, is it rea………,” my sentence interrupted by Cathy.

Carol:The world slowly came back into focus as Cathy walked up and asked if I was ok. My mind raced. I just said, “I need to take care of something very important.” Cathy made a face then looked at Andre and said make sure she is taken care of and smiled. I suddenly realized that I was still holding onto his hand. Those hands…I suddenly remembered the touch of them…how they had once felt upon my body. I was losing my breath again.

Andre: I nodded at Cathy's statement. Even though I was still reeling from my relation to process anything other than the fact the Carol was still gripping my hand. Rich smiled politely, as if he had walked in on the tail end of a conversation that had been going on for hours. He just shock my hand and said he would see me later.

Carol:I don't even know how long it had been since Cathy and Rich had left us and head for the lobby entrance. They must have thought we were crazy to be gazing at each other like we were in some trance.

Andre: I looked at her and her at me. When my head started processing a more manageable rate, I told her there is so much I wanted to ask her.

Carol:I gazed at him and said there will be plenty of time for getting re-acquainted. We just have to go somewhere that we will not be interrupted. His mannerisms, his voice, his touch, all flooded me at once. I knew I wanted to be with this man.

Andre: She smiled and it warmed me to my core. Her eye sparkled and the round curves of her cheeks broadened to express the incalculable joy I saw in her eyes.

Carol:We rode the elevator up to the 11th floor. My mind raced. I was not going to let anything interfere with this second chance. I wanted to tell him how much I had thought of him over the years, how much our encounter had meant to me and how happy I was to be with him at this moment.

Andre: I quietly stood next to her in the elevator. My eyes glued to a women I was resolved to just considered a lost opportunity. But here she was, all 280+ lbs of feminine beauty. Just the appearance of her in the sleeveless sundress made me yarn to remove the thin fabric that separated me from the warmth of her soft body. I wanted to tell her how happy I was to find her and how guilty I felt for giving up hope that we would meet again. As a man, I admit this much emotion was overwhelming, but I don't think I could ever put it into words for her to ever understand, if I did try to verbalize it.

Carol:Even though we spoke not a word, I could tell he was feeling the same. WE had a chemistry that was strong the first time we met and was strong now. I KNEW that this was a second chance and I was going to take full advantage of it.

Andre: Our eyes met again as the elevator doors opened on her floor and we made our way to her room. She opened the door, step in, turned and faced me. This stopped me in my tracks.

Carol:I stopped him at the door. I saw his wedding band earlier and I was not going to go any farther without a straight answer. I looked him in the eye and said, “The only way you come in this room is if what happens next is not a fling. Will you leave now and go back to your wife or will we finish the journey we started all those years ago?"

Andre: I look at my hand and realized I was still wearing my wedding band. With relief, I smiled and pulled it off, held it out and drop it in the middle of the hallway floor. Then I pulled the divorce papers out of my coat pocket and showed them to her.

Carol:Surprised, I watched his action. He handed me an envelope. I open it and inside was divorce papers. From the date, I saw they were served to him this morning. I did not want him to take my excitement for lack of empathy for his situation. Termination of any relationship has feelings that surround it. But as that may be, I could not help but feel a rush of excitement as I realized that this man, my dream man, was here and we were getting a second chance at our version of heaven.

Andre: At that moment the irony struck, and we just beamed at each other as she pull me clear of the entrance and closed the door.

Carol: I was still in a state of shock as I pulled him inside the room. The softness of his hands sent familiar warmth through my body. To be with this man again was truly a dream come true. I took his other hand and turned to face him. We were saying so much without even uttering a word. I could see the longing in his eyes and I know he could in mine. I was full of desire and was anxious to begin the long dreamed of lovemaking that was certain to occur.

Andre: I kissed her and asked her when was she leaving. She told me they would be here for a few days. Relieved I told her that I lost her once and I had no intentions of letting that happen again. I kissed her again more deeply than the first. Her reaction told me she had no immediate thoughts of losing me either.

Carol: I was so enamored to know that he had thought of me over the years. I relished in his kisses and held nothing back. His soft lips kissed me gently, then deeper and searching. I wanted him to know that I was his for the taking and had no intentions of losing him again.

Andre: I continued kissing her soft cheeks. I made my way slowly to her neck, then down to her broad shoulder. There I found the strap of her sundress. It lay there in cool contrast to the warm flesh of her shoulder. I pressed my lips firmly into her upper arm to feel her skin give under my pressure. After kissing her again I repeated this action on the other side, trying to memorize every detail my lips came in contact with.

Carol: As his lips left my face and found my neck, an erotic chill went through me. The desire and longing for this man had been locked up for so long that it oozed out of my being. I could feel myself becoming saturated from his touch. I wanted to feel to experience every touch he had to offer just as much as I wanted him inside me.

Andre: Looking into her eyes at every momentary pause between kisses, the thoughts of my first visions of her lush frame replayed in my mind. Every man has his dream of his perfect lady, but few ever get the chance to make her, his own. I got a once in a lifetime chance come my way not once but twice and had no plans on seeing if I would be that lucky again.

Carol: I loved the way he was looking at me, the look that said he wanted me and more than just at this moment. I wanted to let him know that I had longed for his touch…his lips…his hands…his embrace…every part of him. I wanted to pleasure him…bring him to climax again and again. The thought of this was causing me to cream and I wanted him more than I had ever wanted any man.

Andre: As my nose filled with the smell of her perfume I pulled aside the sundress to expose her bra strap to my view. It was pulled tight due to the weight of her breast. I squeezed one of her ample breast causing a soft moan to escape her lips.

Carol: I was elated as his hands made their way over my body. His hand on my breast made me desperate to escape the confines of my clothes. I wanted to make this clear to him so I made a show of pulling off his shirt and letting it fall to the floor. I continued to help him out of his pants, shoes and socks. I let my hands glide gently over his body, feeling the hardness through his pants. He helped me loosen the button then glide the zipper down. Our eyes were locked on each other as I let his pants drop. I had replayed this moment a thousand times in my mind and I was reeling in the pleasure of its reality.

Andre: Standing there in the only article of clothing that hid my anticipation from Carol was maddening. The unveiling of her voluptuous figure caused pre-cum to stain the front of my underwear. She took my hand and guided them to the lace of her bra. With her encouragement I caressed her mammary, causing them to over flow the top of the bra.

Carol:He pulled me to him and squeezed as if he thought I would run off. I welcomed the adoration he lavished on me as if he was the only one in the world who appreciated me for who I was. I had always been cautious to let any man see my body, but he made me feel like the sexiest woman alive. His strong arms held me close and I could feel him as he pressed against me. The look I had in my eyes could not hide how he made me feel. His manhood was press against me so hard, just feeling him against me was causing the juices to flow.

Andre: The comfort I felt in her embrace made me want to squeeze her even closer. Her abundant physique press against me, called out to me and all I desired was to lavish her with pleasure. I wanted to show her that I missed her intimate touch. Show her that her effect on me was incontestable. The glee on my face was very apparent to her and she returned my smile in kind. Turning, she moved in the direction of the bed, displaying her plentiful posterior.

Carol:He followed me to the bed where I stopped him and guided his hands to the clips that held my bra in place. Happily he undid them and slid his hand around my mid-section just above my tummy to fill his hand with as much of my breast as he could hold. I could tell he took great pleasure in feeling their mass in his hands as he began massaging them at will. The sensation was not lost on me as he took my nipples in each of his hands and beckoned a gratifying moan from my lips.

Andre: I could feel her nipples get aroused between my fingers, as they became engorged and firm to my touch. I kissed the back of her neck and down onto her shoulders as she pressed her hips into my groin. The motion she made help to capture my manhood between her generous cheeks. The warmth of her rear increased the sexual tension that already saturated the air in the room.

Carol:My increased enticement brought our interaction to a fevered pitch. Andre reached the limits of his self-control. He put his hands on my hips. Sliding his hands down, and in to my lace panties he forced them down to my ankles. I happily leaned forward onto the bed, stepped out of them and spread my legs. The anticipation was so heavy in the air as he came close behind me. He rubbed my posterior as I leaned forward on the bed. He was standing behind me and I could feel his hardness. As I rested my upper body on the bed I put my fingers between my legs to feel the saturation. There I met his fingers and we explored my ocean together. I wanted to feel him go deep, inside me.

Andre: I watched with glee as she displayed her welcoming womanhood to my longing hard-on. I stepped closer to her luxurious hips and now very wet pussy. Without hesitation I place my hardness into her slit but did not enter. I just enjoyed the sensation of her ample mound caressing my erection.

Carol: I felt his head pressed between my lips and my legs quivered and shook. It was obvious that I liked it and he continued messaging my lips with his instrument. I began to move my ass into him letting him know that I wanted him inside. He was teasing me by rubbing the head on my lips. As I bent over on the bed my pussy was begging for him to come inside. When I thought I could no longer wait…he plunged into me. The feeling was indescribable as he began to slowly slide out to prepare for the next plunge. With each thrust I let out a moan full of pleasure and satisfaction. He was so, so deep inside that I reluctantly came. I wanted maintain my wits so I could savor each motion. My pussy clearly showed it had other plans. It, like it had a mind of its own, tighten around his shaft.

Andre: I plunged deep into her wetness, and the response that was garnered from this simple action was erotic beyond belief. Her body screamed for more. As she moved her hips back and forth intensifying feeling even more. I could resist her no longer. She screamed with delight as she came all over my erection. I held her hip to keep myself in place and to steady her quivering body.

Carol:I was very apparent to him that I relished the climax that over ran my senses. I backed off the bed and stood to face him. My eyes told him that the lovemaking was not over. I expressed how much I had wanted him…not only with my words but also with my actions.

Andre: The pause in the sexual tension was very brief, because as soon as she recovered she stood, pulled me close, and softly proclaimed that feeling me again was something she had been hoping for, for a very long time. I responded that I shared in her sentiment, but I thought this dream was unattainable. She squeezed me into her softness as if to re-assure me and protect me from the world. The comfort she bestowed on me touched me so deeply I had no desire to do anything but drink in her embrace.

Carol:I turned and guided him to layback on the bed. I smile into his face and told him we had all night to make up for lost time. I crawled on to his body and mounted his lap. He filled me with the pleasure that had haunted my dreams. I slowly settled on to his manhood and took pleasure in the sensation anew, as my body recalled how pleasing it was to welcome him into me.

Andre: I exhaled with delight as she took a glorious position on my lap. I gazed up at this vision of womanly beauty, drinking in every detail of her curve frame. Her eyes met mine and the connection was unmistakable. We embraced the piece of heaven we had captured in the moment of our passion. I could see in her stare that she knew this night was only the beginning.

Carol:I felt as if I was in another world as I began to move up and down sliding all over his shaft. Up and down, back and forth, as the hotness of my pussy surrounded him. I bent over to touch his lips with my tongue and he responded with a coy smile. He began rubbing my thighs and I quivered with every touch of his hand. I could feel myself erupting to climax, which I was and was not ready for. I did not want this sensation to end and I relished the thought of how much I wanted to be with this man.

Andre: I rubbed my hands on her pronounced thighs as I felt the motion of her hips quicken. She stopped only to savor the feelings as our body's senses sharpened in response the fast approaching climax. My mind reeled as I grappled with my subconscious urge to give in to the climax welling up inside me. Her pause helped to calm me as my hands freely explored the expanse of the wonderful body before me.

Carol:As my pace increased, my breathing increased, and the need to give in to my verging orgasm increased. I look down at him and saw on his face the same conflict. Finding security in this understanding, I gave in to the carnal desire I had been trying to keep at bay. The climax over took me. I pressed into his lap with each wave of pleasure and he responded to my actions by erupting in kind. This served to send more wave of pleasure rushing through my body. Over come by the experience, I collapsed on to him. I was met by a hug that pressed me into him so tight I believe that if he squeezed any harder we would have become one person in body as we had already become in soul.

Andre: I held on to her as if my life depended on it. In my mind and in my heart, I believed this to be true. Our lovemaking continued into the dim light of morning. I told her I had a business obligation and I made her promise that she would be there when I returned. I said, I didn't want to take any chance of losing her again, so I got all the contact information I could from her. I hastily made my presentation and rushed back to her side. Where I told her we would live as close to happily ever after as one could get.

Carol: I counted the minutes until he returned from his business meeting. When he returned to me later that day…our eyes met and I knew that my prince had arrived to share a life and an ending that only happened in a storybook. We made love into the night and continued until the early morning hours. I had never felt so complete, so at ease with anyone and I told him so. And he smiled and said, this is our little piece of heaven.