Weight Room Title Bar

By Jay Tee

Jammary Bogan was a creative girl from one of the first colonies dispersed all across the Red Planet . She was a scriptwriter and an illustrator, producing a series of graphic novels concerning life in Mars. Being under the 2,000 population mark, the planet found her captivating as well as her work. A virtual system called RedNet sustained the connected colonies and updated with mainstream matters from both planets, Earth & Mars.

It was the first day of March, Earth time. The year: 2034. Jam (as she liked to call herself) turned on the computer and entered into the virtual chatroom called The Gift. She usually frequented it on Fridays when she had some time to spend and had just finished a complete graphic novel chapter.

Her friend Noree was there. Most of them knew each other from virtual meetings, but usually they didn't see their faces in flesh. In The Gift, of course, they all looked slim and sexy.

“Hey, Jammy! Whassaps around?” asked Noree as she walked away from a closed group of beat young dancers. The boys were all dancing like madmen and drinking a sort of energy beam by tubes hanging from the roof.

“Who are those guys, Noree?” Jam laughed at her friend.

“They're from Beta-V, a colony down at the south. Don't listen to them, anyway; they're a bunch of oddballs…”

The night founded them talking about how to improve their looks and the best ways to chase men. Both girls were slender ladies. They both looked exotic and appealing to the boys' eyes. But they shared a secret. They knew each other from the very streets of the colony, and they both knew the truth behind their multicolor virtual outfits.

“I gained five pounds last week, Jam,” Noree complained.

Jammary looked at her own soft round paunch before answering Noree. She was a chubbette, too. Thanks to her artist skills she had created brand new virtual Jams and Norees in the RedNet. Everybody on the net was always trying to conquer these two desirable, sexy thin chicks, but the reality was a bit different. Noree weighed 175 pounds, mostly on her thighs and buttocks. Jam was stuck somewhere between Noree's mark and the two hundreds, but she really didn't want to know the exact number.

Both girls shopped and did basic tasks through the RedNet, so they barely looked out their windows, avoiding exposure to people on Martian streets. Both 24 year-old Noree and the 26 year-old famous artist known as Bogany had lived their entire lives fighting their own rejection of themselves. Years of self-oppression and endless days of despair. But something happened that second day of March.

A strange shutdown blockaded net access for a couple of minutes. When power returned, something was different, though. “Did you feel that, Jam?” Noree grinned from the screen.

“Yeah, like an energy discharge or somethin' I reckon. Let me check my virtual enhancement program database. I hope it's ok. I'd hate to have to build us up again…”

“This is utterly strange…” Jammary said to herself slowly.

“What, sweet?” Noree asked.

“Your statistics, they seem to be outside of the measures we've set up. It's indicating your weight is 175 pounds…”

Noree laughed. “It is, dumbass!”

“No, comet-head, this is the virtual you; it should say 115 pounds. I'll fix it now…” Jam's fingers raced across the keyboard, and in so doing she hit the wrong number, typing 215 instead of 115. “Damn it! Program is frozen… I mistyped it and I can't change it back. I'll reboot the thing all over… Noree? … Girl? …Still there? Shit!”

By the time she put the equipment back on line the clock was marking 5 o' clock in the morning. Fifty minutes from the shutdown and forty from the Enhancer's disconnection Jammary was finally able to reach Noree. She saw her younger friend, and she couldn't avoid a contained chuckle. “Whoa! Hey, your virtual you is really big!” At the screen, a fuller Noree nodded with a strange grin… “Eer… Jam? …I'm not in my virtual room… I am… uh… using the real camera line…”

“What?” Jammary was astonished. Her friend looked at least 200 pounds.

“I've gone to weigh myself four times since it happened. It's 215 pounds, Jam. This is terrible! Look, I even have a double chin hanging down now! And my breasts! Holy shit, look at them - they're mammoth!”

Jam couldn't believe it… It was the same weight she has mistyped over the database. She opened the Enhancer and looked for her own database. Noree was crying on the other end of the line. Bogany file, that was it! The database was marking 193 pounds for her digital self. Just like Noree's after the shutdown: it was her real weight.

Noree was calling her but Jam could only think in one thing at a time… She typed 115. But somehow the keys didn't response to her fingers. She typed again. The same results and still those193 pounds. In anger, she flipped her chubby fingers again looking for her ideal number… But rough actions lead to manifold consequences.

Her finger punched the last five of the number twice.

Suddenly, something violent separated Jammary's arms from the keyboard. The room became too small in a second. Jammary wanted to shout, but her throat only produced a low sound as her breath was cut short. The chair collapsed under her body. 1,155 was the number she had mistyped.

“Jammary! Jammy, are you there? Come on!” It was Noree, bouncing on her new body in front of the screen. “Please girl, respond!”

Noree was completely freaked out by her own size, but she decided to go and see what had happened to Jam in the real world since she'd disappeared from the screen. She grabbed a jacket, not expecting it to fit. But it suited her perfectly.

She looked again at the mirror before leaving her cubicle. Her legs were two tree logs standing together, sinking in cellulite and waves of fat. Her butt was immense. Then there was her belly - she'd always had a big tummy but nothing to be really worried. Now it hung like a jelly bag five inches below where it used to be and seven inches ahead in the front, obstructing the sight of her thighs.

Once in the streets she to reach Jam's place. It was 8 a.m. She hadn't been out much, so she thought that nobody would recognized her. Instead, people stood and stared at her. She was probably the fattest girl on the colony now. Wrong again.

“Isn't she Noree, Bogany's friend?” asked a young girl to her escort.

“Can't be her… I saw her yesterday at The Gift; maybe it's a sister. This is odd…”

Noree almost stopped breathing when she saw Jam in her cubicle. She was in the floor, lying horizontally (if that concept could be used for a ball).

“God, Noree… I don't know what to do… I must be the same size of the room.” Jammary spitted from the fleshy deeps of her face. “Read the number at the bottom of that database!” she asked Noree, who still was frozen in the doorway.

“Uh… It says 1,155… Holy rocks! It's in pounds! You're weighing all that…”

Jammary's new waist measurement was almost 160 inches of circumference. Her entire front was crossed with several folds of undulating fatness. Her gigantic boobs rested over her mammoth shoulders, surrounding her triple-chinned face. Both of them were two feet wider and equally long. Her arms outstretched at both sides like impossible huge sausages, wide enough to contain the former Jam's waist. Her thighs, covered by 25 inches of swelling stomach, were totally stamped by a cellulite layer. Nothing but her feet could be identified in such a mass of fatness; even her ankles had totally vanished.

“This is a big problem,” Jam said.

Forty minutes later Noree was able to roll over her artist friend. When Jammary rose with her tremendous paunch below her, she tried to stand, helped by her own arms and Noree's. She made it at last, but her belly felt as heavy as a thousand rocks - maintaining balance was impossible. Finally, she crashed her macroscopic frame onto her bed.

“Damn! I loved that bed… But I need to take a rest - I can't be on my feet. It feels like the whole world is inside of me.”

Noree was crying again. “I'm sorry… I feel like a disgusting worm… I was thinking selfishly when these extra pounds appeared on me. I though it was the end of the world… But I see you now… and… and…” She couldn't finish. She cleaned the tears from her pink cheeks with a hankie. Jammary was traveling with her mind and remained silent. “What we're gonna do, Jam? You can't even move…”

“First of all, please grab that keyboard and bring that p-c desk here…” Jammary wasn't defeated at all. “Second, go to the kitchen and look for whatever you can find inside the fridge…”

Noree was pushing the mobile desk. “The fridge? What for?”

Jammary laughed. “I don't know you but I'm starving, and I feel I can eat a half dozen pizzas just for breakfast. Go, go, go!” she commanded.

Noree was still shocked by her own size, but she ran to the kitchen, balancing her fifty inch wide buttocks.

“Let me see what we can do with these databases…” Jam said as she snagged a big bag of fried chicken instant legs. “Look at this… I can access the whole virtual database of the colonies. The shutdown must have disengaged security restrictions.” Her ballooned fingers typed as fast as they could.

“Daphne Muldings… Mmm, interesting. She really weighs what she looks… 120 pounds. A bitch like her doesn't deserve it…”

Jammary looked at Noree. They both knew what should be done.

“A thousand?” Noree asked.

“What about two? Yep… Why not?” Jam concluded. She typed 2,222 on Daphne's weight statistic. “We'll see her soon… well, not in flesh possibly. If this thing really works with everybody as it did with us, we can take revenge for all those years of shame we've felt.”

“I can go outside. I still fit through the doors,” Noree added smiling.

“You bet. I need you to go around and check if this thing worked out.”

Jammary reached for a chocolate bar and a big strawberry milk shake. She was feeling the urgent necessity to pack in as much caloric food as possible for her new huge stomach. But as she ate, she continued to play with the databases. Soon every colonist would have to enlarge their doors and reinforce their chairs and beds.

The artist known as Bogany didn't know what the hell had caused the reality distortion. But she didn't care either - not for the moment. A chunky smile appeared between Jammary Bogan's bulky cheeks. She would change her graphic novel series with a different kind of art: female Martian body enhancements. “There must be a thousand women all across Mars,” she told Noree. "It's gonna a whole new world out there!"