Weight Room Title Bar

By Mink

Part One

Max felt his love boxers cut into his love handles and made his belly spill over the sides. No, this pair wouldn't fit either. He put them back and got the next two sizes up. Trying on the smaller first, he had barely settled it around his waist before pulling them off.

Fortunately, the next size fit. Max's eye caught the tiny briefs he had brought into the change room, knowing too well he was to fat to get into them.

Now, he struggled to pull them up over his thighs, then up to his waist. It was the most erotic sensation he had ever felt. On the one hand, he felt hugely fat and vulnerable, yet on the other he felt incredibly sexy and hungry. He told the person he was going to keep this pair on and buy the other ones.

Max turned to look in the mirror and felt himself become erect and embarrassed at his new body. The slim athlete was no longer staring back at him. Three months off of training. Three months of sitting on his ass. Three months of overindulging himself from depression. Those three months had brought loneliness, depression, and a huge onslaught of food. Many well-wishers left treats or food for him, and they soon found their way into his expanding middle.

Sliding his hands down his jiggly tummy, he felt the fat slide and ripple underneath his sensitive palms. Suddenly, furious, he slapped himself on the sides of his gut hard, hissing at the sting. He closed his eyes, unable to cope with the arousal and disgust.

He put his girdle back on, sucking in as he struggled, then lugged himself into his wheel chair and rolled himself out. As he wheeled himself down the halls of the mall, his nose caught the scents of teriyaki chicken…fried rice…jeez, that smelled good.

Upon ordering three entire meals, Max felt slightly ashamed and glanced around. The only person who seemed to have noticed was a woman behind him. It was quite easy to dismiss her, looking greedily at the mounded food.

He put the food on one of the little mall tables and began to eat, nearly cumming as he felt the already too tight briefs dig into his tender tummy, forcing his love handles to swell. He ate quicker, still being surprisingly neat about it.

The woman he had noticed a few moments earlier sat beside him. “I hope you don't mind,” she said, her voice husky. “It's so busy today there aren't many seats…”

Max gestured his dismissal of her explanation with his fork, as his mouth was bulging with rice. Max felt his face flush as he chewed because - have you ever noticed that when you take a bite to eat it always seems to take longer if you have to talk? - he felt like a pig. Finally, he swallowed and smiled at her.

“Absolutely no problem, my dear! I'm actually glad, I'd rather you sit beside me than some sweaty person!” He took a smaller bite.

She laughed. “There were a few other spaces, but I'd much rather sit beside such a handsome man myself!”

Feeling as if he was being made fun of, Max said, “Hardly handsome with his hanging off me!” He retorted, sliding himself back in and taking a big mouthful of chicken.

The beautiful redhead shook her head. “That little thing? It's hardly enough to grab onto!”

“Oh yeah?” He asked, pushing himself away from the table slightly and wrapping his fingers around his new paunch, showing its softness as it jiggled and his fingers indented deeply.

“Like I said - tiny! See that man over there? She asked in a conspiratorial voice. “Now THAT'S a belly, nice big love handles, and look at that full stomach, hanging over his belt and pressing up against his shirt…! Amazing!” She had a slight flush on her face but an admiring look in her eye and voice.

Max gaped at her. “You like that?” he asked, feeling numb.

“Yes…” The woman blinked.

“How...I mean it's so gross and bad for your health…” Max stuttered, confused. Suddenly he felt fingers poke into his little belly and his eyes bulged.

She laughed softly. “I'm Laureline…If you think you're huge, don't give me a call, but if you want a good time with a nice big home cooked meal…here's my card.” And she handed it to him.

“Max…” he said, accepting it.

Laureline pushed her food over to his side of the table, untouched. “I couldn't possibly eat this…besides, a big boy like you needs lots of food to grow!” She ginned.

Max felt himself become erect at her words and hastily gobbled down the food.

No reason to let this nummy food go to waste…except my waist!!!!!!

Max grinned up at her, his cute double chin more obvious, and moaned slightly as she slide her hand from one side of his bloated belly to the other.

“I'm free tonight…” she whispered, squeezing his love handle.

Never before had Max felt so fat and horny. He already knew that he was going to do it hands down.