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The Ex
by Rebel

part one

Bambi and Rex got married young. They were just young and bored, and thought that it would be a good way to get away from the problems that haunt the young and bored. Besides, they had given each other the best sex that anyone had ever heard of. They had lots of other stuff in common as well, but the sex was what really clinched the deal. Rex was a devilishly handsome guy in excellent physical condition, sort of like Rhett Butler in some ways. At the same time, Bambi looked like she belonged in a music video. She was a red-head, thin and big breasted, and dressed to prove it. They were a striking couple, and seemed to have a happy marriage.

It was not a very happy marriage, despite some stellar moments of happiness. The worst of the problem was that the sex just quit. Bambi simply wasn’t interested in doing it with her husband anymore. She could never fully explain to him why she had quit wanting him, so she stopped trying. Before their five year union was dissolved, Rex had actually begun to beg for any type of touching. He had also cheated on Bambi a few times.

Later, Rex came to realize that Bambi’s lack of desire was partly his own fault. He had always made her feel second best, because he preferred large women. His wife was so small, even though she was well over five feet tall, that she that she could buy clothes in the girls’ departments of any department store. It wasn’t enough that she thought of herself as beautiful, and it wasn’t enough that most of the men she knew thought she was sexy. She always believed that her husband didn’t find her desirable because of her weight. That was part of it, but neither of them ever really knew what else caused her libido to just shut down. And it was that lack of sex that drove them to divorce, just as it had been sex that had led them to marry in the first place.

The divorce itself was rather painless. They had no children, and just a little stuff to divide. The worst part was admitting defeat. Rex moved a thousand miles away, and Bambi got remarried shortly after the divorce was final. They went back to being friends now that they weren’t married, and that was a much better relationship for them. They would talk on the phone about once a year or so, just enough to keep in touch with the other’s life.

Bambi’s new husband Carl was different than Rex had been. No silly perversions about a woman’s size, no flirtatious nature, no surprises. In fact, he was down right dull. Bambi thought of this as being strong at first, then steady, and eventually came to realize that he was just plain boring! By then, she’d had two sons and a million fantasies of bidding Carl a permanent farewell, and running off with the first Biker she found. It was driving her crazy!

Bambi was acutely aware of the irony of it all when she finally called Rex. Here she was, a woman who had been a frigid wife calling her ex-husband to ask for his help with the fact that she wasn’t getting any sex from her spouse. It took a lot of guts, not to mention desperation, to dial Rex’s phone number.

He was amazingly understanding and compassionate. He listened carefully to her problems, offered advice where she wanted it, and never once said “neener-neener-neener!” When she asked, he even offered to help her find a one night stand, though he wouldn’t give her what she really wanted. He wouldn’t be the one to sleep with her. He even pretended not to know that that was what she really wanted.

Rex had gotten married too. The difference was, he was deliriously happy this time.

part two

Rex had found a big beautiful woman named Kate, and had a step-son and a daughter now. Between his divorce from Bambi and settling down with Kate, he had had sex with every woman that got too close to him. All of that was pretty well out of his system now, and he was ready to be a devoted and faithful husband and father now.

Besides, not only was the rubenesque Kate a walking fantasy for Rex, she was in her sexual prime. It was all he could do to keep up with her, forget about an affair! But he and Bambi did arrange to get together, just for a couple of drinks at home with Kate.

Bambi was shocked at just how big her ex liked his women now. Kate was huge compared to her, and so obviously feminine that it was shocking. The big blonde wife was around twice Bambi’s hundred pounds, with amazing tits and monumental hips. She was soft and overpowering at the same time, and seemed to be accustomed to having Rex’s absolute affection at all times. Bambi didn’t want to be jealous of a woman who she considered to be a fat tub of goo, but she couldn’t help it. Kate was madly loved by a handsome man that she was madly in love with, and was probably making love more often in a week than she did all year. What a bitch!

The worst thing of all was that she truly liked Kate. They agreed on most issues, had similar tastes, and laughed at the same jokes. Really the biggest difference between the two women was their size. As much as she hated to admit it, this was exactly the woman that Rex should have married. That made it even worse that she and Kate were so much alike. By the time Bambi went back home, she and Kate had become good friends.

As soon as her sons gave her a moment’s peace, she spent it studying herself in her full length mirror. She still looked damn good for a woman who had passed thirty. A flat tummy, that cute little space between her thighs, tight ass cheeks. Heck, even her boobs were doing pretty good considering that she had nursed two strapping boys. Above it all, she had good bones in her face, and that shimmering red hair.

That was what she tried to see, anyway. In reality, only her hair measured up to her ideals. Her face was severe and looked older than it should have. There ought to be a way to soften it up some, smooth it out a little. Her ass was flat and boyish. Around her tummy were visible ribs and sharp hipbones, making her look malnourished. Her breasts were limp and somehow deflated. Nothing at all like those zeppelins that Kate was wielding.

The more she ran her critical eye over herself, the more Kate’s image sprang to her mind. Kate’s hipbones weren’t even visible, no one could mistake her for a man if they saw her womanly backside, and her plump face looked young and joyous. All of this was because of the extra padding that Kate had, because she was so fat!

The only thing that Bambi had to lose was that cute little space between her thighs. Then she thought, so what is a space anyway? Emptiness. What is emptiness? Nothing. She had nothing to lose, and only weight to gain. And maybe some happiness and her husband and who knows what else...

She put her clothes back on, wondering if she had completely lost her mind. Did she really think that getting fat would solve all of her problems? Of course not, but it seemed like a good place to start. Maybe Carl would like a little more of her. If not, at least it would be harder for Rex to turn her down next time.

>> THE END <<