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Exercise Queen
By Stauber

Hannah sighed as she looked in the mirror. She did not like what she saw. She was a television exercise instructor, and a rather famous one at that. For three years, she had been the woman on TV whom every other woman had envied. Her, long, slim, slightly muscular legs, her toned buttocks, her flat stomach (with just the slightest hint of muscles underneath), and breasts in a proportion you'd expect of a woman in her physical condition. She was, in essence, what every woman strived to look like. Well, she used to be. She had taken two months off of work to take a vacation and just relax.

She had gone back home, to spend time with her family back in Mississippi. Her parents, while not disapproving of her trim physique, always encouraged her to indulge herself. To them, it meant, spend time with her family, relax, and eat good food. "Why worry about your figure dear? You're an exercise teacher, you can't help but stay fit."

When she had first gotten there, her mother had prepared a great feast of fried chicken, ribs, potato salad, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes with gravy, fried okra, and cornbread. She had a sort of welcoming party for her daughter, inviting all of her family and friends. They stayed and talked and ate for hours. Hannah had a great time. Then her mother brought out three gigantic apple pies, and peach cobbler for dessert. After an initial hesitation, Hannah decided to let herself go this one time, this was a family affair, and she ought to have the most fun she can.

After the party, Hannah realized she had forgotten all the great food her mother could make, and that she had been missing out on it this whole time. She resolved to let herself go a little more for her vacation, but not to let herself get out of hand. So every morning, her mother made eggs, bacon, sausage and pancakes for breakfast, and in the evening, great fried southern foods, and delicious desserts. All the while, Hannah ate all this, but told herself she was being careful.

As one can guess, the two month vacation took a toll on Hanna's figure. After a month, she had lost some definition in her toned legs, and her stomach muscles were less visible than they had been. Hannah convinced herself this change could be reversed when she got back from her vacation, and thought no more of it. Her food intake, if anything, increased over the second month. She was making sure she wouldn't forget how these foods tasted when she went back to work, so she was snacking on her favorite foods whenever she could. She had noticed a tighter feeling in her clothes, especially when she sat down, but dismissed it.

On the weekend before she was to leave, her friends threw a party for her at the lake. As expected, she put on her bathing suit. Looking in the mirror, she definitely noticed changes. Her stomach had lost any muscle definition, and now even had a small roll when she sat down. Her bikini top was a bit tighter. Her bottoms were a struggle to get on past her fleshier thighs and widened hips. Her plump rear felt totally pinned inside the suit, and the bottom of her butt cheeks had to escape out the bottom of the suit. Signs of cellulite were found at the top of her thighs. Not good, she thought. She decided to weigh herself. 130. A fifteen pound weight gain in two months. Well, I can work it off, it's no big deal, I'm still a lot thinner than most of the girls out there.

She walked out of her room. "Hi honey," her mom said, eyeing her figure. "Isn't that suit a little small?" her mom said with a wink.

"It's ok, mom, I just gained a little weight, thanks to you" Hannah said, blushing.

Her mom laughed, "It's ok, you look healthy, and I can't help it if I'm a great cook," and went back to mixing her brownies.

At the lake, she had a great time with her friends, and forgot all about her weight for a while. They had hamburgers for lunch, and stayed at the lake the rest of the day. When she got home, her mom had prepared a going away feast. Still in her bikini, she suddenly remembered her weight, and grabbed a pinch of flab on her stomach. She worried for a second, but opted not to hurt her mother's feeling, and feasted that night too.

Now, in her house again, and expected at the studio in an hour, Hannah looked at herself. She was in her underwear, her bra and pannies each about a size too small. Her breasts almost outgrown her B-cup bra, and it was uncomfortable. Her stomach was now a little potbelly, and formed three rolls when she sat down. Her pannies were tight in the waist area, as well in the posterior. Her butt had grown the most out of her features, and now jiggled when she walked. She put on her loosest clothes, and reluctantly went to the studio.

When she got there, her wardrobe was already waiting for her in her dressing room. Everyone around was so busy they didn't have time to talk to her. She felt trapped, should she go and try to explain her weight gain to her director, Arnie? He didn't look like he had time, but she didn't want to just put on the skimpy exercise outfit and go out there with her pouring out of it. She called her director on the intercom.

"Yeah babe, what's up?" he asked, sounding rushed.

She hesitated. "Umm, I have a little problem - "

"Ok, well, change and come on out here then we'll fix it; we're running late as it is," he said, and clicked the intercom off.

"Okay, whatever you say," she said.

She looked at the spandex two-piece uniform. It was the same type she wore every time she did the show, and recently, to increase ratings, they had made it a little skimpier. The idea had worked, and she now wore the new suit every show. Now, as she struggled to get the bottoms on, she felt like crying. It was an immense struggle to get the bottom on over her softened hips and plump thighs. Getting it over her rear was the hardest part, and she jiggled furiously as she fought to get on the uniform. When she finally did, she still didn't quite feel covered for some reason. She looked in the mirror at her back side. Her butt cheeks were hanging out of the suit! Cellulite could be seen on the top of her thighs and on her butt cheeks.

This time she did cry. This was way too embarrassing. She started to call her director and explain, but right before she picked up the intercom, he called her, "Hannah, where are you? We need you out here now!" and hung up.

Okay, there was no talking to him. She decided to put the top on, too. It was little more than a sports bra. It really restricted her breasts, which were pushing the fabric to its limit. The tightness of the suit made her stomach hang out more. The inch or so hanging out jiggled with every step she took. She looked in the mirror, heaved a sigh, and walked out to face her director.

He was turned around when she came into the room. A few of the crew saw her, and their reaction made him turn around. He couldn't believe what he saw. "What is this???" he yelled. "What have you done?" He grabbed some tummy fat as if just to make sure it was real. "Oh my god, we are ruined! You're supposed to advertise the Gliding Track today, it's a multi-million dollar account! Nobody's going to buy an exercise machine from a porker!"

A voice somewhere overhead said, "On air in five minutes" He paced back and forth, mumbling.

"How much weight did you gain?" he asked suddenly.

She responded sadly, "Twenty two pounds." He thought about that for a moment.

"Okay, I have an idea, but if it doesn't work, it will mean both our jobs."

The camera faced her like an evil eye. She was just about to go on air as a chubby exercise instructor. This wasn't right. But as Arnie said, it was the only thing that could save their jobs.

"Ten seconds to air!" the overhead voice said. She took a deep breath and waited. This had to work, it ust had to. "Three, two, one!"

"Hi, I'm Hanna Turner, and welcome to Fit Happens. You may have noticed by now I look a little different than what you're used to," she grabbed a roll of fat on her stomach to emphasize, "but there is a reason. We have a great new product on the market called the Gliding Track, and it has guaranteed great fitness results in six months or less. So, in order to prove this, I have gained twenty pounds on purpose just to show you how well it works, and that you could lose twenty pounds, right along with me every day."

She got up, and walked to the gliding track, stomach jiggling, thighs rubbing together, and butt bouncing along with every step. She felt so humiliated, was the audience buying it?

"Now the first step is to attach these resistance bands!" They were on the floor, so she bent down to get them. The camera was looking at her from the side, and when she bent down, her stomach formed rolls, and hung over the top of her pants. Also, bending down exposed more of her butt, which was already hanging out of the shorts to begin with. She got back up, blushing. She attached the resistance band. Every movement she made, something jiggled. She got on to the machine.

To work this piece of equipment, you had to lie down on the rolling seat, and push back and forth with your arms and legs. She sat down on the machine (forming three good-sized rolls, and making her stomach hang over her shorts), she was well aware of how she looked, and quickly laid down after attaching her feet to the cords. "And now you just push back and forth, like so," she was squatting, bending her knees and then straightening her body out, repetitively. Every time she brought her legs in, her stomach made rolls, and it jiggled throughout her exercise. Her boobs also bounced along while she moved. She was so humiliated, this was never going to work; she was going to lose her job for sure. But still, she went on and finished the show, flabby and jiggly and all.

After the show, the station was flooded with phone calls concerning Hannah. To her surprise, they supported her. The public seemed to like a "real looking" girl on TV, trying to lose weight with the rest of them. Her boss called her a genius, but only her director Arnie knew it was a fluke. He didn't say anything though, because he was getting a lot of praise too. So the station bought her some bigger exercise clothes (But still a two-piece suit). She was grateful for that at least. She showed up for work now with the best of spirits. One thing about the bigger clothes, was that the other ones were so tight, they trapped and pinned her fat to her body, holding it in place. Now, the clothes did not restrict her, allowing her butt, belly, and boobs to bounce freely at the slightest movement. There was much more pronounced jiggling now, and Hannah could feel it even as she walked.

Two weeks later, before the show, Arnie walked into her dressing room. "Ready for a great show, fatty?" he asked, smiling. Hannah was still very self conscious about her weight, and didn't like Arnie calling her fatty, but knew she would have to put up with teasing now.

"Oh Arnie, don't call me that," she whined.

He laughed, grabbing her butt, squeezing her flab, "But it was a compliment; this stuff is gonna make us a lot of money!"

She sighed, "Yeah, I know, but I still hate being flabby; I jiggle everywhere, and I'm on camera showing my flab to thousands of people; once I lose the weight, I'm gonna make sure I never gain weight again."

Arnie looked disappointed. "Aww, but you know you could do this again, and make more money with another product, then another, and so on, Gliding Track has already increased their payment to us. They think it's a great idea what we're doing. By the way, how much weight have you lost so far?"

Hannah bit her lip. "Well, the fact is, not much."

Arnie's face changed. "Like, how little?"

Hanna looked at the ground, "Well, I gained two pounds actually."

Arnie just looked at her, "You've got to be kidding me, how much did you weigh before?"

"One-fifteen," she said.

"And how much do you weigh now?"

She hesitated. "One thirty-nine."

Arnie just sat down; it had never occurred to him that Hannah wouldn't lose the tonnage. "Once they start to notice you're not losing weight, we're in big trouble," he said. How could you gain weight?"

Hannah started to cry. "I just can't stop eating," she sobbed. "I let myself go a little at my mom's house, and now I just can't stop!"

Arnie started to hug her; he felt bad for her. As he held her, he did indeed feel how soft she was now, and he found he rather liked it. "It's okay, Hannah. It's okay."

Two months passed, and while Hannah didn't gain any more weight, she didn't lose any either. She was secretly put into extra exercise courses, but as soon as she got home, feeling exercised and worn out, she would hit the Hagen Daas as a little reward to herself. But a pint a day is hardly what one would call little. The weight failed to vanish from her body.

Her breasts, formerly firm, were now flabby and bouncing around with each movement. Her belly had traces of cellulite on it now. Love handles spilled over the sides of her exercise suit. Her thighs had plumped up, her hips wider and softer, and her rear surpassed that of Jennifer Lopez (plus a couple pounds). After another month, the management at the station told her if she didn't show any weight loss results in a week, she was fired.

She had all but given up on losing the weight. She simply loved food too much, and had given in to the idea that she would be forever plump. She was also bitter at her work for putting these pressures on her. Even though she had put on thirty pounds (She was now up to 145), she still felt like they were being mean. Arnie was supportive though and had taken to constantly squeezing her ample rear and poking her in her soft belly. He knew he was going to get fired, too, but he was going to go wherever she went. He never realized how turned on he could be by this girl's jiggly body.

A week and three pounds later (148) she was called into her boss's office. She was in her two-piece uniform, which had gotten a little tight, even though they had let it out a little for her. Her boss sat her down in the chair across from him. Sitting down made her belly hang over her pants. Seeing it, he sighed heavily and began his speech.

"Hannah, you've been one of our most popular employees for a few years now. Your show was a hit; you were beautiful and an exercise queen. The perfect combination. Ratings were up, and so were sales from the products you used. But I don't know what's happened to you. You come back from your vacation with all this tonnage, your belly hanging out and your ass jiggling everywhere. No one wants to see that. I know what Arnie thought of, and it was a great idea and a valiant effort, one that could have made a lot of money for all of us, but you had to mess it up. Every week your viewers turn on the TV expecting to see you getting slimmer, instead, you're porking up before their very eyes!" He started to get very animated as he spoke. "We had to do all we could to keep Gliding Track from suing us, and we all lost a huge amount of money from this deal. They will never do business with us again, and they were one of our biggest clients!" He calmed down a little. "Hannah, you've got charm, charisma, and, well, you used to have beauty. You're not getting fired because you were bad at your job," he grabbed a handful of the tummy flesh that was hanging over her pants. "This is why you're getting fired."

Hannah went home in tears. As soon as she got home, she went straight to the ice cream. It was her way of consoling herself, and what did she care? She didn't have to look fit anymore. Depressed, she stayed in her house for two weeks, just absently eating ice cream and lamenting over the loss of her job.

In fact, she didn't even change out of her workout uniform. One day Arnie called her, asking her how she was doing. She seemed to snap out of her daze. "Umm fine I guess, I've just been a little depressed, that's all. I haven't done much but just sit here."

At this, Arnie knew she had gained more weight. "Mind if I come and see you?" he asked. She said yes, and he came over right away.

When Hannah hung up with Arnie, she got up for the first time in two weeks without going to the freezer for more ice cream. She had been in such a daze before she had hardly noticed anything. Now, it was obvious something was different. It felt harder to get up. She looked down. Whoa!

The first thing she saw were her breasts. They were a lot bigger and now were spilling out of her sports bra. She took her bra off, it was really constricting her. There. Now she felt a little better. She lifted a breast in each hand. Wow, that was a change. They had to be at least a D cup now. She hoisted them up high, then dropped them. With a plop, they landed on her belly, which jiggled up and down from the impact of her swelled breasts. Her stomach had grown bigger, and now spilled over the top of her waistband about an inch. Not really fazed, she walked to the full length mirror and studied herself. Sure enough, her belly was hanging over her pants, and large love handles accentuated her figure very nicely. She pinched her sides. Yup, she sure could pinch an inch. She turned around and looked at her rear, which was all but fully exposed hanging out of her suit. She took her shorts off for relief. Looking back at her backside, she saw cellulite on her rear, as well as her thighs now. Curiously, she shook her hips. Her thighs and butt did not stop shaking when she did. Looking at herself in the mirror again, she looked like a large pear. She decided to weigh herself. Taking a deep breath, she stood on the scale. It was a long moment before she looked down at the numbers. She gasped.

One sixty five! She weighed more than her mom! She had put on fifty pounds!

But strangely, she wasn't emotional. She was passive and just got off the scale. "Oh well, I guess I'm not gonna be skinny anymore." Just then, her doorbell rang.

Knowing it was Arnie, she just went to the door naked. When she opened the door, she saw the look on Arnie's face.

Arnie could not believe what he saw. Without saying a thing, he just wrapped her in his arms. After a while, he squeezed her butt. "Getting a little chunky, are we?"