Weight Room Title Bar

Exercising Doesn't Always Mean Losing Weight
By Mink

Part One

The young man in her aerobic class was certainly cute - not handsome, but cute. Only 5'7, with a soft angelic face, Jason was not the normal kind of guy she saw. Most people entered into her class to get or stay in shape. Jason, on the other hand, never seemed to lose a pound, and she frequently saw him eating a chocolate bar after class.

It was nearly the end of the lesson, and as she led them in a cool down routine, she couldn't help but notice how Jason's tummy fat folded over his spandex shorts and caused his shirt to rib. She licked her lips unconsciously and finished up.

I have to have a talk with him, she decided. I either have to help him get back to a proper routine or at least see why he isn't like the other men.

Rounding the corner, lost in her thoughts, she walked straight into the man who was on her thoughts. Literally. She let out an “oof” of surprise but felt his hands under her elbows, helping her maintain balance yet not supporting her.

Jason grinned at her, showing perfect white teeth. “Good thing that this big old thing was here to cushion your fall,” he joked, slapping his paunch.

Jamie's eyes followed the ensuing ripples, blushing. “Sorry, Jay,” she apologized. “I was thinking…about you actually…” She trailed off uncertainly.

Jay laughed and popped a piece of chocolate into his mouth. “Ask away, dearest teacher.” He waited expectantly, noting the halls clearing.

“Well, um, I was…concerned…you seem to be getting larger, instead of losing weight…” she trailed off, then relaxed, seeing his open smile.

“I'm only exercising to stay healthy - I don't want to lose weight.” Jason paused. “In fact, I'd like to be even bigger.”

Jamie gaped at his candor and laughed nervously. “Well, then, would you like to join me for dinner tonight at seven? At that all-you-can-eat buffet down the street?”

Jason looked her up and down appraisingly. “I would be delighted. Casual or fancy?”

“Definitely casual - and loose,” she blushed deeply. “Need to get our money's worth out of it!”

Jay laughed and waved her off, grinning as he went to get changed. He reflected back on some of his first fat experiences, wondering at his small size then.

At Ten:

Reaching into his Halloween bag and eating every single piece of chocolate had made him awfully sick. But even at this young age he came shot after shot, finding himself more attractive than he could ever remember.

At Thirteen:

Now chubby, Jay's starter belly was starting to make him slow down, jiggling and bouncing erotically with each step. The first day of school, he slid into his desk and felt his belly press up against the desk painfully.

At Eighteen:

Now obviously and unavoidably going to fat, Jay jiggled around the dance floor at his prom, his date popping chocolates into his mouth and squeezing his large love handles, smiling with glee every time he swallowed.

After the night was over she made him go to an all-you-can-eat buffet and gorged him until he couldn't even move - three people had to help him out. In the limo, she fell on him and gave him his first sex.

He could still remember it to this day - he lay on his back, belly rocking and slapping and jiggling. He tried to flip over on top and barely made it. He stiffened further at her moans of pleasure when his belly plopped onto her.

He only lasted two minutes before having to lie under her again, her frenzied moans and experienced hands making him grunt. “Oh you fat piggy,” she had purred. “You're too fat to sit up - you're so fat you can't be on top!”

He remembered how he had been unable to hold back, shooting into her and yelling with pleasure. “Oh damn,” he had moaned, “I am one fat fuck.”