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Eye Candy
by Mr. Kay

Even though I realized what she wanted, it still shocked me. I was still getting use to the fact that Donna wasn't the same girl I had married all those years ago. Our hopes for children had died when she found out she was barren, and her solution had become a newfound appetite for food and sex. Now, we were both in our early 40's and at over 400 pounds, she was more woman than I had ever dreamed of and I was happier now than I had ever been. Her huge mounds of flesh were incredibly soft and appealing and she knew it. Even though she was huge, she made herself look good, with makeup and tasteful clothing in public. When we were alone, she become a slut, wearing next to nothing when I was around her, always ready for sex whenever the mood hit us. We lived on some farmland I had inherited, so we had our privacy, and I was financially independent from several very good investments.

Donna had spent considerable time conducting a search for a personal slave, and had finally found one through an internet contact. She wanted a woman to join our family and take care of her as she started to grow, something we had talked about. We decided that she should gain another 300 pounds, but the issue of her becoming immobile was the problem. I had suggested a helper, and she decided to find the perfect person. That perfect person turned out to be a young 28 year old woman who answered her personal ad and agreed to come and live with us. She was from another state and unmarried, so she seemed perfect for our requirements. Now she was coming to live with us, arriving today.

I picked her up at the airport and brought her back to the farm. She told me that she wanted us to call her Candy, even though that wasn't her real name. She was beautiful, about 5 foot 6 and around 200 pounds, not as big as Donna by a long shot, but still pleasingly round. She kept telling me that we would not be disappointed and I believed her. As soon as we got home, I helped her with her bag and she went right inside. By the time I got in the house, she was staring at Donna and telling her how wonderful she looked. Next she took us both by surprise and hugged Donna, kissing her deeply on the lips and tasting her tongue. Donna responded by moaning softly and I quickly realized that our lives were about to get a whole lot better.

That first day , Candy spent getting to know us and our house. She seemed completely at ease and we got comfortable very quickly with her. She was an excellent cook and raided our pantry for a truly special meal for us. After supper, we all settled in the family room and got comfortable with a bottle of wine. Soon several bottles of wine were gone, and we all grew less inhibited. Candy asked us how we spent this kind of evening when we were alone, and we decided to show her. Donna got naked and stretched out on the couch, with her head in my lap. I had handfuls of breast and Candy joined us immediately, diving in and eating Donna's pussy slowly and completely. Donna started moaning and breathing heavier, and then she turned her head, pulled out my cock and stuck it in her mouth, slowly rolling her tongue around it and keeping up a constant motion. Soon I was ready to flood her mouth, and I told her so. Candy immediately jumped up and told me to wait. I nearly died, but I let her take control and she got both of us up off the couch, making Donna kneel down with her arms up on the couch and her huge ass sticking up in the air. She took me by the head of my rod, guiding me around behind Donna and using her hand to shove my aching cock into that huge, soggy pussy. She stayed behind me, reaching up between my legs from behind and grabbing my balls to regulate my rhythm as I slammed in and out of Donna's now dripping pussy. Donna was yelling at me to fuck her even harder and Candy was holding me back by squeezing my balls tightly.

Suddenly, she reached up past my balls and began to finger Donna's clit while I slammed into her even harder. Donna started screaming in ecstasy and I shot my load so hard that I thought I would break a rib, probably the best orgasm of my life up to that point. As I pulled my now deflated cock back, Candy shot around between us and began licking my cock, cleaning up all the combined juices now dripping off it. When she finished with me, she quickly turned her attention on Donna and lapped her pussy clean, sending Donna to another crashing orgasm. Candy finished with Donna and then turned around and asked us if we were hungry. I didn't think things could get any better, but now Candy proceeded to make a huge evening snack for all 3 of us, and we ate until we couldn't gag down another crumb.

The next day, we went into town the three of us, and we spent nearly a thousand dollars on food, buying the richest, most calorie laden food we could find. Candy promised to fatten us both up, and even though it wasn't part of our plan to make me huge, a few pounds certainly wouldn't hurt. We decided to focus our attention on Donna, setting our goal at 200 pounds in the first six months. It seemed an attainable goal, only a pound a day. When we got back to the farm, the feeding started in earnest, and by the end of the first week, Donna had gained 11 pounds. We celebrated this with an incredible evening of fucking and sucking, topped off by a giant midnight meal. Candy had gained a few pounds too, but she promised to stay down low so she could help. Over the next several weeks, Donna gained about 15 pounds a weeks through almost constant feeding from Candy. The two women developed a special relationship, a love between 2 women I couldn't hope to match as a man. However, Donna also demonstrated her love for me in numerous ways, especially enjoying showing off for me as she got larger every day. She was now over 500 pounds and was rounding out in every possible way. She had several new chins and huge hangdown flaps of flesh under her arms. Her giant breasts folded over her bloated belly and her nipples were now as large as saucers and more sensitive all the time. She could almost have an orgasm now from nothing more than a breast massage, and Candy was enjoying giving her the attention she craved. Her ass was so large, it seemed to have a life of its' own, and watching her from behind was an impressive sight. Her thighs were as big around as a normal person's waist, and she was having more trouble moving around now. But her appetite remained undiminished and she fed almost constantly. We decided that when she hit 600 pounds, we would celebrate with a special night out.

As it happened, we hit our goal with almost a month to spare and Donna was simply huge now. When she walked, every part of her jiggled and jumped and I loved every part of it. We got her a new outfit, not so easy at her size, but Candy was a great help and we all 3 struck out to show the world how beautiful Donna had become. We went to an expensive restaurant and when the maitre'd saw her, he almost fainted. We managed a large table in a private area, I think they were a little embarrassed, and we proceeded to order just about everything on the menu. It took almost 3 hours of eating, but we managed to finish and the bill came to over $700! As we left, people turned and stared, not believing the sight they were witnessing. Donna had eaten so much her new outfit had almost burst open, and I was so proud of her. Candy and I had to help her get out of the restaurant and all we could think of was getting home to continue our celebration. Before we got home, Donna was complaining about being hungry and we promptly sat down and ate another huge meal before we retired to the family room, which we had cleared and spread down some blankets and pillows in anticipation of the night's celebration.

We carefully got Donna on the floor and Candy used a pair of scissors to cut off all of Donna's clothing, an event so erotic we were shocked we hadn't tried it before. Next Candy quickly stripped down and lowered her pussy onto Donna's waiting tongue. Donna began eating that pussy with as much enthusiasm as she ate every thing else and soon Candy was begging me to strip down and join in. I tore my clothes off and quickly got down between Donna's giant thighs, ramming my cock home in one plunge that made Donna scream with pleasure. Candy quickly spun around to face me, keeping her pussy firmly lodged on Donna's face, and she bent down to lick at Donna's pussy while I sawed in and out with my throbbing rod. Candy's tongue slipped down and licked the top of my shaft as I continued to ram Donna's pussy as hard as I could. I pulled back a little and my cock popped out, straight into Candy's mouth. She sucked hard and lightly bit me a couple of times, sending me dangerously close to exploding. She realized this and quickly put my cock back in the pussy and I again began ramming in and out until I finally exploded in an orgasm that left we weak and shaking. Candy again cleaned off my cock with that glorious tongue and then lapped up Donna's pussy until it was as clean as possible. The she jumped up and went to the kitchen for a handful of bananas. When she returned, she laid down on her back, peeled the first banana and shoved it all the way into her pussy and told me it was snack time. I ate that fruit in no time flat while she squealed in ecstasy, and Donna rolled over and hung those giant breasts in Candy's face. Several more bananas got devoured the same way and now I was hard again. I moved up and slipped my cock into Candy's pussy and now Donna turned around and got her head and tongue down there to lick my cock while I fucked Candy as fast as I could. I quickly exploded again , showering Donna's face with cum and Candy just couldn't resist quickly getting up and licking her entire face clean. I leaned back, looked at my two women, and I realized that I had everything I could possibly want. We are now planning the celebration for Donna's ascension to 700 pounds and it promises to be better than our 600 pound party. I can't wait.