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The F Files

Maulder hadn't heard from Skully for over three hours. He knew that she hadn't eaten since noon and his concern was growing. He had to find her and soon.

In hindsight Skully knew that she should have waited until she was able to contact Maulder, but she was so sure that this was the right place. Luckily, or so she thought then, the elevated was still in good working order. Had it not been she wouldn't be up here on the third floor of this old tenant house. The door was unlocked. Skully removed the gun putting her little black purse across her shoulders military style.

Forearms resting on her belly Skully held the gun with both hands out in front of her as she slowly pushed the door open. No one in sight she entered looking left and then right. Breathing heavily from the exertion she checked the bathroom and the kitchen, nothing. She felt the bed, still warm; she'd just missed them.

Replacing her weapon Dana unbuttoned the jacket to her gray suit and tucked the white silk blouse back into the waistband of her short tight skirt, shaking out her auburn hair to fix herself up as best she could. She took out her cell phone to see if she could raise Maulder again when suddenly the door slammed shut. Startled she quickly turned catching one of the four-inch heels of her black pumps in the old worn carpet. Losing her balance Dana fell backwards onto the bed dropping the cell phone.

The old bed unable to take Skully's weight collapsed under her, the mattress falling through the frame onto the floor. Dana's relief to find that it was only a draft from an open window that had caused the door to slam was short lived as she struggled to get back to her feet. Laying on her back, the mattress angling upward to the other side of the bed, her massive legs hooked over the frame Dana was stuck, pinned down by her own six hundred pounds of weight. She tried kicking one big leg over and roll onto her side but because of her huge size it didn't work. Dana was trapped. "Think, Skully," she said to herself and then remembered the cell phone.

No matter how she wiggled her weight around Skully was able to reach the cell phone. All she could do was to touch it with her foot, but that was enough. It took some time yet finally Skully had it in her fat little hand. She punched in Maulder's number; there was no answer. She tried him again and again, still no answer. "Come on, Maulder, where are you?" she whined. Setting the phone down on the bed beside her, Dana placed her hands on her enormous belly; she was hungry and needed to be fed and soon.

Maulder was worried, Skully hadn't checked in for some time. She hadn't eaten for several hours so he knew that if Dana wasn't in trouble she would have called. They were on their own out here and all Skully had was him. He could have killed himself when he finally realized that his cell was dead. Getting to a phone Maulder punched in her number. "It's about time," Skully snapped explaining her situation to him. "And Maulder, please hurry," she ended, "I'm really hungry; I need something to eat now.

Maulder heard the distress in Skully's voice setting things up as he drove to her location. He pushed the door open and there was his beautiful six hundred pound partner on the fallen bed, her immense thighs draped over its frame. Short gray skirt ridden up, he could see the lace tops of Skully's beige stockings and the seat of her shiny white panties stretched across a yard wide ass. "Quit looking up my skirt and get me out of this," she finally said.

Maulder removed the bed rail from under Skully's knees and dropped the mattress flat on the floor. With a bit of difficulty Skully rolled herself over onto her knees and he helped her stand, she was panting from her exertions. Holding her with his hands upon her enormously thick arms Fox Maulder looked into Dana's beautiful fat face. "You do keep getting yourself into weird situations," he laughed.

Skully turned to the door. "Maulder, I hear something out there," she said. "Wait here" he told her and went out to investigate returning shortly with three large pizzas. Skully's mouth watered. "Oh, Maulder, you are a man after my own heart," she said, licking her lips. He sat her down on a kitchen chair, flipping open the first box, and began to feed her. Skully ate the first piece quickly, a second, third, and forth; starving, she swallowed each mouthful hardly chewing. The first pizza disappeared fast. She began to slow down a bit on the second one; Maulder gave her a large coke to help her wash it down.

Part way into the third pizza Maulder had to undo the back of Dana's skirt. She drew it down off of her bloated belly, exposing the tummy panel of her panties. Dana lifted the short tail of her blouse, slipped her panties bellow her belly and began to gently knead her fat, moaning between bites of pizza as Maulder continued to feed her. Nearing the end of her capacity Dana had to belch more and more as she struggled to finish it all, she didn't know if she could. "Come on one more piece, open up, that's a good girl," Maulder coached until finally she had eaten it all.

For the longest time Dana lay back in her chair exhausted, her beautiful eyes closed as Maulder rubbed her belly to help her digestion. Several belches later she was finally able to move. Maulder helped her to her feet and struggled to redo her skirt, Dana was noticeably bloated now and he had trouble doing her up. "Thank you, Maulder," Dana said as she fixed her hair in the mirror, "I really needed that. As Skully examined her huge bloated gut in the mirror, Maulder's eyes traced across those wide hips, over her enormous protruding backside and onto her massive yet shapely nylon clad thighs.

He had watched Dana's weight steadily increase until, just a month ago she had finally passed the six hundred pound mark. He wondered just how fat she could get before the Bureau pulled her in to a desk job. Dreading to lose his beloved partner, Maulder never wanted that to happen. Yet he wanted to see her get even fatter. "How big would she be at, say, nine hundred pounds? How beautiful would she be?" he wondered.

As Dana waddled along side him to the elevator, Maulder's mind raced as he began to plan out her next meal. Somehow he had to get Skully to eat even more.