Weight Room Title Bar

F Files - Part Two
By Sasha Steele

It was with great apprehension that Scully had gone into the meeting. She had been dreading this review for over a year and now that it was over had to ask herself. Why all the concern? Sure she had put on a lot of weight this past year, but no more so than the year before. Scully supposed that the board did have a point though, really, six hundred and twenty five pounds is a lot for an FBI field agent to weigh. But if it didn't interfere with her performance then really there was little they could do. Even so, with Maulder no longer there to vouch for her, Scully expected they would try to dump her - or at least post her to a permanent desk job. But that didn't happen, thanks to Skinner, who had been totally on her side.

What a surprise that was, Scully thought as she fixed her makeup. Then again, why wouldn't he? she mused, examining herself in the bathroom mirror. She was an extremely beautiful woman, after all. Turning slightly one angle to the left and again to the right, Scully noted that her sexy body - massive though it was - had retained its proportionate womanly contours. She was equally fat all over. Measuring a fantastic ninety-six inches, her extremely wide hips were approaching the three-foot across mark. Her utterly enormous backside, strutting out in bold relief more than a foot behind, was balanced in front by an immense belly sticking out even further. Now tapping over ninety inches around and with the huge size of her arms against the thickness in her torso, Dana was hard pressed to clasp her chubby hands in front of it. Her bust was quite oversized as well, like two big watermelons sitting atop that huge gut of hers.

With all this shapely size Dana felt that her massively thick legs were exceptionally attractive - with huge smooth knees measuring more than some women's waists and tapering up and outwards to humungous flaring sixty inch thighs. The sheer size of Dana's massive thighs caused her to waddle with her legs apart when she walked - which was becoming as little as possible. They looked good, real good, in silky nylons and high heels, Dana thought. Like the beige stockings she was wearing right now with their pretty elastic lace tops and the five inch blue pumps she had on.

Dana usually liked to wear her skirts short to show her hulking, smooth, thick and shapely legs off, and today was no exception. The skirt to her light blue two-piece designer suit was exceptionally short and tight, purposely worn that way. Anything to help with her review, she mused.

Every part of her was equally lubberly: her forearms, hands, fingers, toes, calves and her pretty face. Every part of her had changed as she grew heavier. Changed for the better, too, she thought, pursing her lips and shaking out her shoulder-length auburn colored hair. Her neck now lost in a more than generous caller of flab rendered a large pear shape to her head. Her jowls and cheeks bloated with fat made Dana's face all the more beautiful. No wonder Skinner had been taking her out for supper and constantly bringing food to her in the office since Maulder had gone she thought. He couldn't help himself.

Dana reached under her skirt adjusting her stockings then tucked the white silk blouse she was wearing into the waist band of her skirt and struggled to do up the jacket over her great belly. One long last check of herself in the mirror, and Dana knew that she had it all as far as looks went. Too bad her new partner didn't see it, she thought. Daggit: his report to the review on her wasn't in yet. Was he going to cause trouble over her weight? She would know soon enough, Dana thought, as she waddled to her office and plunked her fat ass into the special lift assist chair that Skinner had sent up for her. Where the hell is Daggit, anyway? Dana thought; he should be back by now. Daggit had gone to an abandoned warehouse on the east side to check on the whereabouts of a suspect in a murder investigation while Dana was in her meeting - against regulations without his partner.

Nervous before her interview, Dana had pigged out at around eleven. It was now after three, and the few sandwiches she had eaten during the meeting just hadn't cut it. She had held back but now was starving and needed something like right away. Dana was about to go to the cafeteria when her phone rang. It was Skinner. "Scully," she answered, picking it up.

"Scully, I was about to order burgers and wondered if you wanted something?" he asked.

"Sure," Scully answered, her mouth suddenly salivating. "That would be great: a couple of cheeseburgers, the works, fries, rings, an extra large drink sounds good." Then, thinking about it, the review now behind her, she interjected, "Better make that two cheeseburgers."

"Okay," Skinner said, "I'll order and bring them up; be a few a minutes, bye." He punched in the cafeteria and placed the order, and then - wondering just how much Scully could really eat if she was pushed - ordered half a dozen burgers, more fries and pop to help wash it down. He put down the phone and realized that the crotch of his trousers was suddenly bulging.

Skinner entered Scully's office with the food closing the door and laying it out on the desk. Dana's eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw it all. "Hungry, are we?" she asked.

"I was thinking you might be; that review was a bit grueling," he said, hoping that she would be.

"This is all for me, then," she said, "I'll see what I can do." And Dana dug in with gusto while Skinner watched hypnotized between his own few munches. Dana got through a large order of fries, rings, a pop and three cheeseburgers with no problem. More of everything: she began to slow, and with just two cheeseburgers and a pop left it looked like she wouldn't be able to finish. Dana lay back in her chair with her eyes closed and puffed up her fat cheeks.

"Not going to be able to finish?" Skinner asked, his pants bulging again as he watched while Scully gently rubbed the sides of her massive bloated stomach, making little circles with her chunky hands.

"I think you're trying to make me fatter," Dana said. Then added, "I can finish but only with a bit of help." Skinner thought that she meant for him to eat some more, but that was not what Scully wanted at all.

"Undo my jacket, will you?" She asked and he leaned over unbuttoning it for her. "And the back of my skirt?" Dana asked, struggling to sit up in her chair so he could get at it behind her zipper. "Aaahhh, that's better," she sighed, laying back again when Skinner had undone her. "Now I can breath again." Dana had noticed that for some reason Skinner was aroused by her gluttony, just as Maulder had been. "Would you mind feeding me the rest?" Dana asked, opening her mouth. Skinner picked up the burger and shakily brought it to her. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm," Dana hummed, taking a bit and chewing it as she again rubbed her fat little hands against the smoothness of the white silk blouse covering her enormous belly, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

When Skinner left Scully's office she had fallen asleep in her chair and remained that way until awoken by the phone, it was Daggit. "Scully, I need you down here now," he said rather urgently, giving her his location. Dana punched up Skinner's number, and shortly he came back in. She explained the situation while he did her skirt back up and buttoned her jacket for her. "You're sure you'll be alright?" Skinner asked, knowing it wrong to try to keep her from going, but in the end he had to.

"I'll be fine," Scully said, shouldering her purse and waddling out the door to the elevator. She struggled into her car and sped out of the underground garage, heading for the east side. "Daggit where are you?" Scully whined into the two-way as she pulled up in front of the old abandoned warehouse. "Daggit, come in."

Then Scully's radio cracked, "Scully, second floor, front entrance is open; be careful - he's here." Driving close as she could get to the door, Scully fought her gorgeous six hundred and twenty five pound frame from the car seat and waddled into the building. Still bloated from eating so much, the waistband of her skirt cut into her fat, and she panted, hardly able to breath with the exertion.

"I'll have to stop pigging out like that," Scully said to herself, and then "thank God" as she found that the close by elevator was still operable. On the second floor Scully opened her radio again. "Daggit, I'm up," she whispered into it.

"West side," he whispered back. She took out her gun, checking the load and removed the safety then slowly made her way down the hall to her left. Nearing a corner, Scully heard voices and stopped behind the wall, trying to catch her breath, her gun held with both hands resting on her big fat gut.

"Say goodbye," she heard a strange voice yell as she turned around the corner to find Daggit on the ground, a man over him with a gun trained on him.

"Hold it!" Scully cried, startling the man who immediately turned the gun on her, and she fired, sending him backwards unconscious.

"Scully, you saved my life," Daggit said as the clean-up crew removed their man, "I'll never forget it; thank you partner," he added, looking at Dana in a different light now. Daggit had found Scully extremely attractive from the day he had arrived and been teamed up with her. There was no doubt that she was an extremely big and beautiful woman. But Daggit had thought that Scully, weighing as much as she did, would not be able to perform in the field. He knew otherwise now and would recommend a commendation. "Listen, I haven't had a chance to eat yet," he said to her. "Would you care to join me for supper?"

Dana knew that joining Daggit for supper now would only do good for their partnership, and so, still full, she agreed. "I'll only eat a bit," she told herself. But sitting in her favorite restaurant Dana couldn't resist ordering the rather large roast beef special, which she somehow managed to finish along with a rich desert. And when Daggit offered his own desert to her, how could she refuse? The only question was how she could get him to discreetly undo the back of her skirt.