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The Fair Girl
By Mr. Monopoly

Tory was a teenage girl just graduated from high school. She was happy it was summer vacation and she was set to go to college in the fall.

I had also just graduated from high school and was working at the annual town fair. I was working the grill in the food shack. We served hot dogs, cheeseburgers and fries, and a bunch of other things. On the first day of work, I was looking at all the girls that were ordering food.

Some were tall some short; some were thin; others large. But about 2 o'clock after the big rush at lunch I noticed a very pretty woman. It was Tory, but I didn't know her quite yet. All I knew of her was that she had ordered a hot dog and cheeseburger and fries and a soda. And that she was a little chubby but not very chubby. I kept seeing her walk back and forth. I did see her buy a sundae at the ice cream shop across the street and play two games of Ring A Bottle.

The day ended and everybody went home, including Tory and me. The next day the shack had me on register duty where I could see a lot more of the fair and Tory. I kept hoping she would come to my window on order something. But she didn't. I watched Tory all day and I always saw her eating. If it wasn't a burger or hot Dog, it was ice cream or fried dough. As I was watching her I noticed she was walking straight towards me. She came right up to my window and so I asked, "What would you like?"

Her reply was, "Ya, hi, can I have two cheeseburgers with a side of French fries?"

"Would you like any thing to drink?"

"Sure, I'll have a cola."

"Your order will be ready soon."


"You're welcome. So how do you like the fair so far; you looked like you were having a good time."

"Ya, I love this fair; it's the best - oh, by the way, I'm Tory!"

"Hi, I'm Brett, nice to meet you Tory." While her long order was getting ready, we talked and shared information about ourselves. Eventually her order came and she left. I had that night off, so I went to go see if I could find Tory. I found her getting a piece of fried dough.

She turned around and saw me, and we just hung out for a while. I bought more food for her and we talked about ourselves again. When it got late, she said she would be back tomorrow and said she would come by the shack. The next day, like she said, she came by the shack and we went out to explore the fair. I had noticed something different about her. She was bigger. Her tight shirt couldn't cover her belly. She was constantly pulling on her shirt so her belly wouldn't show. But she still ate as much food as before, and she seemed as if she didn't mind that her shirt didn't fit. Her pants were very tight, too. And her breasts seemed fuller. She had definitely gotten fatter since the first day of the fair.

But I wasn't complaining. A few days went by, and Tory got fatter, and I got more attracted to her. Now her shirt barely fit, and her butt barely fit in her short shorts. She was the sexiest girl I had ever seen.

There were two days left of the fair and my time was running out with Tory. I decided to ask her out on a date. When I talked to her we decide on going to a movie and she was so glad I asked because she really liked me. I said I liked her, too, and we continued on our way. The last two days of the fair were full of Tory eating and me watching her eat. I estimated her weight at about 190+ and was very excited for our date.

A few days after the fair had closed and all the tourists left, Tory and I went on our date. That night she wore a small pink shirt that couldn't confine her big belly and her large breasts. And a pair of shorts that said “lifeguard” on the back. On the way to the Cineplex, we stopped for burgers, and when we got there Tory ordered a large popcorn and large drink and also got a bunch of candy. We went to see a movie she wanted to see. All I wanted to see was Tory. When we sat down all I could notice was how far her belly sat in her lap and how big her breasts were - they were like DD. I could barely think of a way her large butt could fit in the chair.

Anyway, I watched Tory the whole movie and was very turned on. Afterwards, we went to my house and did the naughty, and all I have to say is I can't wait for next year's fair.